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Cover in a sentence

Cover for me.
On its cover.
On the cover.
The cover, a.
Cover & chill.
to cover it up.
To cover his.

To cover it up.
We took cover.
With the cover.
Cover the bowl.
got on the cover.
Cover and chill.
Stark mad cover.
I ran for cover.
Cover and steam.
Under the cover.
Thy cover on me,.
You cover the bar.
had to find cover.
Keep up the cover.
Soft cover only 16.
Cover with well-.
on the front cover.
There was no cover.
To cover your face.
some brush as cover.
Interpol as a cover.
Cover you with dust.
 Water to cover.
I took cover again.
Covering up guilt.
covering of the wall.
God made a covering.
Glazing and covering.
covering of the trees.
still covering my nose.
The covering of that.
Covering living things.
And for covering it up.
covering over the mouth.
sky covering the ceiling.
The covering up of truth.
covering a rough archway.
sun, but not covering it.
story covering the agent.
covering it, hard as bone.
Covering his boots were.
hair covering her left eye.
The sun set covering the.
covering places on Earth,.
yawned, covering her mouth.
my face, covering my mouth.
tinfoil as a floor covering.
Covering up responsibility.
Thanks for covering for me.
Noah removed the covering.
black hat covering her face.
Peter is covering his mouth.
our prayers are covering him.
They were covering our butts.
I covered my.
Sam covered his.
We covered the.
I covered my ears.
Covered in dust,.
Often covered in.
I covered my head.
I covered my mouth.
A hand covered them.
covered by my bangs.
We covered an old.
It’s not covered.
which covered the.
The anchor covered.
covered with a cloth.
and covered his ears.
Covered with rushes.
I have that covered.
I covered him as he.
And covered in blood.
Our ass is covered.
Heather covered her.
covered in sage brush.
Stinger had covered.
Stubble covered his.
grin covered his face.
woman, or covered her.
covered up for a while.
He covered his other.
Also covered was the.
If it covers.
It covers the.
He covers the.
The covers had.
The maze covers 0.
were under my covers.
That about covers it.
that about covers it.
Covers all the things.
from under the covers.
covers the same period.
What This Book Covers.
pictures on the covers.
Haze covers the town,.
Quickly, he covers her.
As he steals the covers.
So my covers were good.
She got under the covers.
It now covers my ankles.
the covers of my own bed.
casts beneath the covers.
The covers began to lift.
Redoing the Four Covers.
neither covers nor names.
This charge covers the.
That mist which covers.
It covers our noise, he.
he threw the covers aside.
The next section covers.
It covers the following:.