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Spend en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Try to spend it all.
  2. If you spend a few.
  3. You spend a lot of.
  5. They spend a lot of.

  6. We need to spend at.
  7. To spend a term in its.
  8. Or, did you spend the.
  9. I knew he would spend.
  10. They spend much of the.
  11. You spend so much time.
  12. Spend time in what you.
  14. Spend all of your spare.
  15. The more time you spend.

  16. He would spend the rest.
  17. Spend time in the nature.
  18. It was foolish to spend.
  19. Why then did I spend $19.
  20. He will spend that half.
  21. He would then spend the.
  22. I now spend ten hours a.
  23. You dont have to spend.
  24. Spend the night with me.
  25. It is important to spend.

  26. The time we spend in the.
  27. He doesn’t spend a lot.
  28. So how I intend to spend.
  29. We spend the time chatting.
  30. She could not even spend.
  31. They would spend the day.
  32. I could spend all day here.
  33. They spend five nights in.
  34. You spend time and energy.
  35. What a way to spend the day.
  36. Spend one more day with me.
  37. What I don't spend, I lose.
  38. The more time you spend in.
  39. I will spend more time with.
  40. You can literally spend 10.
  41. I will spend less time with.
  42. You can spend days in there.
  43. I would spend hours think-.
  44. I could spend my life as toad.
  45. I spend years not seeing you.
  46. You only need to spend five.
  47. Let's face it - you spend a.
  48. They won’t spend the money.
  50. I spend the rest of my time.
  51. If we never spend in the crowd.
  52. We spend a fortune on candles.
  53. Spend less than what you earn.
  54. It's recommended to spend at.
  55. I will not spend long inside.
  57. Consumers have money to spend.
  58. We would spend the night there.
  59. I ’ve had to spend money to.
  60. Spend all of уоur ѕраrе.
  61. Spend happy time with your kids.
  62. We spend years constructing it.
  63. Alicia too was happy to spend.
  64. Every moment you spend with a.
  65. You can expect to spend about.
  66. Don't spend it all in one shop.
  67. We spend all day playing poker.
  68. If I was to spend a couple of.
  69. They spend the nights together.
  70. It is how you spend that money.
  71. Spend one minute on arguments.
  72. So if we tried to spend about.
  73. How much money can we spend?
  74. Why spend countless hours, and.
  75. Spend your Time Where it Counts.
  76. You can spend the night with me.
  77. We spend the morning in the camp.
  78. We grow in faith when we spend.
  79. You spend most of it, after all.
  80. They spend some seconds on the.
  82. It will be spend in record time.
  83. Or that I can spend so much of.
  84. Can’t spend money for nothing.
  85. Do you really want to spend ten.
  86. Learn to spend less than you earn.
  87. Rather than spend time home alone.
  88. That day I was told to spend my.
  89. But if you spend another twenty.
  90. She did, after all, spend three.
  91. Anyone who's going to spend that.
  92. Theyll spend more time fighting.
  93. Don't spend all day on this, but.
  94. You only have to spend time with.
  95. I want to spend the time with her.
  96. So why not spend it at the tavern.
  97. Why would they spend hundreds of.
  98. Spend less money but have more fun.
  99. What you do with it, how you spend.
  100. We didn’t spend a second quarter.
  1. Me spending time with her.
  2. The state's spending of R8.
  3. We should be spending our.
  4. I would hold off spending.
  5. He enjoyed spending the $2.
  6. I was tired of spending my.
  7. There are spending caps in.
  8. To have some spending money.
  9. You spending night with Sid.
  10. The thought of spending an.
  11. After spending most of 10 a.
  12. I love spending time with you.
  13. Spending time with friends or.
  14. I pictures spending the rest.
  15. If you decide that spending $2.
  16. He was used to spending hours.
  17. Spending hours playing with them.
  18. We ended up spending most of the.
  19. Conscious Spending Plan and, 106.
  20. Conscious Spending Plan and, 141.
  21. After spending thousands of years.
  22. We enjoy spending time with Bella.
  25. More hours at work? Less spending?
  26. This is conscious spending, applied.
  27. I had missed spending time with him.
  28. Afraid of spending time with my own.
