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Clash in a sentence

1. Great was the clash of.
2. During the clash in the.
3. There was a clash of metal.
4. The green and purple clash.
5. The dust hung in the clash.
6. Clash of cultures, all that.
7. It was her first clash with him.

8. There will come many brains to clash.
9. There was a ring and clash of steel.
10. Our confidences in you need not clash.
11. Clash of the Handhelds: NDS vs the PSP.
12. Facts never clash, while your life and.
13. It was Stokes’s first clash with the.
14. Patrol boats clash off the Daioyu Islands.
15. To clash in might with the devils of lure.
16. Should I stay or should I go – The Clash.
17. The Clash – London Calling (1979).
18. They clash with everything else around them.
19. With a clash, a lightning struck, and water.
20. Clash of civilizations and global fraternity.
21. The clash between the two would have been ugly.
22. The clash would take place on this side of it.
23. There was a short scuffle, a sharp clash of arms.
24. There was a ringing clash and a stab of white fire.
25. I heard the wail of trumpets and the clash of arms.
26. A clash of principles resembles a clash of elements.
27. It is this clash between desire and fear that causes.
28. There was a clash of golden service thrown on the pile.
29. Then I lay back on my bed to plan and shape the clash.
30. Robert was calling their battle the clash of the titans.
31. The wound is inevitable, as is the clash between the two.
32. Jonathan Cook – Israel and the Clash of Civilisations:.
33. Swords began to clash in the courtyard, and women screamed.
34. We could hear the slight clash of the weapons and little.
35. His words are all a clash of screeching harpies in my head.
36. They came together in a thunderous clash of metal on metal.
37. They may possibly clash with more imperative considerations.
38. At the end of the street there was a significant clash of arms.
39. A tangled mob of protesters, and a clash with armed militiamen.
40. Nicolas tore up the stairs, the clash of steel meeting his ears.
41. There will be a clash of ideas, but these will not be permanent.
42. This is indeed, in Huntingtons words, a clash of civilizations.
43. No one touches her except in the clash of a battle she has chosen.
44. But then there fell upon their ears a clash of swords in the court.
45. When their swords reached the top, they collided with a soft clash.
46. A moment later, there was a loud clash of metal hitting metal inside.
47. But, the clash between reformists and conservatives pulled at the 117.
48. Choose one that you like and one that won't clash with what's going to.
49. Within minutes it had become a clash between the twelve Lewis thugs and.
50. The clash they had heard had been the casting down of the captured weapons.
51. The war of personalities between Modi and Nitish was not just an ego clash.
52. Amy heard the clash of skates, and looked out with an impatient exclamation.
53. They collided together in a clash, releasing the voices of others with them.
54. From the house came the clash of a lid on the stove and the wail of a child.
55. At the same time, the clash and din of battle rose to an even greater height.
57. Colours that irritate clash in vibrations with those of the receptive subject.
58. Screams were also heard in the distance, along with the clash of steel on steel.
59. But my views are rejected because my views clash with the wisdom of the Masters.
60. This is where the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean meet and their currents clash.
61. The clash and clangor of steel was as that of a million sledges on as many anvils.
62. Players ending up in fallen piles: just like the piles of dead after a clash in war.
63. A common clash of will he later told the regular bartender keeping tabs on escapism.
64. And as such a pretension it quickly precipitated the social-moral clash of the ages.
