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Shipment in a sentence

1. We need that shipment intact.
2. So Roy had to arrange a shipment.
3. The shipment arrived without a hitch.
4. We’ve been waiting on this shipment.
5. Many of them were relabeled in shipment.
6. Put up for shipment as follows: In 3-gal.
7. It was obvious someone stole the shipment.

8. What about the outgoing shipment? Mr.
9. The shipment would be gratefully accepted.
10. He is delivering a large shipment within the week.
11. Let it come down to the harbour, ready for shipment.
12. Did my special requests arrive in this shipment?
13. The obvious way would be in a sealed container shipment.
14. In this new darkness, Alvin decided to keep his shipment of.
15. Homeland Security was out of business! Shipment to and from.
16. Finest shipment of seafood we’ve had in years, I’d say.
17. Now, with the latest shipment, they could work at their skills.
18. He’s not our problem once we get the shipment for the General.
19. There were other documents relating to the shipment of cannabis.
20. Furthermore, below, in the hold was a large shipment of cocaine.
21. Its imperative that this shipment be moved off that reservation.
22. In the back of the truck was a substantial shipment of cannabis.
23. Novak said that once the shipment reached the warehouse he would.
24. They were on their way home with a large shipment of chocolatl beans.
25. We’re on the way to Darminitus to pick up a shipment of kittens.
26. A lot of 200,000 multispectral smoke grenades is part of the shipment.
27. I tried to keep track but that store never received a second shipment.
28. We’ve intercepted the last shipment of power switches, the Krytrons.
29. We haven't had a shipment of anything from Earth in over fifty years so.
30. The shipment from Canada arrived this afternoon? he queried of her.
31. She enthusiastically unpacked the electronics included in this shipment.
32. The ship should appear as if it’s expecting orders for its next shipment.
33. One happened to be hauling a shipment of massive specialty rockets to Sirrix.
34. Next three days I have a shipment of guns coming in to stock up my gun room.
35. Phillips proceeded to tell us what had happened to the shipment from Benghazi.
36. Carlos thought for a few moments then asked, When is the next shipment?
37. I will call you next when the shipment is completely loaded and we have left.
38. Indeed, the second shipment made it to the west coast and its intended recipient.
39. The same Tahlmute who sent him a bulk shipment in this bottle, carried by Tdeshi.
40. He arranged for shipment to the city by armored truck and, with only three days.

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