  29. Rajji mama why he is spending so much.
  30. I figured I’d be spending most of.
  31. Spending time with them is dangerous.
  32. How about spending a little of your.
  33. If the thought of spending hours and.
  34. He’ll be spending the night here.
  35. I'm spending the night with friends.
  36. Spending times with family and friends.
  38. Painless Ways to Cut Vacation Spending.
  39. Taxes should be based on spending only.
  40. Now Aanya started spending most of her.
  41. Here is some spending money from Mr.
  42. Dee was spending the night at Bella’s.
  43. I enjoy spending time with Gabriel, too.
  44. This means, instead of spending, saving.
  45. Stop spending money we just do not have.
  48. They could no longer enjoy spending time.
  49. I love spending time with you but…’.
  50. I could have been spending five hundred.
  51. The whole point of my spending today—.
  52. Besides, I liked spending time with Bill.
  54. After spending the day in the company of.
  55. Cutting spending put budget under control.
  56. I’ll be spending the night next door.
  57. He was spending a lot of time at his desk.
  58. They started goading on the spending plans.
  59. And, then, after spending most of 10:00 a.
  60. Try cutting you’re spending in half on.
  61. Pork spending has also been called earmarks.
  62. You're the one I'm spending my life with.
  63. After spending the night in his truck, he.
  64. Tell her you’re spending the day with me.
  66. Recognizing Jesus is spending time with Him.
  67. It was most pleasant spending time with Mrs.
  68. What’s the point of spending all this.
  69. Good choice spending time with Char tonight.
  70. He was released after spending twenty-five.
  71. The princess will be spending four days at.
  72. Imagine their fear after spending all that.
  73. So Bobby might be spending the night with us.
  74. Spending time at the farm erases those lines.
  75. No more spending our time trying to prove our.
  77. We’ll be spending nine months in the forest.
  78. So, Bobby might be spending the night with us.
  79. She wasn’t spending enough time with Claire.
  80. I was talking about spending time with you.
  81. Call me crazy but I love spending time on the.
  82. You shouldn't be spending time with him anyway.
  83. Wife’s spending it faster than I can earn it.
  84. The thought of spending another night in that.
  85. During the spending cut down John had stopped.
  86. From bailouts to increased pork spending, the U.
  87. He enjoys spending time with his wife and child.
  89. You are probably spending money on these things.
  90. You are spending more on leisure activities too.
  91. So Leos can be quite reckless in their spending.
  92. Abiding in the Word means spending time with God.
  93. She’s spending the night at a friends house.
  94. Spending time in nature always soothed her soul.
  95. Yes, I enjoy spending time with Gabriel, too.
  96. She had given up worrying about spending my money.
  97. I was spending a great deal of time with a very.
  98. He was spending every waking moment reading the.
  99. Sort of like an IRA, or an open spending account.
  100. Doc and she had been spending her nights with him.
  1. A day or two spent.
  2. I always spent a lot.
  3. I spent it in my bed.
  4. I spent time in jail.
  5. If you have spent a.
  6. I spent the month in.
  7. While I had spent the.
  8. I spent the two hours.
  9. This is time well spent.
  10. I spent my time outside.
  11. Byron used to spent time.
  12. They spent the next hour.
  13. They had spent most of.
  14. She had spent the last.
  15. When all words are spent.
  16. I spent my days running.
  17. She must have spent 160.
  18. She spent time with him.
  19. I spent weeks and weeks.
  20. We spent millions on her.
  21. Where he spent one hour!.
  22. He’d spent most of the.
  23. I spent a dollar at lunch.
  24. During this time I spent.
  25. Rob spent the majority of.
  26. We spent a very cold and.
  27. He had spent the last ten.
  28. She spent 30 minutes with.
  29. And Moon spent time in a U.
  30. The hour he spent with Mr.
  31. They spent quite a bit of.
  32. Samual spent a fortune on.
  33. It was a spent shell casing.
  34. I spent a couple of months.
  35. You and your women spent it.
  36. I went and spent it already.
  37. A few moments spent together.
  38. This is where Cameron spent.