65. Touch breaks a fae’s illusion, so as soon as their weapons clash, Kyol can see him.
66. Clash touched so many people throughout the world and continues in that effort today.
67. There was a sudden rush and a scuffle, followed by the clash of iron and a cry of pain.
68. It was the label of Cash, Miles, Bob Dylan, Billie Holiday, Bruce Springsteen, and The Clash.
69. Fractions inside a Musical note that are odd: 5ths, 7ths, 9ths, 11ths… clash with each other.
70. Have you given anybody a copy of Clash of the BattleStars, the game Tim and I created?
71. A mighty clash of chariots and horses; swords waved in the air and returned covered with blood.
72. Newton said this must come because of mass pulling mass to clash with each other and therefore.
73. His first sword-swipe was blocked by the guard's shield-edge, with a clash of iron hitting iron.
74. There was a resounding clash at the foot of the stairs, and Conan stiffened, grasping his sword.
75. You may not have heard of Kevin Clash, but you may have heard of his friend, Elmo of the Muppets.
76. In financial terms, it was pretty starkly going to be a clash of old money versus no money at all.
77. He heard faint hoofbeats too, and once in a great while the clash of swords or the snap of a lance.
78. Doc worked carefully washing the glasses so that they would not clash together and spoil the music.
79. They have to be shown in Context to the Scene, the Problem, Argument, Clash, whatever is Happening.
80. Jung says there isn’t a better record of the clash between that uncontrollable unconscious and our.
81. The clash of blades was heard in the hallway outside the open doors followed by the cries of dying men.
82. Phil Graham and Katherine were both left of center, so there was no clash of opinion within the family.
83. If you don"t think coherently, I guarantee that you won"t write coherently A Clash of Civilizations, n.
84. Dizzie says they’re also going for the stage presence of The Clash and the sexiness of The Ramones.
85. Nicole’s face flashed red with slow-boiled anger and her piercing eyes met Ethan’s with a decisive clash.
86. Above it, someone’s spraypainted on the wall Two Sevens Clash! attended by winged iterations of the PHP logo.
87. Refraining from the embrace, Sage gasped for air, as he possessed her lips again in a clash of teeth and tongues.
88. If you would seek God earnestly then God will protect your in a mysterious way from the egos that invite a clash.
89. Never put these in the southwest corner of the room as this will clash with the element of romance, namely earth.
90. The only sounds were the quick scuff of feet on the sward, the panting of the pirate, the ring and clash of steel.
91. Caesar is great, Tacitus is great; God spares these two greatnesses by not allowing them to clash with one another.
92. Barnstaple Town are playing at home against Frome, a top of the table clash in the Western League Premier Division.
93. Shouts of soldiers were heard in the distance, the clash of steel, and the occasional flare of lightning in the sky.
94. He didn’t need to draw her a picture, but none the less she was human and her moods were known to clash with his.
95. I could smell blood, magic blasts and heard the clash of steel as the entire group massed around the one carrying me.
96. We need to take care that we do not put an interpretation on any passage that will make it clash with other passages.
97. Shouts echoed from above, the sharp clash of swords rang out, and the floor shook with another heavy, resounding thud.
98. I felt this clash of mores cease as quickly as I understood the construct being exercised: to be aware, means be awake.
99. Drama - emotions resulting from being in the mind and subject to situations that clash with the beliefs one has adopted.
100. Obviously the Liberation Movements wanted to support their cause and people and hence a clash would be almost inevitable.
