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Temperamental in a sentence

They seem more temperamental.
The plumbing was temperamental.
They are apt to be more temperamental.
Thus children can be more temperamental.
Aren’t they the most temperamental.
These will tend to be more temperamental.
And his girlfriend is very temperamental.

historically temperamental when with child.
Executive, and a temperamental one at that.
He or she is more flighty and temperamental.
sense, but it may really just be temperamental.
She was highly temperamental and unpredictable.
Family members are apt to be more temperamental.
‘Temples, Tamilians and a temperamental mother.
Family members are more temperamental this period.
He or she is apt to be more temperamental than usual.
High-tech equipment can be more temperamental then too.
They are apt to be more temperamental during this time.

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Synonyms for temperamental

erratic temperamental moody