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Stock in a sentence | stock example sentences

  2. Stock Up on Snow Globes.
  3. One stock is just one.
  4. The price of the stock.
  5. He may not buy stock E.

  6. I sat stock still; and.
  8. I am a good stock keeper.
  10. We should stock up with.
  11. The stock was at $28.
  12. Current price of the stock.
  13. His father had a stock farm.
  14. Today in the stock market:.
  15. Stock was never issued for.

  16. I would be a laughing stock.
  17. Now he was a laughing stock.
  19. That was his stock in trade.
  20. The risk of stock and stock.
  21. If stock XYZ last printed 50.
  22. Yes, we have that in stock.
  23. Taking stock of herself she.
  24. We have a new stock selection.
  25. In a stock that had traded 6.

  26. A stock was purchased at $72.
  27. A new stock for the portfolio.
  28. He pressed the stock to his.
  29. S stock market for many years.
  30. Thus, the stock price rises.
  31. At expiration the stock was 52.
  32. He chose his stock well, then.
  33. Alert, the stock starts a.
  34. We sell only prime stock here.
  35. This stock is way too cheap.
  36. On the stock was engraved 'Ss.
  37. As he silently took stock of.
  38. Breaking News about the Stock.
  39. I mean the girl, not the stock.
  40. In this model, a higher stock.
  41. Convertible into stock at 50 (i.
  42. Iceman: The stock moves up; 138.
  43. And the stock went nowhere.
  44. The stock market is undervalued.
  45. The stock was bought for.
  46. Stock E still looks attractive.
  47. Stock Exchange at a price of R5.
  48. Convertible into stock at 33 (i.
  49. He stepped down and took stock.
  50. Notice these live stock cages.
  51. And, LVS is a good market stock.
  52. Vince was selling off his stock.
  53. The more volatile stock market.
  54. Moisten with the stock or water.
  55. Stock options are American style.
  56. Reversal Play in Oversold Stock.
  57. Taking Stock of the Big Picture.
  58. The stock market is going to do.
  59. They stood stock still, and 162.
  60. Scow Chemical’s stock jumped $2.
  61. When a stock under performs the.
  62. Occupants purchase stock in the.
  63. If the stock is at 41 1/4 or $41.
  64. Plowing Back Due to Watered Stock.
  65. The stock was there, but it had.
  66. A stock you own rockets in value.
  67. And the other one - stock broker.
  68. Stock Y has a mean of 6 % and a.
  69. A list of stock purchases followed.
  70. Rudy: That someone wants the stock.
  71. The stock can be bought by anyone.
  72. Proves that she is of Legion stock.
  73. But she had no time to take stock.
  74. I own plenty of stock in the bank.
  75. The reason a stock has reached a.
  76. She stays stock still for a moment.
  77. I don’t want my stock dehydrated.
  78. He sold his house lock stock and.
  79. This stock began with a false.
  80. Maybe he owned stock in Halliburton.
  82. Technical Analysis of Stock Traps.
  83. Here are some photos of the stock.
  84. This is a stock I always get wrong.
  85. What About on an Individual Stock?
  86. Then he took stock of the situation.
  87. Preferred Stock Grouped with Common.
  88. The stock covers any risk of being.
  89. Vaijnath gave his stock reply that.
  90. Let’s start with the stock market.
  91. Then he finds a corresponding stock.
  92. She had sold half her stock already.
  93. Options for the Stock Investor, 195.
  94. Add the stock, lime juice and beer.
  95. The stock plunged into the low $20s.
  96. If only investors had to pass Stock.
  97. Holding another folding stock Kalash.
  98. Let’s take a hypothetical stock XYZ.
  100. Steven stood stock still for a moment.
  1. He had been stocking up.
  2. Both had stocking caps on.
  3. And the white Stocking as well.
  4. Li-Na was stocking the shelves.
  5. I thought we were stocking up.
  6. Use caution when stocking them.
  7. The black one wore a stocking cap.
  8. She nudged him with a stocking foot.
  9. Problems With Stocking Inventory :.
  10. But Roy was gone, in his stocking feet.
  11. Aretha stood there in her stocking feet.
  12. The President had already hung up his stocking.
  13. A sea of red and white Santa stocking caps sat.
  14. Marie-Laure roves the cellar in her stocking feet.
