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Thoroughbred in a sentence | thoroughbred example sentences

  1. I said thoroughbred.
  2. The agile Thoroughbred managed to regain.
  3. The thoroughbred gladiators I’d imagined.
  4. This daughter of the shadows was thoroughbred.
  5. She was bareback on a sleek black thoroughbred.

  6. Sleek Andalusian thoroughbred horses, raised as the mounts for.
  7. Emily chose a quiet thoroughbred mare and slipped a bridle on her.
  8. Before he climbed back into the cockpit of his thoroughbred machine the black.
  9. James Thornton’s thoroughbred hunters, all these were as meat and drink to her.
  10. But they knew instinctively, as they knew thoroughbred horses laboring to save him.
  11. Not so with the Blaisdell thoroughbred, under the skillful guidance of a premier jockey.
  12. On the thirteenth of June a rather small, thoroughbred Arab horse was brought to Napoleon.
  13. She sat behind the wheel of every top-‐of-‐the-‐range thoroughbred in every.
  14. I have cultivated my inner organs as if they were thoroughbred dogs, cats, and other animals.
  15. He was riding a very fine thoroughbred gray Arab horse with a crimson gold-embroidered saddlecloth.

  16. Leaving, at midnight, I found myself raising a hand to slap her on the flat of her flank like a thoroughbred.
  17. As they passed a blacksmith’s shop, the smith was shoeing a Kentucky thoroughbred, who looked at them with an airy unconcern.
  18. Various other awards have been given and his name adorns: stadiums, parks, schools, a bridge, statues and even a thoroughbred horse.
  19. Prince Kuzovlev sat with a white face on his thoroughbred mare from the Grabovsky stud, while an English groom led her by the bridle.
  20. They got to try out different machines, and the SE was a real thoroughbred compared to the hacks we usually let him and some others fly.
  21. Rostov could already see their faces and heard the command: ‘Charge!’ shouted by an officer who was urging his thoroughbred to full speed.
  22. He needed something more macho - suitable to his stature - like the chestnut thoroughbred stallion that stomped and snorted in a nearby stall.
  23. Rostóv could already see their faces and heard the command: Charge! shouted by an officer who was urging his thoroughbred to full speed.
  24. Wickland concluded that her use of equine decor along with her demeanor suggested that she too was a thoroughbred, which made her all the more appealing.
  25. The horse really was an exceptionally fine one, a broad and long gelding, with glossy coat, thick silky tail, and the soft fine mane and crest of a thoroughbred.

  26. And, it is a fact, that the pasha’s thoroughbred horses did not like it when they chewed on the small stones in the fodder and they did in fact suffer a lot of pain.
  27. As he reached the house he saw at the door four big, well-fed, well-groomed, thoroughbred horses harnessed to a carriage, the black lacquer of which glistened in the sun.
  28. They rode Quarter Horses, the classic cowboy horse of the American mid west, shorter than an English Thoroughbred but tougher and better suited to hard and uneven ground.
  29. Vronsky had put his name down, bought a thoroughbred English mare, and in spite of his love affair, he was looking forward to the races with intense, though reserved, excitement.
  30. The horse under Zhilín was a thoroughbred (he had paid a hundred roubles for it when it was a colt, and had himself trained it), and it carried him up the slope as though on wings.
  31. Vronsky had put his name down, bought a thoroughbred English mare, and in spite of his love affair, he was looking forward to the races with intense, though reserved, excitement….
  32. She helped Beth select a chestnut thoroughbred stallion that snorted eagerly when led from its stall, and which she described as a great mount for an experienced rider but slightly headstrong.
  33. On the return ride, the spirited thoroughbred knew exactly where they were going: they were retracing their steps and at the end of the trail waited its cozy stall with a feed bin full of fresh grain.
  34. Hillenbrand’s New Yorker article, A Sudden Illness, won the 2004 National Magazine Award, and she is a two-time winner of the Eclipse Award, the highest journalistic honor in thoroughbred racing.
  35. He explain’d the History of the Horse in England, how the heavy Horses of our Ancestors had been cross-bred with the Arabians to produce the Noble Thoroughbred, the finest Horse the World hath e’er known.
  36. A horse less royally bred than Ixion, an animal with more temper and less courage than this thoroughbred, after the buffeting he had received during the race, would have sulked, or responded at best with feeble effort.
  37. The good-natured fellow told Nekhludoff the whole story of his life, and was going to question him in turn, when their attention was aroused by a student and a veiled lady, who drove up in a trap, with rubber tyres, drawn by a large thoroughbred horse.
  38. He spoke of the slender Beauty of the Thoroughbred, the Wildness of the Pure Arabian, the Pow’r of the heavy Breeds, the Charm of the Connemara, Shetland, and the Welsh Ponies, the soulful Eyes of Mares, and the flaring Nostrils of Stallions—almost as if he were a Lover besotted with his Beloved’s Charms.
  39. All laughed to see Don Fernando going from one to another collecting the votes, and whispering to them to give him their private opinion whether the treasure over which there had been so much fighting was a pack-saddle or a caparison; but after he had taken the votes of those who knew Don Quixote, he said aloud, The fact is, my good fellow, that I am tired collecting such a number of opinions, for I find that there is not one of whom I ask what I desire to know, who does not tell me that it is absurd to say that this is the pack-saddle of an ass, and not the caparison of a horse, nay, of a thoroughbred horse; so you must submit, for, in spite of you and your ass, this is a caparison and no pack-saddle, and you have stated and proved your case very badly.

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