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Cover in a sentence

It had a red cover.
Now We Need a Cover.
Rio tries to cover us.
We can get cover there.
Jason was on the cover.
I remove the lens cover.
Cover with water in a.

He pulls the cover off.
When you cover me in a.
The other ran for cover.
See men cover the Earth.
So lots of cover (live.
He wanted to cover his.
He wanted to cover all.
So, his cover was blown.
Pop in the cover plates.
Cover with 1 cup water.
Cover with a wet towel.
They gave me good cover.
I turned over the cover.
I see the cover is worn.
I literally had no cover.
Here, let me cover you.
He will cover with mail!.
As ice and forest cover.
Fit the cover plate and.
Chapter 7 - The Cover Up.
He did not cover his face.
They all dived for cover.
I cover his hand with mine.
Now, this will cover all.
With no cover overhead I.
Chaos may be a good cover.
I rush to cover my blunder.
Use the trees as cover.
Now its time to cover men.
Cover and bring to a boil.
Jacob took cover in the car.
I should have run for cover.
It was all just a cover up.
And for covering it up.
The covering up of truth.
The sun set covering the.
Thanks for covering for me.
They were covering our butts.
Peter is covering his mouth.
Clouds are covering the moon.
I was covering up my mistake.
A large covering had finally.
The covering was timber boards.
He realized that covering all.
Most were covering the recent.
Krittika was covering that area.
He was on the ground, covering.
Shark is not covering down there.
SHARK: Why are they covering it?
Covering the doll hastily, Anne.
Covering a four-year period, Mrs.
Helmet, a covering for the head.
It means he is covering his ass.
Was this a male thing: covering up.
On top of these are laws covering.
Years of practice covering for mom.
Man’s stockade, covering his head.
I think Jane’s covering her arse.
Me and Jim been covering ground.
Crass must have been covering it up.
I have men covering the buildings.
Her covering was torn from her face.
The Army was simply covering its ass.
Covering the face of the whole earth!.
He’ll know she’s covering for me.
Alan’s hand comes up, covering hers.
Covering up the past when I was alone.
His teeth tore a hole in the covering.
International Version) has no covering.
Covering my mouth, I entered the booth.
What took more time was covering tracks.
They’re covering me, Shapiro said.
He removed the dirt covering them and.
I covered him as he.
I covered my ears again.
But I had felt covered.
Each one covered a flank.
It was covered in blood.
The sun was covered by.
If we are covered in mud.
I covered Danny and Sam.
I thought I covered that.
Mary covered all the rest.
He was covered in sweat.
Everyone covered me as I.
It will be covered up.
His smile covered his face.
Now we covered the obvious.
The top might be covered.
The blood that covered me.
He was covered in scratches.
But I had that covered too.
Minnie was covered in doubt.
Blood covered both of them.
I covered my face with my.
As usual it was covered in.
John, covered with names of.
When they woke, covered in.
I covered his hand with mine.
The subject has been covered.
The little girl was covered.
A strange hat that covered.
The live picture covered a.
I covered my head and dived.
Cam covered her hand with his.
As it covered her knees the.
A life she wanted covered up.
His hand covered hers briefly.
It was a covered frying pan.
Before long, he had covered.
We have not covered families.
Covered with the hand: Sorrow.
My legs are covered in long.
So my covers were good.
As he steals the covers.
The covers began to lift.
It now covers my ankles.
She got under the covers.
It covers our noise, he.
By the night as it covers.
The covers that had once.
He pulled back the covers.
ME and MY blood covers you.
They are the best covers.
She yanked the covers away.
To lay two covers secretly.
I stretch under the covers.
The covers are being wrap.
The covers are in disarray.
The coat covers the entire.
They slid beneath the covers.
Just tell me what it covers.
That covers a lot of area.
Well, I guess that covers it.
At least Brianna covers up.
Snow covers her from summit.
Cloud that hovers and covers.
He turned the bed covers back.
He covers himself with cloth.
Calf covers of pissedon green.
No, that just about covers it.
She climbed beneath the covers.
The deposit covers the first.
He slunk down into the covers.
Wrapping the covers around her.
I looked at the Carnatic covers.
Her body shook under the covers.
Those covers would show a drop.
Bertuccio, lay covers for three.
It covers events that occurred.
Now it smiled within its covers.
She pulls the covers around her.
That about covers all we can do.

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