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    1. He follows me through and, while I fuss around putting food on a plate for him, he sits at the table, resting his chin on his hands

    2. He’s not himself this morning … I try not to fuss over him, but I’d hazard a guess that he didn’t get much sleep last night

    3. ‘Does he always fuss as much as this?’

    4. Stephen makes a fuss about the fact that she hasn’t eaten anything, but I step hard on him, what this girl needs is sleep – food can wait until tomorrow

    5. I could leave without a fuss and he wouldn't press charges

    6. It seems silly to fuss so I leave him in peace and wander into the kitchen

    7. The same doctor that had attended me previously took new observations, making a general but non-specific fuss of his bewildered patient

    8. Dorin and her husband, Ayle, make a great fuss of Gilla, exclaiming with joy when they hear she is engaged to Caderl

    9. Beamers tut and fuss behind lines of over-coated

    10. and now the milk, which caused the fuss over your proffered loot,

    11. What was it Auntie Agnes had said? Every now and then get up out of your seat and have a good stretch? Trouble was I'd only just sat down and now I was far too embarrassed to make a fuss

    12. No stress, no fuss, no pollution

    13. Their mother, who hadn’t yet hit the cans, made a real fuss of them and told the assembled figures of authority that they were always running away and she was so relieved they had been found

    14. I looked at my father lying in the sunlight, holding a coin for the ferry-man and wondered if he was watching all this fuss

    15. They made a great fuss and gave him lots of attention whenever he played the slightest riff

    16. Sam’s pleased to see me, so I get down on the floor and make a fuss of her, telling her all about the flowers and Simon’s call

    17. Most of the staff quite enjoy the thrill of being fingerprinted but a couple of the older women are antagonistic, making a fuss about what people would think of them having their fingerprints taken but, in the end, because everyone is doing it, they deign to have it done

    18. ‘I’m too ancient to make a fuss about these things, Anna!’ Alastair protested, putting his ring back on

    19. hadn’t yet hit the cans, made a real fuss of them and told the

    20. She died much as she had lived, Sarah, tying everything up neatly and with a minimum of fuss

    21. was the son of a cop, they didn’t throw up any fuss

    22. It was logical that the highest sorcerers in all the lands would be even more interested in electric ghosts didn’t it? He tried not to let that throw him, “What fuss is she making?”

    23. Predictably, he’s not overjoyed at the prospect but goes off to do it without too much fuss

    24. Ben fusses around her, desperately trying not to fuss which is very touching

    25. “I didn't say over-gruntled,” he replied, “I said you can't be making such a fuss over the word, gruntled

    26. She didn't fuss

    27. If they hadn't made such a fuss about it, Mike may have not lost his cool

    28. all the fuss is about

    29. I can’t see why you’re making such a fuss about it

    30. If anyone makes a fuss, chuck them in the brig to cool down

    31. Clearly they just wanted her out without fuss, without any complications

    32. “I don’t know why there was such a fuss about such a small thing”, and she pushed her trolley with the dirty dressings on it and waltzed away down the ward

    33. Shelagh was thinking, all the fuss for nothing

    34. Abbott and the other officials had wanted to burn his body in the prison crematorium, as they did with actual prisoners, saying they had to keep up the façade, but Millicent had caused such a big fuss that they had to acquiesce to her demands and bury him properly

    35. really great part of the story is that we sold all our memberships, with some Russians coming in at the end to see what this American fuss was all about

    36. "What’s all this fuss about?" He called from the cabin doorway

    37. Ajax kept making a fuss

    38. Then turning the handle fully open, he pushed with his shoulder and the door came free, silently, without fuss

    39. This program will be contracted by public and private interests who will assume joint ownership rights in this collaborative effort designed to (efficiently) usher commuters, travelers and shoppers alike to their appointed destinations without (much) fuss or bother

    40. "Don't know what all the bleedin' fuss is about

    41. "What're yer making so much fuss about?" he asked

    42. it happen? We fuss about the mess it made

    43. can fuss about the spilt milk, OR, you can move to find the solution

    44. “I did,” I insisted, unaware of what all the fuss was about

    45. When Elizabeth made a fuss over the baby, Natalia immediately invited her to the house, and the women went off together

