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  1. That, also, is still obscure.
  2. They never obscure (cross over or.
  3. It was an obscure night of early May.
  4. It is obscure because it is underhand.
  5. The world seemed so obscure and distant.

  6. That affair had remained rather obscure.
  7. Thus in a style obscure and stale,(64).
  8. The lamb is slightly more obscure though.
  9. It's dark and obscure, but intellectual.
  10. An obscure street, peaceable inhabitants.
  12. His means of death, his obscure funeral--.
  14. Never once greater, than she's now obscure.
  15. At the bottom of her heart was some obscure.

  16. But for the most part, our planet is obscure.
  17. Everything seemed dark, obscure, and terrible.
  18. Hideous and obscure as it all was, it held Mrs.
  20. A period of Erik's life remained quite obscure.
  22. Thoughts obscure the luminosity of consciousness.
  23. Some rules are obvious and some are more obscure.
  24. The nature of the bond is frequently quite obscure.
  25. I said the origin of his fortune remained obscure.

  26. That was not an obscure or fanciful location to me.
  27. Jesus, when he condescends to refer to this obscure.
  28. That was the two Degas and that obscure Monet?
  29. If the purposes of designing remains obscure then the.
  30. It was so obscure and subtle that I almost completely.
  31. To them, fresh from obscure beginnings, she WAS society.
  32. The obscure windows, of course, leave the interior dark.
  33. If you are successful then you won't win by being obscure.
  34. Second, more obscure schools could look up to role models.
  35. Ogg could see that even in an obscure and otherwise over-.
  36. His predictions were given in obscure and enigmatical forms.
  37. I am too poor and obscure a writer to need or heed a critic.
  39. It is as obscure to those who won it as to those who lost it.
  40. As if that would be important, however obscure it now seemed.
  41. Hundreds of obscure figures stand on the upper rim of the pit.
  42. The obscure figures move about with a great deal of noise and.
  43. Psychoanalysis has penetrated into the obscure universe without.
  44. Fields and her cookies, The Goal was too tasty to remain obscure.
  45. I recommended him, indeed, because he was so obscure and unknown.
  46. An obscure but historically rich family of age old standing first.
  47. Your discoveries seem to have left the business more obscure that.
  48. As he held out the sheets of paper, obscure references and details.
  49. That is all clear enough, but there was much that was still obscure.
  50. That too attributed to the obscure origins of just a score of rishis.
  51. Angle steps are a little more obscure, but they are related to short.
  52. He browsed through websites full of obscure legends and found nothing.
  53. For years, the Democratic socialists have tried to obscure the damage.
  54. Krishn has said that his manifestation is internal, obscure, and lumin-.
  55. The divine in you, or soul, may seem obscured; there is nothing obscure.
  56. We could put some obscure language on them, maybe Moldovan, for instance.
  57. Clouds may obscure it to an extent to which they cannot obscure daylight.
  58. With nothing to obscure the body’s contours I looked as sleek as an eel.
  59. His gaze was returned from a face in obscure profile, ringed with a moist.
  60. In discussing a subject so complex and so obscure as this with a knowledge.
  61. I learned that this obscure shoreline was once the segregated black beach.
  62. This insert is too literal and uses die to obscure the meaning of death.
  63. As the result, the puffiness which had begun to obscure the hard lines of his.
  64. If it's an obscure one and your library is large, you wouldn't have noticed it.
  65. The first, though the connection remained obscure, was still Billy Three-Sticks.
  66. Ironically, this can actual y obscure your metabolism-boosting efforts, because.
  67. Periods of times that had a beginning but the end is obscure or had not yet came.
  68. Even though his past was obscure, now he was away from Yarmoria, Hanor felt more.
  69. My apologies gentlemen, perhaps I have been obscure in relating my share of the.
  70. Luck is not a factor, Tammas told him, quoting another obscure movie that no.
  71. Though these reasons were very insufficient and obscure, no one made any rejoinder.
  72. In the somewhat obscure territory occupied by financial indicators, the CCD stakes.
  73. Her grave is an obscure place in this world, but in me, a famous and immortal place.
  74. Granted, it was obscure, but I wasn’t the only one who could be curious about him.