1. The clashing is so loud.
2. He faded and ended with three clashing notes.
3. A small clashing noise brought him up from sleep.
4. The sound of two massive bodies clashing thundered.
5. It was swirling patterns of clashing oranges and yellows.
6. She fell to the floor, her blood clashing with the white.
7. It was pure rage, and the clashing of swords drove him on.
8. Clashing with us meant almost certain death for the other side.
9. Two masses armies clashing against each other: the biggest mass wins.
10. The sounds it made were like something from clashing analog circuits.
11. He looked at his hand and saw his claws clashing with Tylin’s swords.
12. Every step sent her collarbone clashing against the base of her throat.
13. Miriam, I have been clashing with men over that subject all of my life.
14. After that, there were sounds of weapons clashing all over and the dying.
15. The goblins fought with aggression and sparks flew from the clashing steel.
16. Nearby trees swayed as mother nature reacted to two primal forces clashing.
17. There was a green light, then a silver light and a couple of clashing sounds.
18. It wavered, and then a brief snippet of clashing guitars faded in from nowhere.
19. This is one of the reasons why I kept on saying clashing with SAP COIN meant death.
20. Giry's three teeth were clashing in a noisy contest, full of hideous interjections.
21. Raven found it beautiful; all of the colours clashing with no apparent theme or pattern.
22. The scribe, the Lost One, appeared from the midst of the scenes of clashing pain before her.
23. The air reverberated with the clashing of the strains; the ground shook with the tramping of.
24. Spinning this way and that, her blades constantly clashing with a barrage of the demons' steel.
25. Upstairs was just as bad, three bedrooms all with clashing flowery carpets and more hideous wallpaper.
26. He stared ahead, waiting to navigate the impending storm of clashing steel, fiery spells, and spilling blood.
27. Ash looked towards the opening where the only thing he could see was the dark ocean clashing loudly against the boat.
28. Kevin was able to sneak past all the animals that were around him because they were staring at the clashing elements.
29. The pedestrians ranged themselves against the walls; then the trampling of horses and the clashing of steel were heard.
30. The storm grew closer, punctuated by the clashing of thunderclaps– angry voices bouncing from tree trunk to tree trunk.
31. Set in pagan times, the ballet featured a wild dance set to clashing chords which assaulted the ears with sheer animal power.
32. Jasra! He exclaimed and made as if to start forward but stopped when I threatened him with hissing and a clashing of teeth.
33. Though a distance from the restaurant, the view of the calming, clashing movements of the beach waves seem to have hypnotized me.
34. At this epoch when Waterloo is only a clashing of swords, above Blucher, Germany has Schiller; above Wellington, England has Byron.
35. In the next instant they burst through the door to the light beyond, and the house filled with shouts and the sounds of clashing steel.
36. Marius thought he had been mistaken, that it was an illusion added by his mind to the extraordinary realities which were clashing around him.
37. Cold, anxiety, uneasiness, the emotions of the night, had given him a genuine fever, and all these ideas were clashing together in his brain.
38. He heard the sound of fire roaring and swords clashing; the sound of horses as though there was thunder in their hooves—horses as of giants.
39. A crust of vomit was drying on Harvey's beak; some of the red spit-up had rolled down his chest, the bright red clashing with his filthy breast.
40. And these lusted so greatly to be settled that they set their faces into the West and drove toward it, forcing the clashing engines over the roads.
41. The turnkey stopped at a low door, put a key in a clashing lock, swung the door slowly open, and said, as they all bent their heads and passed in:.
42. For now, the soldiers, who fight with a frenzy of clashing as if their very bones are fighting, too, act as a barrier so no assailant can reach him.
43. He threw out a dozen simultaneously clashing notes, which at first reflected his frustration, but he couldn’t leave the tonal tension so unresolved and chaotic.
44. Loud roaring laughter mingled with the sound of clashing glassware; some danced to the rhythm of half-drunken, clapping hands while others sang at the top of their lungs.
45. For the war in Skyrim had seemed a bloody stalemate for some time now, the respective forces of Tullius and Ulfric clashing in skirmishes and doing little to trade yielded ground.
46. With the clashing together of the couplings and buffers and a couple of jerks that rattled the trucks then a loud hiss of escaping steam as an accompaniment we set off for the front.
47. The air resounds to the clashing of swords—so to say—but the love element occupies the place of supreme interest throughout, and will hold the interest of the reader without fail.
48. It was tuned to the D scale, which is a nice way to start learning the guitar because no matter how you move your fingers along the frets while strumming you never get a clashing chord.
49. With the images of an elected government clashing with its own police on the streets splashing across the media, Kejriwal’s confrontational politics now signalled political immaturity.
50. In the midst marched Sancho with his staff, as fine a sight as one could wish to see, and but a few streets of the town had been traversed when they heard a noise as of a clashing of swords.
51. A clashing of chains, the uneasy jolting of a mass, the click of brass skipping along the pavement, a sort of solemn uproar, announced that some sinister construction of iron was approaching.