  15. After stocking up on a few rations and sampling the.
  16. Gonna dance with a dolly with a hole in her stocking.
  17. Stocking products costs money, that's the bottom line.
  18. Nor was it stocking shelves at a local department store.
  19. A tuft of green hair stuck from beneath his stocking cap.
  20. As a child, did you ever think the Christmas stocking was.
  21. I’m stocking up for the Fleece Fair, Madge explained.
  22. We both arrived, in our stocking feet, at the armatured stand.
  23. Tank Size : 1 per 2 gallons is the recommended stocking ratio.
  24. He was wearing a stocking hat, and was mounted on an old mule.
  25. Alcohol dull senses sigh: stocking tops and a glimpse of thigh.
  26. Subsequently, every store stocking that type of knife would be.
  27. As I search for my stocking cap, I spot Cherrie walking out of.
  28. Manhattan's "silk stocking" police precinct was busier than usual.
  29. Beneath, she wore a black, gossamer body stocking and black pumps.
  30. I'll begin by saying thank you, Michael, nice job stocking the cave.
  32. It says Billy announced Billy excitedly holding the stocking up.
  33. Does the cat have a stocking yes indeed make one especially for your.
  34. As I walked on in my stocking feet I could see a light in the distance.
  35. It was Christmas Eve, and Little Girl had just hung up her stocking by.
  36. The resolution to provide every poor child in the city with a stocking.
  37. Stocking your tank slowly and ALWAYS using a quarantine tank will pay.
  38. Slowly he took off his garter and fumbled to the bottom of his stocking.
  39. He was knitting a stocking, and listening to Luka with an indifferent air.
  40. He fell through the ceiling and not far from a night crew stocking shelves.
  41. For, while drawing on the other stocking, I had felt constrained to kiss her.
  42. An old man, a servant of the princesses, sat in a corner knitting a stocking.
  43. Nightclubs throughout the city had begun stocking up on a wide range of books.
  44. The alien being was clad in a silver-lame body stocking with integral booties.
  45. Then, over the past couple of days, he’s been stocking it up with supplies.
  46. The feline anthromorphs are bound to be stocking up their staples as we speak.
  47. A boy about Claire's age was standing near the shelf, stocking up on gummies too.
  48. Stocking wise, it is recommended to keep only 1 emerald crab per 20 or 25 gallons.
  49. She had to knit so many rounds of her stocking before she might go to the valley.
  50. It means that Anna Makárovna has finished her stocking, said Countess Mary.
  51. He had been stocking up with foodstuffs for the homestead in the last week or two.
  52. There were high school students inspecting radios, war prisoners stocking supplies.
  53. Julie was swaddled in a blanket, wearing a pink stocking cap, and waving her fists.
  54. She tore off a piece of her skirt and stuffed it between her stocking and the metal.
  55. I took off my stocking cap and pea coat, tucking my hat and gloves in the sleeve and.
  56. She was sitting in an armchair placed sideways, screening and was knitting a stocking.
  57. Minutes after returning to the flat and stocking the refrigerator, my child comes home.
  58. The way I’ve been feeling, I doubt if I will even bother to hang a stocking this year.
  59. I suppose every stocking she had was in holes, as you know very well they generally are.
  60. She set herself a task on her stocking and resolved not to turn round till it was finished.
  61. They are rather good community tank dwellers but as always, use caution when stocking them.
  62. Let me alone! it's all right,—the toes in his stocking moved more rapidly than ever.
  63. The second is some woman manager at 3Com who’s stocking up for a fortieth-birthday bash.
  64. It slipped off like a stocking, slipped off the body to the neck, and off the legs to the paws.
  65. Use caution if you plan on stocking a Lavender Tang with other tangs and only keep them in 100.
  66. Lieutenant Pappas was with the homicide task force in the "silk stocking" district in Manhattan.
  67. Like I said at the top of this guide, I wasn't sure whether stocking should precede tank, or the.