    46. “He got hot for the Amazon and kicked up a fuss when they wanted the balance…but

    47. She seemed quite happy with that so I made my exit without too much fuss

    48. He kicked up such a fuss with Social Services that we gave up on bringing Keith out to our home that year

    49. Lucas actually adored Keith, loved playing with him and usually put up with a lot of the rough handling without making a fuss

    50. What was the point of creating a fuss when these people were so desperate to take everything? Anyway, I was thrilled that my children and I had at least a dozen Afghans, blankets and dolls at home in California, which Ma made especially for us

    1. ‘But I can’t stand being hemmed in and fussed over like this

    2. He watched as they fussed for a moment when I seemed to be ill

    3. he fussed and apologized impatiently, desperate for pot holes,

    4. Other girls did her fingernails and toenails while two fussed with her hair

    5. It is rather nice being fussed over so I let him get on with it

    6. Chrissie fussed around, dispensing plates and food to the men

    7. He had fussed about laying them out properly, much to her irritation – and now he was raising even more delays

    8. ‘What do you expect to find?’ Andy asked boldly, climbing out of the car and stood waiting as Mrs Brown extricated herself and then fussed around looking for her handbag, twittering at the constable driver who went to her aid

    9. Afterwards the two had fussed so much that they

    10. We both laughed, as he flew to a limb and fussed at me

    11. As I walked home, birds in the trees fussed at me

    12. “It’s Alex, isn’t it? The way he fussed over you at the restaurant and you two frolicking in the snow this morning like two lovers

    13. Gina fussed over the children but they seemed strangely quiet, except Rachel said, ‘We don't have long now

    14. Then the loser in the presidential race fussed and fumed and ranted about it, while his supporters took over the main square in Mexico City

    15. I blushed and fussed over my teddy bear rather than look him in the eye

    16. While I fussed about with the flowers I was sure I heard music

    17. The wind howled that day and her Mother fussed over the arrangements for her birthday celebrations

    18. i fussed and fumed within myself for a while before

    19. The children gathered around Lucas and immediately began to smile and giggle as they fussed over him and then talked with Abbey who was having a great time being with her cousins

    20. “I’m not fussed about tea, thanks

    21. I guess I fussed over it too much – showed too much concern because he said tersely, “I don’t know what's the matter with you, Taylor

    22. fussed about the beach either

    23. Their plated breakfasts arrived, and there was a short break in the conversation while the young waitress fussed about serving the meals

    24. She fussed around with the tea paraphernalia, picking out the best cups for their visitors

    25. and the Secretary of the United Nations went home…after enjoying a relaxing break being entertained and fussed over by various dignitaries in Cape Town

    26. They both took him to the airport, and Em fussed over his

    27. Margaret fussed over what she should wear, finally she selected a deep purple dress, which fitted closely to her curved body

    28. The boys fussed over Rani after seeing her hand; they certainly would make caring househusbands

    29. Anyway, all through negotiations I managed to psych myself that I really wasn't fussed about

    30. At home mother fluttered around Coatl, nothing was too good for him, in fact she fussed around him so much that in the end he had to stop her

    31. It was late afternoon when a messenger from Gled told me to hurry home, Jodas accompanied me and we soon arrived at mothers bed, she looked both weak and frail, but sensibly she was being treated by a medical man, quite different from the medicine men, whom mother said were all charlatans with their rattles and mumbo jumbo, she was having some difficulty with headaches, a constant cough, and bouts of dizziness, Mocal said it came on quite sudden and when the cough started she’d insisted on mother being confined to bed, it was a fright seeing mother so helpless, I didn’t say anything I just sat and held her hand as she lay exhausted, she slept fitfully on and off throughout the night, Gled and Jodas also sat at the bedside with me, Gled fussed constantly with the bed clothes until Jodas stopped her, so she went to the kitchen and organized regular refreshments throughout the night, Coatl seemed quite preoccupied, he came and went at least ten times during the night each time he came to mothers room he seemed more agitated, not being able to stand by and see him in such turmoil I followed him out and asked what the trouble was, he said that he had been trying to contact Red Fawn to let her know why they couldn’t be together for a while but she hadn’t answered any of his messages, with all the drama and tension of mother’s illness I’m afraid I ran out of patience with his illegal love affair

