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Bob in a sentence | bob example sentences

  1. I want to find Bob.
  2. This is my friend Bob.
  3. He then nodded to Bob.
  4. My Bob was sound asleep.
  5. Bob will stay with you.

  6. Bob had loved his life.
  7. Keep to the point, Bob.
  8. She told him about Bob.
  9. Bob reached for the dial.
  10. Please help me find Bob.
  11. Bob, you have to stop.
  12. Bob grimaced at that one.
  13. Let me tell you about Bob.
  14. There was no sign of Bob.
  15. And Bob did a silly thing.

  16. Bob turned red eyes on me.
  17. I guess she has a bob now.
  18. As one of my mentors Bob.
  19. Bob rolled his undead eyes.
  20. And then Big Bob came out.
  21. Tell that to poor old Bob.
  22. She had Bob Barker in tow.
  23. Bob never gave it a glance.
  24. I found Bob, I smiled.
  25. Come on Bob snap out of it.

  26. Bob stood in front of the.
  27. Bob, That was fucking mean.
  28. A 1996 rewrite of the Bob.
  29. Help us find Bob, Jasmine.
  30. Hold on Bob if you please.
  31. Bob Proctor – The Secret.
  32. Bob, which was fine with me.
  33. Bob left his key in the lock.
  34. Johnny looked Bob in the eye.
  35. I’d seen Bob, at any rate.
  36. Bob was even more fragile.
  37. Bob told me that one of the.
  38. The Unu suddenly cut Bob off.
  39. Bob summoned up a shaky grin.
  40. I am not here for you, Bob.
  41. He also represented Bob Hope.
  42. So Bob heads back to the 35.
  43. I had an agreement with Bob.
  44. Yes, that is unfortunate, Bob.
  45. Bob was still in his twenties.
  46. Well Bob seems to have that.
  47. Bob had tried to like Chesford.
  48. No one knew the victim, Bob.
  49. Bob, Bob, are filling the air.
  50. Pilot Bob decided to take off.
  51. Tyler is on board Bob with me.
  52. Dr Bob Kenny is attending her.
  53. Bob left, bob right, and –.
  54. Bob couldn’t believe his luck.
  55. Bald is beautiful, Bob said.
  56. Yes Billy Bob I certainly do.
  57. He had a few bob on Throwaway.
  58. Now Bob used to be a Joburg cop.
  59. Bob was always a gentle spirit.
  60. With a dunk and a bob his arm.
  61. But Bob Doran shouts out of him.
  62. Bob says Luke couldn't help it.
  63. He looked up, it was Bob Austin.
  64. Bob groaned and nearly fell over.
  65. Then Bob started talking about.
  66. Bob had a lot of thoughts lately.
  67. We want to know where Bob is.
  68. They all laughed, and Bob says:.
  69. Bob nodded his assent knowingly.
  70. She did seem to be a Bob magnet.
  71. Bob put away some random binders.
  72. Bob was interrupted with a cup.
  73. Billy Bob was a really nice 64.
  74. Bob rode through the countryside.
  75. I mean, when Bob Dylan thought.
  76. Bob and I would fight constantly.
  77. Vinny watched Jamaal's head bob.
  78. Even Bob Barker yipped excitedly.
  79. Fighting Bob won’t be forgotten.
  80. Bob had followed her to her room.
  81. Dave shouted Chad and Bob below.
  82. I bob my head but don’t respond.
  83. Bob Marchant wins a scholarship.
  84. Zach was playing Bob Cratchit, Mr.
  85. Look, Bob, they are still glowing.
  86. You need to check this out, Bob.
  87. Bob knew he should clear away as.
  88. With a yell, Bob charged at Johnny.
  89. Maybe they have a thing for Bob.
  90. Deliver it the way Bob Hope would.
  91. Bob didn’t seem offended, though.
  92. It was Bob, his dog, that told me.
  93. Bob ran around to hide behind Liam.
  94. Bob, "What's that all about then?".
  95. Yes, I am that Bob, the 222 guy.
  96. We had to find Bob before they did.
  97. The agent was my husband Bob Kelly.
  98. Palm Springs is where Bob Hope had.
  99. Bob Barker, that’s a clever name.
  100. Bob had reluctantly gone to Falls.
  1. She pointed at the bobbing figure.
  2. At the foot of the steps, bobbing.
  3. We climbed in, and the boat was soon bobbing.
  4. Tobias swallows hard, his Adam’s apple bobbing.
  5. Within a minute they saw the skiff bobbing up and.
  6. Close beside him something white was bobbing and he.
  7. Louie saw one of the life rafts bobbing on the water.
  8. Bobbing in the air behind her came the imp Galimoto.
  9. The icebox was bobbing in the waves some distance away.
