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    1. Thus, the sun being well and truly over the yardarm, and with myself in a state of cleanliness to match the house, I had taken a tumbler out of the cupboard and reached for the bottle of gin … two generous gins and tonic later, I felt less stressed, the alcohol casting a welcome numbness over my violin-strung emotions

    2. The king stand in front of a television watching the news in his jammies, a gin and tonic in one hand, the remote in the other

    3. It was still easier to pour the tonic and the gin

    4. He thought about saying that this war may provoke settlement of this region, but decided he didn't want to argue with her, worked on his gin and tonic instead

    5. On cue, Alastair hands me a glass and I take a quick swig; bless him … a stiff vodka and tonic is just what I need …

    6. I sip my gin and tonic, playing for time, but I might as well have not bothered

    7. ’ I said, sipping my sensible grapefruit and tonic

    8. tonic with her mid morning biscuits

    9. Can I have a gin and tonic, please?’ I said, following him to the bar

    10. The next morning, I went to Chloe’s chamber with the tonic she still needed to rebuild

    11. To keep them tranquil, she doses them with a tonic made from poppies

    12. That evening, when Circe dosed us with the tonic, it had no effect on me

    13. solution to the problem of enfeebling Samsara, a compounded tonic for the spiritually ailing

    14. The cool air was indeed a tonic

    15. Doc had been so enthusiastic in the taxi that Jack was beginning to feel that, yes, a good night out was just the tonic he needed to shake him out of his sombre mood

    16. Plays slightly flat on the tonic

    17. Pottering around with her plants had been her tonic

    18. She wondered what Rosemary's tonic might be

    19. Mind you nothing could dampen my spirit just knowing that Gorge and Tommy were alive was a tonic in itself and I knew that they would fight tooth and nail to clear my name and have me freed

    20. Alteratives are blood cleansers and are usually high in iron or sulphur and they are tonic in their affect

    21. (expectorant and soothing tonic for mucous membranes)

    22. Chamomile is a safe, gentle and effective digestive tonic plus a mild sedative

    23. Herbalists have long believed Clivers to be a valuable lymphatic tonic

    24. Traditionally used on horses as a blood tonic

    25. As long as it’s on the government’s tab, I’ll have a gin and tonic

    26. “Bartender,” he called out, “a piña colada please and a tonic water with a twist

    27. The female Fairies worked hard to create a tonic that would assist in his recovery

    28. The bastard burned off the tonic, busting loose

    29. SHE says you all need a good dose of birch tonic

    30. I picked up little Carlotta and took care of her while Theodore put together a tonic for Mathilde

    31. She had fallen asleep while nursing a glass of gin and tonic, dangling from one limp hand

    32. breathing, her closeness a heady tonic

    33. The anonymity of London was a necessary tonic after the Camp and Alloa, where I soon knew too many people and was often recognised on the street by kids and their parents

    34. Bridget was delighted with her company and she was a tonic for her that week

    35. “A gin tonic would be fine

    36. He made a gin tonic quickly and began to smoke

    37. His second gin tonic

    38. He sat on his couch, the long day, the trains back and forth, he drank a gin tonic, and watched the state television

    39. The joy of this outpoured spirit, when it is consciously experienced in human life, is a tonic for health, a stimulus for mind, and an unfailing energy for the soul

    40. I’m afraid that you will have to settle for bourbon?’ said the commander as he poured out two glasses before he returned with a bottle of Indian tonic, and slumped back into his chair

    41. Annie only wanted a glass of tonic with a twist of lime so I obliged her and then poured myself a small draught

    42. It’s a poor man’s gin and tonic

    43. salad compartment were a few bottles of tonic water

    44. Once I'd had another Gin and tonic

    45. “I’m fine, thank you,” Margo replied, quickly covering the dregs of her gin and tonic with her hand

    46. She took a sip of her vodka tonic and smiled

    47. Katie’s arrival with Thomas’s gin and tonic and their salad

    48. gin and tonic on the rocks myself

    49. I'll have a gin and tonic, please

    50. Max approached the bar and ordered a gin and tonic

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    Synonyms for "tonic"

    restorative tonic keynote pop soda soda pop soda water quinine water tonic water bracing brisk fresh refreshful refreshing accented tonal boost stimulant

    "tonic" definitions

    lime- or lemon-flavored carbonated water containing quinine

    a sweet drink containing carbonated water and flavoring

    (music) the first note of a diatonic scale

    a medicine that strengthens and invigorates

    of or relating to or producing normal tone or tonus in muscles or tissue

    employing variations in pitch to distinguish meanings of otherwise similar words

    (used of syllables) bearing the principle stress, usually accompanied by a change in pitch

    relating to or being the keynote of a major or minor scale

    imparting vitality and energy