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  1. I bid a Danish shilling.
  2. He handed her a shilling.
  3. Shilling a bottle of stout.
  4. I put a last shilling in the cup.
  5. A shilling would be the usual amount.

  6. Beware of the shilling poison up front.
  7. He gave the man a shilling over his fare.
  8. Letts allows little space in his shilling diaries.
  9. Price one Shilling each, and Allowance by the dozen.
  10. Perkin said: That’s a shilling a week between you.
  11. A shilling couldn’t be worth information, could it?
  12. Joe, throwing down the shilling and catching up the paper.
  13. All that information for little more than a damn shilling.
  14. I bought a copy for a blackened shilling I found in my pocket.
  15. A shilling! You’d think that the man would have some dignity.

  16. Under these circumstances I thought myself well rid of him for a shilling.
  17. She handed him one shilling that came from the money donated by the section.
  18. BLOOM: What? Where? (He throws a shilling on the table and starts) That's for.
  19. I had lost my hold on Black Peter and was stranded in London without a shilling.
  20. But I'm faithful to the man that's treating me though I'm only a shilling whore.
  21. I had lost my hold on Black Peter, and was stranded in London without a shilling.
  22. Then little chits of girls, height of a shilling in coppers, with little hubbies.
  23. The different taxes upon small beer amount to one shilling and fourpence a-barrel.
  24. He had a large number of shilling books printed, each containing thirteen penny tickets.
  25. Then, he melted into parental tenderness, and gave them a shilling apiece and told them to.

  26. Philpot did not add that he had `lent' Linden a shilling, which he never expected to see again.
  27. The suppression of ten and five shilling bank notes, somewhat relieved the scarcity of gold and.
  28. He rummaged in his purse and did his best to find a shilling without revealing how much was there.
  29. Others were arrayed in new suits which they were going to pay for at the rate of a shilling a week.
  30. Ronald McDonald was there, too, in the form of a six-foot cutout shilling stale cookies to the kiddies.
  31. The other shilling had been deducted from his wages in repayment of a `sub' he had had during the week.
  32. Silver very seldom appears, except in the change of a twenty shilling bank note, and gold still seldomer.
  33. The first time she had not accused him, and at the week-end he had put the shilling again into her purse.
  34. A shilling changes masters more frequently than a guinea, and a halfpenny more frequently than a shilling.
  35. In addition, Jamie would have been willing to bet his life that Van der Merwe was not putting up one shilling.
  36. The subsidy of poundage having continued for so long a time at one shilling in the pound, or at five per cent.
  37. It was deeply in debt before the end of the sixteenth century, about a hundred years before England owed a shilling.
  38. Jerry had just enough forehead to knuckle, and he knuckled it in acknowledgment of this communication and a shilling.
  39. All his instincts rebelled against such an idea but there was only a shilling to lose and Harald's life was at stake.
  40. He never allowed Godfrey a shilling in his life, for he is an absolute miser, but it will all come to him right enough.
  41. The other women drew aside and didn't argue when she said she was a virgin and he could know her for a silver shilling.
  42. We used to have twenty shillings, or twenty bob to the pound, and sixpence, or a ‘tanner’ was worth half a shilling.
  43. The cause of the row was that some time previously they had mutually agreed to each give a shilling a week to the old people.
  44. In one of them it is computed at six shilling and eightpence the quarter, in the other at five shillings and eightpence only.
  45. This was done: one shilling and fourpence was collected and given to Philpot, who was to bring back a gallon of beer in a jar.
  46. Then they got out a number of shilling papers and altered the price marked upon them, changing it from a shilling to one and six.
  47. There was no name on his clothing, and nothing in his pockets save an apple, some string, a shilling map of London, and a photograph.
  48. The maltster, indeed, instead of a tax of six shillings, would be obliged to advance one of eighteen shilling upon every quarter of malt.
  49. This reduced the money to five and sevenpence farthing, and of this it was necessary to spend a shilling on potatoes and other vegetables.
  50. She could have any pattern she liked so long as the cost did not exceed one shilling per roll, Rushton's estimate being for paper of that price.
  51. In the currencies of North America, paper was commonly issued for so small a sum as a shilling, and filled almost the whole of that circulation.
  52. He told him what was really going on and that Hammond was as bent as a ‘nine shilling note’ which didn’t exist in reality hence the saying.
