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Smuggler in a sentence | smuggler example sentences

  1. He was one of us—a smuggler.
  2. The Finn was indeed a very honest smuggler.
  3. Having a naked smuggler sat here … is the.
  4. This drug smuggler has fully contributed to.
  5. It is fair to assume that Dantes was on board a smuggler.
  6. The poacher, like the smuggler, smacks too strongly of the brigand.
  7. This illegal exportation is advantageous to nobody but the smuggler.
  8. He had already arranged a smuggler to help us cross the border into Turkey.
  9. Inspector he knew there, he was told, the man ‘Moussari’, was a known smuggler.
  10. The poacher lives in the forest, the smuggler lives in the mountains or on the sea.
  11. How could Truman have allowed himself to become involved with a drug smuggler? he had asked.
  12. Harmony thought procurer sounded far better than smuggler, which she suspected was his real profession.
  13. People called him a smuggler but I say their accusations were sour grapes for he was not ever caught out.
  14. Jess had grown up a smuggler, understanding that books were a precious commodity, understanding that his family catered to a basic human hunger.
  15. The punishment for that was death, but Khapahr had convinced Thirsk and Staiphan Maik he would be more valuable as a live spy than as a dead smuggler.
  16. She would never surrender her true feelings to man, especially to one who she hardly knew much less one who was unfortunately profiled as a drug smuggler.
  17. He had represented Barry Seale, the drug smuggler on the back end of the Iran-Contra flights that came into Mena Airport in Arkansas when Clinton was governor.
  18. Felipe, I cannot tell you anything but this as yet; I think Aimee might have had something to do with framing me as a drug smuggler and she has an accomplice.
  19. He recalled his arrival on the island, his presentation to a smuggler chief, a subterranean palace full of splendor, an excellent supper, and a spoonful of hashish.
  20. No smuggler or pirate was stupid enough to ply their trade in Cluster waters, which meant the only source of excitement was the occasionally stranded or lost civilian.
  21. Karim was a people smuggler – it was a pretty lucrative business then, driving people out of Shorawi -occupied Kabul to the Khaled Hosseini The Kite Runner relative safety of Pakistan.
  22. Moonlight lit the face of her great-nephew, Barton Lewis Beebe Junior, all of 17, a moonshiner, illegal smuggler and family provider now that his daddy was incarcerated for dope dealing.
  23. I hoped that the active and laborious life of a smuggler, with the severe discipline on board, would have a salutary effect on his character, which was now well-nigh, if not quite, corrupt.
  24. Although he had been sent to the convict prison as a smuggler, he was remarkably honest and good-tempered (I have spoken of him before); at the same time he was a dreadful coward, and feared the rod above all things.
  25. He knew that one lone cop, a hair’s breadth shy of five feet tall couldn’t single-handedly clean up the corruption entrenched in the OIJ, or so much as slow the increase in trafficking by removing an occasional smuggler.
  26. A certain portion of his time was passed at Cambridge, where he read with undergraduates as a sort of tolerated smuggler who drove a contraband trade in European languages, instead of conveying Greek and Latin through the Custom-house.
  27. Partly to drown the recollections of the past that haunted me, partly to supply the wants of the poor widow, I eagerly returned to my trade of smuggler, which had become more easy since that relaxation of the laws which always follows a revolution.
  28. She told me he started in bragging about his brother being a major drug smuggler, you his assistant and himself as the one who pays off the police and politicians, and that he and the guy we had dinner with want to rob Gordon’s money with forged checks.
  29. Tobacco being a luxury, every man is allowed to buy or not to buy as he chuses ; but salt being a necessary, every man is obliged to buy of the farmer a certain quantity of it ; because, if he did not buy this quantity of the farmer, he would, it is presumed, buy it of some smuggler.
  30. By this indulgence of the public, the smuggler is often encouraged to continue a trade, which he is thus taught to consider as in some measure innocent; and when the severity of the revenue laws is ready to fall upon him, he is frequently disposed to defend with violence, what he has been accustomed to regard as his just property.
  31. Thirdly, the hope of evading such taxes by smuggling, gives frequent occasion to forfeitures and other penalties, which entirely ruin the smuggler ; a person who, though no doubt highly blameable for violating the laws of his country, is frequently incapable of violating those of natural justice, and would have been, in every respect.
  32. By the ruin of the smuggler, his capital, which had before been employed in maintaining productive labour, is absorbed either in the revenue of the state, or in that of the revenue officer; and is employed in maintaining unproductive, to the diminution of the general capital of the society, and of the useful industry which it might otherwise have maintained.
  33. The mere thought that such illustrious individuals as Vicar Zahmsyn Trynair, Mother Church’s own Chancellor, would patronize a common smuggler was preposterous! Why, even the Grand Inquisitor’s wine steward had been known to nip into Mahkbyth’s shop for the odd bottle of Vicar Zhaspahr’s favorite Old Mykalym Grand Reserve, the single thing about Chisholm which had somehow escaped the Inquisition’s anathematization.
  34. Sitting in her wicker rocking chair, she would recall the past, reconstruct the grandeur and misfortunes of the family and the splendor of Macondo, which was now erased, while Álvaro frightened the crocodiles with his noisy laughter and Alfonso invented outlandish stories about the bitterns who had pecked out the eyes of four customers who misbehaved the week before, and Gabriel was in the room of the pensive mulatto girl who did not collect in money but in letters to a smuggler boyfriend who was in prison on the other side of the Orinoco because the border guards had caught him and had made him sit on a chamberpot that filled up with a mixture of shit and diamonds.

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