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Stew in a sentence | stew example sentences

  1. Let him stew for a bit.
  2. A serving dish of stew.
  3. Human flesh in the stew.
  4. I cooked good Irish stew.
  5. The Patrón was in a stew.

  6. Ailia peered into the stew.
  7. Let him stew on it a while.
  8. The men refuse a bowl of stew.
  9. It wasn’t the stew I wanted.
  10. This note was on the stew dish.
  11. Stinger was stirring the stew.
  12. Stew for about four years in a.
  13. Mary would cook it up in a stew.
  14. Have you tried the stew?
  15. He chose a can of stew, enough.

  16. Sancho stayed behind with the stew.
  17. But I have decided to let him stew.
  18. The stew was the best I’d ever had.
  19. Let them stew over that for a while.
  20. Supper consisted of stew and potatoes.
  21. He stood up to reach for the stew pot.
  22. Come here and have some oyster stew.
  23. We should eat this stew before it.
  24. I’ll just stew if I eat by myself.
  25. We can eat cold stew once in awhile.

  26. Let's get ya some of that squirrel stew.
  27. Then I walked away and left Thinny to stew.
  28. See that some are put in the stew to-morrow.
  29. He went back to his tide charts and his stew.
  30. Albert had a Delta stew as his steady squeeze.
  31. To remove fat more thoroughly, chill stew and.
  32. The scent of cooking stew reached his nose as.
  33. It is loaded with beef stew and chocolate cake.
  34. The stew was every bit as good as the meal the.
  35. I dug up a stone, eying a cauldron full of stew.
  36. My little fella come back smellin’ of stew.
  37. The smell of the chicken stew was heartbreaking.
  38. The stew looked like a mix of horsemeat and bark.
  39. The dinner arrived, a stew of salt fish and beans.
  40. Al put out a nice stew, said one of the men.
  41. We warmed up some stew for him while he cleaned up.
  42. Cover with liquid and let the stew simmer in the.
  43. Skim the grease off the top and add the stew meat.
  44. There, in the stew, on top of one of the carrots.
  45. The first stew stepped out and looked at the crowd.
  46. Just let them stew, deprived of all sensory inputs.
  47. He laughed as he chewed a mouthful of stew and bread.
  48. Although I'm sure your stew had a lot to do with it.
  49. Cherish filled a bowl with stew and set it upon the.
  50. Jeff pulled off the lid, expecting burnt soup or stew.
  51. Dinner was a simple meal of rabbit stew and tortillas.
  52. The meal was again stew being the easiest to prepare.
  53. Is Stew still out here? I’ve got a bone to pick.
  54. Bessie served a tasty pork stew thickened with barley.
  55. Barely cover with water, and stew gently until tender.
  56. Carl placed a bowl of some kind of stew in front of me.
  57. Loken touched his spoon, but did not start on the stew.
  58. There, in the stew! Some sort of…Alice replied.
  59. Gomes ate some stew and said, This is good Marianne.
  60. He broke the bread and scooped the stew with a fragment.
  61. Thomas fixed a breakfast stew for his friends and soon.
  62. I've prepared some beef stew that's simmering on low.
  63. Tom dove into the beef stew and took a seat at the table.
  64. Besides, it shorted out when it took a dive in the stew.
  65. Leave him to stew for twenty minutes, then bring him up.
  66. Bree set the bowl of steaming chicken stew in front of me.
  67. Why stew in the idea that whatever god this is could have.
  68. Ma lifted the kettle lid and stirred the stew with a stick.
  69. A bit of duck, a bowl of stew? Whatever they have, ser.
  70. She stirred her brown stew and lifted her eyes to meet his.
  71. The stew had a distinct earthy taste to it, Ailia thought.
  72. Arthur then waited for Tegid to start spooning out his stew.
  73. Hannah scooped stew into the bowls and smelled each of them.
  74. The food was blessed and we dipped our bread into the stew.
  75. When she arrived home, Petranilla was serving a mutton stew.
  76. It had a bowl of stew, a hunk of bread, and a cup of water.
  77. She took another bite of her stew and chewed it thoroughly.
  78. Donovan and Brandela feasted on thick, hot, hearty stew and.
  79. How would you like a nice hot bowl of stew? No change.
  80. He said nothing, leaving her to stew upstairs, to Caris’s.