52. A great uproar ensued, a clashing of plates, a swarming of arms, a rush of voices which hoped to drown blasphemous inquiry forever, Douglas talking louder and making more motions than the rest.
53. Somewhat daunted, Jo righted herself, spread her handkerchief over the devoted ribbons, and putting temptation behind her, hurried on, with increasing dampness about the ankles, and much clashing of umbrellas overhead.
54. Somehow the words spurred her to her feet, and with the sound of clashing steel and cries of, "To the Archenon" she drove on, stumbling forward on unsteady feet while behind her, the sounds of battle grew to a frenzied pitch.
55. While thus upholding the high and ideal concepts of marriage, Jesus skillfully avoided clashing with his questioners about the social practices represented by either their written laws or their much-cherished divorce privileges.
56. There had been no clashing of temper between Dorothea and her husband since that little explosion in Rome, which had left such strong traces in her mind that it had been easier ever since to quell emotion than to incur the consequence of venting it.
57. They then began their carefully choreographed fight, jumping at one another while avoiding strikes at certain points then clashing at others until Juko pretended to take a stab to the leg - which caused the crowd to jump immediately from their seats.
58. The concept of cooperation, of any communal social model has been corrupted ever since the tribal us-them mentality was first created by the first overpopulation of nomadic hunters clashing for the best watering holes and hunting grounds, and food sources.
59. The young Severus accepted his father's legacy and every day that followed, for hours at a time, they would practice in the clearing - sword clashing against sword as the sound of their strikes echoed throughout the forest and over the village of Two-Crows.
60. The air was foul with the smell of beer, spirits and tobacco smoke, and the uproar was deafening, for nearly everyone was talking at the same time, their voices clashing discordantly with the strains of the Polyphone, which was playing `The Garden of Your Heart'.
61. Breezing low over the waves on his waveglass steed, the fisherman held his chin high as if he could feel his beloved’s fingertips brushing his face in the cold spray of the clashing sea, then he dipped the depleted ray down into the water, cutting through the crests of the storm-ridden surface.
62. And it need not detract from the other by one iota as, being his own master, he would have heaps of time to practise literature in his spare moments when desirous of so doing without its clashing with his vocal career or containing anything derogatory whatsoever as it was a matter for himself alone.
63. And look how close it came to accomplishing that! I was a hair’s breadth away from killing Talia and Nemia, and then Yazadril would have killed me! When my people learned that my son and I had both been killed here by Yazadril and his family, they would have declared war, and their greater numbers clashing against the defenses of The Nine Valleys would have meant annihilation for all!.
64. That I had a fever and was avoided, that I suffered greatly, that I often lost my reason, that the time seemed interminable, that I confounded impossible existences with my own identity; that I was a brick in the house-wall, and yet entreating to be released from the giddy place where the builders had set me; that I was a steel beam of a vast engine, clashing and whirling over a gulf, and yet that I implored in my own person to have the engine stopped, and my part in it hammered off; that I passed through these phases of disease, I know of my own.
65. Often, when forced from his hammock by exhausting and intolerably vivid dreams of the night, which, resuming his own intense thoughts through the day, carried them on amid a clashing of phrensies, and whirled them round and round and round in his blazing brain, till the very throbbing of his life-spot became insufferable anguish; and when, as was sometimes the case, these spiritual throes in him heaved his being up from its base, and a chasm seemed opening in him, from which forked flames and lightnings shot up, and accursed fiends beckoned him to leap down among them; when this hell in himself yawned beneath him, a wild cry would be heard through the ship; and with glaring eyes Ahab would burst from his state room, as though escaping from a bed that was on fire.
