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    1. It was Yankee Swamp Fever and Waldeis had transmitted it when they shook hands when they were both scratched from hunting in the brush

    2. "Even though it's down over seventeen hundred feet since the break-out, and most of it's grown over by wildhull swamp since then, there's a thousand miles of open water around Darceen and that's a mile or two deep

    3. It's still over a mile deep under the swamp

    4. She would have to get the vagabonds together and give her swamp lecture, there were eight or ten in the crew who hadn't been thru here before

    5. They were more likely to get hurt playing with the crossbows actually than by anything in this little swamp, but there is real danger

    6. All in all there are about forty two islands between here and where the swamp starts, so we have to guess early which path to take

    7. The channels and sandbars upstream and the configuration of the swamp itself were constantly changing

    8. Once thru these sandbars; and before Great Fright Island, she would have to cut back south to avoid the swamp itself, but that should be just about dawn

    9. The swamp was still Upper Lake Shempala then, but the rivers hadn't moved much and what was labeled 'wild prairie' back then looked about like that now

    10. The resort towns on the north shore of the upper lake would all be gone now, this 'wild range' would get wetter and brushier til there was no doubt it was swamp if they went in that direction

    11. He was now several miles closer to the swamp, he might find a leese out here, he smelled a couple wallows as close as the humans were, he smelled other water

    12. home through a swamp of rainwater

    13. The most recent map said there was still farmland between them and the swamp, this was probably that farmland, but the map was out of date

    14. It's over ten miles south to the river here, but it was too swampy for me to continue and that swamp didn't look like it was something isolated

    15. There's an abandoned town there, all the farmland the map shows is abandoned also, so that swamp is pretty serious

    16. It may be in population, but Trenst's fame is the swamp

    17. It's name means swampiest of swamp

    18. Trenst is built in a swamp, and is such a loose collection of habitation that it's not easy to tell where the city ends and swamp-crop natives begin

    19. This is real swamp layout and lighting

    20. That's real swamp music they're playing like I haven't heard since I was here last

    21. "Down in the lower basin where Gorunda is, there's a lot of swamp also

    22. The cafe was closed and it was time to head back anyway, but before I did, I wanted to go a little further down to where I could just see a swamp of what looked like complete desolation; dried-up marsh and cracked puddles and decomposing vegetation like the ones that used to scare me as a child

    23. It was from the viewpoint of this woman, up on a tower over a night-time jungle of swamp and bayou with lanterns and boardwalks all thru it

    24. The door bursts open; the two youngsters rush in and swamp me

    25. Far around the planet from Yoonbarla, many times as far as Zhlindu, over the mighty TduunZhorp range, beyond the Trastrab, Prvest and Borlunth basins and thru the even mightier Fronzhorps, is the vast swamp city of Trenst

    26. They should be playing something totally stillwater swamp

    27. The water rushes up to swamp over his feet before it rolls back out

    28. “A pestilential swamp on Sicily

    29. you never should’ve stirred the swamp

    30. “Because Ulfric doesn’t give a swamp troll’s dung heap about what we want

    31. I pressed on, guided only by the stars, but soon became hopelessly entangled in a swamp

    32. waters of the swamp until it blooms on the surface

    33. I was sipping at some sludge that Steve had made insisting it was coffee, and though a large array of scientific tests could factually prove he might have been telling the truth, I could not think of it as anything other than a cup of swamp water with some mud thrown in for flavor

    34. After what seemed a long time walking, they approached a swamp

    35. "This is the Swamp of the Lost

    36. The plants can drag unwanted intruders, and the fatally curious, deep into the swamp

    37. They'll never reach the sacred pond and never escape the swamp

    38. The swamp is part of the forest; it accepts you

    39. You have to cross the swamp

    40. He would have to retrace his steps, crossing the swamp alone

    41. At the junction of a footpath deep within the forest, Truman stopped and in the gloom of dappled moonlight, slogged with his computer through knee-deep mud to the edge of a swamp

    42. The boat that had brought him to this secret location had left, and he would have to travel by foot from here over muddy mosquito infested swamp land

    43. It turned to swamp and pulled her down in confused nothingness

    44. “This is a swamp,” said Ethan and gestured around them, prodding Nicole with one hand to keep moving, while all the while he kept looking around, as if waiting for more of the damnable birds, or perhaps something really dangerous to make an appearance