    32. The harvest came and went and the most important day of my life arrived, this was the day I had dreamed of since I was a little child, the day when I had to present myself at the temple for the coming of age rite of passage ceremony, mother fussed around giving last minute instructions on how I must conduct myself in front of the high priest Yaotl and the gathered villagers

    33. Kate sat in the passenger seat and fussed with the tea

    34. Max regained consciousness on the cot in sickbay, as Carla fussed around him

    35. It was good he rang, for I was fussed about their rent

    36. He fussed with the knot a little to straighten it

    37. She fussed me into a chair, and then consulted her file

    38. “We’re not too fussed about that, to be honest

    39. chops and a contented Coxswain who fussed about unpacking and storing the

    40. She fussed around Mr

    41. I fussed over the two as the

    42. own pocket if you’re that fussed about it

    43. ‘I’m not "fussed" about anything

    44. uinely fussed over him

    45. fussed with things being left open or being placed in a different spot to

    46. Tim could never resist a feed of crayfish and wasn’t fussed by the laws forbidding him to take the crustacean on scuba gear

    47. His mother had fussed over him with a bonnet

    48. He wasn’t fussed

    49. The gatekeepers knew him so they weren't greatly fussed

    50. Was he looking for something or examining something? Camilla felt sure he wouldn’t find a single fault; she knew that Ryan fussed over what he drove and the image it projected

    1. The stream fusses on through twisted roots

    2. A woman stands in the doorway of the wayhouse, she fusses over me as I am carried unceremoniously into the house by one of the men

    3. Simon and I stand together by the choir stalls while Peter fusses around collecting the books he is going to use

    4. Dave fusses before we go, insisting that I wrap up warmly, despite the fact the sun is shining outside

    5. Refusing all offers of help from her, he fusses around the kitchen, getting out plates, pouring red wine … ordinary activities which restore her balance, wiping away the memory of Chas reaching out for her, his hands clawlike in their eagerness to grasp her flesh

    6. Ben fusses around her, desperately trying not to fuss which is very touching

    7. He looks awkwardly around while she fusses with her purse

    8. Simon goes back up the stairs and looks out of the bedroom window, the lady opposite fusses over her dogs outside her gate and Simon looks towards the gangs flat

    9. My baby fusses all the time when exiting the bath

    10. “Even though she fusses with them at times, they still missed her?”

    11. He even fusses about how visible the knot at the back of Teef ’s headscarf is, and how close the

    12. “Well, he fusses with his boots for a

    13. rope on her without any fusses

    14. “Faith…” he whispers and I notice Rain staring daggers at him, while Stace fusses

    15. Her father fusses with his rucksack, with the door latch, with his matches

    16. And he fusses because she’s always tiring herself out nursing people

    1. Emma witters on, fussing about coming to see me later in the week while I half listen, my thoughts on the letter lying just out of reach

    2. Oh stop fussing, Liz, bite the bullet … as she said, it will pass

    3. Kara closed her eyes … she’d been in London … Doris fussing about taxis … then she’d got on the train at Paddington and arrived some hours later exhilarated by her journey, head stuffed with images of this England so different from her own … Taunton, she’d gone to Taunton

    4. Between the two of them, they manoeuvred her between the covers, Angie fussing over straightening the sheet and patting the pillows

    5. Oh well, who needs peace and quiet anyway - just hope it’s not that annoying man in personnel again fussing about one of the part time contracts

    6. Instead of fussing with her skin, most of the time Ava sat there was taken on the elaborate hairdo and jeweled headdress that was worn during the ceremony

    7. She fidgets, fussing with the shoulder straps of her top

    8. ‘This is the kitchen, you say?’ Williams said, guiding Andy through into the room where Mrs Brown was fussing about

    9. Harry had followed the whole while, grinning in amusement at the quiet fussing he overheard

    10. Jim was fussing with the fire again

    11. Patrice sits on the back steps fussing with a tissue

    12. Returning to the table, I noticed Mother fussing over the stew

    13. Instead of fussing over a bun and keeping every hair in place, let loose by twisting your hair into a low chignon and securing it with whatever’s around you, whether it’s a pencil, your eye liner, or a chopstick