  81. A beef stew from East Java that goes heavy on the keluak nut.
  82. Connor was standing by the fire looking anxiously at the stew.
  83. They chanced a small fire, and she stirred a can of beef stew.
  84. A dinner roll and a bottle of Labatt Ale complemented the stew.
  85. Heracles returned her smiled and attacked his stew with gusto.
  86. Returning to the table, I noticed Mother fussing over the stew.
  87. You are dieing in a stew of your own coagulating juices, Tel.
  88. Wanting him to be silent so that I can think and stew in peace.
  89. Sachie and Seko sat eating hot stew and bread at a nursing home.
  90. Kena was gulping down his mug of water having finished the stew.
  91. Gumbo's аrе stew оr ѕоuр that оrіgіnаtеd in Louisiana.
  92. By evening, Atot’ain had a fragrant stew in a pot on the hearth.
  93. Brander coughed, the stew in his mouth splattering onto his beard.
  94. His mother handed him a bowl of stew, holding out a slab of bread.
  95. He allowed it to stew for a while before pouring it into two cups.
  96. Where's he going? Allen asked as Emily spooned him some stew.
  97. Joseph’s reflections were a stew of apprehension and excitement.
  98. They had left the stew simmering over the coals so it was still hot.
  99. I had a small salad and some leftover chicken stew, which I heated.
  100. I broke a piece of bread from the loaf, crumbling it into the stew.
  1. Stewing in his state-of-.
  2. Hadaen fought against stewing up his face.
  3. He was pouting and stewing about this boyfriend.
  4. But for a week, I've been stewing over this and.
  5. All was stewing away when I heard the dogs barking.
  6. While I was stewing about what to do, Gabriel did come to visit.
  7. He liked to remain stewing in the bath until he became unconscious.
  8. After their long time in the stewing depths of the dragon-haunted.
  9. Gordon though, was doing a little more than stewing about the incident.
  10. I glared at him out of the corner of my eye, stewing in my own silence.
  11. At the end of 1 hour the onions should be gently stewing in a sea of juice.
  12. Johnny's entire being had been stewing in his own filth for the duration of the journey.
  13. But until I figure out some direction, I’m kind of stuck in the stewing portion of the process.
  14. All of these factors were stewing together in a toxic brew that caused my ego to mutate into a large, bulbous mass.
  15. This bubbly lady laughed, chortled and smiled at the drop of a hat and made the stewing Luigi just a little happier.
  16. He had been stewing on this for a couple of hours now and was in no mood to be fobbed off with Roger’s budget flim-flam excuses.
  17. The populace does not care to wash with soap and water, it prefers stewing in a horrible manner, and then inundating itself with cold water.
  18. The gray house at Orchard Slope was in a turmoil of baking and brewing and boiling and stewing, for there was to be a big, old-timey wedding.
  19. Note that the onions and tomatoes must be actually stewing when the potatoes are put in, as the latter cook in the steam arising from the former.
  20. As Frank Mills went to sleep that night, it was in the midst of an army that had been in the same place way too long, and that was slowly stewing in its own juices.
  21. His eyes told him immediately that he should have paid more attention to the astronomical news Ennin warned him about and less to stewing in his own woman problems.
  22. She desperately needed a walk, after suffering a sleepless night tossing and turning while replaying her talk with Stefan and stewing over the deal he’d offered her.
  23. You see, the creature’s stomach holds a limited amount of water, and while that water is stewing in the creature’s belly for several hours, it develops its strange glue-like characteristic.
  24. The two men squatting in a ditch, the little fire, the sidemeat stewing in a single pot, the silent, stone-eyed women; behind, the children listening with their souls to words their minds do not understand.
  25. Yet, because I was only a CA, I had to prepare my recommendations for her, and then wait two to three weeks while our customers were stewing for her reply, which invariably adopted my position without any changes.