  10. The shapes he saw bobbing in the halo of light were sharks.
  11. She could see him laughing as she made each bobbing circle.
  12. In the channel leading from the bay to sea, bobbing in the.
  13. It was like riding a bobbing cork, but it was going to work.
  14. Ury, seeing the fat bloated body bobbing in the slow moving.
  15. I could see his dark Thunderbird bobbing and weaving up ahead.
  16. Her blonde ponytail was bobbing with the movement of the trot.
  17. A thick gray tongue hung out, bobbing to the side of its head.
  18. Davidson’s head was bobbing as if he was nodding off to sleep.
  19. The glow was not stationary; it moved, bobbing grotesquely along.
  20. I was floating with the melody, rising and swaying and bobbing.
  21. Winterbotham was silent for a moment, bobbing his head up and down.
  22. He brought the boat to a stop where they were bobbing in the water.
  23. Even Hugo was mesmerized into silence by the luminous, bobbing bags.
  24. All they could see now was her rump bobbing as she dipped for seeds.
  25. Everybody, thought Scarlett, bobbing, fans swishing, negroes singing.
  26. He stares at me through the hologram, his head bobbing slowly in place.
  28. Avocet remains the dog, down 75% and the rest are mildly bobbing about.
  29. You spot Kaite’s bobbing headdress moving along a ridge of sunbathers.
  30. Dr Vasant sat slumped on the big couch, head bobbing as he tried to raise it.
  31. They’re all carrying lights and you see bobbing lights all over the place.
  32. The tops of heads were bobbing along in a traverse behind us and to our left.
  33. He towered above everyone else, with his head of blond hair bobbing toward me.
  34. Bobbing up and down in that sea, Pip's ebon head showed like a head of cloves.
  35. Now I’ve got two Oaktrees bobbing their heads in where they don’t belong.
  36. There it is—hovering just in front of the stage, bobbing slightly in the breeze.
  37. The few other powered boats were stilettos that slid thru the chop without bobbing.
  38. From the corner of his eye, he saw a white mop bobbing above Laura’s wooden fence.
  39. The girls were running and laughing at a chip which was bobbing up and down the rill.
  40. The Sea of Galilee glistened far below, where sails were busily bobbing up and down.
  41. I nodded even though Henry couldn't see; I knew he'd feel the rush of my bobbing head.
  42. Troy cursed silently as she disappeared up the steps, her lantern bobbing in her hand.
  43. No use in having several heads bobbing around up here for the Egyptians to see, Yigal.
  44. In a coastal capitol town a bobbing camera captures cars being burned in the darkness.
  45. It was the dinghy I saw offshore bobbing as its white paint gleamed in the orange glow.
  46. She climbed back to the saddle, stroking and soothing the bobbing beastie the whole time.
  47. He nodded, the cigarette hanging limply from his mouth, bobbing up and down with his head.
  48. Between bobbing from one part of the bar to the other, she explained she agreed that the.
  49. She sits there, her head above water bobbing up and down treading in doggy paddle fashion.
  50. The boat was still bobbing, that was a good sign, but the outrigger was completely aground.
  51. I told him the events of my day from bobbing in the ocean to when I landed up at Evelyn’s.
  52. No use in having several heads bobbing around up here for the Egyptians to see, Yigal thought.
  53. Five minutes later he was back at their side, bobbing in the sea with a big smile on his face.
  54. After a while he found what he was looking for—the green plastic ball bobbing on the surface.
  55. I was handing him the half-sovereign, when something came bobbing up against the window, and Mr.
  56. Give me fifteen, your bobbing head bounces toward the slope, I’m pissing in this pool.
  57. Peter stared into his lap with his shoulders hunched over and his head bobbing from side to side.
  58. I’ll take you out, she said, bobbing her head in a modern gangster style as she talked smack.
  59. Ahem, said Palomita, bobbing her head toward the ridge high above the other side of the stream.
  60. There was even a gentle bobbing in the air from the controlling stabilizers--just like real hovering.