    14. Rufus himself was fussing about in the back of the shop, his nose still swollen to the size of a large pickle, courtesy of Mrs

    15. Matter of fact, I grinned at the familiar fussing of feathered dancers prancing their yard with curious head tilts and random cock-a-doodle-doos

    16. ” Dorro was planning to spend the day fussing around his garden and orchard, and was hoping for some help from his ward

    17. Evelyn was fussing about her dress, picking up the flowers and instructing Sian to take the bags we each had with our change of clothes in, to the car

    18. He hesitated, and Melissa was busy not looking at me; but fussing and bothering around with my dressings, which were quite fine

    19. A funny thing happens while we are doing all that fussing though

    20. The technician fussing about Mason’s head, strapped the bundle of fine wires together and stood back, checking a screen on which hundreds of green lines traced their way back and forth

    21. I was eating a piece of birthday cake, enjoying the cousins fussing over Lucas, but deep down I worried

    22. Alone in the foyer, I surveyed the scores of young women competing for the prize in the soprano section, accompanied by their mothers fussing over them

    23. Although, upon fussing with it he discovered that that first shock from

    24. I explained what my orders were while fussing over Cuauhtzin

    25. way and they are not fussing with the flaws we see

    26. Instead of arguing and fussing over who does what—whether it’s the

    27. Sometimes I will call one of my children to do something and they will start fussing and complaining before they even know what I wanted

    28. He’d gained greater comfort from Becky fussing around him than a week of her efforts

    29. Akua grabbed my hand, immediately ceasing my fussing as my bloodshot eyes shot to his

    30. Danny unbuckled the belts he’d been fussing with, pulled the saddle

    31. The spirited man Jesse remembered fussing about a broken window lay pale and unmoving under the white hospital blanket

    32. Had the presentation been too much for some and they’d left at intermission? There seemed to be some activity to his right where men in white uniforms were fussing over one of the guests

    33. Fussing over the party that was going to be held in her house that

    34. still huffing and puffing and the staff was fussing around my expensive private room while

    35. They'd all seated themselves, his mother fussing over him

    36. She is laid across a tan leather love seat, cell phone glued to her ear, an oversized grey hooded sweat shirt covers her upper half, black bald head slick like a magic eight ball, intensity creases her forehead, fussing loud over the earpiece

    37. „It"ll be easier without you fussing around

    38. There were a few strands of hair on its head, but when the heads got to fussing with each other, they pulled on the little strands of hair until there was no more

    39. He had already snapped at Monique for fussing - apologising immediately

    40. Barbara’s fussing now after reading this over my shoulder as I typed

    41. Andrew glanced across the table to David who was fussing with a brand new mobile phone that

    42. Steve finished fussing with the coffee pot and sat back down while he waited for

    43. “Stop fussing Mum” he said to her, “I’m not a kid any more”

    44. The waiter arrived with their starters and started fussing about serving the food

    45. "What about the media? Are they still fussing over this Adler thing?"

    46. watched him fussing over the thing at how responsible he had

    47. When they start fussing around me (more than usual) I think that they are sometimes trying to tell me “Look out; Winston’s Big Black Dog is coming for you

    48. The maintenance chief quit fussing over the way they treated the ship

    49. Pierre Koffel was fussing with the large floral arrangement with stood in the center of the large buffet table

    50. During the crushing insomnia brought on by his asthma he would measure and remea-sure the depth of his misfortune as he went through the shadowy house where the senile fussing of Úrsula had instilled a fear of the world in him

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    Synonyms for "fuss"

    ado bustle flurry fuss hustle stir bicker bickering pettifoggery spat squabble tiff bother hassle trouble dither flap pother tizzy fret niggle mother overprotect worry annoy whine stew whimper fidget pester activity complaint solicitude

    "fuss" definitions

    an excited state of agitation

    an angry disturbance

    a quarrel about petty points

    a rapid active commotion

    worry unnecessarily or excessively

    care for like a mother