66. Again among the tiers of shipping, in and out, avoiding rusty chain-cables frayed hempen hawsers and bobbing buoys, sinking for the moment floating broken baskets, scattering floating chips of wood and shaving, cleaving floating scum of coal, in and out, under the figure-head of the John of Sunderland making a speech to the winds (as is done by many Johns), and the Betsy of Yarmouth with a firm formality of bosom and her knobby eyes starting two inches out of her head; in and out, hammers going in ship-builders' yards, saws going at timber, clashing engines going at things unknown, pumps going in leaky ships, capstans going, ships going out to sea, and unintelligible sea-creatures roaring curses over the bulwarks at respondent lightermen, in and out,—out at last upon the clearer river, where the ships' boys might take their fenders in, no longer fishing in troubled waters with them over the side, and where the festooned sails might fly out to the wind.
1. His gaze clashed with hers.
2. Schools and legions clashed together.
3. It clashed with all I knew and studied.
4. At this moment, career and reason clashed.
5. The Raiders and Vapors clashed with each.
6. Rational thoughts clashed with everything we.
7. Achilles and Agamemnon first broke and clashed.
8. He wishes they hadn’t clashed over Noah Walker.
9. The swords clashed with that singing sound that.
10. But sooner or later they would have clashed again.
11. The old world clashed with the new world and the old.
12. Your friend, the Deltan and you biologically clashed.
13. Turning his gaze to Leora their gazes clashed together.
14. Looking away Amori’s gaze clashed with Leora’s….
15. Her eyes clashed with his, full of fear and resignation.
16. Hitler repeatedly clashed with Manstein's defensive strategy.
17. The opposing forces clashed on the black cobbles of the Cairn.
18. Still, Karan clashed against Kalib, both aimed to win the fight.
19. But the night the two sevens clashed, something had changed again.
20. The sharp north wind clashed the naked branches of the cottonwoods.
21. When Spain clashed withNapoleon (1808) he reëmbarked most of his.
22. Swords clashed and laughter sounded on the other side of the icehouse.
23. My NYC trader attire to their shorts, flip-flops and t-shirts clashed.
24. Showers of sparks had flown over the stage as the steel edges clashed.
25. Chasing the Russians from Poland, Napoléon clashed with them at two.
26. I couldn’t help but hear that you and Nathaniel had clashed twice.
27. They had rattled their sabers and clashed their shields for many years.
28. They parted again and their swords clashed, emitting a shower of sparks.
29. Sven’s mood changed completely when his blade clashed with another’s.
30. The two armies clashed with a rousing clatter that was actually tangible.
31. The mercenaries clashed with the invaders in the streets of Wood’s End.
32. Gold anklets clashed as she moved, jeweled bracelets weighted her bare arms.
33. Battles clashed on both sides of them; Thomas refused to look, refused to help.
34. This time the newslines of the Arkham Instigator clashed brutally with those of.
35. They clashed with his long platinum blonde hair that was held in a high ponytail.
36. Blinding arcs of sparks were produced as the swords clashed in a deafening series.
37. As he watched the land troll handily snare his prey, his instincts clashed within him.
38. Will he have you? Edmund was a generous man, but he sometimes clashed with his sister.
39. When her head turned back, Sienna's eyes clashed with those of her most attentive of spectators.
40. The door was ripped open and the guardians clashed with the legion of firbolgs and minotaurs within.
41. Why should you expect that I would consent to his death because he has clashed with your traditions?
42. Even as he struck, the apparition vanished and his blade clashed deafeningly on the adamantine surface.
43. I can’t understand why all the times Zulimistan interests have clashed with Islamic world alone…?
44. It’s said that whenever Blackfyre and Lady Forlorn clashed, you could hear the sound for a league around.
45. What befell you on the day the two armies clashed was with God's permission; that He may know the believers.
46. General Zachary Taylor reported that hostilities commenced when Mexico’s Army of the North clashed with the U.
47. I wore a simple black dress and the only heels I had-which were white and clashed with the dress, but I didn't care.
48. The sea roiled and clashed as the almighty fire of the great dragon heated the surface of the water to a fever pitch.
49. The horses stamped and snorted, and they chewed the straw of their bedding and they clashed the chains of their halters.