  39. He had spent years building.
  40. He and Dakota spent the day.
  41. I’ve spent searching for it.
  42. I spent a lot of time in my.
  43. In the meantime she spent a.
  44. We spent a lot of time there.
  45. I had spent many hours with.
  46. We spent a most bland evening.
  47. She’d spent too many years.
  48. We spent our days at his desk.
  49. I spent most of this tour in.
  50. I’ve always spent a lot of.
  51. The parents spent their time.
  52. She spent a few days with no.
  53. You might have spent another.
  54. The whole day I spent with her.
  55. He had spent the last few in.
  56. We spent a constrained evening.
  57. We spent a week showing them.
  58. I spent about 20 years at Bull.
  59. He spent time there doing that.
  60. They spent the next two hours.
  61. I spent many years in Nagasaki.
  62. They must have spent a lot of.
  63. Later, when she is truly spent.
  64. I felt I spent hours like this.
  65. The spent fuel pool will then.
  66. We had spent thousands fixing.
  67. All, that soon should be spent.
  68. I had similarly spent several.
  69. I haven’t spent all my life.
  70. I spent the next day in a haze.
  71. They’ve spent money on your.
  72. Seven years she’d spent here.
  73. Having spent so much of their.
  74. My nights were spent with Julius.
  75. My first years were spent in a.
  76. I spent some of my time writing.
  77. John spent an hour in that booth.
  78. Hed spent years developing PAX.
  79. I spent twenty three months in.
  80. None of the money will be spent.
  81. Spent His Days Thinking Only Of.
  82. Rebecca spent more time with them.
  83. He spent thirty years as a high.
  84. Seasons spent bathing in the sun.
  85. After all the time we’d spent.
  86. I spent less and less time alone.
  87. If you have spent any time at a.
  88. Whew… spent on material things.
  89. The second lumberjack spent his.
  90. Having spent the previous three.
  91. We spent a quiet but busy weekend.
  92. Half my time was spent teaching.
  93. They spent the night making love.
  94. Still most are spent in struggle.
  95. He spent all his days wondering.
  96. Have you ever spent money on ab.
  97. They had spent the night together.
  98. He only spent twenty mortal years.
  99. Harold Moe spent one first-class.
  100. He spent most of his nights alone.
  1. She spends a lot of.
  2. He spends the night out.
  3. He spends the entire time.
  4. He spends hours in that shed.
  5. One of the things she spends.
  6. The city spends them in sewers.
  7. Thus, he spends his days in St.
  8. The more time a student spends.
  9. He spends his time thinking and.
  10. He spends the first night on the.
  11. He spends money like it was water.
  12. Big government spends lots of money.
  13. It’s bad enough that she spends.
  14. Spends all day at the Wellness Center.
  15. The Adept spends much of His time in.
  16. He spends all his time with the boy.
  17. He spends most of his time at school.
  18. Retired, he now spends his time writing.
  19. Melanie spends it as fast as he makes it.
  20. I mean, Dad probably spends that much on.
  21. He spends most of his time in the hole.
  22. This is where he spends most of his nights.
  23. Spends the day rescuing kittens and----.
  24. Let’s see where he spends all his time.
  25. Don spends all week immersed in his business.
  26. He often spends his vacations there with them.
  27. Nic spends lots of time stuck in reports and.
  28. Any money she spends comes right out of capital.
  29. Thus he spends twenty six years in prison when.
  30. Mars spends the entire month in your 4th house.
  31. She loves Henry and Willie and spends time with.
  32. She mostly spends her day out on her horse, Sir.
  33. She spends an hour in the tree, watching the hotel.
  34. I’m lucky if he spends two nights here in a row.
  35. I see how much time Natalie spends with volleyball.
  36. Allie spends more time there than she does at home.
  37. He earns a smal income and spends every cent of it.
  38. The other spends billions to fuel those same lines.
  39. The average consumer spends about $1,750 a year on.
  40. And in his journey he spends time reading Isaiah 53.
  41. Government then Spends the Money where it is required.
  42. It spends more time up in the air than on the surface.
  43. It’s very sad how she spends her life at sea alone.
