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Spend in a sentence

As we spend.
They spend $4.
Do not spend.
spend and so on.
I could spend.
You can spend.
how you spend it.

Spend it wisely.
I can't spend it.
I now spend ten.
You would spend.
Spend some time.
We might spend a.
We can spend the.
They could spend.
had money to spend.
to spend our lives.
‘But spend some.
If you spend your.
spend time with Him.
Did you spend any.
money to spend on a.
Try to spend it all.
If you spend a few.
and spend its force.
You spend the money.
You spend a lot of.
We need to spend at.
spend their only life.
spending was just 4.
Spending time with.
After spending time.
spending time with me.
spending all that cash.
spending time with her.
spending al that money.
Spending them with you.
spending time with Him.
He had missed spending.
After spending most of.
People are spending big.
dieting or spending money.
Spending Time with Jesus.
spending only the singles.
The state's spending of R8.
Me spending time with her.
spending 4 days in the tomb.
spending the night in there.
Instead of spending three.
spending was $7290 in the U.
Taxation Versus Spending, n.
I would hold off spending.
He enjoyed spending the $2.
I would enjoy spending.
We should be spending our.
You spending night with Sid.
• Spending time with pets.
There are spending caps in.
The thought of spending an.
After spending most of 10 a.
, spent 6 p.
I had spent.
I spent the.
We are spent.
We spent the.
He had spent.
He has spent.
Don spent the.
Sure he spent.
I spent hours.
He spent a few.
I even spent a.
They had spent.
I spent thirty.
They spent the.
I only spent a.
I have spent.
Of nights spent.
She had spent a.
I had spent most.
spent in one year.
spent in his head.
And we’re spent.
be time well spent.
A day or two spent.
I spent the best.
We spent so much.
They spent about.
Lolita has spent.
She had spent the.
It spends hours.
She spends most of.
She spends a lot of.
- and she spends the.
He spends the night out.
spends much more than any.
He spends the entire time.
man who spends time with you.
He spends hours in that shed.
One of the things she spends.
, and spends time in Manhattan.
Thus, he spends his days in St.
The city spends them in sewers.
The more time a student spends.
spends more time in the arteries.
He spends his time thinking and.
He spends money like it was water.
spends $2,276 a year on eating out.
He spends the first night on the.
It’s bad enough that she spends.
Big government spends lots of money.
spends it by placing it into savings.
and spends his time in contemplation.
Spends all day at the Wellness Center.
The Adept spends much of His time in.
He spends all his time with the boy.
He spends most of his time at school.
Retired, he now spends his time writing.
Melanie spends it as fast as he makes it.

Synonyms for spend

drop expend spend pass