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Somberness in a sentence | somberness example sentences

  1. Gavin looked upon his burning kingdom with somberness.
  2. He has a somberness she thinks she needs as punishment for drinking too much.
  3. Would you? he questioned and some of the somberness lifted from his face.
  4. My good humor faded quickly away though at the somberness reflected in my teacher’s face.
  5. There was a distinct somberness that seemed to hang heavy in the air that was very still and quiet.

  6. Kuri’s ride drew close and Kuri broke the somberness of the moment by saying, Do not be deceived by appearances Benaiah.
  7. Chuckling a brief respite from her somberness, she said, As we have discussed at length, this circumstance applies to truth; it either is or it isn’t.
  8. A flash of lightning brilliantly but briefly lighted the room like a firework, though did little to remove the somberness and tension overriding the atmosphere once again as a result of the hurricane that was lambasting the coast.
  9. About a week after the sittings commenced, he noticed that her hair was arranged in the fluffy, loose way he had admired so much three years before, giving her face more of the girlish expression it had lost, and a bright ribbon at the throat relieved the somberness of her working gown.

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