  68. Of course, it hadn't helped matters, to walk around in the snow with just a stocking over her cast.
  69. Even in the tight confines of the stocking pens, they manage to plot and to distract; to even revolt.
  70. Ideal! She put a paper towel in the foot of one stocking and filled it with baking soda and charcoal.
  71. Then she tied the top of the stocking to the bucket handle so that her deodorizer would dangle inside.
  72. Pete himself stood up from behind the counter, hands full of the straws and napkins he’d been stocking.
  73. She took a knitting needle, stuck it through both the ball and the stocking, and went out into the corridor.
  74. Let’s put your stocking out now! But where? They’d moved too often for there to be a regular spot.
  75. He had a caring wife Ye Sijing, who did most works of shop-keeping, stocking, and household chores since Guo.
  76. They have hordes of locations and they take advantage of the fact, stocking each location with plenty of inventory.
  77. A moment later, Cecy's body on the bed stiffened like a stocking with a leg thrust suddenly into it, inhabited again.
  78. Stocking two crates of merchandise may be a sensible business risk, but stocking a full trailer is probably a gamble.
  79. A moment later, Cecy’s body on the bed stiffened like a stocking with a leg thrust suddenly into it, inhabited again.
  80. She was sitting in an armchair placed sideways, screening the light of the candle from him, and was knitting a stocking.
  81. When a load comes in from the warehouse, we can unload it off the truck and take it directly to the aisles for stocking.
  82. A maid had drawn the bedroom curtains and lit a warm fire, and now he lay stretched out on his bed in his stocking feet.
  83. Headed by a staff officer were about 150 men of all regiments with that same piper, hatless and with one stocking, in front.
  84. From his stocking less legs, to his slicked down mane and back to his streaming black tail, not a sight of white was visible.
  85. Beside her sat another old woman, also dressed in mourning, and silently knitting a stocking; this was evidently a companion.
  86. The stocking of the memory with occult detail which serves no useful purpose only strains the brain cells and feeds the pride.
  87. I wondered if in NYC we would have griped to the courtesy shop that they should start stocking plastic cups for future clients.
  88. The old female in the aisle limped from shelf to shelf, stocking books, some too heavy for her to carry more than one at a time.
  89. The coveralled man was descending, too, until there was only a stocking cap slipping up in back to show a fugitive bit of green.
  90. One of the enduring ironies of her death was that she had been in her bare stocking feet when she suffered the fall that killed her.
  91. Lumps of ice formed wherever water splashed on the boys’ sweatshirts and the stocking hats they wore pulled down over their ears.
  92. With more of that infinite patience, he detached one garter and began to roll the stocking down, following the trail with his lips.
  93. Alan stood back up on is feet, exposing his boot where a stocking gun and a Bowie knife with a serrated edge were clearly visible.
  94. I was sitting at a window knitting a stocking, says the wife of a priest, when suddenly the deacon’s wife came running up.
  95. Do you suppose they keep vodka for sale?’ said the soldier, succeeding at last in pulling the soaked boot off the blackened stocking.
  96. His whole leg, in its stocking, was thrust outside the coverlet, and it could be seen how he was twitching his toes convulsively inside it.
  97. He prepared for a day in a canoe by stocking a cooler with beer, buying another ounce of marijuana, and selecting cassettes for his Walkman.
  98. I was gorging because of my traumatic starvation and Monette, in any case a natural, stocking sensations for the arid times of melted clocks.
  99. There could always be splinters on the ascending stairs and there is no need of risking additional discomfort by going up in my stocking feet.
  100. As well as food he started stocking extra arrows by the hundreds of thousands, spears, armor, handcarts, tents, shovels, cooking pots and swords.
