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Cover in a sentence | cover example sentences

  1. It had a red cover.
  2. Now We Need a Cover.
  3. Rio tries to cover us.
  4. Jason was on the cover.
  5. I remove the lens cover.

  6. He pulls the cover off.
  7. We can get cover there.
  8. Cover with water in a.
  9. When you cover me in a.
  10. I turned over the cover.
  11. So lots of cover (live.
  12. So, his cover was blown.
  13. Cover with a wet towel.
  14. Cover with 1 cup water.
  15. He wanted to cover his.

  16. See men cover the Earth.
  17. They gave me good cover.
  18. He wanted to cover all.
  19. The other ran for cover.
  20. Pop in the cover plates.
  21. He will cover with mail!.
  22. Fit the cover plate and.
  23. I see the cover is worn.
  24. As ice and forest cover.
  25. They all dived for cover.

  26. I literally had no cover.
  27. He did not cover his face.
  28. Chapter 7 - The Cover Up.
  29. Here, let me cover you.
  30. Cover and bring to a boil.
  31. With no cover overhead I.
  32. Use the trees as cover.
  33. Now, this will cover all.
  34. Now its time to cover men.
  35. Chaos may be a good cover.
  36. I rush to cover my blunder.
  37. I cover his hand with mine.
  38. Next, the top cover of my.
  39. I should have run for cover.
  40. Cover and place heat on low.
  41. Jacob took cover in the car.
  42. It was all just a cover up.
  43. The van was good cover for.
  44. Cover baking dish with foil.
  45. Cover and reduce heat to low.
  46. Cover and cook for sometime.
  47. This guide will only cover.
  48. Click book cover to buy the.
  49. She could cover, for a while.
  50. And, usually with air cover.
  51. And this will cover 98% of.
  52. It … it was for the cover.
  53. One of them lifted the cover.
  54. I felt I had blown my cover.
  55. I cover his hand with my own.
  56. Cover and chill for 2 hours.
  57. If you'll notice the cover.
  58. Our guys were taking cover.
  59. I'l cover more on this later.
  60. Besides, his cover was blown.
  61. They can cover clothing and.
  62. There are only cover stories.
  63. The cover was overlaid with.
  64. These are only cover stories.
  65. Nick, cover me, I said.
  66. Cherrie tries to cover for me.
  67. Hutchins asked for some cover.
  68. I cover the mother’s eyes.
  69. I cover my face with my hands.
  70. Cover yourself with the blood.
  71. It has a clear cover over it.
  72. I even have to cover my head.
  73. Cover the pan partially and.
  74. On occasion, I adopt a cover.
  75. Plenty of cover in case any.
  76. Whacks the cover off the ball.
  77. The book cover is colored blue.
  78. As I said, that was a cover up.
  79. He had already blown his cover.
  80. Under the cover of darkness a.
  81. Cover the seeds and press down.
  82. Chee-Chee runs and takes cover.
  83. I created the cover for this.
  84. Cover of theirs not blown yet.
  85. However, the truth is, cover.
  86. Cover Refrigerate for 2 hours.
  87. You know we cover every angle.
  88. It will cover up my old dress.
  89. The cover story caught his eye.
  90. Cover with water and al ow to.
  91. It was his alibi to cover fear.
  92. It would give him better cover.
  93. Cover and steep for 10 minutes.
  94. They try to cover their tracks.
  95. The cloud cover had increased.
  96. Remove and cover with toppings.
  97. They have forced us from cover.
  98. Smoke and fire cover the decks.
  99. I was glad for the cloud cover.
  100. So, I decided on a cover story.
  1. And for covering it up.
  2. The covering up of truth.
  3. The sun set covering the.
  4. Thanks for covering for me.
  5. They were covering our butts.
  6. Peter is covering his mouth.
  7. I was covering up my mistake.
  8. Clouds are covering the moon.
  9. The covering was timber boards.
  10. A large covering had finally.
  11. Most were covering the recent.
  12. He realized that covering all.
  13. Krittika was covering that area.
  14. He was on the ground, covering.