  53. They said it wasn't fair that they should pay a shilling a week each when the butcher - who was the eldest and earned the best wages - paid nothing.
  54. Before the Act of parliament which put a stop to the circulation of ten and five shilling notes, it filled a still greater part of that circulation.
  55. In three instances those who had put their names down for threepence increased the amount to sixpence and one who had promised sixpence gave a shilling.
  56. If free and unmortgaged, it might be sufficient, with proper management, and without contracting a shilling of new debt, to carry on the most vigorous war.
  57. If the old people liked to give up the house and go to live in a room somewhere by themselves, he would continue paying his shilling a week, but not otherwise.
  58. And he showed them glistering coins of the tribute and goldsmith notes the worth of two pound nineteen shilling that he had, he said, for a song which he writ.
  59. It regulates the price of bread according as the prices of wheat may happen to be, from one shilling to twenty shillings the quarter of the money of those times.
  60. A shilling might, in the one case, represent no more labour than a penny does at present ; and a penny, in the other, might represent as much as a shilling does now.
  61. I gave her a shilling: she put it into an old stocking-foot which she took out of her pocket, and having tied it round and returned it, she told me to hold out my hand.
  62. In order to make the same purchases, we must load ourselves with a greater quantity of them, and carry about a shilling in our pocket, where a groat would have done before.
  63. My sister was not in a very bad temper when we presented ourselves in the kitchen, and Joe was encouraged by that unusual circumstance to tell her about the bright shilling.
  64. This done, she paid him, reducing herself to almost her last shilling thereby, and he moved off and left them, only too glad to get out of further dealings with such a family.
  65. Morel gave each of them a sovereign till there were no more sovereigns; each half a crown till there were no more half-crowns; each a shilling till there were no more shillings.
  66. But the proclamation of the President has been issued without a cent of property being restored; nor is there the most distant prospect of our regaining a shilling from his iron grasp.
  67. Everyone asked for `the same again,' but the landlord served Easton, Bundy and the Besotted Wretch with pints instead of half-pints as before, so there was no change out of the shilling.
  68. The Semi-drunk accepted his defeat with a good grace, and after explaining that he was a bit out of practice, placed a shilling on the counter and invited the company to give their orders.
  69. When we were teens, my mother used to tell us the shilling stories of witchcraft impersonation by which witchcraft attacks his or her prey disguised in the face of another innocent person.
  70. Misery sent her several patterns of sixpenny papers, marked at a shilling, to choose from, but she did not fancy any of them, and said that she would come to the shop to make her selection.
  71. Although one shilling was a minuscule fine by Saxon standards, the testimony had led them to believe their man would be found in the right, and they swung instantly to their original mood and beyond.
  72. That between the dealers and the consumers, on the contrary, as it is generally carried on by retail, frequently requires but very small ones, a shilling, or even a halfpenny, being often sufficient.
  73. But in the one case, he who had a shilling in his pocket would be no richer than he who has a penny at present; and in the other, he who had a penny would be just as rich as he who has a shilling now.
  74. He climbed down off his horse, and left it to graze, and sat down by the gipsy, and did sums on his fingers, and at last he said, 'A shilling a leg? Why, that comes to exactly four shillings, and no more.
  75. By subsequent statutes, our tanners have got themselves exempted from this monopoly, upon paying a small tax of only one shilling on the hundred weight of tanned leather, weighing one hundred and twelve pounds.
  76. They were paid two pence a day, as promised, and Gwenda looked forward eagerly to the end of their first full week, when they each got twelve pence – a shilling! – double the highest sum they had ever earned.
  77. At first Mr Rushton demanded ten pounds as a premium, the boy to be bound for five years, no wages the first year, two shillings a week the second, and a rise of one shilling every year for the remainder of the term.
  78. If the herrings are entered for exportation, no part of this duty is paid up; if entered for home consumption, whether the herrings were cured with foreign or with Scotch salt, only one shilling the barrel is paid up.
  79. Together (she is a poor waif, a child of shame, yours and mine and of all for a bare shilling and her luckpenny), together they hear the heavy tread of the watch as two raincaped shadows pass the new royal university.
  80. When he had got his shilling, and had in course of time completed the ascent to his box, and had got away (which appeared to relieve his mind), I went into the front office with my little portmanteau in my hand and asked, Was Mr.
