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  1. The enemy made no sortie during that first night.
  2. As for the sortie, I had already given thought to it.
  3. The sortie upon the Rock gained only a brief respite.
  4. As a result, Bismarck's proposed Atlantic sortie was abandoned.
  5. It occurred to me that the Re Che might also try a naval sortie.

  6. Then the whole French army makes a sortie, including even Pelissier himself.
  7. Perhaps an Industrial Espionage sortie that had gone horribly wrong?….
  8. Deploy additional B-52s to permit a sustained sortie rate of about 1500 per month.
  9. And then a trumpet rang from the Citadel, and Denethor at last released the sortie.
  10. Each sortie will be flown in a two-seater jet aircraft with FAC qualified fighter pilots in both seats.
  11. Remove all existing sortie restrictions for both B-52 and tactical air missions during the current dry season in South Vietnam.
  12. Feeling the need to review stratagem he turned to face his kindred and discoursed: Those of you adept at close-quarter combat will sortie with me shortly.
  13. This was not normal practice for the army but they had gotten around the rules by making the sortie a night exercise with a large number of civilian observers.
  14. Finally a courier came up they had made a sortie into Jonesboro, burned the depot, cut the telegraph wires and torn up three miles of track before they retreated.
  15. The weeks and months that had passed since the Bien Hoa attack were marked by Court only in terms of missions flown as his sortie count rose to 50, then 75, then 150.

  16. On the campaign, he was always ready to lead a sortie or raiding party, hazarding his life, never pausing to balance risks against benefits like a Kingsbridge merchant.
  17. The inmates had to stand a regular siege and drive away their assailants by a sortie, or rather by a series of sorties, for the place of those who were repulsed would be taken by other besiegers stronger and more resolute.
  18. The defenders of Shamar had made a desperate sortie, cut down the men masking the gates, and were raging among the tents of the besiegers, cutting down the camp followers, burning the pavilions, and destroying the siege engines.

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  1. The enemy bravely sortied out, but in such small numbers that they were easily wiped out.
  2. They then fell back, reorganized themselves, and sortied again using a sensible hit-and-run tactic to keep the Frances off balance.
  1. My only pastime consisted in military sorties.
  2. Already, the Wing had launched and recovered 28 F-100 sorties.
  3. The men on the battle-towers can mask any sorties from the city.
  4. Maintenance says they can turn the birds around in 20 minutes between sorties.
  5. They dwelt as in a besieged castle, making sorties and forays on their enemies.
  6. Here in Vietnam the USAF flies over 400 sorties per day in support of ground troops.
  7. The Luftwaffe, on the other hand, had flown many sorties in the French campaign and needed time to recover.
  8. Commando Sabre is a program of out-country sorties to direct and control strike missions against enemy targets of opportunity.
  9. I can now provide for the next few days about 500 close air support sorties per day, plus 150 air superiority and deep interdiction sorties per day.
  10. In a total of three group sorties, we sank all four battleships and the two heavy cruisers, at the cost of two medium bombers, two fighter-bombers and one torpedo plane.
  11. He was committed as well as being consistent, and his band of supporters, swelled over the recent months of activity, would join him in their sideline sorties and frontal attacks.
  12. Palashka has also heard Maximitch say that he often sees you from afar in the sorties, and that you do not take care of yourself, nor think of those who pray God for you with tears.
  13. I'd say that, USAF-wide, taking into account SAC, recce, air lift, and training, the close air support mission only accounts for about fifteen or twenty percent of all sorties flown.
  14. And he, too, enthralled Suleiman with stories of his sorties into the Selous; Africa’s largest game reserve, too big to patrol effectively and big enough to hunt unseen for days on end.
  15. This does not count the sorties that the Polish, French, Belgian, Dutch and Canadian squadrons can provide, which would add about 900 sorties per day, half of them in ground support and the other half in air superiority.
  16. André and I hit it off rather well and before his return to Paris at the end of term to marry his sweetheart, we made several sorties together into the countryside in his deux chevaux, visiting stately homes and gardens.
  17. The inmates had to stand a regular siege and drive away their assailants by a sortie, or rather by a series of sorties, for the place of those who were repulsed would be taken by other besiegers stronger and more resolute.
  18. The holiday season went into high gear with friends and parties, cultural activities and interminable dinners at the port, with sorties to recommended tavernas in neighboring villages and the new luxury hotels that sprouted on the island and sported music and dancing.
  19. He sat there transfixed, making little mewing noises as Jeremy berated someone for cheating on their partner with his lap-dancing grandmother (or something like that; her frequent sorties into the kitchen for top-up sarnies had made it tricky to work out precisely what was going on).
  20. Therefore I see I am obliged to abide by the advice of the majority, which has ruled that prudence as well as reason declares that we should await in the town the siege which threatens us, and that we should defeat the attacks of the enemy by the force of artillery, and, if the possibility present itself, by well-directed sorties.

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