  15. Shark is not covering down there.
  16. SHARK: Why are they covering it?
  17. Covering the doll hastily, Anne.
  18. Covering a four-year period, Mrs.
  19. Helmet, a covering for the head.
  20. It means he is covering his ass.
  21. Me and Jim been covering ground.
  22. Man’s stockade, covering his head.
  23. I think Jane’s covering her arse.
  24. On top of these are laws covering.
  25. Was this a male thing: covering up.
  26. Years of practice covering for mom.
  27. I have men covering the buildings.
  28. Crass must have been covering it up.
  29. Her covering was torn from her face.
  30. Covering the face of the whole earth!.
  31. Alan’s hand comes up, covering hers.
  32. He’ll know she’s covering for me.
  33. The Army was simply covering its ass.
  34. Covering up the past when I was alone.
  35. Covering my mouth, I entered the booth.
  36. His teeth tore a hole in the covering.
  37. International Version) has no covering.
  38. He removed the dirt covering them and.
  39. They’re covering me, Shapiro said.
  40. What took more time was covering tracks.
  41. Quickly covering the horses eyes they.
  42. Fish also have scales (a covering) for.
  43. Covering them with even more predictions.
  44. I think he is covering another identity.
  45. The blast sent debris flying, covering.
  46. With a good amount of dirt covering the.
  47. Spread over top of pie, covering bananas.
  48. White frilly lace curtains covering the.
  49. The rim of his hat was covering his eyes.
  50. There are many books covering this, and.
  51. I do believe in covering a lot of ground.
  52. Covering her face, she sank to the ground.
  53. What? she asked, covering her mouth.
  54. Freeze four, he said, covering his.
  55. He doesn’t think of it as covering up.
  56. Media was covering his project repeatedly.
  57. His long grey hair covering his face, she.
  58. The only hard part was covering his tracks.
  59. I saw my mother’s hand covering her face.
  60. I know you were there covering the event.
  61. He groaned, covering his eyes with his hand.
  62. She laughed covering her face with her hand.
  63. Covering his tracks so he would`nt be found.
  64. You must have found it covering the ….
  65. As it said, We’re covering up the pain.
  66. A covering of trees appeared in the distance.
  67. Covering his snowy hair was a white Stetson.
  68. She suddenly had wished for a wool covering.
  69. It was closed, the shroud still covering it.
  70. We had one of our crews covering the funeral.
  71. Willow was obviously covering for her friend.
  72. I felt a sudden sheet of sadness covering us.
  73. Then He gazed at the blood covering the road.
  74. He was eyeing the black bag covering my tail.
  75. He woke up with sweat covering his whole body.
  76. His train was smaller, covering a local grid.
  77. He was quite clever in covering his tracks.
  78. I was crying, covering my face with my fingers.
  79. He backed away, covering himself up, ashamed.
  80. Flaherty hadn’t been covering for me at all.
  81. The man fell back, his hands covering his face.
  82. Christine has a jacket covering the handcuffs.
  83. Jinkai Buuton yawned without covering his mouth.
  84. This one was covering even the mundane things.
  85. This covering is called The Grace of God.
  86. Her head bent, covering her eyes with her palm.
  87. His covering for us is found in a relationship.
  88. When she saw me covering my eyes, she laughed.
  89. Oh, my God, she said, covering her mouth.
  90. The cloth wasn't doing a good job covering her.
  91. If they are intentionally covering things up.
  92. Covering an area of 9,000 square meters with a.
  93. She knew that hard exterior was covering up a.
  94. Ted Bullock was a guy used to covering his ass.
  95. The blanket that had been covering her fell to.
  96. Saw you with spreading mantle covering the world.
  97. Oh, God, Sara whispered covering her mouth.