  61. Tim’s divers were bobbing about in a tangle of fishing lines and Tim was back in his boat with Janet.
  62. She was so cute singing along to the theme tune quietly like I couldn’t hear or see her bobbing about.
  63. He lets out a breath of relief when he spots one of the green Swedish exercise balls bobbing in the moat.
  64. In the same region where Green Hornet had crashed, he spotted a shock-yellow object bobbing in the water.
  65. They would gleam and sparkle, bobbing along the surface for a brief moment before retreating under the water.
  66. Cole wasn't a bad dancer but the music didn't require many moves, just high energy bouncing and head bobbing.
  67. Running out of the cave, Conal spotted a lamp bobbing up the beach towards him, realising that it must be Troy.
  68. Dennison, the Surgeon, who seem’d to me verily like a floating Spar bobbing upon that vast Ocean of Despair.
  69. The pleasure is mine, she says, bobbing ever so slightly into a curtsy that Eugene has to admit is impressive.
  70. Realising that I was studying him, Tommy began bobbing his head and humming loudly in a clear, sweet treble voice.
  71. Whoever it was, would they see the small black dinghy bobbing in the darkness, with the naked white body inside?
  72. You’re going to kill me now aren’t you? My father asked, his eyes trained on the mamba’s bobbing head.
  73. The strangeness of it, the silent bobbing movement of the craft as it soared into the night sky quite unsettled him.
  74. Horrible, ugly things, imagine all those dead skins floating at the water’s edge, bobbing up and down in the waves.
  75. Laura was bobbing around in the surf near the beach, he said, then she was a bit further out and I saw a shark.
  76. Moshe, while keeping an eye on Youssaf and Korah, also noticed a nervous fidgeting and head bobbing of the other townsmen.
  77. Lyle was suddenly tense, bobbing up and down, pushing his pointy finger against my back, trying to steer me toward the door.
  78. But it veered around and returned, once more smacking him on the nose before dropping into the sea to continue its bobbing.
  79. The Patriarch let out an almost hysterical laughter, his shoulders bobbing freely up and down in an unseemly lack of decorum.
  80. The sound, which stung Rob’s ears even at this distance, brought the young one hustling back, obediently bobbing its head.
  81. Not shy – are you, called Johnny, turning back to her bobbing head as it slid through the folds of the Campaspe river.
  82. She doubted, but upon slipping two pennies into the hand of the wife she received smiles and bobbing that in turn buoyed her up.
  83. Bobbing on the turquoise waves in a life vessel they sent out chemical signals to potential mates coloring the ocean with envy.
  84. And then I was shaking with it, paralyzed as that great obscene man stood before me, erect blades bobbing inches from my chest.
  85. The stillest and clearest moonlit night imaginable captured small anchored fishing boats bobbing in the shimmering sea below us.
  86. The top of her yellow tea-length dress has been torn away and a halo of steam wafts from her exposed shoulders and bobbing head.
  87. She studied my face for a long time and then she went around shutting off the running ducks and the bobbing clowns and the lights.
  88. Pray, continue! Murphy said, bobbing his head sarcastically from side to side slightly, his hands still on the steering wheel.
  89. It was hard to make out in the night time gloom, but Bryony thought she saw a tiny bobbing head, and a pair of small flapping wings.
  90. In the dim light from the tunnel into the chamber, Max found her shoes bobbing about at the bottom of the hole under the floor slab.
  91. He shouldered past Abigail, pushed Darcy aside, and weaved around the milling parents to where Miss Simone stood in the bobbing boat.
  92. Madden's broad grin was splashed across his face as he left, a knowing nod bobbing his head up and down as he took a last look at her.
  93. It felt completely out of place in the Centron, and the slightly bobbing form of the Prosops inside struck Hilderich as almost vulgar.
