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Strained in a sentence

She strained to.
She strained the.
His voice strained.
Her voice was strained.
She strained her ears.
He strained to listen.
Sara said strained.

parody of the strained.
Doug strained to listen.
He strained to hear it.
Doc strained to say.
strained, and vice versa.
Her neck muscles strained.
almost never get strained.
Zoe's voice was strained.
Phone calls grew strained.
Pale faces, strained eyes.
Tui strained against him.
strained to hear his words.
He strained his eyes, but.
Bugs? He strained his eyes.
Halon strained his ears.
the channel on the strained.
She strained to see its face.
He strained to open his eyes.
He said in strained voice.
It had been a strained visit.
My throat is raw and strained.
Rose strained to see the wagon.
straining to see.
Straining to keep.
ing to his straining ears.
straining under the covers.
By straining to satisfy St.
Tony was straining to breathe.
straining against the squall.
Rubbing a straining brow, he.
Now he was straining her again.
As they stood straining their.
Straining, and finally it moved.
Maybe I should be straining my.
I stopped straining and lay back.
At last, straining, I could hear.
his ears straining at every noise.
He kept coughing, straining to breathe.
Straining, but then recognition flashed.
grunted Kate, straining on the rope.
A yellow sun was straining through the.
Jason continued to look away, straining.
Nothing but straining and burning and a.
He was straining to keep his voice quiet.
She massaged her brow, straining to recall.
We can tell its straining because the max.
She pulled again, straining with care, and.
The sun was straining to break through the.
original premises were straining at the seams.
upwards to a point where that straining passes.
She could feel his erection already straining.
straining as he suspended her above the ground.
There the strains of the.
Faint strains of music….
strains or shattering worries.
strains against the coral-like.
The group strains to see who it is.
Or of strains that pleased thee so,.
Dashwood's strains were more solemn.
These strains commenced to undulate.
and you hear faint strains of music,.
The strains went through Raoul's heart.
(Ba'athists) and tolerant strains of Islam.
What are the symptoms of sprains and strains?.
in mournful strains, again to help them speedily.
Natasha had been listening to those strains for.
to have sacred roots of certain strains of flowers.
These strains are the demonstration of pathogenic.
sulphate for healing sprains and strains are lacking.
I peered at my pursuers through the strains of grass.
He became a storm of twists, head flops, and strains.
strains of guitar music caught his attention, pulling.
He brushes wrinkles from his shirt, strains for dignity.
the time the opening orchestra strains were heard, she.
softer as the melodious strains spoke the hearts of the.
strains that proceed from the seven choirs of paradise?.
Collectively, they developed five separate strains of an.
The familiar strains of Yesterday floated across the camp.
Strains musical flowing through ages, now reaching hither,.
The strain of.
If you strain.
strain to hear him.
strain in the neck.
Don't strain the.
Strain before use.
Strain out herbals.
Strain of as much.
2000; Strain et al.
I’ve got eye strain.
because of the strain.
the strain of neglect.
Thomas had to strain.
Strain if you need to.
and strain the oil out.
Strain into container.
Do not strain the brain.
Further strain on them.
And all the mental strain.
Strain the water from the.
He was feeling the strain.
I'll ever stand the strain.
His face ached with strain.
(turn and face the strain).
Strain this before storing.
Strain through nut milk bag.
Strain into a cocktail glass.

Synonyms for strained

agonistic strained constrained forced labored laboured