50. About ten minutes after, the driver got down and opened a pair of gates: we passed through, and they clashed to behind us.
51. It was black like the castle itself and clashed with the dragon’s red scales, which had to have been hundreds, at least.
52. The sea wind tore through the hair of horses and warriors, armour and steel clashed as thunder and lightning split the sky.
53. He threw him across the room and, faster than I could see, Jael was back and the sound was deafening as their swords clashed.
54. Instantly the jaws clashed convulsively together, severing the triple-pieced shaft and almost precipitating Conan from his perch.
55. He would have to watch on as the two armies – the male and the female – clashed, knowing that he was powerless to intervene.
56. They each fought hard, making their way around the small clearing as they clashed, but each continued to deflect the other's blows.
57. The battle now began as the two sides clashed in a mix of Fairies, men and creatures that had never been seen together until this day.
58. The historic tomes speak of Titanic Entities that clashed in the theater of battle that we refer to now as the Burial Ruins of the Ghastly Fens.
59. Mike and I clashed with the Osborn warden and his counselors about his continued lack of medical care and with DOC about his proper release date.
60. One of our scientists fled to the past and supposedly enlisted the help of an advanced organization, with which Veck’s ships clashed in 1942.
61. Old men and women, especial doctors as all the aged are, clashed by each other in bristles of canes, in phalanxes of crutches and hobble sticks.
62. The prince never directly asked himself that answer it justly, and justice clashed not only with his feelings but with the very possibility of life.
63. Weller deposited a little key on the table and subsided, the warming pan clashed and waved wildly, and it was some time before order could be restored.
64. Although it clashed with every fibre in his being and went against everything they’d been taught, he had to give the man credit for being persistent.
65. She picked up Ellen’s Paisley shawl to wrap about her but the colors of the faded old square clashed with the moss-green dress and made her appear a little shabby.
66. The deepest impression Annyeke had taken from her childhood was the power of her grandmother and how much they had clashed together during the early part of her life.
67. Recklessly he hurtled down the slopes, through the ranks of the Gundermen, who sent up a deep-throated roar and clashed their spears and shields like thunder in the hills.
68. On this knotty point however the views of the pair, poles apart as they were both in schooling and everything else with the marked difference in their respective ages, clashed.
69. Behind them as they fled, Argos was enveloped in the flame and slaughter of Pictish conquest, and the slayers swept into Ophir and clashed with the westward-riding Hyrkanians.
70. These stone-age kingdoms clashed, and in a series of bloody wars, the outnumbered Atlanteans were hurled back into a state of savagery, and the evolution of the Picts was halted.
71. Within Carter's administration, Vance and Brzezinski often clashed, with Brzezinski arguing, much like many conservatives, that human rights were less important than anti Communism.
72. We clashed with these established leaders and recognized rulers only when they threw themselves directly in the way of the preaching of the gospel of the kingdom to the sons of men.
73. Zaporavo ripped out his sword with a black curse, and steel clashed against steel as the Barachan came in recklessly and wide open, his blade singing a wheel of blue flame about his head.
74. For the first time since they had lived side by side, Cosette's will and the will of Jean Valjean had proved to be distinct, and had been in opposition, at least, if they had not clashed.
75. And there, in front of the largest sett ever built, the final Great Battle commenced as the two forces clashed in mortal combat, with only the Prime Mover knowing what the outcome would be.
76. It became apparent that Truman together with his cousin and girlfriend conspired to steal the same shipment of cocaine that had Mike, and the two groups of thieves clashed aboard the boat.
77. The prince never directly asked himself that question, knowing beforehand that he would have to answer it justly, and justice clashed not only with his feelings but with the very possibility of life.
78. Darling was and was destined to remain a very happy dog, for in the group of five men there were five distinct theories of dog training, theories which clashed so that Darling never got any training at all.