  94. Smith parked his car in the car park next to the Abbey and walked down towards where the barges were bobbing up and down in the breeze.
  95. The first thing he sees: a rope, dangling from a tree branch, knotted in such a way that an oval circle hangs down, bobbing in the wind.
  96. Nor did she feel herself hauled to the edge of the bobbing vessel and pushed over the side into the warm polluted waters of the channel.
  97. Behind me the handful of members of the Moving On Circle murmured among themselves, reaching into the gently bobbing bundle for a string.
  98. It was sublime, and Chloe and Kaitlyn just grinned with the sheer pleasure of accomplishment, never taking their eyes from the bobbing orbs.
  99. With a great deal of shouting and physical exertion, the seamen turned the craft and began sailing towards the small skiff bobbing in the waves.
  100. As luck would have it this load included Lune, Khandi and even my old friend the Hare, his long white beard bobbing up and down as he smiled at me.
  1. He bobbed like a cork.
  2. The pigeon bobbed its head.
  3. The candle bobbed beside me.
  4. I bobbed my head up and down.
  5. Hard hats bobbed in the rain.
  6. Nick bobbed his head slightly.
  7. He bobbed his head up and down.
  8. Red curls bobbed in front of.
  9. The gnarled head bobbed slowly.
  10. The blue hat bobbed up and down.
  11. My head and shoulders bobbed over.
  12. Andrea’s head bobbed up and down.
  13. Okay, Bernice bobbed her head.
  14. Freak bobbed wearily through the air.
  15. Chardonnay bobbed her head forcefully.
  16. His shoulders bobbed like a boxer’s.
  17. His head bobbed in and out of the crowd.
  18. And she bobbed a little curtsey of delight.
  19. Gilgamesh bobbed his head while considering.
  20. The girl’s red curls bobbed at the motion.
  21. Granite snorted and bobbed his head when he.
  22. Mack bobbed his head, taking in the comeback.
  23. His uncertain erection bobbed with every step.
  24. It’s massive, thick-furred head bobbed once.
  25. He was a four-legged animal with a bobbed tail.
  26. My younger son bobbed his head enthusiastically.
  27. She bobbed a curtsey that sent the jelly sliding.
  28. It bobbed up and down, the flames rolling around.
  29. His body bobbed blue in the cold morning lake.
  30. A few seconds later, Piers and Troy bobbed into view.
  31. I bobbed my head up and down and both of them laughed.
  32. The young man bobbed his head once before turning to.
  33. The sailor's shadow bobbed back and forth in agreement.
  34. Mahlard looked at him for a moment, then bobbed his head.
  35. The machine bobbed slightly as if nodding with reticence.
  36. The machine bobbed enthusiastically, his voice lilting:.
  37. Their eyes gleamed, and their legs bobbed at the idea of.
  38. Heads bobbed and craned, twisting to catch the direction.
  39. Seconds passed, and then Bryony’s head bobbed into view.
  40. The cultist’s head bobbed respectfully up and down subtly.
  41. The female officer behind her bobbed her head in agreement.
  42. The majestic ship was flawless as it bobbed with the waves.
  43. Rows of white boats bobbed up and down along a fenced dock.
  44. I bobbed and weaved, ducked, and blocked several slaps, but.
  45. At the start line, the Husky Clipper bobbed in the swells.
  46. He bobbed back and forth in the chair, causing it to bounce.
  47. It smiled at her with knowing eyes and bobbed its head once.
  48. Camellia bobbed her round-crested head and snorted greeting.
  49. He swallowed and his Adam’s Apple bobbed against the knife.
  50. Her hands came up out of the yellow mass and her head bobbed.
  51. Got you, he snarled as his head bobbed up and down just.
  52. One leg, crossed over the other, bobbed impatiently in the air.
  53. Marcus’ face whitened and his Adam’s apple bobbed in terror.
  54. A handful of small anchored sailing boats bobbed on the surface.
  55. Danny felt expansive and peaceful as he bobbed within the water.
  56. His head bobbed and he looked up at me, said, And how they smell.
  57. Finally, she stopped in front of Miss Simone and bobbed up and down.
  58. Dolly Jean bobbed up and down in the chair with squeals of laughter.
  59. It reached the lead vehicle and bobbed over them, circling rapidly.
  60. Cinderella’s coiffed head of blond curls bobbed along ahead of us.