    45. It’s more of a swamp, granted, but it’s not a marsh

    46. swamp of ill-conceived, badly executed credit transactions to profligate borrowers who couldn"t

    47. Some lived just on the other side of El Camino by the swamp

    48. The ground was wet and it was a swamp, a marsh, but the water was dripping, dripping and it was collecting in one place; it seemed that the ground rose and dried and the water flowed creating a sea, an ocean

    49. The place was not a swamp anymore

    50. Sorrowing, I tried to reconcile the dreams of my youth with the realities that threatened to swamp me now

    1. Chrissie could hear her own breathing sounding loud in the stunned silence which swamped the room


    3. “Soroven Keep was swamped with these masses not three days before we set out

    4. The new generation swamped Baggies Beach

    5. Now that he was back in the office again, he was literally swamped by routine matters that had been piling up

    6. All this water would vanish into the sand in a day or two, but I needed to get across now, and avoid getting the engine swamped by plunging the truck into a ford that might turn out to be too deep

    7. But Faith and Una were instantly swamped with a wave of pity for her

    8. “How the teeth and the claws and the antlers of the beasts ran red with the blood of traitors, how the trees sent their roots and branches to block off the roads, how the wind beat on the gates of the city? Do you no more tell how the River-Daughter and the Sea-Father swamped the ships of the enemy?”

    9. As you might imagine, he’s not exactly swamped with lunch invitations

    10. Though she may be swamped, she will never sink and be lost

    11. His shining nobility should draw most of the new Just Draconians back to Serminak before Xervia is swamped with them; at least once they’ve had a while to enjoy the draconian reunification

    12. “The tidal bore that came up the river from the sea was big enough to have almost swamped

    13. Their boat was swamped by high waves in the frigid waters of the Niagara River

    14. As you have seen, the farmers and merchants have swamped the city streets in their enthusiasm to regain their lost profits

    15. Relief swamped us

    16. Never give up, but be realistic - writing a teenage vampire love story right now will probably be a waste of time as that market is swamped

    17. For all the years of her married life until then she had been swamped in mundane domesticity never realizing what potential she might have had as a person in her own right

    18. He had hoped his retirement would draw the knights out in a charge down the slopes after him, to be raked from either flank by his bowmen and swamped by the numbers of his horsemen

    19. Almost swamped them, it did

    20. The snow was swamped with blood

    21. Because the HR consultants are swamped with

    22. We‘re swamped for the

    23. Macondo was swamped in a miraculous prosperity

    24. Grief swamped him in a chilling wave, to be followed by a cold rage so deep that finding a way out of it would only come when he had her killer's cold, dead, mutilated forms laying ravaged at his feet

    25. Ted could see they were serious so he slowly lowered the briefcase to the floor as soon as he released it they swamped him hand cuffing his arms behind his back

    26. ����������� �Corporal, I want you to stay here and help Doctor Frankel as much as you can: he will most probably become swamped quickly with wounded here

    27. ����������� ��Farah, I actually have to control my mind in order not to be swamped by all the thoughts emanating around me

    28. It was the usual hysterical rubbish and, as with all media fixations, this one died and was replaced soon enough as other paper headlines were swamped with replacement stories

    29. from the moment he’d stepped outside and was swamped by her beauty

    30. Those four Chinese fighters were however finding out that their own air search radars were being swamped by intense jamming from multiple sources, leaving them with only their infrared search and track sensor balls, or IRST, as working detectors

    31. Even if we swamped them in military equipment and supplies, their political program of continued de facto colonization will eventually draw the whole Vietnamese people against them and they would then still lose what is essentially a guerrilla war

    32. She was swamped with emotions

    33. He was swamped immediately he arrived

    34. ” I get it, they’re swamped, busy, and I’ve yet to produce anything sufficient to get their attention… But, ultimately, I admit, that’s not why I wrote this

    35. The irresistible force of Neanderthals swamped the eminently-movable object that was Mrs Watkins, and tore her to indignant pieces

    36. This attitude of getting swamped intòfacts and figures` was exactly what our elders along with Plato had dreaded since àffection` tends to become àshadow

    37. He was immediately swamped with not only aggressive chipmunks but also with diving birds

    38. The image of those last heady, fearful moments as he sat in the high branches of the tree swamped him, filled him with disdain

