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    1. She had used that knowledge to approach him very gradually when their affair began

    2. John drives up to the gate, a cowboy-ish affair topped with an arch of three wagon wheels flanked by a saguaro cactus and a coyote on one side and a prickly pear bush on the other

    3. ‘The news that Joanna Sadler was having an affair with a local civil servant has hit Dan Sadler hard

    4. That's why I can't ever have a love affair: a) I am not adaptable enough, b) I don't feel “half” when I am single; I feel “half” when I am with somebody

    5. In overall we had a nice time, but soon he let it be understood that mental harmony is not enough to start a love affair

    6. As she explained to me this evening, when I visited her, during the three years we have been apart she has gone steady with lots of men, until she ended up in a yearlong relationship with a woman! Anyway, for the time being she is single; she doesn't have any love affair of any kind

    7. Moreover, she is always trying to prettify her public image -rather awkwardly I'd say: Tonight, once again she told me she has a love affair with a young man from Crete, yet they only phone each other

    8. “Anyway, what is a would-be doctor good for? You should wait for him to finish his studies, and that could take ages! Like an old friend of mine, who had an affair with a medicine student, she waited for him to take his diploma, she even helped him financially to open his surgery, and in the end he dumped her! So, what did you expect? It's a fortunate thing that he hasn't called!” she concludes with a shrieking voice and her usual air of importance

    9. What would I have done in this or that situation? How would I react if I found myself facing similar choices? Would I have been as bold as Menachem and entered into a passionate affair with an English woman, a civil servant, just as he had done? Would I have dared to chase a French politician through the streets of Paris to ask that one final question, a question that resulted in Aban spending three days in a French gaol?

    10. Hay: It is a sign of riches, prosperity, and a happy love affair for the unmarried

    11. Jasmine: It is a token of a new love affair; don't be so hesitant

    12. It’d be another positive outcome of this whole affair if she and JJ were to get together as Berndt seems to think they may … Abery Hall ought to have children running around its grounds … Kara, get your feet back on the ground! Talking of which, you had better get yourself moving … get this bread home and dig out that authority Berndt gave you

    13. He couldn't say he had gotten over her, but he was not still in the midst of their affair as she suddenly appeared to be

    14. It is one thing having an affair, quite another committing to a relationship

    15. He could never have an affair, she would know about it immediately

    16. He could never tell when she was having an affair, and he was sure there had been several

    17. Breakfast that morning had been the usual hurried, monosyllabic affair, and when she returned home from work Annie was determined that she would sit her brother down and that they would have a thorough chat about the future

    18. I only want a very small, intimate affair – Jo and Sally, maybe, and Gary but if I have him, Claire will want to come and Mel … this small affair could become quite large if I’m not careful … and Simon might want to invite some of his cousins

    19. Kelvin had never given a sexual affair with Ava a second’s thought

    20. another affair and was forgiven by her husband, she

    21. Breakfast was a frosty affair and the fisherman decided that this

    22. Is she jealous of me and you? Does she think we’re having an affair?”

    23. You'll be okay, so long as you're clean in the affair

    24. affair than on the previous occasion Tom had lunched there, even

    25. Shikone faulted her for lack of interest in sex and too much interest in crystals when their affair ended

    26. All because he was having an affair and wouldn’t admit it when she said there was something wrong with their relationship

    27. Me – the other woman? Me - involved in a sordid, hole-in-the-corner affair? But it’s not like that … For the millionth time I try to justify the unjustifiable; to make sense of the illogical; to deny the undeniable

    28. He imagined remembering their love affair from Tdeshi’s side, for such is the power of the Kassikan’s pills, but Kulai assured him her mind was big and powerful but already empty

    29. The train from Rennes to Paris was a ten hour affair

    30. ‘He was having an affair with his wife

    31. “Well one of them is my sister/child Valla but she's been in this gross affair with a creep named Mappu down at the 'Bit of Borlunth’

    32. to, and now that the affair was (apparently – according to

    33. The breakfast itself was a curious affair, with various

    34. of Pistoia (it was a three star affair, I think)

    35. Other pieces were put in spectacles; and that was a sad affair when people put on their glasses to see well and rightly

    36. "That is a private affair," Alfred said

    37. Breakfast was a mediocre affair, but undismayed Fizzicist struck camp and with his weary flock trudging behind he marched onwards to the crossroads

    38. Grimes, “don’t see much of it here, still Fizzicist did need a new gate, that one hinge affair he had rigged up was not a good idea

    39. She could see he was more deeply hurt by this than he had been by the affair with Morg

    40. Actually less time to heal than the affair with Morg

    41. They've been carrying on a love affair for a few years now

    42. “To we Hebrews, bathing is a very private affair – the menfolk bathe separately from the womenfolk

    43. He was falling in love with Helez, but his secret love affair with Xonia was about to blow up in his face and would certainly scuttle that relationship

    44. His affair with Xonia was exhilarating and exciting, but it was about to mess up his future with Helez

    45. The great affair, we always find, is to get money

    46. He had even had a love affair with his step-sister

    47. Helez had found the ceremony to be a most elaborate affair compared to the simple funerals of the Hebrews

    48. She hoped in her heart of hearts that the two of them weren’t having an affair

    49. This self-image (ego) is a kind of do-it-yourself affair, created by each of us as we go through life

    50. bubble burst on the affair! Claude moved

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    Synonyms for "affair"

    affair matter thing function occasion social function social occasion affaire amour intimacy involvement liaison occupation duty avocation calling job pursuit concern case circumstance business question subject romance intrigue scandal gathering entertainment party rendezvous event happening

    "affair" definitions

    a vaguely specified concern

    a usually secretive or illicit sexual relationship

    a vaguely specified social event