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Pop in a sentence

noun ( pop.
Pop on the.
Pop! It went.
Pop Up Wizard.
He played pop.
a very soft pop.
This pop would.

My ears went pop.
Pop drinks were.
Pop was a widower.
window will pop up.
Pop, about 250,000.
have a drink of pop.
Pop Goes the Weasel.
My pop is a good man.
They may pop us off.
Not just any pop.
Prove the popping.
Popping the top and.
I'm just popping this zit.
She heard a loud popping.
breasts weren't popping out.
and popping it in his mouth.
popping the question, by now.
➠ Popping the top of a pen.
dress and popping into the sea.
They keep popping up and down.
No popping ice cream into the.
I turned as I heard bone popping.
said, popping up behind Batistuta.
Stars were popping behind my eyes.
Louie popping his mic with his hand.
Barrons popping the buttons on my fly.
popping his eyes out of their sockets.
One thought kept popping into his head.
replay that ball popping out of my mitt.
fresh cut of meat onto the popping logs.
Popping shots, drilling the table clean.
Oh, thank you, Niki said, popping up.
I took the usual cure: popping an aspirin.
You were always popping in, on duty or off.
solutions start popping up out of nowhere!.
Places are popping up all over the World.
They scrambled, popping the slots with shells.
again, amid the same popping sounds as before.
the Oogie said, popping out into the open.
he could hear the sound of some corks popping.
She popped up.
His eyes popped.
Her ears popped.
His ears popped.
She popped the.
A hinge popped off.
She popped it open.
One eye popped open.
It just popped out.
A button popped off.
I guess they popped.
popped into his head.
Her eyes popped open.
As soon as I popped.
We popped our heads.
He popped it open.
eyes about popped out.
I popped my eyes open.
Embers popped midair.
And there popped Pam!.
popped it in his mouth.
popped one in my mouth.
Then they popped wide.
Both eyes popped open.
Mitch popped the hood.
Zoe popped her head in.
Then something popped.
out and popped the hood.
In a second he popped.
Katie popped her head up.
doorman and he popped up.
It was Pops.
Pops was in jail.
When Pops finally.
Pops for the House.
Pops was a good bird.
and the occasional Pops.
the pops from the fridge.
the top pops off? I have.
Butter pops in a hot pan.
That's your pops, Mitch.
A strange screen pops up.
These pops are from the U.
You should bring Pops back.
'Yeah, he's top-of-the pops.
I couldn't do that to pops.
I heard faint pops and tiny.
On the bed, Pops, in his pine.
―Hey Pops, I got a new one:.
with the money Pops had given me.
On this side the owner pops in.
A head pops up out of the covers.
happily floating on suddenly pops.
…out pops the object from Step 1.
Pops supplied from behind the paper.
Another detail pops into my mind.
David pops the trunk with a key fob.
Pops grunted and shook out the paper.
See if anything interesting pops up.
Well, if he pops up, bring him in.

Synonyms for pop

pop popping soda tonic dad dada daddy pa papa pappa down kill bulge protrude start popular