    39. mind and that swamped feeling

    40. The gay clubs are swamped with stuff,

    41. mind and heart are swamped with the contradictions of maya between

    42. Tom was swamped on his side

    43. The thought of walking naked in the forest and being swamped by bugs was disturbing

    44. The streets that led to the castle were getting swamped with activity as people trickled in

    45. Some of these sit for seven to ten days with no bids while others are swamped

    46. I guess you were swamped by a Tsunami?”

    47. Moments later the ATV was swamped and the remaining four men

    48. Even as she was swamped by the flood of soldiers around her, she did not fear for her own safety

    49. His staff was swamped when the outbreak happened, so he had no choice but to let me assist him, even though he didn’t want to and we argued for hours whenever the chance presented itself

    50. Atlanta Bell, swamped with phone calls,

    1. Axel grabbed a spear and reloaded the shotgun as he ran to assist, anger and hatred swamping his other emotions in a blind fury

    2. Without his huge friend swamping him, he wasn’t

    3. On July 7th, a frightful storm raged, swamping the trenches and adding to the difficulties and discomforts of the army

    4. And a few metres away, a group of men are swamping a young women, every now and then flashes of her flesh betraying her position

    5. George Alvin Wiley is best known for his effective use of the so-called “Cloward-Piven strategy,” which called for swamping the welfare rolls with new applicants, beyond

    6. in swamping them with his queries

    7. � However, his tanks had in turn been the only thing stopping the overwhelming German force from swamping him

    8. wave, tumbling around it, swamping him

    9. With a swarm of 102 Chinese missiles swamping their air defenses, all but two of the Japanese destroyers were hit and either sunk or gravely damaged, with the unlucky AKIZUKI absorbing one of the missile impacts

    10. My mind constantly saw in others the persistent lust that was swamping me,

    11. With no new leads on the murder, she’d returned to dealing with the pile of other ongoing investigations swamping her desk

    12. Tell me these things, instead of swamping me with subtleties of sentiment

    13. They are the ocean of undead filth swamping and suffocating and drowning your sleeping aura with their insane horrors purely by their numbers

    14. To go with its sky swamping size there came a dull rumble that shook the very

    15. A bubbling mess of mud was now swirling around in his skull, swamping everything in its dark confusion; little Peony and her doll were in there somewhere, he was fairly sure of that, but he couldn't remember the puppies, he couldn't remember the children

    16. A low freeboard increases the possibility of swamping the boat or dealing with regular water which will slowly the boat even more

    17. as far only for the bones I hate those eels cod yes Ill get a nice piece of cod Im always getting enough for 3 forgetting anyway Im sick of that everlasting butchers meat from Buckleys loin chops and leg beef and rib steak and scrag of mutton and calfs pluck the very name is enough or a picnic suppose we all gave 5/- each and or let him pay it and invite some other woman for him who Mrs Fleming and drove out to the furry glen or the strawberry beds wed have him examining all the horses toenails first like he does with the letters no not with Boylan there yes with some cold veal and ham mixed sandwiches there are little houses down at the bottom of the banks there on purpose but its as hot as blazes he says not a bank holiday anyhow I hate those ruck of Mary Ann coalboxes out for the day Whit Monday is a cursed day too no wonder that bee bit him better the seaside but Id never again in this life get into a boat with him after him at Bray telling the boatman he knew how to row if anyone asked could he ride the steeplechase for the gold cup hed say yes then it came on to get rough the old thing crookeding about and the weight all down my side telling me pull the right reins now pull the left and the tide all swamping in floods in through the bottom and his oar slipping out of the stirrup its a mercy we werent all drowned he can swim of course me no theres no danger whatsoever keep yourself calm in his flannel trousers Id like to have tattered them down off him before all the people and give him what that one calls flagellate till he was black and blue do him all the good in the world only for that longnosed chap I dont know who he is with that other beauty Burke out of the City Arms hotel was there spying around as usual on the slip always where he wasnt wanted if there was a row on youd vomit a better face there was no love lost between us thats 1 consolation I wonder what kind is that book he brought me Sweets of Sin by a gentleman of fashion some other Mr de Kock I suppose the people gave him that nickname going about with his tube from one woman to another I couldnt even change my new white shoes all ruined with the saltwater and the hat I had with that feather all blowy and tossed on me how annoying and provoking because the smell of the sea excited me of course the sardines and the bream in Catalan bay round the back of the rock they were fine all silver in the fishermens baskets old Luigi near a hundred they said came from Genoa and the tall old chap with the earrings I dont like a man you have to climb up to to get at I suppose theyre all dead and rotten long ago besides I dont like being alone in this big barracks of a place at night I suppose Ill have to put up with it I never brought a bit of salt in even when we moved in the confusion musical academy he was going to make on the first floor drawingroom with a brassplate or Blooms private hotel he suggested go and ruin himself altogether the way his father did down in Ennis like all the things he told father he was going to do and me but I saw through him telling me all the lovely places we could go for the honeymoon Venice by moonlight with the gondolas and the lake of Como he had a picture cut out of some paper of and mandolines and lanterns O how nice I said whatever I liked he was going to do immediately if not sooner will you be my man will you carry my can he ought to get a leather medal with a putty rim for all the plans he invents then leaving us here all day youd never know what old beggar at the door for a crust with his long story might be a tramp and put his foot in the way to prevent me shutting it like that picture of that hardened criminal he was called in Lloyds Weekly news 20 years in jail then he comes out and murders an old woman for

