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Thing in a sentence

One thing at a time.
I can't see a thing.
It was a small thing.
I was a young thing.
Let him do his thing.
He can't hear a thing.
It's a close run thing.

It is one thing that.
A good thing you can.
I did the wrong thing.
Fear is a primal thing.
Life is a funny thing.
And a good thing too.
There is no such thing.
So; I tried a new thing.
Hers was a feral thing.
One thing was for sure.
It was a strange thing.
The best thing about Mr.
I said no such thing.
Roman was no such thing.
There is No Such Thing.
I saw the whole thing.
The only thing I could.
Do this one thing for me.
Some small thing it was.
But the funny thing is.
Being angry is on thing.
He said the wrong thing.
That was the first thing.
The best thing to do is.
Amar does the same thing.
If there is such a thing.
The final thing is energy.
Not quite the same thing.
One more thing Mae Betsy.
The thing was hard to taxi.
It was the closest thing.
The last thing he wanted.
This thing must be done.

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