  81. As a rule when they had taken a coffin home, they wrote on their time sheets, `One lift in', for which they were usually paid one shilling, unless it happened to be a very high-class funeral, when they sometimes got one and sixpence.
  82. He inserted his left hand into the left lower pocket of his waistcoat and extracted and replaced a silver coin (I shilling), placed there (presumably) on the occasion (17 October 1903) of the interment of Mrs Emily Sinico, Sydney Parade.
  83. For instance, when there was an unusually good-class corpse they had a double coffin and then of course there were two `lifts in', for the shell was taken home first and the outer coffin perhaps a day or two later: this made another shilling.
  84. Calcraft's accounts, and other army savings of the same kind, together with what has been received from the bank, the East-India company, and the additional shilling in the pound land tax, the whole must be a good deal more than five millions.
  85. Without waiting to clean the mud off his clothes, he ordered Budd, the pimply-faced shopman, to get out rolls of all the sixpenny papers they had, and then they both set to work and altered the price marked upon them from sixpence to a shilling.
  86. From the beginning of the last century to the present time, provisions never were cheaper in Scotland than in 1759, though, from the circulation of ten and five shilling bank notes, there was then more paper money in the country than at present.
  87. He had worked thirty-three hours - that came to nineteen and threepence - one shilling and threehalfpence had gone on the subscription list, and he had given the rest of the coppers to a ragged wreck of a man who was singing a hymn in the street.
  88. It struck Will at this moment that the man might be one of those political parasitic insects of the bloated kind who had once or twice claimed acquaintance with him as having heard him speak on the Reform question, and who might think of getting a shilling by news.
  89. The same act of parliament which suppressed ten and five shilling bank notes, suppressed likewise this optional clause, and thereby restored the exchange between England and Scotland to its natural rate, or to what the course of trade and remittances might happen to make it.
  90. He would not spend one shilling, one drop of American blood, to redeem such a man; much less would he have retaliation executed on subjects of the nation claiming him, with whom we should happen to come in collision, which might have to be expiated by the native blood of these States.
  91. People, he knew, grew reckless when they were at the end of their tether, and flung away their remaining resources at the very moment when every shilling was precious; after which, as apparently was the case with Fanny, they expected their friends to get them out of their difficulties.
  92. Frankie had lately resumed his athletic exercises with the flat iron: his strength was returning since Owen had been working regularly, because he had been having his porridge and milk again and also some Parrish's Food which a chemist at Windley was selling large bottles of for a shilling.
  93. As long as foreigners, naturalized by our laws, remain on our soil, he was ready to throw over them the mantle of the constitution—he would protect them, as he would protect the native citizen, at the hazard of the last shilling of the public revenue, and the last drop of the blood of our people.
  94. Pumblechook then put me through my pence-table from "twelve pence make one shilling," up to "forty pence make three and fourpence," and then triumphantly demanded, as if he had done for me, "Now! How much is forty-three pence?" To which I replied, after a long interval of reflection, "I don't know.
  95. Amongst these we may reckon an additional shilling in the pound land tax, for three years; the two millions received from the East-India company, as indemnification for their territorial acquisitions ; and the one hundred and ten thousand pounds received from the bank for the renewal of their charter.
  96. As he said, what interest could anyone have in bringing me to the doors of the church, and then leaving me? Now, if he had borrowed my money, or if he had married me and got my money settled on him, there might be some reason, but Hosmer was very independent about money and never would look at a shilling of mine.
  97. If in this latter country there should be no land tax, nor any considerable duty upon the transference either of moveable or immoveable property, as is the case in Ireland, such absentees may derive a great revenue from the protection of a government, to the support of which they do not contribute a single shilling.
  98. Hoping that the gentleman might give him a shilling, Crass followed him into the front hall and began explaining what progress had so far been made with the work, but as Mr Sweater answered only by monosyllables and grunts, Crass presently concluded that his conversation was not appreciated and returned to the kitchen.
  99. If twenty shilling notes, for example, are the lowest paper money current in Scotland, the whole of that currency which can easily circulate there, cannot exceed the sum of gold and silver which would be necessary for transacting the annual exchanges of twenty shillings value and upwards usually transacted within that country.
  100. Taking home the coffin and lifting in the corpse, one shilling - usually there were two men to do this besides Hunter, who always accompanied them to superintend the work - attending the funeral and acting as bearer, four shillings: so that altogether Crass made six shillings and ninepence out of each funeral, and sometimes a little more.

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