    18. Debt swamping weaker countries and scaring even the stronger ones

    19. The trip is fraught with gripping, heart-stopping action, including a swamping of the raft in the treacherous river rapids

    20. Despite the rigors of the location shoot and the requirements of the script, including a swamping of the raft in the river rapids, Marilyn, wringing wet, out of sorts and out of breath, is still a vision

    21. 16 percent, swamping the 10

    22. This will have the effect of swamping the spy signal

    23. And isn’t this the typical complaint? I have never resisted change, even when it has been called progress, and yet I felt resentment toward the strangers swamping what I thought of as my country with noise and clutter and the inevitable rings of junk

    24. Those in the life-boats longed to return and pick up some of the poor drowning souls, but they feared this would mean swamping the boats and a further loss of life

    25. Before the life-boat was launched he passed along the port deck of the steamer, commanding the people not to jump in the boats, and otherwise restraining them from swamping the craft

    26. Volumes of dust were swamping beds, blankets, boxes, buckets, and in fact everything; and a more miserable scene could scarcely be beheld by a party of benighted pilgrims

    1. My limbs had been torn from my body, my entrails were in the bellies of dactyl's roosting in the swamps of the Ttharmine

    2. I could tell you some tough stories of that life too, out there IN the swamps

    3. Despite this surface decoration, though, there was an overpowering filth and stench, with rank, mephitic vapours rising from the inhabitant’s detritus and from the swamps by which Kumassi is surrounded

    4. A miserable silence was over everything; and around, as far as the eye could reach, stretched the dreary mangrove swamps, dark brownish green foliage above, and a mass of twisted roots rearing their pale stems above the mud and water below

    5. On the outskirts of one of these swamps an animal of the peccary species broke cover, but disappeared with a whisk of his tusks before I had time to pot him

    6. The Poles saw the Jews building beautiful homes and developing modern farms, and they, the Poles, were living in shacks near the swamps

    7. They swatted mosquitoes and crawled through crocodile infested swamps in the flood plains of snaking rivers

    8. With the sparse population, and lots of lakes and swamps for air-to-ground gunnery practice, the Broads would be ideal

    9. You have to ask yourself - Why was it found? And then, why was it found there? With all the swamps and accesses to water, there"s lots of ways to make a body just disappear

    10. The Sandinistas couldn’t catch them, but what did catch him that day, running through the swamps towards Kouna, was a cold realization: he, Truman Herrera, wasn’t a patriot who had done horrible things for his country, things that war made necessary

    11. “Where did you acquire it then? The swamps?”

    12. Because there’s still a lot of pipe-lining to do in these blasted swamps and rainforests

    13. Forests, swamps, and many insects appear

    14. Sometime later there was another journey, this time to the Okavango Swamps, in the territory where three countries came together: South-West Africa, Angola, Botswana

    15. I had decided I had enough of traversing swamps and reasoned that if the trade road ends in Longjiang, there must be available transportation

    16. the putrid swamps and bogs with ruthless efficiency and was the

    17. Throughout the night, Moshe’s dreams had led him through the deserts and swamps of the uncertainty that he refused to reveal to others

    18. Most of it is undesirable and unwanted land in its natural state, deserts and mountains and swamps and whatnot

    19. For no man can shine light on these gloomy swamps of the German people and take heed of the traps that line his path unless he has the Word of God as a lamp to guide his feet and a light to shine on his way