  75. Joseph and Mary was reading and cursing at the same time, cursing in obscure Spanish.
  76. But general propositions as to feeding on meal and on grass were doubtful and obscure.
  77. They heard him with emotion, though many wondered at his words and found them obscure.
  78. Father and teacher, he began with extreme emotion, your words are too obscure.
  79. If this obscure tale becomes famous they will probably call it a book for young people.
  80. Watanabe donned glasses to obscure his features and headed off, filled with trepidation.
  81. He also was trembling, like Paris, on the brink of an obscure and formidable revolution.
  82. Ironically, this can actually obscure your metabolism-boosting efforts; because, as you.
  83. It had a pinkish blue halo around it and was bright enough to obscure the object itself.
  84. She was melancholy with an obscure sadness of which she did not herself know the secret.
  85. The forest was obscure around them, and creaked with a blast that was passing through it.
  86. Here’s Inuit lore on Qalupaliks and obscure southern legends about Aycayia and Sumpall.
  87. The stars kept him focused for a time, but the stars were becoming more and more obscure.
  88. The pianist, for some obscure reason, hating to go home was probably it, was still there.
  89. The dust raised from these monsters was enough to obscure any chance of anyone seeing her.
  90. He no longer knew what he was doing; the farther he went, the more obscure became his ideas.
  91. He could make out the obscure lines that intersected in rectangles to make a concrete wall.
  92. He was a priest now, pagan, half-naked in the night, performing obscure rites of interment.
  93. There are few places on the earth obscure enough where the names of the famous are unknown.
  94. Tarazi found a century-old reference, again only in Spanish, which quoted yet other obscure.
  95. Another more obscure reference encoded within this cover design is the direct allusion to the.
  96. The hair which had been perfectly pinned back, slid out of place and fell to obscure her face.
  97. And even though criticism comes from the most obscure walks of life, it must nevertheless come.
  98. His gaze was returned from a face in obscure profile, ringed with a moist halo of condensation.
  99. Come in then, she said, closing the window behind her and leaning back to obscure the view.
  100. Mutter: Murmur; obscure utterance; a voice used by the necromancers in uttering their falsehoods.
  1. It was also obscuring our view of the hill.
  2. He stepped out, losing his foot to the obscuring grey.
  3. She felt as though a misty veil was obscuring her vision.
  4. The sky continued to stoop ever lower, obscuring hints of.
  5. It is a cloud that is obscuring the light of spiritual Sun.
  6. His hand rested lightly on her cheek obscuring her from view.
  7. Louie used his hands for code, obscuring them from the guards.
  8. The snow fell in large flakes, obscuring his vision as he ran.
  9. After a time, the stormy winds and obscuring clouds dissipated.
  10. Stacy’s hair was short and brown, partially obscuring her eyes.
  11. I turned back to the window and the clouds came back, obscuring the sun.
  12. Their fire brands revealed a large woven matt obscuring the cave opening.
  13. Your vanity is obscuring your head! Replied Labarique in a firm tone.
  14. The road bent to the left, obscuring the city wall behind the thick forest.
  15. Imperfections-the obscuring pall of nature-are there until there is steady.
  16. A fog came up from the river, filling the valley and obscuring the distant flares.
  17. He spun his bike, stirring up a cloud of dirt, obscuring him from the laser fire.
  18. The warden was fat with a buzz cut and rolls of flesh almost obscuring his collar.
  19. It loomed over them, with a heavy mist obscuring tongues of glacier on its heights.
  20. Thoughts forever crowd together in your head, obscuring any clear view of the world.
  21. The darkness had closed in, cloud obscuring the stars and no sign of the sun as yet.
  22. The SHADOW obscuring the real MOTIVATIONS and INTENTIONS of those who feed us His Story.
  23. Tom began to rub his temples, trying to clear his head of the pounding that was obscuring.
  24. Tears rolled in her eyes obscuring her vision as she felt the emotions rushing through her.
  25. I turned around the tree as the pair came closer, obscuring myself from view with each turn.
  26. Light feathery clouds skittered across the sky obscuring the sun, then uncovering it rapidly.
  27. Pulling the throw from the bedside chair, he tossed it over Adorno, obscuring the awful face.