  1. The pantry is fully stocked.
  2. This was stocked with a wild.
  3. In the morning we stocked up.
  4. He also stocked up on grenades.
  5. I have plenty of water stocked.
  6. His tool chest is well stocked.
  7. It had cupboards stocked with pots.
  8. The kitchen was exceptionally well stocked.
  9. The long bar was well stocked with spirits.
  10. The jet is stocked daddy? Great! - Positive and.
  11. Opening her mouth wider she carefully stocked one.
  12. Thus pride stocked hell with its first inhabitants.
  13. Are my memory banks stocked with another’s travels?
  14. At that point, no more of the product would be stocked.
  15. Across the living area, there was a wel stocked library.
  16. The underground armory is fully stocked with the latest.
  17. In the back of the restaurant there is a well stocked bar.
  18. As predicted, the audience was stocked not only with hack-.
  19. As we did, I could see the pond was well stocked with fish.
  20. They stocked up their cool box with ice, beer and some bread.
  21. Can you have your shuttle stocked and prep in an hour?
  22. Ready for the summer? Susan asked as I stocked the shelves.
  23. Listen, each Jeep is stocked with a first aid kit, Val said.
  24. For the umpteenth time, Louie cursed whoever had stocked the raft.
  25. As good fortune would have it, each of the highlanders had stocked.
  26. Stocked and with three mattresses for us to sleep or to protect us.
  27. The snowcat was already partially stocked with supplies and extra fuel.
  28. So I took the liberty of having the sister estate cleaned and stocked.
  29. You have no rent to pay anymore; the house will be stocked with food.
  30. Her bookshelves are stocked with coffee-table crap: The Irish in America.
  31. He also stocked up on ammo for his UMP and magnum; he also picked up a S.
  32. He made sure it was always stocked with bottled water and healthy snacks.
  33. Even the refrigerator and cupboards had been stocked with food and drink.
  34. The way most systems are stocked nowadays (rarely are they understocked).
  35. They stocked their shelves with food, but they never fed the children!.
  36. He waited until the man had settled into his cot, had his pipe stocked and.
  37. We found our favorite take-out spots; we stocked the freezer with ice cream.
  38. The pantry was so well stocked with crockery, they might never learn about it.
  39. Aye, but there's a lot better places stocked with what you'll be wanting, son.
  40. Shiny, aluminium magazine racks lined the outer walls fully stocked with comics.
  41. They were also looking for a place that was stocked with things they could drink.
  42. Chiron said, The woods are stocked, if you care to try your luck, but go armed.
  43. But of course, all this information was filed away somewhere or stocked in some.
  44. It’s large and well stocked, Bogardus said with a relish that surprised Rob.
  45. Margret makes sure he is always well stocked with books before leaving out of port.
  46. I invaded the room across from mine to find it fully stocked with men’s clothing.
  47. The fridge was stocked with plenty of food and Christina’s bed wasn’t being used.
  48. They are well stocked with food and wine; they will be fine until Lord Weston arrives.
  49. I took in the city, a couple of movies and stocked up on film and spare batteries and.
  50. The Brangas, perhaps always fearful of their status in Kashi, had stocked the roof of.
  51. We have stocked the munitions magazines in accordance with the simulations we worked.
  52. Totally, they will be here with their families, their house is as stocked as this one.
  53. It was a suite with three separate bedrooms and a bar stocked with candy, sodas, and chips.
  54. In the petite armoire hung basic clothes of various sizes, stocked for unexpected visitors.
  55. Make sure they are well stocked and keep a mattress there to protect you from any falling debris.
  56. There was cake? I say, looking at my own plate, which is more sensibly stocked than Uriah’s.
  57. As always, the room was stocked with pots, pans, ladles and various types of fruits and vegetables.
  58. I keep the house well stocked with meat, fish and vegetables and she can cook whatever she pleases.
  59. It is also fully stocked, so the workers have moved on to filling another warehouse down the block.
  60. Each suite was supplied with a fully stocked drinks cabinet and a table displaying an exotic buffet.
  61. The only other pieces of furniture were a wooden chair and a stove burning next to a stocked coal bin.
  62. John's was stocked with enough white lightning to send up half of Queen street into a raging firestorm.
  63. There are Shoprites and Spars (both are South African grocery chains like Sears) which are fully stocked.
  64. Once fully stocked and almost trained a pre-emptive strike was made destroying it and the human material.
