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Stash in a sentence | stash example sentences

  1. A thief of pleasant stash:.
  2. I was looking for his stash.
  3. Until I stash him with he-who-is-frozen.
  4. I found his stash one morning by accident.
  5. My dad keeps his expensive stash in there.
  6. A stash of wrapped flatcakes occupied one.
  7. He opened a humidor and found a stash of.
  8. He looked at his stash noting it had grown.
  9. Army, plus a stash of cocaine and marijuana.
  10. But I reckon he knew about the stash in the.
  11. I must have left my stash home, she lied.
  12. Then she would stash it in the safety deposit.
  13. Recently, I found his stash of ‘ornaments.
  14. He hid his stash in my room, Jeff replied.
  15. Been slippin’ into yer captain’s stash?
  16. She had not found his stash yet, but felt confident.
  17. You can’t just stash it in the car at the airport.
  18. Crisp’s throat if they didn’t produce their stash.
  19. Murdam went into Johnny’s secret stash from the trunk.
  20. We could take my mom's SUV and stash it full of weapons.
  21. The others followed his lead and pilfered half my stash.
  22. Are there weapons in the stash behind that thing?
  23. She had been hoping he had a stash hidden in his clothes.
  24. Casey! This is Virgil Troaz’s stash! We found it!.
  25. When she wakes up the following morning, her stash is gone.
  26. Rob, where do you want to stash the loot that we robbed.
  27. I folded the note to stash in my diary and read in my old age.
  28. More recently, it had been a convenient spot to stash alcohol.
  29. We can stash him in the Eyrie, I suppose, he said doubtfully.
  30. I stash the cash and just lay there…and lay there…and lay there.
  31. Let’s pack it all and stash it in a place we can find it, Mr.
  32. We got pulled over by the state patrol and the dog hit on his stash.
  33. It’s one of the reasons I keep a stash of candy bars under my bed.
  34. Asia broke out her stash of kind bud and we all enjoyed getting high.
  35. It’s not enough to simply stash away the money you haven’t used.
  36. Cadbury’s Fingers from the children’s stash and was hovering one.
  37. I never thought he could have accumulated that much stash, Jerry.
  38. Financial planners tell you to stash away 15% of your income into it.
  39. The lads didn’t notice as they had been sorting out the beer stash.
  40. Harry had had plenty of opportunity to stash some away for the future.
  41. He snapped shut the old mint-tin where the rest of his stash was stashed.
  42. Why don’t you give me the gun and I’ll stash it with the body?
  43. So they looked around a little more, and they found a stash of kiddie porn.
  44. Stash, Taki 8, Moon-man 157, incantations to keep the passing world at bay.
  45. I bet David still has designs on trying to get the whole stash for himself.
  46. He slipped into his chair, reaching under, pulled out his stash and light-up.
  47. At four 0' clock in the morning the next day, eight drug stash houses got raided.
  48. Put a different color toilet paper than usual behind your stash of regular rolls.
  49. So if he’d told Crass, then Crass would have figured out I’d busted his stash.
  50. His stash file of information and stories he’d written just kept getting bigger.
  51. They would be rolling up any minute to make another deposit into their stash house.
  52. Larkey’s quarters to stash the gold, and his attention became diverted elsewhere.
  53. I left the car for a few hours and then picked it up stash intact and ready for sale.
  54. Oh man, I couldn’t believe it! I find the DVD stash and then a couple of weeks later.
  55. Seriously, though, did you already get into my stash? Your eyes are like rose-colored.
  56. He knew it was better to use what was readily available rather than to break into our stash.
  57. Identifying a company with a big cash stash and the ability to generate more is a great start.
  59. I’m sure Millsap wanted to get his hands on my stash, but it was more to the story than that.
  60. Beau had a sizable stash of one such substance with which Sabrina had treated her own hangover.
  61. I left what stash I had left with my co offender (the one that took drugs) and went to the visit.
  62. Tim Tom slid the hidden wooden door into the wall and set his jugs in with the rest of the stash.
  63. Save your money, and in ten years you’ll have a nice stash, and if you get tired, and want to.
  64. It was a four bedroom apartment where the Cotton family stash their money and actually resided it.
  65. Rattigan surveyed the defenses with a set of night vision binoculars he found in the weapons stash.
  66. We gotta get this shit to the stash house, Kernel said searching the area for any uninvited guests.
  67. They also found some stash of herione, neatly packed into these small plastic packaging, a gram a piece.
  68. If you boys want to stash your loot in the bush that's fine with me, but personally I'd keep it close by.
  69. When Caris had counted the money and given it to Joan to stash in the new treasury, she said to Andrew:.
  70. My stash of cash had grown to almost $450,000 so I decided that I was going to buy myself a new used car.
  71. Come on, he said, pulling her along the path towards a large, overgrown bush where he kept his stash.