  28. They drifted on the breeze and swarmed around her, completely obscuring the world from sight.
  29. I was watching the heavy cloud cover, which was obscuring most of the mountain vista ahead of us.
  30. Hidden/Hide–To be outside of the knowledge of; to prevent discovery by obscuring the truth about.
  31. Then I felt a rush of wind against my face, my hair thrust in front of my eyes, obscuring my vision.
  32. Flecks of rubber deposits were plastered across the well that held the site glass obscuring the view.
  33. As I reached the intersection, a hedge sprang up obscuring my vision and I did not see the other car.
  34. She stood over him, the shadow of her hair, her breasts, and long thin legs obscuring him in darkness.
  35. The rain and oncoming night challenged Drau’d’s limited cave-vision, obscuring his father’s image.
  36. The road was slick with large wet flakes obscuring the windscreen as fast as the wipers could clear them.
  37. Smoke gathered in the rafters, obscuring Sicarius, who crouched on the beam closest to the door, ten feet away.
  38. The young woman had a thick long scarf obscuring her hair and face, but as she turned, her profile came into view.
  39. It was in the upper corner, partially obscuring a postcard that displayed the Metropolitan Cathedral in Mexico City.
  40. We went in to see him together shortly after midnight, but he was asleep, still ashen, a mask obscuring most of his face.
  41. It is dishonest, hypocritical, ultimately useless and obscuring of any attempt at honest judgment of the good or evil of presidents.
  42. The heat of the flames as they approach Dippa makes him scream in frustration and tears flood into his eyes obscuring his vision totally.
  43. It was dark outside, and the fog had grown thick, obscuring everything beyond the car’s headlights as we sped through the French countryside.
  44. Jehan suddenly froze and looked up at the night sky, where a huge black mass floated silently above, obscuring the stars over a wide part of the sky.
  45. The small yard was overgrown, liberally strewn with rusting debris, stacks of tires, and a fishing boat on a bent-up trailer nearly obscuring the bungalow.
  46. THE THREE OF THEM gathered at the Coffee Bean early that morning, settling into deck chairs on the stone terrace, a wall of fog obscuring their view of the bay.
  47. Fact that one's non-virtuous karmic imprints are temporary pollutions obscuring the mind, and that they do not exist innately in the nature of the mind itself.
  48. There had been a fine grey mist in that direction, obscuring the landscape and sending a cold, harrowing feeling through her body and culminating in her active mind.
  49. He discovered the pair sleeping naked beneath the priest’s robes, a dark stain of blood on the lovely wool tapestry, obscuring the now truly bleeding heart of Christ.
  50. We are warned by the apostles and prophets of Christ to expect a series of pretended revelations adapted to successive ages, with a view of obscuring the revelation of God.
  51. As Tim stood up quickly, ears ringing, the strobe painted a picture of Carl, his gun pointed at the floor, the smoke surrounding his feet almost obscuring the blood splatter.
  52. Simon leans forward and tries to peer under the tent; his hair falls across his face obscuring his vision and all he can make out is a pale face with a huge nose and wide eyes.
  53. Working as teams, Barker and Stacey had gotten the best of Deek and his brother-in-law, partly because Deek had taken an early paint ball squarely in the mask, obscuring his vision for much of the time.
  54. When I tired, I would turn her over on her belly and work myself between the back of her soft young legs, covering her head with my arms, obscuring the corte brunette, as I pressed her face into the pillow.
  55. He dogpaddled across the short stretch, then stood up and sauntered casually to the path that led from the cave to the food area, and stopped between two trees up against the rock face, partly obscuring him.
  56. We show examples where these views play a central role in obscuring the understanding of important issues including the accounting for stock options and the lack of progress in the Eurozone crisis resolution.
  57. Heavy mist swirled around us, obscuring the buildings; even the gas-lit lamplights added little in the way of illumination as Marcus, Reven, Annelle, and I entered the playhouse and were shown to a private balcony box.
  58. But this latter argument, obscuring the majesty of the former, was one too many, for Ben answered contemptuously, "The more spooneys they!" and immediately appealed to his mother whether boys were not better than girls.