  26. So what would you do to strengthen yourself in the Lord? You need to just face and let the emotions come out that you've got going on there, because when you've got a lot of emotions stewing around inside you can't build in your spirit on top of that.
  27. So what would you do to strengthen yourself in the Lord? You need to just face, and let the emotions come out, that you've got going on there; because when you've got a lot of emotions stewing around inside, you can't build in your spirit on top of that.
  28. It doesn’t paint the greatest picture of our marriage or of Nick, but I have to admit: I never wrote in the diary unless I was super-happy, or I was really, really unhappy and wanted to vent and then … I can get a little dramatic when it’s just me stewing on things.
  1. Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbit.
  2. IV - Of Herbs & Stewed Rabbit.
  3. The old man's rebound stewed him up.
  4. Chapter 4 Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbit.
  6. Samantha stewed as Mattie shuffled papers.
  7. Philemon served them stewed eel and cider.
  8. Remove the stewed and mashed apples from.
  9. He handed his commander a serving of stewed rabbit.
  10. Gary stewed for a moment watching the country view turn.
  11. Tony stewed in his newfangled cell, waiting for the word.
  12. A priory employee brought them ham stewed with winter greens.
  13. Tom was not sure he had ever eaten rabbit before, stewed or.
  14. Supper slowly stewed above the low fire as the boys tried to relax.
  15. I believe the recipe was the one for stewed hamburgers in this chapter.
  16. Calvin stewed quietly, tapping his fingers against his desk over and over.
  17. Careful Reyna, she said two days later as I stewed laundry in a cauldron.
  18. The Kids love these potato pancakes with any kind of stewed fruit, but it is also.
  19. But flaked nuts are a welcome and pretty addition to fruit salads, stewed fruits, etc.
  20. I think they will be spit roasted or stewed! Bon appetit! said Max sarcastically.
  21. They were treated as part of the king’s entourage, and fed stewed mutton with onions.
  22. You too, Nash Penfield, I've got a pot of stewed chicken on the stove; you too, Cyndy.
  23. He stewed all night, scowled hatefully at the sharks all day, and eventually made a decision.
  24. But for a few restless boys who stewed with anger, the men slogged on, giving us a wide berth.
  25. She couldn’t pay attention to her fellow passengers, and gave short answers while she stewed.
  26. What had appeared to be an aged crack whore stewed to the gills on cheap wine, they explained, was.
  27. Proceed as for nut roast or rissoles, but use cold stewed lentils (see recipe) in the place of bread-crumbs.
  28. Up there I know you will eat carrots and stewed apples, and I shall never be able to make you see what I see.
  29. We traveled the rest of the way in silence as I stewed over what I should do with Lady Elinor’s intelligence.
  30. Steve expected to get beat for his comments, but Kent was more of a gentle giant who remained seated and stewed.
  31. For Tuesday and Thursday we have white bread, stewed fruit with honey, wild berries, or salt cabbage and wholemeal stirabout.
  32. It happened right at Christmas, right before the murders, I remember she stewed all through Christmas morning, scribbling in her new diary.
  33. Both Lisbeth and Nancy politely kept silent, nibbling at their own plates while letting him have the best parts from the roast beef and stewed vegetables.
  34. The troop had added their ration of parched corn and side meat to the supper of dried peas, stewed dried apples and peanuts which Mammy set before them and they.
  35. If fresh influences had not come in from abroad, American religion and especially the later forms of Puritanism would have stewed much longer in their own juices.
  36. Luigi’s was sold and now Robyn and Daniel fought daily with the Rand Lords while Luigi stewed in the renamed ‘Larry’s Linguini’ over copious amounts of Bicardi.
  37. Yet the questions remained: What was his best instinct? And what might be the best cover? So he stewed over his dilemma and did what a cautious person often does—nothing.
  38. Add the prepared col ard greens to the pot, stir, then add the stewed tomatoes with their juice and the seasoning; cook stirring to combine just until the collard greens wilt.
  39. The couple on the next table smiled and pointed to their nearly empty bowls and then pointed at the dogs, and stuck their thumbs up to denote they had enjoyed their stewed dog.