  61. The construct bobbed again and wiggled its large round base a little.
  62. Susannah still had smiling eyes under the same dark brown bobbed hair.
  63. His Adam's apple bobbed furiously and a muscle high in his cheek throbbed.
  64. Val’s fingers clutched his forearm, and her head bobbed once, then again.
  65. Their torches bobbed away into the nighted vault, and he followed swiftly.
  66. He bobbed an eyebrow at me, thinking, and then tried grabbing my hand again.
  67. A smouldering cigarette bobbed between his swollen lips when he spoke, 'Hi.
  68. You just have to see this! he shouted and then bobbed back into the hole.
  69. Her hands covered her face and her shoulders bobbed up and down as she sobbed.
  70. When I should have ducked, I bobbed; when I should have backed off, I ran in.
  71. A six-foot, fish-like corpse had bobbed to the surface in the middle of the pen.
  72. The bus bobbed to the surface, along with a couple of capsized, half-melted canoes.
  73. Voices reached him; torches bobbed and their flare shone on glossy ebon shoulders.
  74. The general complied, and the tousled head bobbed, as the man turned painfully away.
  75. The young man sitting besides Sutcliffe bobbed his head in agreement with Sutcliffe.
  76. Zoe’s honey colored pigtails bobbed up and down as she tried to get his attention.
  77. Gulls bobbed around on the swell, unfazed by the movement of the water beneath them.
  78. As he bobbed in a fog of nausea, someone came to his bunk and handed him five letters.
  79. She had bobbed Peroxide curls and smoked constantly, as if fueled by tar and nicotine.
  80. Tetloan's head bobbed up and down while he constantly chattered with every step he took.
  81. They shot onto their feet, as the two body guards entered the area, well they bobbed in.
  82. BigThree bobbed his now and then, but only eyes three and four were up for quite awhile.
  83. Next to me, Farid's Adam's apple bobbed up and down as he mumbled a prayer under his breath.
  84. Dublin actually turned around and looked me in the eye, then turned back and bobbed his head.
  85. Megan bobbed her head like it was attached to a rubber band, but her eyes stayed fixed on Locke.
  86. Danny nudged Jodie and she bobbed forward within the Akashi current that was still holding them.
  87. The machine suddenly bobbed and leaned forward, the color of its entire band a harsh blinding red.
  88. The waiter’s head bobbed vigorously, Yes, Brother Francis, all three are in danger I believe.
  89. A little fishing boat humbly bobbed on the water, barely noticeable in the midst of larger ships.
  90. Makis' large head bobbed up and down, and that familiar tension start up in the pit of my stomach.
  91. The bag with her clothes bobbed up and down and did not leak as she shepherded it in front of her.
  92. Wemyss kissed her shut eyes, he kissed her parted lips, he kissed her dear, delightful bobbed hair.
  93. They were a bedazzling galaxy that appeared buoyant as the Naga bobbed its heads in wavelike motion.
  94. He alighted stiffly on the ground before them, slowly flapped his wings, and bobbed towards Thorin.
  95. Here and there pulsating squares of light bobbed in the waters - the Akashi books waiting to be born.
  96. Then the metal egg or machine, whatever it was, bobbed slightly as if trying to mimic a human’s bow.
  97. Carney gazed without expression at me for several seconds before his eyes got lazy and his head bobbed.
  98. He maneuvered his unusual vehicle into the pool of water, where he bobbed up and down next to the boat.
  99. Lov bobbed his head saying, Cool, I like the soft whisper of a song that comes off it when you wave it.
  100. He backed away with his shoulders hunched and his bobbed tail tucked as far as possible between his legs.
  1. I looked at Bobs I.
  2. So it was Bobs fault.
  3. Glacia bobs her head slowly.
  4. She bobs her head to greet me.
  5. It was her older brother Bobs.
  6. Glacia’s face bobs thirty yards away.
  7. She bobs slightly in the greenish waters of the bay.
  8. The Indian clerk bobs his head from side to side, tuts a bit.
  9. The clerks looks up, bobs his head from side to side, smiles.
  10. Evelyn’s lifelessly head bobs following the motion of the car.