  72. Yeah, I buried my stash in my dad’s yard before I got busted, and I was fortunate to only get probation.
  73. Archer went to set up with his team to do a drug raid on some predominantly drug stash apartments and houses.
  74. I do remember that, but after we found Virgil’s stash, we came upon the Mountain Man on the way back down.
  75. He was convinced there would be a little stash, maybe not much, but enough to get him through the will reading.
  76. And while mercados had less, this one had an impressive stash on the premises from its Western Union franchise.
  77. A simple room, mainly a stash of surveillance equipment, some canned food, first aid supplies, nothing illegal.
  78. The eight women and Beau finished the stash of twenty year old California before heading back to the mother ship.
  79. As in a dream, she watched herself tamp one, two, three grams into a test tube, cork it, stash it in her backpack.
  80. Look, I admit, when I was hooked I’d steal anything I could lay my hands on to buy a fix, even my suppliers’ stash.
  81. He was furious that somebody had worked out the whereabouts of his secret stash and managed to run off with the entire lot.
  82. She would find a place behind the falls to stash her food and store her rocks, which she started collecting in her arms now.
  83. Brady said, In the past year, a half dozen drug dealers have been shot in crack houses and stash pads all across the city.
  84. Stripehead refused to share the money with the rest of the band, though, which irritated Graham because it had been his stash.
  85. Tim was fretting but still smoking up the stash which I suggested he give back but he decided against that so we both got blazed.
  86. When I was in college, I used to measure those decisions by the number of quarters I’d have to trade away from my laundry stash.
  87. After some time rummaging about he eventually produced a red crystal from his stash, which he promptly cracked on the saddle pommel.
  88. He was about to leave, when he remembered a stash of money that he kept for emergencies in a secret drawer beside the cash register.
  89. Jenson hurried to a stash of his belongings hidden inside the remains of an old, broken robot in the corner and took out a few things.
  90. Basically, the mud formed her feet, socks, bandage, money stash and shoes into single units as heavy and clunky as the mare’s hooves.
  91. The bus swayed so wildly that I could barely stay on my feet by hanging on to the hand straps as I made my way up the aisle to the stash.
  92. Lately he’d started carrying works and a little auxiliary stash around with him in his great-grandfather’s shaving kit, just in case.
  93. A coincidence? Still, I thought it was pointless and I definitely didn’t want to tell her about the stash in case she told Crass or Vince.
  94. This was the secret stash of illegal blood diamonds which featured in no books of account – probably collected over a period of years.
  95. I stopped long enough to tell the men that their meal was coming and gave them some of my private stash of chili in case the meal was tasteless.
  96. An ETF investment offers direct exposure to a financial interest in stockpiles of physical gold at a fraction of the cost of holding your own stash.
  97. Gary and his co-conspirators had a surf board already hollowed out, ready to stash five hundred million dong in denominations of two hundred thousand.
  98. Bill: The Polunsky screws confiscated Michael‘s personal food stash and he got deathly ill eating the crap they try to pass off as food on death row.
  99. Then he hurried through the apartment, gathering packs of cigarettes, a secret stash of girlie magazines, everything that was part of his ruined years.
  100. Scratching his forehead the man stared angrily around the room, his eyes exploring and uncovering any possible hideout this Ben could stash himself in.
  1. Stashing it, like the old getaway cars on a.
  2. Where in the dead has he been stashing that?
  3. Instead of stashing food, Jovet had stashed a book.
  4. I mean, is there a reason you’re stashing us here?
  5. I found stashing stationery supplies in the closet provides a nice excuse.
  6. You want to hate me for taking that memory and stashing it away for a while, go ahead.
  7. After stashing the weapons back in the bag he then slung it over his shoulder and headed south down through the forest.
  8. Instead they were grabbing what looked like bundles of those wands and stashing them in various places in their uniforms.
  9. The girls were so busy stashing the stolen gear under the kitchen floorboards that they didn’t explain what had happened.
  10. Given the modest means of residents of this neighborhood, either Wayne Broward was stashing gold bullion at home, or he was an officer in a one-man war.
  11. I need you to pull off a stream of successful robberies, and then I need Cassandra to conveniently get a tip on where the new thief is stashing his loot.
  12. We married at the end of January, so the Christmas décor was freshly put away or still stowed in the garage waiting for permanent stashing until the next season.
  13. Multiply that small amount by the number of loans processed by a rate of interest that could be attained for stashing the cash temporarily, and a few dollars are involved.
