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Strife in a sentence | strife example sentences

  1. In a world without strife.
  2. To a life of pain and strife.
  3. Of error and the passions' strife.
  4. There is always strife and trouble.
  5. For himself in spite of his strife.

  6. And, indeed, the strife that went.
  7. That he continually creates strife?
  8. And it almost did cause that strife.
  9. Will it all be over, with our strife?
  10. And rose victorious in the strife.
  11. Filled with emotion; Filled with strife.
  12. We are living lives filled with strife.
  13. For, if I should as lion come in strife.
  14. There was strife between the herdsmen of.
  15. She was my peace in the midst of all strife.

  16. To escape from restriction, sorrow, and strife.
  17. My heart has been filled with pain and strife.
  18. But I lost it forever when I faced that strife.
  19. Multiplicity and variety without strife is joy.
  20. Now, ere the unthinking silence on that strife.
  21. She moved to weave a story of awe without strife.
  22. Yet with her husband Elkanah there was no strife.
  23. Nowhere in them were any appearances of strife or.
  24. There was joy all over our world without any strife.
  25. His peace around you, which will end any strife in.

  26. This is the water of Meribah (preaching of strife or.
  27. And time does dimmer the memories of sorrow and strife.
  28. There was between them now always a ground for strife.
  29. What is it, that brings you so much sorrow and strife?
  30. Because the strife was unequal—a hundred against one.
  31. You could not live the past, and remember all the strife.
  32. Responding to his woes, the Fife tried easing the strife.
  33. He who is of the proud heart stirs up strife, but he who.
  34. Questions like: Who is this man, who causes so much strife?
  35. If I could just find that special being only once in my strife.
  36. We see our world still beset by religious strife and political.
  37. To be continually in a state of fear and strife was very trying.
  38. Her mind was reeling over the past and the strife of the present.
  39. In the midst of my strife and hardships she was my peaceful field.
  40. Can there be no existence without strife? I need not fight others.
  41. Where there are no cries of sadness, of poverty, war or strife!.
  42. It was as if the people were releasing their strife and worry with.
  43. Oh, when the angry strife of the day has pa-ised, and the future has.
  44. Even though they will endure suffering and strife together, the com-.
  45. It is an honour for a man to cease from strife, but every fool will be.
  46. Over the dancing there was a great strife between the mother and the son.
  47. Under the boughs of Mirkwood there was deadly strife of Elves and Men and.
  48. I say this not to cause strife, but as a factor both of you should consider.
  49. A perverse man sows strife, and a whisperer separates the best of friends.
  50. What he played was the music of strife, violence, struggle and consternation.
  51. The journey of the family became fruitful with only a few strife in their life.
  52. Sometimes bitterness, anger and strife are the ways people prefer to interact.
  53. Most strife in the world has been promoted by the Illuminati under various names.
  54. Hence, I inferred, this bitter internecine strife within the organization itself.
  55. Portraying his life’s struggles and strife They show his compassion to succeed.
  56. War, strife, conflict, were the very air he breathed and put him in a good humor.
  57. He who passes by, and then meddles with strife not his responsibility, is like one.
  58. I have already mentioned some of the causes of strife, such as Hollywood and the media.
  59. It was a time of great expansion in South Africa, but it was also a time of great strife.
  60. I would hate for Alpheus’ teacher to witness any marital strife in my clone’s parents.
  61. It was a constant source of strife between them because they traveled so much for business.
  62. My mother, alone with three small children, knew times of strife and hunger, but we survived.
  63. Better is a dry morsel, and quietness therewith, than an house full of sacrifices with strife.
  64. Say it, my father, say the word that will hasten my happiness, and end this unpopular strife.
  65. That nation will be a blessing – even though they are currently bringing strife and chafing.
  66. I believe God is still holding back the full effect of the winds of chaos and strife that will.
  67. I pray for you to have a wonderful life With lots of love, happiness, fun, and little strife 47.
  68. Luk 22:24 And there was also a strife among them, which of them should be accounted the greatest.
  69. But they didn’t believe in the Goddess, they needed a stern male God and therefore strife and war.
  70. Maybe it is for the maulvis to consider whether Allah willed for His faithful strife without respite.
  71. We wish to accomplish this without strife, and in such a way that no suspicion will rest on Tarascus.
  72. Africa’s largest country became independent in 1956, but has seen years of internal strife since then.
  73. A student walked into the GED classroom With her eyes down and being consumed Of uncertainty and strife.
  74. But the old adversary of empire, internal strife, reared its head and again altered the course of history.
  75. It was social elements entering into strife, while awaiting the day when they should enter into equilibrium.
  76. His other children gave him nothing but strife, but Leigh, she was a true warrior, one he could be proud of.
  77. At the end of the Ottoman Rule over the Arab countries, this Great Empire was affected by weakness and strife.
  78. The strife, war, unending greediness, selfishness, and irresponsibleness of mankind lingered in his thoughts.
  79. In the NHL, a lockout caused by labour strife resulted in a shortened 2012–13 season, from 82 to 48 games.
  80. He stood in the porch and watched the laggard hurry towards the scrappy field where sharp voices were in strife.
  81. A positive outlet may take India to new heights; in the wrong hands, it could plunge the country in civil strife.
  82. This yearning gives the good deeds proportional values according to the spirit’s sacrifice, patience and strife.
  83. Isn’t it a wonder that in times of grave national strife, our soil produces just the right man? How is that?
  84. As well, she lived in an age of strife and turmoil, and had spent every day of her life at war since she was sixteen.
  85. Pro 28:25 He that is of a proud heart stirreth up strife: but he that putteth his trust in the LORD shall be made fat.
  86. Not content with vexing and harassing you whenever you went from home, they came here to put strife into your family.
  87. After years of strife, upper middle-class American living had at last deigned to grace them with its holistic presence.
  88. The Special Branch also caused much internal strife within the terrorist's ranks with their own black propaganda efforts.
  89. Caesar's mind spun back to the time of The Bush Inn when they'd left that wretched barn in a cloud of bulldust and strife.
  90. The tranquillity of that girlish figure exasperated the feeling of perpetual struggle and strife he carried in his breast.
  91. In this furious flood of metallic uproar there was a power of suggesting images of strife and violence which blanched Mrs.
  92. But by creating break-ups, divorces, feuds, divisions, strife, conflict: humans merely create the need to heal these wounds.
  93. Most of the last 10,000 years of human history has to do with the constant strife between settled and nomadic civilizations.
  94. Sadly this loss of parental stewardship is very common throughout society and leads to so much anguish and strife in the home.
  95. Foreign news teams that rushed in picked up on the parallel story of the previously ignored political strife gripping the nation.
  96. It is a life journey but not like any other journey, it is a life which is full of strife, sacrifice, help, support and selflessness.
  97. And remember, moreover, that it is often he who comes off victorious from the strife, absolved of all crime in the eyes of the world.
  98. When conquest was achieved, the authority of the conqueror put an end to internal strife, and the social life-conception was justified.
  99. For whatever that might suggest to the Musalmans, the skeptics would feel that given the strife in his life the practice could be apt.
  100. Which he had, he was lurching pretty badly here with the movements of the boat and all the strife and indecision erupting in his head.

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