79. Her animosity towards him for having not been present in her life clashed with her absolute love for him, the emotions trying to override her intellectual understanding of why he had stayed out of her life.
80. Unfortunately the red and white stripes of the road cones clashed outrageously with the cardboard coffin he'd made, having painted it a bright fluorescent-green with a job-lot of paint pinched from somewhere.
81. The small calliope inside the carousel machinery rattle-snapped its nervous-stallion shivering drums, clashed its harvest-moon cymbals, toothed its castanets, and throatily choked and sobbed its reeds, whistles, and baroque flutes.
82. On one hand, two American squadrons totaling at the start of the battle 22 P-40 fighters had tried to intercept the big group of enemy bombers heading for Cavite this morning but had clashed instead with over thirty escorting Ki-27 NATE fighters.
83. In the present instance there was no escape, and having clashed her scissors rebelliously, while protesting that she smelled thunder, she gave in, put away her work, and taking up her hat and gloves with an air of resignation, told Amy the victim was ready.
84. These recollections clashed with her present views of life, and for that reason were entirely effaced from her memory, or, rather, were preserved somewhere in her memory, but were covered up, as it were, with a thick plastering, to prevent any access to them.
85. We clashed with them in Palestine, shooting down six of their planes and sinking one of their heavy cruisers, while they launched a night commando attack against our base in Ramat David, even though they wore disguises and refused at first to identify themselves.
86. More than once he was nearly caught in the doors, as they clashed together when the last elf passed; yet he did not dare to march among them because of his shadow (altogether thin and wobbly as it was in torch-light), or for fear of being bumped into and discovered.
87. He was considered by many as a revolutionary in terms of air tactics and doctrines and frequently clashed with the proponents of the heavy bomber’s strategic supremacy in war, who presently held the high ground at the headquarters of the Army Air Corps in Washington.
88. That is one reason why I clashed in Saigon with Ambassador Heath: apparently, Secretary of State Dulles and his department, along with many others in Washington, never bothered reading the ATHENA files on Indochina and are in the process of repeating the same mistakes they did in Nancy’s history.
89. The whole sorry episode about the use by the CIA of so-called ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’, an hypocritical euphemism for torture, during the ‘War on Terror’, had made him uneasy, while he had verbally clashed a few times with some CIA agents whom he found a bit too enthusiastic about using those ‘techniques’.
90. The escort troop cursed, the men in chains did not utter a syllable; from time to time the sound of a blow became audible as the cudgels descended on shoulder-blades or skulls; some of these men were yawning; their rags were terrible; their feet hung down, their shoulders oscillated, their heads clashed together, their fetters clanked, their eyes glared ferociously, their fists clenched or fell open inertly like the hands of corpses; in the rear of the convoy ran a band of children screaming with laughter.