  14. Five minutes later, after stashing our money and keys and passing through metal detectors and locked-off checkpoints, we are back in the tiny attorney’s room that has become our second office.
  15. In this manner, the learned classes, for example, are often dismissive of ‖pretenders who would breach their professional authority or the clergy, its moral authority, or, as such questions may relate to propertied interests, the upper classes who try to remain inconspicuous by drawing attention away from their wealth or by downplaying its significance or the working and middle classes, who, equally envious or threatened by other groups situated above or below them, are likely to spend nearly everything they earn as fast as they can earn it while stashing the remains or the lower classes who seek hollow ―comfort‖ in their anger and resentment of everyone else who may enjoy more of the ―finer things‖ which have been ―unfairly‖ denied them.
  1. He had gold stashed that would.
  2. A rifle was stashed under the bed.
  3. I’ve got tons of money stashed.
  4. She had it stashed inside a false-.
  5. Nancy had stashed it there in a hurry.
  6. Earn profits on money already stashed.
  7. Roman hoard, stashed under the altars.
  8. And why had she stashed it in the attic?
  9. They stashed the new maid in an attic trunk.
  10. He wondered if she had any smokes stashed.
  11. Instead of stashing food, Jovet had stashed a book.
  12. She gathered rocks and stashed them on the hillside.
  13. He stashed all of it under a floorboard in his cell.
  14. My horse-gear was stashed under the bed by the window.
  15. Don't worry I have copies stashed all over the world.
  16. Everyone knew she had a pile stashed away in the house.
  17. Eke reached down for an AK 47 that he had stashed in the.
  18. Donovan devoured two of the small loaves and stashed two.
  19. FFF, aka The Bin Where the Beard of Broog Has Been Stashed.
  20. We had an old Sikorsky helicopter stashed in a barn out in.
  21. And he obviously had a gun stashed somewhere along the way.
  22. My hands flew to my waistband and the daggers stashed there.
  23. Where did you have this baby stashed? The car, I mean?
  24. In training, he had stashed his hooch in a shaving cream bottle.
  25. If you're a bookworm, then you might have dozens of books, stashed.
  26. Pulling a stashed cigarette from his ear, he placed the tip in his.
  27. About three quarters of an hour later, Perez and Delgado, stashed the.
  28. I keep my dough stashed in the spot my nigga, I have a bad habit of.
  29. Bubba handed the money to Tui, who stashed it in the grip in the closet.
  30. We’ve already stashed extra provisions, and we won’t lack for water.
  31. Caramarin followed and stashed the rifles in a hidden alcove in the wall.
  32. He snapped shut the old mint-tin where the rest of his stash was stashed.
  33. You could have told me that you had a chopper stashed! I exclaimed.
  34. Jack then drove on the road and stashed the bike behind a nearby building.
  35. I’ll feel better with that thing off the boat and stashed away on shore.
  36. Jack and William then moved cautiously back to where Jack stashed his bike.
  37. Look, I know you've got the cash stashed here, in your silly-secrete-place.
  38. He stashed them out of sight, eased the case closed and heard the throaty.
  39. I stashed groceries in a bungalow south of here, and parked this Ford there.
  40. They have countless millions stashed away in accounts all round the world.
  41. At that, Tammas took out a tin of gum he had stashed in the command chair’s.
  42. He stashed his recycling bag between it and the wall of my apartment building.
  43. If you recall, that’s where we stashed Gibsonville’s Regional Football trophy.
  44. They don't have to, but typically have a trashy area with trash stashed all around.
  45. In their tenth floor apartment, he stashed the books behind one of the potted palms.
  46. He keeps them stashed in cellar vintages and knows their years but not their names.
  47. He was tried, convicted, and stashed in a small cell at Lompoc for a very long time.
  48. Would my mother have stashed a little stolen hardware on your ship? Saul asked.
  49. Maybe they’d find some more shotgun shells stashed behind a country store counter.
  50. Her chest hurt, which reminded her of what she had stashed there earlier in the day.
  51. I figured if there was anything here, that would most likely be where it was stashed.
  52. The old lady then searched quickly in her handbag, stashed in the pocket of the seat.
  53. He hadn’t stashed her in a dirty motel where he could beat the information out of her.
  54. I don’t know what I was thinking when I dashed and got the gun he stashed in his study.
  55. He put his hand into the hidey-hole where Philemon had stashed Lady Philippa’s bracelet.
  56. The letter opener stashed behind a collection of writing supplies had a more immediate use.
  57. Exhausted and empty, he crept quietly to a second vehicle he had stashed in a nearby garage.
  58. He then snatched his backpack, and dug inside for the two hypodermic needles he had stashed.
  59. When she was done with one act, one face, one mask, she hired a tomb and stashed herself away.
  60. He’d stashed the album at the back of the airing cupboard and wondered how Dawn had found it.