  59. We were on the sea wall looking out to the Azov Sea, a thin haze obscuring the descent of the sun which disappeared without a significant farewell, the colour of the water turning purple and green with furls of silver and white as it rolled.
  60. A heavy fog could be seen obscuring the sky just about a mile offshore and threatened to envelop the area, preventing the search party from having a fruitful investigation, unless the sun could break through the blanket of clouds and burn it away before it reached shore.
  61. He was enchanted with the fine weather; the darkening clouds, sometimes obscuring the sun; the fields over which the larks soared; the woods, just covering up the top and bottom with green; the meadows on which the flocks and horses browsed, and the fields on which plowmen were already seen—but a feeling of dissatisfaction crept over him.
  62. By those best acquainted with his habits, the paleness of the young minister's cheek was accounted for by his too earnest devotion to study, his scrupulous fulfilment of parochial duty, and, more than all, by the fasts and vigils of which he made a frequent practice, in order to keep the grossness of this earthly state from clogging and obscuring his spiritual lamp.
  63. Espied by some timid man-of-war or blundering discovery-vessel from afar, when the distance obscuring the swarming fowls, nevertheless still shows the white mass floating in the sun, and the white spray heaving high against it; straightway the whale's unharming corpse, with trembling fingers is set down in the log—SHOALS, ROCKS, AND BREAKERS HEREABOUTS: BEWARE! And for years afterwards, perhaps, ships shun the place; leaping over it as silly sheep leap over a vacuum, because their leader originally leaped there when a stick was held.
  64. Don Quixote and Sancho were overwhelmed with amazement, and the bystanders lost in astonishment, while the Trifaldi went on to say: "Thus did that malevolent villain Malambruno punish us, covering the tenderness and softness of our faces with these rough bristles! Would to heaven that he had swept off our heads with his enormous scimitar instead of obscuring the light of our countenances with these wool-combings that cover us! For if we look into the matter, sirs (and what I am now going to say I would say with eyes flowing like fountains, only that the thought of our misfortune and the oceans they have already wept, keep them as dry as barley spears, and so I say it without tears), where, I ask, can a duenna with a beard to to? What father or mother will feel pity for her? Who will help her? For, if even when she has a smooth skin, and a face tortured by a thousand kinds of washes and cosmetics, she can hardly get anybody to love her, what will she do when she shows a countenace turned into a thicket? Oh duennas, companions mine! it was an unlucky moment when we were born and an ill-starred hour when our fathers begot us!" And as she said this she showed signs of being about to faint.