  40. She had made dinner for him: boiled ham with stewed apples and winter greens, and a small jug of wine that her mother had bought, or perhaps stolen, from the inn where she worked.
  41. He stewed about it all for a few minutes, then dialed the number again and this time got the answering machine, which still beeped at him many times before he could leave his message.
  42. And three desserts, so everyone might have snap beans in mountains on brightly flowered porcelain, fried squash, stewed okra, his choice, chocolate layer cake, vanilla blanc mange and pound cake topped with.
  43. To judge by the eagerness with which they longed for dinner-time, one might have thought they had some glorious banquet to look forward to instead of bread and cheese and onions, or bloaters - and stewed tea.
  44. It was, indeed, Peppino who was preparing to mount guard as comfortably as possible by seating himself opposite to the door, and placing between his legs an earthen pan, containing chick-pease stewed with bacon.
  45. Collar up, he picks up the pace and pushes past a small family group, muttering curses under his breath, and disappears into the hospital foyer, where the interminably waiting stewed tea and bun brigade stand and stare.
  46. The floor unswept and littered with dirt, scraps of paper, bits of plaster, pieces of lead pipe and dried mud; and in the midst, the steaming bucket of stewed tea and the collection of cracked cups, jam-jam and condensed milk tins.
  47. Harry Junior, the oldest, at thirteen, said his parents had packed a pressure cooker full of stewed beef, potatoes, and vegetables, taken a loaf of bread and some canned goods, and gone on a jaunt to Medical Lake, where they had first courted.
  48. Papa says, why do I look? I must look now that I have seen the things once; and so the end of the raspberries was that most of them went out into the kitchen, and Johanna, who has no prejudices, stewed them into compote and ate them, including the inhabitants, for her supper.
  49. For his nutriment he shewed how he would feed himself exclusively upon a diet of savoury tubercles and fish and coneys there, the flesh of these latter prolific rodents being highly recommended for his purpose, both broiled and stewed with a blade of mace and a pod or two of capsicum chillies.
  50. And somewhere beyond the borders of the model, beyond the borders of France, in a place her fingers cannot reach, her father sits in a cell, a dozen of his whittled models on a windowsill, a guard coming toward him with what she wants very badly to believe is a feast—quail and duck and stewed rabbit.
  51. I saved his e-mail, thinking that his threats might be grounds for a lawsuit, but even as I stewed and seethed and wrote furious replies in my mind, I knew that a sixteen-year-old girl taking legal action against an international mega-tycoon’s legion of high-powered lawyers and winning would be impossible.
  52. Poor father! With all his faults she loved him still when he sang Tell me, Mary, how to woo thee or My love and cottage near Rochelle and they had stewed cockles and lettuce with Lazenby's salad dressing for supper and when he sang The moon hath raised with Mr Dignam that died suddenly and was buried, God have mercy on him, from a stroke.
  53. Even those who would rather have had tea or coffee had beer, because if they went to a temperance restaurant or coffee tavern it generally happened that they were not treated very civilly unless they bought something to eat as well as to drink, and the tea at such places was really dearer than beer, and the latter was certainly quite as good to drink as the stewed tea or the liquid mud that was sold as coffee at cheap `Workmen's' Eating Houses.
  54. Do you remember when Insley and her dancing-monkey husband made us come over to admire their baby, and we did the obligatory visit to their strangely perfect, overflowered, overmuffined house for brunch and baby-meeting and they were so self-righteous and patronizing of our childless state, and meanwhile there was their hideous boy, covered in streaks of slobber and stewed carrots and maybe some feces—naked except for a frilly bib and a pair of knitted booties—and as I sipped my orange juice, you leaned over and whispered, That’s what I’ll be wearing later.