  11. There were the Blond Bobs caressing their freshly cut blond bobs.
  12. I started thinking about how this was Boogie Bobs turn - Not mine.
  13. Billy Bobs face turned red and then as pale as a bloodless corpse.
  14. This was a Boogie Bobs conversation about empty beds kind of alone.
  15. He feels her buried face bobs against his chest, as she laughs cynically.
  16. Blond Bobs ran this way and that with mobile phones pressed to their ears.
  17. Michael clears his throat and bobs his head without really looking at anyone.
  18. I swear I even laughed through my nose on accident, just like Boogie Bobs laugh.
  19. The wolf puts back its ears, bobs its head, thumps its tail and opens its eyes wide.
  20. While staring Blazin' down I reached into my backpack and I showed him Boogie Bobs shoes.
  21. Sure, I’ll give you a call, returned Mark, knowing full well he did not have Bobs number.
  22. But the Blond Bobs had husbands and houses and absolute certainty about their places in the world.
  23. In addition, for a change, he asked me about Bobs cancer, instead of busting my chops about Salsa dancing.
  24. Perfectly legit, he said, I have a spare room and all the bits and bobs you ladies need for an overnighter.
  25. I had changed the lyrics and was laughing to myself about it while I was un-knotting Bobs shoes, which made me relax.
  26. After I had managed to create enough room to get on down to business, I took one last glance at my (Boogie Bobs) shoes.
  27. I sat watching silently as he banged and crashed about the barn, attaching various bits and bobs to the machine he was building.
  28. You see it was a cottage, but it was two stories crammed to the brim full of all the bits and bobs we'd picked up in our travels.
  29. This saves them a lot of time and means they can buy groups of companies for your pension rather than take a bits and bobs approach.
  30. He had re-ocked out with his cee-ock out but deep down, I knew, I needed to execute Bobs head spins before it was all said and done.
  31. I held Bobs shoes up in the air and said, Yep and I am bringing Bobs’ spirit with me to the battle, he will be rockin’ head spins Saturday night.
  32. Blazin' had this worried look on his face but he smirked anyway and said, You can do it Swift, I’ve seen you do it before, plus you’ve got Bobs shoes.
  33. As she came out of the library she could see two of the Blond Bobs standing outside the music room, very deep in important, loudly confidential conversation.
  34. As she made her way through the crowd, she passed a group of four Blond Bobs huddled together so close, it was obvious they were sharing something scandalous.
  35. I had worn my shoes during my no handed windmill routine for my turn, so while I was watching Jet Drinkwater rock it out, I started putting on Boogie Bobs shoes.
  36. He attempted other dubious activities to get back inside prison, but when all his attempts failed, he moved Thailand and then to Cambodia, where he married and had a beautiful baby daughter, Sarah, which was Bobs first child, at the ripe old age of 65.
  37. She looked back to the front of the hall, where there was still a hubbub of noisy activity, with kids being asked to sit down please, and teachers fiddling with sound equipment, and the Blond Bobs hurrying about looking very involved and important as they did each Friday morning.
  38. Blessed be her Cries! They prove at least that she is still alive! The Babe bobs upon the Water before the fat, floating Moon Face of her lunatick Nurse, who seems near-dead from the Fall; and yet Belinda lives! Prue is her Raft, her Yawl, her Pinnace, her Pilot, her Wherry! Horatio swims to her with what manly and heroick Resolution I cannot e’en say, snatches the Babe, and whilst she screams in his Arms, he swims alongside our Boat.
  39. God! How beautiful now across the mist of years! But their children are grouped in her imagination about the bedside, hers and his, Charley, Mary Alice, Frederick Albert (if he had lived), Mamy, Budgy (Victoria Frances), Tom, Violet Constance Louisa, darling little Bobsy (called after our famous hero of the South African war, lord Bobs of Waterford and Candahar) and now this last pledge of their union, a Purefoy if ever there was one, with the true Purefoy nose.

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