  1. A fog obscured his vision.
  2. Dark clouds obscured the Moon.
  3. Nothing interrupted or obscured its coming.
  4. Heavy gray clouds obscured the sun and even.
  5. Thick smoke obscured his vision; the roar of.
  6. Dawn the following morning was obscured by the.
  7. The way her hair fell obscured part of her face.
  8. Murdam’s mask was obscured by the tinted glass.
  9. It was partly obscured by a small stand of trees.
  10. But soon obscured by distance, blinded with sand.
  11. The rain poured down, and obscured the receding punt.
  12. Her presence somehow obscured from the wolf’s nose.
  13. Or it would be if it wasn't obscured by his mustache.
  14. They obscured the summit temporarily, then cleared to.
  15. His view was partially obscured by several cars between.
  16. Thick clouds, rolling up from the sea, obscured the stars.
  17. His house is obscured by trees until I reach his driveway.
  18. Even then, this can still be obscured by shadows and lies.
  19. She was too obscured in the haze, and she was falling fast.
  20. The activities of obscured cults, and alien entities, left.
  21. His face was obscured and he wanted to use the name Max.
  22. Thick clouds obscured the sun, casting the afternoon into dusk.
  23. Of the unknown figure that became totally obscured by swirling.
  24. It was deep in the forest and partially obscured by thick vines.
  25. Pine stepped out from behind the tree that obscured his presence.
  26. The airship ascended until the canopy obscured it from his view.
  27. By the time we reached the cabin, snow almost obscured our sight.
  28. He tried to read her expression but her face was mostly obscured.
  29. His flight helmet showed him spotty imagery obscured by the debris.
  30. I was staring at a partially obscured shot of the killer’s face.
  31. Shadows obscured the other men sitting along the sides of the room.
  32. Behind the horse, obscured by brush and trees, a tall wagon rested.
  33. It was fortunate that the moon was not obscured that night, for the.
  34. With the sense ‘I am’ emerging, ‘That’ is obscured, as with.
  35. Thick clouds, unseen during his afternoon’s work obscured his vision.
  36. Ceri felt an instant of fear and then the dazzling nimbus obscured her.
  37. His eyes were obscured from view by a pair of dark aviator sunglasses.
  38. Her facial features are obscured beneath dark goggles and a black hood.
  39. The sinking moon was obscured by a great sailing cloud, but suddenly it.
  40. Jaron and Indio followed her gaze towards a figure obscured in the crowd.
  41. The divine in you, or soul, may seem obscured; there is nothing obscure.
  42. The same reporter, her credentials obscured from his sight asks about DNA.
  43. The room contained other rooms within, more privately obscured from view.
  44. The structure had also become partially obscured by the spreading flowers.
  45. The upper ledge was obscured by the dust cloud their avalanche had caused.
  46. Though it was lit by the same eerie light as before, Rod was obscured from.
  47. It was obscured by the thick trees and perfect for Zoe's makeshift lavatory.
  48. The two escort vessels have passed the station and are now obscured behind it.
  49. For a moment or two I could see nothing, as the shadow of a cloud obscured St.
  50. Two huge oaks dominated that yard, mostly obscured in the shadow of the house.
  51. Faint noises issued from its mouth, obscured by an overgrown mustache and beard.
  52. All sounds, all sights obscured by the pure joy of simply being together again.
  53. They will be obscured by Illusions, or disguised as something else in that way.
  54. This fact has been mostly obscured and confused with time and considerable effort.
  55. Humane treatment may raise up one in whom the divine image has long been obscured.
  56. Obscured by the trees and the shadows, Christine could see something moving about.
  57. Speaking of which … I looked more closely, but the guy’s leg obscured his groin.
  58. A moth-eaten tartan blanket obscured their presence, but they weren’t well hidden.
  59. The bag completely obscured her vision, so she was working on memory and touch alone.
  60. The eyes were mostly obscured by a floppy knitted hat and fairly long and dirty hair.
  61. In actual practice, these patterns are often much more complex and obscured by noise.
  62. The temple would never “filled” with “smoke,” though it has been obscured by.
  63. He wore a sand coloured robe, with a hood that covered his head and obscured his face.
  64. Trees there obscured the view and would provide cover for her to run down to the lake.
  65. But a treacherous stone, one obscured by the gleaming white dust and DRAFTChapter 8 147.
  66. He clamped it to the bevor, bolted to his armor that obscured the lower half of his face.
  67. Face and shoulders still obscured in shadow, a figure appeared from behind the water tower.
  68. Her immediate past crept in and like a foul thick mist it obscured the rays of brightness.
  69. It had a few glowing spots and bands in its atmosphere, often obscured by bands of clouds.
  70. Leona has an innate ability to find the brightness even when the sun is obscured by clouds.
  71. A man in a long black coat, face also obscured by a gas mask, stepped around the first truck.
  72. Several millennia ago, it was foreseen that wisdom and knowledge would be lost and obscured.
  73. A mystery can be understood as truth that has been obscured by one or more alternate answers.
  74. This obscured sight of the tail lights, so all you saw was a dust cloud against dark landscape.
  75. The uniform came out of the crowd, the face obscured behind sunglasses and the visor of his hat.
