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Threat in a sentence

I'm no threat to him.
This is not a threat.
This is a real threat.
He is no threat to him.
I know the real threat.
The man was a threat.
This man is a threat to.

He knew a threat when he.
I took care of the threat.
This is your great threat.
M: Not a threat, a warning.
Inviting threat so as to.
He is a threat to my plans.
We know the threat is real.
He did not utter his threat.
Always turn into the threat.
Do not become a threat by.
They knew safety and threat.
It’s just an empty threat.
My threat didn’t faze him.
China is the real threat.
I didn’t hear a threat.
Great, now I was the threat?
Navy was a particular threat.
He wasn’t a threat anymore.
They will see it as a threat.
Is that a threat I hear? :).
He would haul in some threat.
The SHU was no threat to him.
No matter how great the threat.
Are a menace, a threat to.
It was not the threat implied.
It was still a serious threat.
My threat rolls right off him.
It was a threat and a promise.
He could smell the threat of.
They were a constant threat.
The threat is still out there.
And the threat irritated Carl.

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