  65. She spent a hectic fortnight after the workshop opened getting the ice cream parlour furnished and stocked.
  66. Sufficient quantities of hay should be stocked inside the coop to enable the chickens to scratch and peck.
  67. With that, preparations for the blockade run began, with crews racing to get their ships stocked and ready.
  68. Not unless they’re intentionally stocked in the woods or specially summoned by somebody on the inside.
  69. He wanted a packet of cigarettes, he told Annette, praying she hadn't stocked up on his behalf: she hadn't.
  70. There was a bar to my right, fully stocked, and I mean seriously fully stocked with anything you could want.
  71. Usually grit is stocked and sold by the poultry feed stores and is found as loose grain sand or small pebbles.
  72. Callie McCallister was trying to organize a boycott of Big Screen Video because they stocked a few NC-17 movies.
  73. I know he is hold up in a cave in the Ortiz - a cave that my friend Zeph has stocked up for the end of the world.
  74. At a suggestion from Jake, several of the well stocked towns began to share with their less fortunate compatriots.
  75. Ponds stocked with carp allowed the effluent to settle before seeping into the water meadow and the river beyond.
  76. Better still, however, is the macaroni made with fine wholemeal flour which is stocked by some food-reform stores.
  77. The sail from Greece to Spain was easy enough, stocked with cans of Greek provisions and the water tanks topped off.
  78. They took the Land Rover, the 4x4 equipped with protective charms and the boot stocked with the tools of their trade.
  79. Thus central would keep the code buffers at each hub stocked with usable voting codes as needed, but not overstocked.
  80. It is, as it were, a certain quantity of labour stocked and stored up, to be employed, if necessary, upon some other occasion.
  81. The village fete is always well and truly stocked up with napkins, doilies and handkerchiefs which they can sell on the stalls.
  82. Their home was well stocked with food and with the cows safely settled in the cowshed, they would be guaranteed sufficient milk.
  83. The boat was stocked with top quality, name brand gear, far sturdier than anything Levi wore for sailing off the coast of Israel.
  84. Fired a with housewifely wish to see her storeroom stocked with homemade preserves, she undertook to put up her own currant jelly.
  85. As normal, it was stocked with all sorts of alcoholic beverages, but only a few cans of soda and fruit juice for children of attendees.
  86. Within a few moments the tables were stocked with food and drink of all sorts that would satisfy any guest’s preferred culinary taste.
  87. Now, with the use of aisles, clear directional signing, and shopping carts, the job of a store is to keep it stocked and check people out.
  88. Both wanted feeding, and Roger who had stocked up on dog food, immediately fed them, and they gobbled down the food as fast as they could.
  89. Rather than stocked full of the answers we sought to the problems vexing us, it was instead crammed full of items of ‘touristic interest’*.
  90. Then comes a period of calm as the market moves sideways into the accumulation phase, as the warehouses are stocked up ready for the move higher.
  91. Several hundred feet above, was the ledge with the cave that was now fully and comfortably stocked for a prolonged stay for a dozen people, or so.
  92. Remember Fort Knox? It used to be that for every paper dollar, the government would have the equivalent value of physical gold stocked away safely.
  93. He preferred the smaller waters - the gin-clear chalk streams of the southern counties, or small still waters and lakes, with their stocked rainbows.
  94. Thankfully, this megastructure was built in modular form with the original goal of assembling it on Mirphak III, thus came fully equipped and stocked.
  95. Because the smaller stores were stocked with faster-selling items, rather than a wide assortment of items, the change also improved inventory turnover.
  96. She scanned the interior and ‘saw’ the short-wave radio set; the rifles on the wall; the crossbow; and a well stocked root cellar beneath the floor.
  97. Then the last drawer - this one was stocked with condoms, lollipops and 3 tins of baby powder…what disgusting rituals were these items being used for?
  98. It was well stocked with low-fat milk, fresh vegetables, yogurt, eggs, berries, some fresh salmon and chicken fillets, power drinks and lo-cal dressings.
  99. From roughly eight in the morning to three in the afternoon, I stocked shelves, ran the register, and dealt with unhappy customers in a local supermarket.
  100. They catered to Macnock's clients from a fully stocked liquor bar as they served up chilled hors d'oeuvres in the summer and warm appetizers in the winter.