  76. Her eyes were cloudy as if a permanent veil had only just materialized and obscured her vision.
  77. Now and again the dune line would be obscured by a hillock that arose directly out of the flood.
  78. The sun behind her head turned her red hair into a blazing halo and obscured her face completely.
  79. He had not known either the one or the other, and a sort of voluntary night had obscured his eyes.
  80. He wondered when the leaden clouds that obscured his happiness had arrived and if it was his fault.
  81. The figure beyond Vantor and Malum was deeper in the shadow of the inner wall, their face obscured.
  82. The girl had her face slightly turned away from him, and it obscured his ability to see who she was.
  83. He looks around and he finds the bottle, half-filled with some brown liquid, obscured by the leaves.
  84. The veil and hat obscured her features, so ‘face to face’ didn’t really apply to the situation.
  85. We can sign as many documents as we want, and the private key will continue to remain fully obscured.
  86. The thudding water obscured his vision as he pulled, all the while wishing life into the stilled form.
  87. The Vogon raised a surprised eyebrow that effectively obscured his nose and was therefore no bad thing.
  88. The shimmering heat that poured down upon them completely obscured the multitude somewhere ahead of them.
  89. In the morning, Ethan could see they were carefully obscured behind brushes of reeds and thick mangroves.
  90. His ambitions were now held captive to the inner darkness that cankered his soul and obscured his vision.
  91. I did not go to Europe; her treasures were safe, too safe, swaddled in expert care, obscured by reverence.
  92. I saw the Alps from my window seat, but clouds obscured Europe after we left the Mediterranean Sea behind.
  93. Daniel looked across the paddock; the two men were still standing, partly obscured, where they were before.
  94. Already I had had a transient impression of these, and the first nausea no longer obscured my observation.
  95. For a long while I lay close to the peephole, but not daring to move aside the red plants that obscured it.
  96. I called out but heard nothing; crisscrossing wavelengths obscured any hope of feeling out its whereabouts.
  97. The windows were still black except for the burning yellow sun in the distance which obscured all the stars.
  98. Now, whenever he thought of Katiousha, her appearance at that moment obscured every other recollection of her.
  99. Over the years, my parents found that they could speak freely about this previously obscured time of my life.
  100. We proceeded to the east, and after ten minutes or so the Western Front lay below, obscured by the fog of war.
  1. Illusion obscures truth and keeps one lost.
  3. A dogged belief in consistency obscures one's vísion.
  4. Loki obscures most of the view, but Amy can see the thing is still there.
  5. In fact, it only obscures my view for a few seconds before evaporating completely.
  6. Smoke is an ideal indicator, but do not place it so that it obscures the touchdown area.
  7. Anxiety about the technique and the beauty of the picture for the most part obscures the feeling.
  8. There is an undefined phenomenon in the cosmos, never mentioned (in public) because it obscures the.
  9. One key situation we find of interest is when we believe unrepresentative accounting obscures the true value of the business.
  10. To judge yourself and to judge others is a preoccupation of the mind that dirties the heart and subsequently obscures the soul.
  11. High-Q filters have high selectivity in the frequency domain, but their ringing obscures the cyclic information in the data input.
  12. Nevertheless, for those who seek the Truth, the shadow story seems shrouded in the mystery that obscures the truth from our conscious understanding.
  13. In actual practice, the presence of additional noise and fluctuation obscures these simple tendencies, but this is the underlying truth of momentum divergence.
  14. It is the convulsive manifestation of his personality, an instinctive melancholia, an uncontrollable desire for self-assertion, all of which obscures his reason.
  15. In my opinion, this precision property of indicators gives traders a false sense of security and obscures the fact that indicators are basically displays of a statistical process.
  16. It arises out of the observation of the imperfections which appear in the shadow cast by a finite universe of things and beings as such a cosmos obscures the living light of the universal expression of the eternal realities of the Infinite One.
  17. The harmless theory, as some people call it, of a real corporal presence of Christ's natural body and blood in the bread and wine, if pursued to its legitimate consequences, obscures every leading doctrine of the gospel, and damages and interferes with the whole system of Christ's truth.
  18. And, in these cases, somewhat as a pilot, when about losing sight of a coast, whose general trending he well knows, and which he desires shortly to return to again, but at some further point; like as this pilot stands by his compass, and takes the precise bearing of the cape at present visible, in order the more certainly to hit aright the remote, unseen headland, eventually to be visited: so does the fisherman, at his compass, with the whale; for after being chased, and diligently marked, through several hours of daylight, then, when night obscures the fish, the creature's future wake through the darkness is almost as established to the sagacious mind of the hunter, as the pilot's coast is to him.

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