  98. Celia had better appreciate my covering for her.
  99. In a sense we were covering them with noise too.
  100. Armour – A protective covering used in combat;.
  1. I covered him as he.
  2. I covered my ears again.
  3. But I had felt covered.
  4. Each one covered a flank.
  5. The sun was covered by.
  6. It was covered in blood.
  7. Mary covered all the rest.
  8. He was covered in sweat.
  9. If we are covered in mud.
  10. I thought I covered that.
  11. I covered Danny and Sam.
  12. Everyone covered me as I.
  13. Now we covered the obvious.
  14. His smile covered his face.
  15. The top might be covered.
  16. It will be covered up.
  17. But I had that covered too.
  18. Blood covered both of them.
  19. Minnie was covered in doubt.
  20. He was covered in scratches.
  21. I covered my face with my.
  22. The blood that covered me.
  23. I covered my head and dived.
  24. The live picture covered a.
  25. The little girl was covered.
  26. John, covered with names of.
  27. The subject has been covered.
  28. I covered his hand with mine.
  29. When they woke, covered in.
  30. A strange hat that covered.
  31. As usual it was covered in.
  32. Before long, he had covered.
  33. Bonnie covered him and then.
  34. My legs are covered in long.
  35. Cam covered her hand with his.
  36. A life she wanted covered up.
  37. As it covered her knees the.
  38. Covered with the hand: Sorrow.
  39. His hand covered hers briefly.
  40. We have not covered families.
  41. It was a covered frying pan.
  42. Long shadows covered the road.
  43. The man was covered with scars.
  44. Anyway, we have to be covered.
  45. Mark Steyn covered in his book.
  46. The chapel was covered in blood.
  47. That Noah's flood covered the.
  48. The handle was covered in sick.
  49. Fly inside the covered passage.
  50. He was all covered in feathers.
  51. Store in a tightly covered box.
  52. It’ll be covered over by now.
  53. We covered the subject at the.
  54. Limpy came out covered in snow.
  55. His face is covered in Ta Moko.
  56. He’s covered from head to toe.
  57. It’s being covered by whom?
  58. Covered a little when lying….
  59. He is lying in bed, covered up.
  60. His body was covered in bruises.
  61. Lisa covered her nose, sickened.
  62. The gray snow covered everything.
  63. Tattered and covered with grime.
  64. Percentage of the Curve Covered.
  65. The air was covered with angels.
  66. All the bases have been covered.
  67. One wall was covered with dark.
  68. The floor was covered with sand.
  69. His face was covered with sweat.
  70. This wil be covered in greater.
  71. His hat nearly covered his face.
  72. It was covered by a linen cloth.
  73. Glossy black shells covered the.
  74. Lov covered his ears as he walked.
  75. Don’t worry, I have it covered.
  76. I covered his mouth with my hand.
  77. The lawn outside was covered in.
  78. Chill covered 24 hours to harden.
  79. She covered him with a comforter.
  80. It was to be covered with a vail.
  81. The blade was covered with blood.
  82. Lake Erie was completely covered.
  83. Spots, pimples and zits covered.
  84. There was a wall covered in blood.
  85. Heavy dust covered the fire pits.
  86. Parker covered her and Jack’s.
  87. Michael covered her hand with his.
  88. And the other? Was covered with.
  89. She was covered in bruises, poor.
  90. Or the blood, covered by the blood.
  91. Lezura ducked and covered her head.
  92. The joint should be covered with.
  93. A woman covered him with a blanket.
  94. The Fleet was eventually covered.
  95. And, what if a person is covered.
  96. My dad actually covered a lot of.
  97. The expenses were already covered.
  98. It was covered in rivers of water.
  99. The dome is covered with blankets.
  100. Something slimy covered his palms.
  1. As he steals the covers.
  2. So my covers were good.
  3. The covers began to lift.
  4. She got under the covers.
  5. It now covers my ankles.