  1. A night in the stocks.
  2. For stocks that have an.
  3. Your stocks have gone up.
  4. C-rated stocks may be OK.
  5. Three out of four stocks.
  6. By 2001, many stocks that.
  7. Check all these stocks out.
  8. Shark Hunts the Best Stocks.
  9. So fun stocks cost you cash.
  10. The Search for Cheap Stocks.
  11. Most stocks will go under.
  12. The stocks appear in Table 2.
  13. Too many negative stocks; 38.
  14. Stocks that pertain to these.
  15. They were all low P/E stocks.
  16. Covered Call Writing on Stocks.
  17. Do research on how stocks work.
  19. Stocks do not trend on the open.
  20. Check Other Stocks in the Group.
  21. On stocks only but not indexes.
  22. NYSE + Nasdaq Stocks On The Move.
  23. All the stocks seem to have gone.
  24. When the market for tech stocks.
  25. You cannot invest in 500 stocks.
  26. Common sense ways to pick stocks.
  27. It works the same way with stocks.
  28. With 30 stocks this can’t happen.
  29. In the case of preferred stocks:.
  30. Sell your stocks in door hinges!.
  31. Investment Merits of Common Stocks.
  32. Options are traded just like stocks.
  34. Covered calls on stocks, 155–157.
  35. The key is picking the best stocks.
  36. Stocks on the Move (Investors.
  37. Popular stocks tend to swing a lot.
  38. Stay away from stocks that hurt you.
  39. Should You Invest in Income Stocks?
  40. Tech stocks were completely slammed.
  41. I heard he sold most of the stocks.
  42. Stocks now changed hands in pennies.
  43. The Small Stocks universe earned 10.
  44. How to Trade in Stocks, (Livermore).
  45. Prep was trading way too many stocks.
  46. Stocks were not created to screw them.
  47. He studied stocks and their behavior.
  48. High-beta stocks and funds are risky.
  49. If you see stocks doubling in price.
  50. Eliminate all stocks with less than 2.
  51. Boring stocks have to pay you in cash.
  52. Such dynamics did not exist in stocks.
  53. Dot com stocks had lost 25% last week.
  54. The balance was held in common stocks.
  55. OK, so human beings cannot pick stocks.
  56. Stocks had an excess return (GM) of 6.
  57. Investing Is Not About Picking Stocks.
  58. Capitalization Rates for Growth Stocks.
  59. How Many Stocks Should You Really Own?
  61. He planted it with choice grape stocks.
  62. Trading stocks that are more expensive.
  63. Most of the stocks in the tech bubble.
  64. But I do buy FTSE stocks sometimes too.
  65. The cheap stocks generally get cheaper.
  66. I invest in a lot of individual stocks.
  68. Average returns for these stocks were 0.
  69. Eliminate all stocks priced less than 40.
  70. These glory stocks are getting hammered.
  71. Play with stocks that are more volatile.
  72. Trading stocks that have bigger spreads.
  74. Their stocks underperformed as a result.
  75. When tracking stocks on InvestorVillage.
  76. Growth Stocks and the Defensive Investor.
  77. Only 1% of them said to sell tech stocks.
  78. Stay away from stocks like that, Mr.
  79. Interest sensitive stocks took off with.
  80. In stocks below $5, buy mostly on the bid.
  81. The dogs of the Dow bites in stocks.
  82. The equivalent term in stocks is a point.
  83. The Defensive Investor and Common Stocks.
  84. Patterns will form for hot sector stocks.
  85. In some high-priced stocks like Priceline.
  86. Mutual fund is the image of various stocks.
  87. In less liquid stocks, the spread can be 0.
  88. This makes them more like consumer stocks.
  89. But that is the problem with drugs stocks.
  90. The pullback: You will favor stocks where.
  91. This applies to individual stocks as well.
  92. Chasing stocks, like crime, doesn’t pay.
  93. But the higher risk of Small Stocks of 23.
  94. The gap down: You will favor stocks where.
  95. If we ignore the microcap stocks in Table 5.
  96. Such never has to happen for common stocks.
  97. And ditto for tech stocks in 2000 and 2001.
  98. Wilhelm slumped lifelessly over the stocks.
  99. You should buy stocks that are performing.
  100. I’ve never traded stocks or anything else.

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