  61. There were at least forty cans of film stashed in five shelves, with titles painted on the rims.
  62. She counted it out for me, mostly fives and singles that she had probably stashed away over time.
  63. Do you think whoever stashed this treasure intended all this? I asked gesturing to the hole.
  64. As editor, he studied the scripts I’d stashed in the closet and carefully rearranged the pages.
  65. Alexis had some blankets stashed under a bush and threw us one each, 'You OK, boss? You look all in.
  66. He was also aware of the £10 million Max had stashed away, now split equally between him and Anna.
  67. Patricia had already left for her flight out, so he stashed his stuff in his room and walked to work.
  68. She may have left that pistol in here, but you can sure bet she’s got something stashed somewhere.
  69. In fact, all of Reuben’s plastic cards were sealed in a freezer bag that was stashed out of sight.
  70. He reached for the lower drawer of his desk and the alcohol it contained stashed under some folders.
  71. I started feeling around trying to remember where the chain-link cutters had been stashed on my pack.
  72. The many valuable works of art had been stashed away in vaults and secret locations around the globe.
  73. I realize she must have stashed of them, and she’s leading everyone into traps of her own devising.
  74. Must have been stashed in the settee by someone, Marcos said, uprighting the piece of furniture.
  75. However, he took it with his usual good grace and stashed as much of the profits as he decently could.
  76. Did you have any stashed at your old place ? he said loudly enough to the night for Mary to hear.
  77. Stunned by the concussion, Doug would take two days to reach the place where his supplies were stashed.
  78. We figure he stashed some dough there from that timeshare scam, so he's fixed himself up with a fake ID.
  79. If the place ever really got raided, they still had bail and lawyer money stashed throughout the projects.
  80. It was a fire charm I wrote a few days ago, and I'd stashed it there in case the fox monster broke through.
  81. Tucked behind a baseboard or stashed in a compartment beneath the floorboards or plastered up inside a wall.
  82. We had fourteen planes lined up under canvas and tenting; some under camouflage netting, stashed here and there.
  83. This is the finale of an Agatha Christie murder mystery, and Poirot's got all the usual suspects stashed poolside.
  84. Once collected, he had stashed them, hinged, to be seen from both sides, on the walls of his upper and lower chambers.
  85. It was apparent the Iraquis had some stashed away, as they’d just refused to submit to inspection of some key sites.
  86. In her office, she went to her closet and sighed with relief to see the gifts she had stashed there had not been moved.
  87. THE SEEKER STASHED HIS new knife under the front seat of his car, then got out and opened the door to the convenience store.
  88. Besides the hidden police officers who had already spotted Jack but waited till he stashed his loot, no one was at the docks.
  89. Maybe it was the confidence he had in his own abilities, or the gun stashed behind the wall, but I was envious of his attitude.
  90. He went through the other files, as I had done, to see the torn cards, the hammered and bludgeoned photos, stashed out of sight.
  91. You've stashed the babe somewhere, I thought, and put on a green instead of gray shawl and run the long way 'round to cut us off.
  92. Now son, would you please remove whatever it is you have stashed inside of your jeans and place it on top of the counter?
  93. He had a long workbench along one wall and odd bits of wood stashed all over the place, under the bench, in racks on the ceiling.
  94. I thought about the Cobra I’d stashed in my waistband, but I guess one of the Empty Ones took it as a trophy back in the hallway.
  95. However, before I could lash out at him, Ozzie scampered across the room to where my son’s toy box was stashed inside the closet.
  96. She had stashed the revolver in the driver’s-side door pocket because that was slightly less obvious than hiding it in the trunk.
  97. He popped the trunk, donned the black shirt and pants stashed within, slid a glove over his uninjured hand, and softly shut the lid.
  98. To help in this, I will ask the cooperation of the Swiss delegation, in which country’s banks much of that money has been stashed.
  99. Murdam parked the car at a meter downtown and walked two blocks to a private parking garage where he had a couple more cars stashed.
  100. One minute he was telling her that he had a fortune stashed away, the next he’s running off to London again on some fruitless search.
  1. All the stashes were gone.
  2. The state stashes runaways here, mostly.
  3. He had a few hidden stashes where he hid money and.
  4. Well, yes, but several of the ships you've blown up have had decent stashes of Luminesco Sativa, seems a waste.
  5. They went through house and found most of his stashes, most importantly evidence of spoiled, but partially consumed, food hidden under his clothes.
  6. Suddenly I was raided again and it was only the AFPs incompetence that saved my ass as there whole team searched my townhouse and missed all the big stashes.

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