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Stubbly in a sentence

1. Dan stroked his stubbly face.
2. Kurt turned his eyes back to the stubbly hole and kept tugging, trying to finish.
3. Want a cuddle, love? Coal purred at one stocky bloke with naught but a stubbly beard.
4. She wanted to feel his stubbly beard against her face as he held her close against his chest.
5. Hmm, that’s interesting, he said as he rubbed his rough, wrinkled hand over his stubbly chin.
6. A murmur filtered through the crowd, stopping upon a grey, stubbly man with a newsie-style woolen cap.
7. And I could see, a row of little stubbly threads, all neatly sliced, with another, yellow piece of canvas beneath them.

8. His stubbly chin sank heavily in loose folds They camped all round the house, everywhere, in the cotton, in the corn.
9. On the verge of the hour the heads of a group of children, of ages ranging from six to fourteen, rose over the stubbly convexity of the hill.
10. George, uncharacteristically disheveled and with stubbly cheeks, wiped the spray that came with Leon’s words from his glasses and squinted questioningly at him to continue.
11. When it came to the question whether to shave his stubbly chin or not (Praskovya Pavlovna had capital razors that had been left by her late husband), the question was angrily answered in the negative.
12. When I get home from dinner, my cab pulls up just as Nick is getting out of his own taxi, and he stands in the street with his arms out to me and a huge grin on his face—Baby!—and I run and I jump up into his arms and he presses a stubbly cheek against mine.

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