1. It clashes with her outfit.
2. Q: There may be clashes at home.
3. Expect that there will be clashes.
4. Many people killed in these clashes.
5. When my view of what is real clashes with.
6. No one is with me to stop my lonely clashes.
7. I wear it all, for those with whose clothes it clashes.
8. Heavens, she was torn by the clashes of her own emotions.
9. The observation applies to other types of clashes, such as.
10. Thank you, my loving flatterer, but it clashes with me horribly.
11. In my mind, there were thousands of question clashes one after another.
12. This prevails because of singularity, which clashes with Newton head on.
13. Stainless steel clashes in the moonlight as we move past one another with.
14. He knew there might be clashes with local fishermen once he left our territory.
15. If one transmission is one the same wavelength as another, but clashes with it.
16. Deadly clashes lives on creating chaos, to be widely felt especially by united nation.
17. Then she continued taking photographs to escape the clashes of her own mixed emotions.
18. Everyone, all screams and clashes, were interlocked in the greater pattern of the battle.
19. However, not everyone welcomes that information if it clashes with predetermined dictates.
20. Then, there were clashes between the militias – some of which were nothing more than gangs.
21. Then there were many clashes between the senior students and the junior students in the college.
22. There were no titanic clashes of armies as experienced in Russia, France or even the Western Desert.
23. Over 300,000 people have died already in the ethnic clashes and in the fighting around the Kashmir.
24. Joey floated towards him with his teeth bared, and both of them exchanged clashes with their weapons.
25. Do you remember our fights and clashes? Those fights so exciting that thickened our education and culture.
26. In the meantime, there were clashes amongst Hindus and Muslims communities in different parts of our state.
27. Zoroastro and his people have caused clashes between different groups which inhabit the magical settlements.
28. In the future the drama of clashes with nomadic horsemen would play out over and over again in Europe and Asia.
29. Who directs all these planets in a way thereby no one clashes with another or deviates a hair from its own orbit?
30. Who directs all these planets in a way in which none clashes with another, or deviates a hair from its own orbit?
31. But in between America saw assassinations, violent clashes over civil rights, and the long drawn-out agony of Vietnam.
32. I was glad to have an extra pair of weapon-bearing hands, only hoping there'd be no clashes between Bahkælt and the southerner.
33. The ethnocentric layer of development is generally considered extremely dangerous since most wars are about race, religion, and culture clashes.
34. In fact at the great battle of Kadesh in 1290 BC between these two superpowers, it would have been like modern tank warfare in head to head clashes.
35. If we try to shed some light, we would divide in opinions, appearances and realities clashes generated by various factors and the devil in the details.
36. There was no violence, no bitter hatred, no political differences, no clashes of opinions, only conversations that filled in the gaps of an age long ago.
37. The support plans like Quality plan, test plan, risk plan, configuration plan and other plans helps to ensure the dates are in sync, no role clashes, dependencies are clear, etc.
38. And still today earth remains a primitive world of conflict; ruled, as it is, by petty and competitive people; and continually shaken by ongoing clashes of ideologies and interests.
39. Battle pictures are usually, when good, full of these clashes of line and tone, and thrilling dramatic effects in which a touch of horror enters are usually founded on the same principle.
40. That brings a lot of clashes for they are not always willing to do the audit only but wish to take the investigation over with which I have a problem in regard to their lack of legal privilege.
41. We were there, together, late that night in a mountain kafeneion, half of us strangers, seduced by plaintive melodies and angry clashes of Arabic, Turkish and Slavic themes until it fired our blood and led us deeper into ourselves than anything had before.
42. Then, late in the afternoon, they began the fascinating cruise trip towards the city of Juneau where, it is said, black bears wander frequently without worry, the salmon clashes against the Eskimo canoes and humpback whales tip over twenty-foot small boats.
43. Clashes with BJP workers, detentions and acts of stoning had met him in Gujarat, where armed with a notepad he was seen jotting down the number of dysfunctional schools and badly staffed clinics to arrive at his conclusion of a non-existent Gujarat model of development.
44. However, the Hand of Godly Potency was also present during the clashes of these two titans and He always sent policemen to put an end to their savage confrontations, until the day came when the two opponents, having responded to the cursed call of Satan, the enemy of all mankind, met for what proved to be their final bloody bout.
45. The frightful 18th of June lives again; the false monumental hillock disappears, the lion vanishes in air, the battle-field resumes its reality, lines of infantry undulate over the plain, furious gallops traverse the horizon; the frightened dreamer beholds the flash of sabres, the gleam of bayonets, the flare of bombs, the tremendous interchange of thunders; he hears, as it were, the death rattle in the depths of a tomb, the vague clamor of the battle phantom; those shadows are grenadiers, those lights are cuirassiers; that skeleton Napoleon, that other skeleton is Wellington; all this no longer exists, and yet it clashes together and combats still; and the ravines are empurpled, and the trees quiver, and there is fury even in the clouds and in the shadows; all those terrible heights, Hougomont, Mont-SaintJean, Frischemont, Papelotte, Plancenoit, appear confusedly crowned with whirlwinds of spectres engaged in exterminating each other.

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