  6. It covers our noise, he.
  7. ME and MY blood covers you.
  8. She yanked the covers away.
  9. The covers that had once.
  10. He pulled back the covers.
  11. They are the best covers.
  12. By the night as it covers.
  13. To lay two covers secretly.
  14. The covers are in disarray.
  15. I stretch under the covers.
  16. The covers are being wrap.
  17. The coat covers the entire.
  18. They slid beneath the covers.
  19. Just tell me what it covers.
  20. Well, I guess that covers it.
  21. That covers a lot of area.
  22. He turned the bed covers back.
  23. Cloud that hovers and covers.
  24. At least Brianna covers up.
  25. He covers himself with cloth.
  26. Snow covers her from summit.
  27. She climbed beneath the covers.
  28. Calf covers of pissedon green.
  29. He slunk down into the covers.
  30. No, that just about covers it.
  31. The deposit covers the first.
  32. Her body shook under the covers.
  33. I looked at the Carnatic covers.
  34. Wrapping the covers around her.
  35. Bertuccio, lay covers for three.
  36. She pulls the covers around her.
  37. Now it smiled within its covers.
  38. It covers events that occurred.
  39. Those covers would show a drop.
  40. Bodies draped with sterile covers.
  41. Chapter 11 covers exit strategies.
  42. That about covers all we can do.
  43. Will covers his mouth immediately.
  44. A head pops up out of the covers.
  45. Holiday Pass that covers all parks.
  46. Dar snuggled back under the covers.
  47. Yank the covers up over your ears.
  48. Jewish history covers 6,000 years.
  49. I wrapped him in cool, wet covers.
  50. I'm hiding under the covers today.
  51. My hand clenches beneath the covers.
  52. Finally, 6 σ covers a total of 99.
  53. I pulled back the covers and stared.
  54. If a player covers a side without.
  55. Vail: A cloth that covers something.
  56. Allah covers all pre-Islamic Arabia.
  57. Someone’s hidden under the covers.
  58. Time to hide under the covers again.
  59. The blanket that covers you at night.
  60. Mick stirred pushed the covers off.
  61. It covers over 50 different products.
  62. The stock covers any risk of being.
  63. An angel covers child with its wing.
  64. And by the night, and what it covers.
  65. But at least it covers all the facts.
  66. Again, this is the area that covers.
  67. He slipped his hand under the covers.
  68. Spars snapped and covers broke loose.
  69. Martin arose in his covers, trembling.
  70. Werner covers the meter with his hand.
  71. Their shiny covers promising the best.
  72. I the Lord hate divorce for it covers.
  73. It probably covers most of the campus.
  74. It is so broad it covers the whole sky.
  75. She laid herself on top of the covers.
  76. His hands were shaking under the covers.
  77. He covers my mouth with his other hand.
  78. She was on a wide bed with black covers.
  79. In this way, Li Hongzhi covers up the.
  80. But Abdul had seen the covers come down.
  81. I suggested that we make the covers in.
  82. The definition of a pet animal covers:.
  83. A golden vessel covers the face of Truth.
  84. Janelle tapped her fingers on the covers.
  85. I sinned and yet His Grace covers all!.
  86. Reserve covers 67 square kilometres and.
  87. This eBook covers the first two sections.
  88. To me there are three covers to consider.
  89. It covers just over two hours, I think.
  90. Red Covers, thick paper, tinted pictures.
  91. She sighed deeply and pulled her covers.
  92. The study period covers from 1996 to 2002.
  93. Under the covers, next to his semi-naked.
  94. Suddenly Ma put her hand under the covers.
  95. The bed covers were crumpled on the floor.
  96. Hugo had his bat under the covers with him.
  97. She covers her tracks well, said Trixie.
  98. I laughed and tossed the covers off my head.
  99. Covers the clues that caused this timeless.
  100. A wet, dark patch covers most of her thigh.

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