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    1. They receive respect from others as a matter of routine, but slowly the distance increases and they acquire ceremonial importance

    2. While she was certain she would soon acquire imagery of Leonora's next movements, she called Mike Griggs into her office

    3. Back at Sagan, the exo-atmospheric infantry combat instructor had said (with a lunar drawl) ‘Successful infantry combat maneuvering does not allow the enemy to acquire your flank or the flank of adjoining units

    4. Beyond the confines of earth-time, way out beyond the fringes of the universe where dark matter falls forever, Smith thought about nothing, taking slow but gigantic steps towards origin, and in thinking, even on a universal scale, Smith began to acquire the very first trappings of personality

    5. It is not easy but the practice of it will help you to acquire balance and patience

    6. This, along with listening, might be one of the more valuable abilities to acquire

    7. acquire; but, satisfaction is very hard to attain and maintain

    8. Alistair had managed to acquire a whetstone to sharpen the tools

    9. “I was unable to acquire him

    10. Then acquire this Roman Swivel

    1. Since then, he has acquired a sort of cult following which surged in the 60’s with the peace and Earth-loving hippies and has continued on into the 80’s and 90’s with New Ager’s buying the bulk of the over million bottles hand packed annually

    2. ‘I feel it will use the skills and experience I have acquired over the years

    3. Your talents are innate, whereas knowledge and skills can be acquired

    4. ‘It is one of the skills I have acquired over the years

    5. Within a month, and with late spring in full bud, the couple took possession of their brand new home, invested some of their newly acquired cash in a sporty little hatchback car, and paid for a family membership at a local country club and gymnasium

    6. of their brand new home, invested some of their newly acquired

    7. Keep track of what you have acquired from the

    8. By the time she left with her baby, she had acquired not only a very solid qualification in secretarial work, but a whole new persona

    9. As you can imagine, as a brilliant singer, Jo has acquired a few jealous enemies

    10. acquired at the crossing and passing over some coins to the girl

    1. In the course of his travels, he generally acquires some knowledge of one or two foreign languages; a knowledge, however, which is seldom sufficient to enable him either to speak or write them with propriety

    2. He from that moment acquires a degree of consideration which he never had before

    3. Provided ample opportunities to self-destruct, that child soon acquires disagreeable habits that, reinforced by common attitudes, establishes the rocky foundations of a society populated by lingering, single-minded adolescents who, guided by their own (―exceptional‖) rules of conduct, acquire self-centered and perhaps anti-social points of view devolving into a collection of interchangeable parts reflecting the questionable character of that society‘s lowest forms that must negatively impact its social, cultural and political institutions including schools, churches, political organizations, judicial system, the news media, corporations, all! A free and open society should never impose arbitrary limits or draw uncertain conclusions as to how an individual should (otherwise) think or act however eccentric or unconventional such attitudes may appear; although that society, by example, should seek to broaden exemplary manners and customs essential to the maintenance of proper form if that society hopes to function effectively

    4. Multi-Culturalism should not be confused with Inter-Culturalism that otherwise suggests a mutual exchanging and/or assimilating of the higher (Arts & Sciences, Music, Literature and Architecture) and lower (Cuisine, Fashions and Sports) cultures whose synthesis finds its ultimate expression within an overlapping culture that oftentimes acquires its own unique standing over time

    5. The procedure begins in the exporter country when the agreed organization (Area of Activity TRADE) acquires the product or service in its domestic market through the intermediation of Bank3Sector (Area of Activity FINANCES) and this organization incorporates it as donation in its local Coordenational Structure

    6. The system deposits the value of the payment transaction in the supplier’s account and it debits equal value in the Current Account “Personal” of the agreed organization that acquires the product or service according to its Usuarist Project

    7. Bank3Sector of Japan acquires the foreign debt securities of Brazil with discount in yens, even if the securities have nominal value in dollar, euro or other coin with free world circulation

    8. Therefore, if one only acquires the expertise to retain the ejaculation

    9. If a learner acquires such education what will be its benefits apart from its inherent ethical and humanistic desirability? Firstly the

    10. (chidakash), the body acquires a new meaning and its trans-

    1. “After you two bungled acquiring the Super Chip, I put my superior intellect into action trying to pinpoint its new location

    2. Knowing that physical life is temporary, behaviours are more focused towards acquiring valid knowledge to move to spiritual maturity

    3. While the gentlemen were engaged in acquiring rail tickets, Harry and the Spelman ladies enjoyed a light brunch

    4. yet been compromised; we lost several good agents acquiring this information

    5. In this state of things, the whole produce of labour belongs to the labourer; and the quantity of labour commonly employed in acquiring or producing any commodity, is the only circumstance which can regulate the quantity of labour which it ought commonly to purchase, command, or exchange

    6. Neither is the quantity of labour commonly employed in acquiring or producing any commodity, the only circumstance which can regulate the quantity which it ought commonly to purchase, command or exchange for

    7. the time, labour, and expense of acquiring the talents, but for the discredit which attends the

    8. thousand occasions of acquiring honour and distinction which never occur

    9. If, notwithstanding a great rise in the price, it still continues to prevail through a considerable part of the country, it is owing in many places, no doubt, to ignorance and attachment to old customs, but, in most places, to the unavoidable obstructions which the natural course of things opposes to the immediate or speedy establishment of a better system : first, to the poverty of the tenants, to their not having yet had time to acquire a stock of cattle sufficient to cultivate their lands more completely, the same rise of price, which would render it advantageous for them to maintain a greater stock, rendering it more difficult for them to acquire it; and, secondly, to their not having yet had time to put their lands in condition to maintain this greater stock properly, supposing they were capable of acquiring it

    10. Mother’s older sister was a hetaera -- they’d decided that Geneia showed great promise of acquiring the sacred calling, too

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    Synonyms for "acquire"

    acquire develop get grow produce adopt assume take take on evolve larn learn gain win accomplish appropriate attain earn obtain procure secure

    "acquire" definitions

    come into the possession of something concrete or abstract

    take on a certain form, attribute, or aspect

    come to have or undergo a change of (physical features and attributes)

    locate (a moving entity) by means of a tracking system such as radar

    win something through one's efforts

    gain knowledge or skills

    gain through experience