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Affair in a sentence

So we had an affair.
It is a quiet affair.
Ah, that is my affair.
It was a silent affair.
It is a trivial affair.
That must be the affair.
It will be a small affair.

The affair reached the Tsar.
But the affair was done for.
She was having an affair.
You were having an affair.
This wasn't a formal affair.
It was a win-win affair, an.
It is all an ordinary affair.
It was a very volatile affair.
The affair was in the papers.
Learning of her affair with.
It was a purely Negro affair.
And now the affair was ended.
The affair ended months later.
Was she having an affair?
At last the affair was decided.
It was a very low key affair.
And it was a five-ring affair.
The affair shall go no further.
That is not an affair, said Mr.
She, too, was having an affair.
Her love affair with Hippolyte.
It's a church affair, you know.
He had an affair with my mother.
He had an affair, I said.
Of course it is a painful affair.
In order for the love affair to.
That would be a different affair.
It was not a cut-and-dried affair.
The affair is still in projection.
Were they having an affair?
DIVORCED because he had an affair.
Maybe she should have an affair.
Spalding was having an affair?

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