    20. Throughout the night, Moshe's dreams had led him through the deserts and swamps of the

    21. He was a gentle man, a musician around fifty who had joined the RAD in peaceful times when the focus was on building roads and draining swamps

    22. Chuck was a weeping mess during the ride to the swamps

    23. One hikes through luscious rainforest, over high mountains, through swamps, past waterfalls with inviting pools and along unspoiled sandy beaches (watch out for the crocodiles)

    24. The Kauri tree is a special conifer growing in large stands, some of the fallen trees have been buried under swamps for many millennia and local landowners periodically find such well preserved trees which are then used for some beautiful wood carvings

    25. She had the bulging eyes of the parrots when they romp on the crooked swamps of the sandy flatcars of the sea, the long and narrow extremities of a curved flamingo and the speaking, that was one of the worst things that I had never heard, squeezed, as if the words were fleeing filled towards the freedom, dropped in a Spanish accent that one did not know if it was real or fake

    26. After another nightmare train trip I arrived back in Alexandria, with its canals and swamps, where a charming Lebanese took me by the hand and we wandered the city, drinking sherbets

    27. Draining the swamps made the soils acid, deep-rooted trees died, canal banks collapsed with the unusually large volumes of water draining from the hinterland because of deforestation

    28. Sterile little waterways were reverting to the swamps from which they came

    29. I suppose it had all seemed like a good idea at the time, drain the swamps, channel the water, and build on the dredged silt

    30. Over and under bridges of water, through mud holes and swamps; Clara managed to stay in first place

    31. On the second weekend they made the perilous, three hundred and fifty metre ascent up the escarpment to the tablelands where they spent two days and a night tramping between swamps, covered in mud to deter biting insects

    32. Deforestation had caused the swamps, and attempts to drain them had made everything worse, creating barren, infertile wastelands of inedible grass and stunted melaleucas

    33. Jarek had planned to climb the escarpment, cross the swamps and return to the sea-level forests in one day, but when they chanced on a clear, sandy-bottomed lake surrounded by sedges and paper barks, they couldn’t resist a swim

    34. Plains turned into swamps that stank with reptilian life

    35. Skin-clad, she waded thigh-deep in rice swamps, battling with squawking water-fowl for the precious grains

    36. To the sound of the horses’ quiet footfalls, she told me of the plant life in the glades, dales and swamps that aided both men and Elassa

    37. "It is steeped in the juice of the purple lotus which grows in the ghost- haunted swamps of southern Stygia," said the magician

    38. I surveyed the line of 42 aircats straddling the banks of the river Aarh that fed the swamps surrounding Orleans

    39. ber the swamps of old

    40. Properly used it can be extremely effective in that it instantly swamps a ship’s defensive sensors and gives us time to get the shot off before the enemy has time to react

    41. Intermingled with this humour (the reference to the Grey Man in poor taste, he thought) and reassertion of his own abilities at his age, Judge Burns had given his advice to consult the mysterious old witch who lived alone in the swamps and had been reputedly in close contact with the spirit world even since her husband died of very unnatural causes over fifty years ago, and though the correlation between this old country legend and the current situation was perhaps made in jest, Feltus had already decided on his way back to the hotel from Bobby Dan’s office to implore Elizabeth Bascomb to conduct a séance this evening, just to find out how those who participated would react to his suggestions

    42. Huge bypassed Soviet concentrations, refusing to surrender, escaped into the forests and swamps to snipe at German supply columns

    43. The small whitewashed building with several rocking chairs along the porch shaded by a centuries-old oak tree was situated on a dirt frontage road about one hundred feet off the two-lane road that was the main thoroughfare leading into the backwater towns and swamps of the area

    44. There are plenty of swamps with frogs,

    45. The physical and the pensive consciouses had evolved out of the swamps of the earth and thus volatile blood was in dire need to be covered or cleaned up from the mud out of which we had all came out from

    46. choke hold allowing his feet to search for the swamp"s floor

    47. �I was out near the swamps just in case I set fire to anything

    48. Lush coal swamps inhabited by huge insects occupied the

    49. Rainforest Collapse and devastated the coal swamps

    50. His eyelids never closed except for little naps to save his human brethren who were in swamps of sorrow and pain, not caring for the dangers of death or capital punishment or for what money or concessions he had paid in the service of God

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