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    1. Screw: If you hold it in your hands, you will have to take certain decisions about your business; think over it carefully, or you could fail

    2. “Did you think overcoming cowardice would be easy?” he says calmly

    3. Williams’s case so I’m going to call an hour recess to think over my decision

    4. Batistuta could barely hear himself think over

    5. There was something that could help me, but I couldn’t think over the gun fire and blade in my face…

    6. A prisoner is given adequate time to think over their crime and make amends or choose a new direction in life

    7. I started to sit on the green grass lining the side of the hill to think over my options when the contents of the bag dug into my leg

    8. The point here is this: I’m not angry with you, and I will think over what you’ve said

    9. Another of the things he had to think over

    10. At his baptism he heard the unmistakable call of his Father, the final summons to be about his Father's business, and he went away into private seclusion for forty days to think over these manifold problems

    11. Take time to think over all that has happened since we came to Jerusalem and meditate on what is just ahead, of which I have plainly told you

    12. Chelsea makes a list of the available items and says she will think over the offer

    13. ‘But if true…’ DS Burrows left this hanging in the air for Jane to think over

    14. Major Hossein Mousavi, of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps Intelligence Bureau, had a few minutes to think over Nancy’s case before she exited the search room

    15. Nobody spoke up during the short trip, which gave time to Peter to seriously think over everything that had happened today

    16. Driving away, he stopped and parked one block away, in order to think over what he had just learned

    17. in contempt, told Ali to go to his room and think over the lesson

    18. He finally pocketed the dollars and walked out in the open, then slowly started to walk towards the nearest subway station: he badly needed to get back to his cramped apartment in Shinjuku District in order to think over his options

    19. “Don’t say that, I don’t want to hear it, think over what I have said, you will find a way, think of Imsha!”

    20. Hawkins had to think over that for a while

    21. usually give the seller 1 day to think over my offer

    22. “Not a problem,” I needed a little time to think over my feelings about his mom

    23. There’s enough to think over for many years

    24. ”So did you think over my proposition? Laura leaned into Mike and lowered her voice, “I hope you did, because this other guy is selling a shit load of those mystery pills, and it’s seriously impacting me

    25. Maybe, I too had taken Anand for granted as I didn’t think overmuch about an equitable raise for his value addition to my ever expanding business; but it was Anitha’s equanimity in dealing with Ruma that showed me the reality of life; it’s one that lowers oneself but not others

    26. “Just think over it, if it is not for the fact that Ye Qiubai has a strange temper, she should have married the Immortal Divine Dragon

    27. He sighed heavily and did not want to think over it anymore

    28. The Lord of the Divine Creator seemed to think over something before he

    29. stances of Damo by heart, he had not the time to think over its intricate complex

    30. He helped himself to a dose of whisky and sat down on his favourite chair to think over his conversation with Nicky

    31. Job, now, would have been the very man for this--directly her thought went in his direction, he seemed to leap to her side, as if she had called him--but as he was out of the question she must think over her friends, and see which would be best for taking the wretched business on his shoulders

    32. “This isn't going to be easy for me, Alex, but I think over time I can come to accept your relationship with him

    33. She needed time to think over her options

    34. I have had some discussions with other of the townsmen and they suggest that you and we meet in order to think over the implications of such a venture

    35. He added, ‘It’s clear now that we wasted our time with fraud people so we’ll have to think over some other way to do this project

    36. Let’s think over some other options

    37. Nicola said, ‘I think, we shouldn’t fade up and think over the problem again and again

    38. Bless my soul, when I sit down and think over the

    39. He does not have time to think over past mistakes, which would make him unhappy

    40. Think over Mother's preachment, act upon it if it seems good, and God bless you all

    41. They were interrupted by the entrance of Margaret; and Elinor was then at liberty to think over the representations of her mother, to acknowledge the probability of many, and hope for the justice of all

    42. Here feeling perplexed I began to think over what had preceded

    43. “You would think over time he would mellow

    44. "Think over your prayers," he whispered, as they approached him; "for He to whom you make them, knows all tongues; that of the heart, as well as those of the mouth

    45. I will try and think over what is the best thing to be done; you will give me your advice, will you not, and if possible extricate me from my unpleasant position? I think, rather than give pain to my dear mother, I would run the risk of offending the count

    46. Think over it

    47. I watch Isaac leave and think over what Ricketts has told me

    48. But now, when he began to think over the question that had just presented itself, it seemed to him very complicated and difficult

    49. But as soon as the carriage drove out into the street, and he felt it jolting over the uneven road, heard the angry shout of a sledge driver coming towards them, saw in the uncertain light the red blind of a tavern and the shops, this impression was dissipated, and he began to think over his actions, and to wonder whether he was doing right in going to see Anna

    50. He made a couple of turns up and down the room, and then went hurriedly to his secret den to think over an investment he was meditating in the public Funds

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