  55. If an officious friend had stood in that breathless couple's path and told them in glowing terms how much happier they would be if they lived their life a little more fully and from its other sides, how much more delightful to stride along gaily together in their walks, with wind enough for talk and laughter, how pleasant if the man were muscular and in good condition and the woman brisk and wiry, and that they only had to do as he did and live on cold meat and toast, and drink nothing, to be as blithe as birds, do you think they would have so much as understood him? Cold meat and toast? Instead of what they had just been enjoying so intensely? Miss that soup made of the inner mysteries of geese, those eels stewed in beer, the roast pig with red cabbage, the venison basted with sour cream and served with beans in vinegar and cranberry jam, the piled-up masses of vanilla ice, the pumpernickel and cheese, the apples and pears on the top of that, and the big cups of coffee and cakes on the top of the apples and pears? Really a quick walk over the heather with a wiry wife would hardly make up for the loss of such a dinner; and besides, might not a wiry wife turn out to be a questionable blessing? And so they would pity the nimble friend who wasted his life in taking exercise and missed all its pleasures, and the man of toast and early rising would regard them with profound disgust if simple enough to think himself better than they, and, if he possessed an open mind, would merely return their pity with more of his own; so that, I suppose, everybody would be pleased, for the charm of pitying one's neighbour, though subtle, is undeniable.
  56. The Kids love these yeast dumplings sweet, with stewed fruit or vanilla sauce,.
  57. Broiled beef patty small (3 oz) String beat is Stewed tomatoes Celery hearts Watermelon balls,.
  1. Meat stews in the pot.
  2. Use it to enrich soups and stews.
  3. In the morning Archie stews something.
  4. Mabila's stews boiling in the big cast iron pot.
  5. They are used to make baked beans, soups, and stews.
  6. Ray leaves – what Rachael uses to spice up soups and stews.
  7. What delicate stews I should feast upon! And, as I am persuaded that the.
  8. Kidneys are a valuable source of nourishment and ideal flavouring for stews.
  9. Add to stews or place a handful in a mug of hot water—tasty and nutritious.
  10. I think he just sits by the Yarra River (his favourite fishing spot) and stews.
  11. It is all that Galluk can do to make weapons and cook the meat and stews and soups.
  12. Besides freezing stews and sauces, you can freeze vegetables right out of the garden.
  13. More acceptable dried on hot rocks and then ground into a powder with which to enrich soups and stews.
  14. Cooks were assigned, washtubs filled with water, the cow cut up and potatoes and onions set to cooking in tremendous stews.
  15. Most of the meals Thula managed to put before her children consisted of thin stews made from parsnips, rutabagas, potatoes, and chipped beef.
  16. She would produce stews with meat that melted in the mouth, succulent roasts and sweet hams basted in cider and honey and slow-boiled to perfection.
  17. Torches and lanterns were lit in the fading light, as well as large campfires, where cooks began to boil stews and prepare spits for roast deer and lamb.
  18. Each nose, tongue, ear, and eye tastes the bountiful bouquet of steamy stews, savory searing meats, fresh baked breads, and fragrant flowers floating across the harbor.
  19. All were in use, some where women chopped onions and herbs for the stews in the pots, and others where there were women who slid loaves of fresh, dark rye bread off baking planks.
  20. Sometimes even, half-rising, he delicately pointed out to madame the tenderest morsel, or turning to the servant, gave her some advice on the manipulation of stews and the hygiene of seasoning.
  21. This time, Colling was in no hurry to come back to the hotel, and it was well after 12:00 when they trooped into the dining room for a lunch consisting of another of Frau Vollmer’s fish stews.
  22. And it is splendid to recall the bend, that did lead to all the times we did spend in the derelict mews, heady with stews and brews, merry amid the sparrows and wheelbarrows, the stirrups and hips, the bible.
  23. And it is splendid to recall the bend, that did lead to all the times we did spend in the derelict mews, heady with stews and brews, merry amid the sparrows and wheelbarrows, the stirrups and hips, the Bible.
  24. I know it sounds revolting but, added to soups, stews, salads or vegetables just before serving you would hardly know it was there! However, your system will know it is there and react n a very favourable way.
  25. In March, Etienne turns sixty and Madame Manec stews little clams—palourdes—with shallots and serves them alongside mushrooms and quarters of two hard-boiled eggs: the only two eggs, she reports, she could find in the city.
  26. Young Stephen said indeed to his best remembrance they had but the one doxy between them and she of the stews to make shift with in delights amorous for life ran very high in those days and the custom of the country approved with it.

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