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Threadbare in a sentence

It was not very threadbare even now.
His coat was of the best cut, but threadbare.
Her very attire was threadbare to say the least.
Selma finished tying the belt to the threadbare.
Laigle's coat was threadbare, but Joly was well dressed.
We cracked open cans of chilled lager, sat on threadbare.
The chill entered with a flourish of grey, threadbare fog.

A threadbare and venerable device, but useful upon occasion.
This survival of a constant life at sea was a threadbare existence.
A huddled figure lay in the corner, covered with threadbare blankets.
He was wearing a threadbare tee shirt and equally worn out blue jeans.
He wore only a pair of black swimming briefs that were threadbare in.
I wish we had one in my lounge room instead of our threadbare recliner.
Threadbare fucking carpets, the stage is wank and the boss pays peanuts.
We have threadbare team strength in the editorial after we were forced.
These were badly turned out troops in well-worn, even threadbare uniforms.
A dangerously underweight corporal in threadbare fatigues comes for Werner on foot.
He saw the same pinched faces, threadbare homespuns, bare feet and bent shoulders.
No, they didn’t have holes in them, but they were starting to get a little threadbare.
He laid his head down on his threadbare dirty pillow and pondered, pondered a long time.
Christy glanced at his own threadbare knees, and then at Fred's beautiful white trousers.
Puller lay back on the bed and stared at the ceiling now instead of the threadbare carpet.
His threadbare boxer shorts had gone grey with age and most of his socks had holes in them.
Father Haralambos sat on his bed, the early morning sun shining through the threadbare curtains.
The ends of the sleeves of his coat were frayed and ragged, and the elbows were worn threadbare.
Then I minutely examined my clothes and thought that everything looked old, worn and threadbare.
He walks the few metres from his bed, past a threadbare red brocade armchair, to the kitchenette.
On a bed sat a threadbare teddy bear, and on a desk by the wall stood what looked like a computer.
Until Christmas morning he wore his old vest and his old trousers, which had long been threadbare.
A threadbare couch was propped up against the wall with two building bricks replacing an absent leg.
There was an old threadbare rug on the scarred hardwood flooring whose colors were long since faded.
Before Hesper noticed, she quickly tucked the sack down the threadbare chiton that Tragus had provided.
Mitch Rapp was sitting on a threadbare sofa next to what appeared to be a week’s worth of dirty clothes.
This dismal threadbare stretch of her life was over! Thank God because it had nearly been the death of her.
Men in threadbare suits putting hands to the tops of their heads to take off hats that are no longer there.
There was a chest of drawers full of threadbare clothing, most of it man-made material, and all of it black.
I imagine their souls thin and threadbare, stunted by cold and hunger, poor and pitiful, but certainly there.
All there considerations count for nothing to one whose sole aim it seems is to sustain a threadbare doctrine.
Directly behind the main hospital building was a steep frost-covered lawn which ended in threadbare scrub pines.
Ted has lived here for five years and he knows the layout of his tiny, threadbare flat like the back of his hand.

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