  44. Pentahelm spends her two months leave from this town.
  45. Just because he spends most of his life in captivity.
  46. He spends the night with his disciples talking about.
  47. He spends at least four hours per day on the Internet.
  48. She decides who she spends her time with, he said.
  49. We know that he spends the first day, the day before the.
  50. Mars spends most of the month in the 7th house of love.
  51. She spends more time dodging and not enough time striking.
  52. The more energy he spends, the less he can stay corporeal.
  53. The bride spends what she likes and not a cent more, he.
  54. The 20 MA spends about as much time above as below the 50 MA.
  55. He spends half his time in this world, half in the Underworld.
  56. She spends about 8 hours a week practising here at the church.
  57. He spends precious days looking for her, but she has left him.
  58. Retired, he now spends his time writing and refurbishing houses.
  59. So Hill spends a lot of time researching Chinese stocks to buy.
  60. Apparently, this person spends a great deal of money on clothes.
  61. He usually spends his spare time with his siblings and friends.
  62. It spends much more than a month under Virgo, Taurus and Pisces.
  63. Everyone spends a lot of time thinking about their eating habits.
  64. Then he spends a good while feeling Galluk’s once-injured leg.
  65. And these last seconds he spends utterly alone with what he knows.
  66. As a rule the deceased man spends initial three days at home, and.
  67. But hardly anybody spends time thinking about their thinking habits.
  68. That it what a top mage spends his time controlling – the fallout.
  69. He spends the night with his mistress but he never had sex with her.
  70. Generally he only spends a month and a half to two months in a sign.
  71. You’re right, that would explain why he spends whole months at.
  72. The stock then spends the next 9 months in the same trading range:.
  73. Afterward, he spends the remaining time pacing the ship’s top-deck.
  74. He spends a lot of time in The Empire, drinking with the local crims.
  75. He spends time in here—I can smell his cologne lingering in the air.
  76. With that said, I’m not sure how much time he actually spends there.
  77. He spends most of the time on my past medicines and their exact doses.
  78. There was a problem, however, as Joan spends most of her day lying in.
  79. You all know that each family spends three hours a day in this pursuit.
  80. But it will be a waste of time, if your teacher spends an hour, trying to.
  81. The PC actually spends a lot of time in what I call neutral territory.
  82. She goes to buy food and other supplies but spends only about $300 this trip.
  83. I feel that he is wasting his time when he spends some time with his friends.
  84. The Brahmana practically spends his life in religious recitations, for every.
  85. She is very pretty, with skin like smooth milk chocolate, and spends most of.
  86. Joseph Story spends a couple pages explaining the 'why' of using paper as the.
  87. A Yogic student who spends his time wholly in pure meditation wants very little.
  88. The average length of time a doctor spends with a patient is less than 3 minutes.
  89. He wakes and spends the remaining hours preparing for this evening’s encounter.
  90. He spends time in the Lord's sanctuary, the place of worship and prayer that can.
  91. The average consumer spends more money on Pinterest than any other social network.
  92. China spends billions of dollars to cover their ignorance and insoluble beginning.
  93. She spends her holidays with them and I usually fly on these occasions to see her.
  94. He waits for the water to boil and then spends another minute adjusting the mixer.
  95. Luke spends the hour interrogating Boyd, which Boyd seems oblivious to, thankfully.
  96. The reader spends most of his time, as it were, in the wake of a gaseous motor car.
  97. He spends time with Niya teaching her music, I think to love something that you love.
  98. Then how one spends one's time is how one chooses to invest or squander their speech.
  99. The pair spends the rest of this amazing day foraging for an adventure of a lifetime.
  100. The most that’ll happen is she spends a few nights in jail for not wearing her tags.

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