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    1. A country which neglects or despises foreign commerce, and which admits the vessel of foreign nations into one or two of its ports only, cannot transact the same quantity of business which it might do with different laws and institutions

    2. Gonod had much business to transact in Naples, and aside from the time Jesus was required as interpreter, he and Ganid spent their leisure visiting and exploring the city

    3. His father had much business to transact, and desiring that his son grow up to become a worthy successor in the management of his vast commercial interests, he thought the time had come to introduce the boy to the business world

    4. There was little business to transact; so Gonod spent most of his time with Jesus and Ganid, visiting the many points of interest and listening to the interesting discussions of the lad and his versatile teacher

    5. Gonod had considerable business to transact; so Jesus and Ganid were much by themselves

    6. 10 David Zebedee had much business to transact with Judas so that he was easily prevented from following Peter, John, and Philip, as he so much desired to do

    7. Other markets (the London Stock Exchange) operate chiefly through intermediaries (stockbrokers) who transact business on behalf of clients

    8. The types of financial transactions which a customer may transact through

    9. the transact analysis itself together with other systems, practicing in-

    10. To which Merlin made answer, "The devil, Sancho, is a blockhead and a great scoundrel; I sent him to look for your master, but not with a message from Montesinos but from myself; for Montesinos is in his cave expecting, or more properly speaking, waiting for his disenchantment; for there's the tail to be skinned yet for him; if he owes you anything, or you have any business to transact with him, I'll bring him to you and put him where you choose; but for the present make up your mind to consent to this penance, and believe me it will be very good for you, for soul as well for body--for your soul because of the charity with which you perform it, for your body because I know that you are of a sanguine habit and it will do you no harm to draw a little blood

    11. Smith suspects his regard for Marianne, disapproves of it, (perhaps because she has other views for him,) and on that account is eager to get him away;-- and that the business which she sends him off to transact is invented as an excuse to dismiss him

    12. Pumblechook appeared to conduct his business by looking across the street at the saddler, who appeared to transact his business by keeping his eye on the coachmaker, who appeared to get on in life by putting his hands in his pockets and contemplating the baker, who in his turn folded his arms and stared at the grocer, who stood at his door and yawned at the chemist

    13. But in the general tumbling up of the family, his tumbling out in life somewhere, was a thing to transact itself somehow

    14. "Yes, I once had business to transact with it to the amount of 200,000 francs; but since then

    15. He thought it would be better to transact business with his old acquaintance, so he sent for Peppino

    16. themselves as jurors and transact other business, such as paying their taxes or electing their Members of

    17. Men have before hired bravos to transact their crimes, while their own person and reputation sat under shelter

    18. I went out about mid-day to transact some business in Oxford Street

    19. Levin had, moreover, to transact in Kashin some extremely important business relating to the wardship of land and to the receiving of certain redemption money for his sister, who was abroad

    20. Since you say that you wished to meet me, you probably considered that you had some business to transact with me

    21. Most of the traders involved in this market represent large commercial interests that transact with each other

    22. The Industrial Revolution was partly fueled by large consumption of metals, and metals producers and consumers needed a place to establish benchmark prices and transact with each other

    23. Any individual or firm that seeks to transact in the futures markets on behalf of the public must be registered with the NFA

    24. Small investors deal in small amounts, which cost just as much to transact as large deals, and the shareholders need elaborate protection from sharks and their own folly because they might sue or generate snide stories in the newspapers, and MPs are likely to kick up a self-interested fuss

    25. Normally when the instruction is given to deal, the broker will transact ‘at best’ – buy at the lowest available price and sell at the highest

    26. Smith suspects his regard for Marianne, disapproves of it, (perhaps because she has other views for him,) and on that account is eager to get him away;—and that the business which she sends him off to transact is invented as an excuse to dismiss him

    27. Had they revoked the law which gave it existence, the institution would, in all probability, have continued to transact business notwithstanding

    28. With any beings endued with less than omniscience, the word necessary must be only applicable to the honest judgment we can make up concerning the subject to which we apply it; in other words, it is resolvable into that sound discretion with which, as moral agents, we are in the first instance intrusted by our Maker, and in the instance now before us, we are intrusted with by the constitution and by the citizens who have sent us here to transact their business

    29. He said the majority were also responsible to the people to transact the public business

    30. Is it fitting that the only two nations among whom the worship of the true God has been maintained with any thing like truth and freedom from corruption; that the only two nations among whom this worship has been preserved unstained, shall be the two now arrayed against each other in hostile arms in a conflict in which, let who will conquer in the fight, his success in one point, if that be an object, will have been attained: so much of human life, liberty, and happiness, will have perished in the affray—in the service of this scourge with which it has pleased God, in his wisdom and justice, not in his mercy, to inflict mankind? Is it fitting that those hands which unite in giving to idolaters and to the heathen the Word of God, the Book of Life—that those hands, and those alone, should be thus drenched in each other's blood? Will you unite as a Christian with your Protestant brother across the Atlantic for these noble purposes, and then plunge the dagger into his breast with whom you are associated in a cause so holy—one so infinitely transcending the low, the little, the dirty business we are called upon here to transact? I hope that the sacrifice may be stopped

    31. Give a man education enough to transact ordinary business, to enable him to keep his accounts in writing, to improve his mind daily by reading, to understand the institutions of his country, to have an insight into the laws which shall govern him in relation to his neighbors and his God, to know his rights and his duties, and he is twenty-five per cent

    1. In a country, too, where, though the rich, or the owners of large capitals, enjoy a good deal of security, the poor, or the owners of small capitals, enjoy scarce any, but are liable, under the pretence of justice, to be pillaged and plundered at any time by the inferior mandarins, the quantity of stock employed in all the different branches of business transacted within it, can never be equal to what the nature and extent of that business might admit

    2. These the merchants pay away to the manufacturers for goods, the manufacturers to the farmers for materials and provisions, the farmers to their landlords for rent; the landlords repay them to the merchants for the conveniencies and luxuries with which they supply them, and the merchants again return them to the banks, in order to balance their cash accounts, or to replace what they my have borrowed of them ; and thus almost the whole money business of the country is transacted by means of them

    3. If twenty shilling notes, for example, are the lowest paper money current in Scotland, the whole of that currency which can easily circulate there, cannot exceed the sum of gold and silver which would be necessary for transacting the annual exchanges of twenty shillings value and upwards usually transacted within that country

    4. Though the annual purchases of all the consumers, therefore, are at least equal in value to those of all the dealers, they can generally be transacted with a much smaller quantity of money ; the same pieces, by a more rapid circulation, serving as the instrument of many more purchases of the one kind than of the other

    5. Buying and selling was transacted by means of money in England then as well as now

    6. The quantity of circulating money must have borne the same proportion, to the number and value of purchases and sales usually transacted at that time, which it does to those transacted at present ; or, rather, it must have borne a greater proportion, because there was then no paper, which now occupies a great part of the employment of gold and silver

    7. The domestic business of every country, it has been shewn in the second book of this Inquiry, may, at least in peaceable times, be transacted by means of a paper currency, with nearly the same degree of conveniency as by gold and silver money

    8. In those branches of business which cannot be transacted without gold and silver money, it appears, that they can always find the necessary quantity of those metals; and if they frequently do not find it, their failure is generally the effect, not of their

    9. It might be remitted in bills drawn upon, and accepted by, particular merchants or companies in Great Britain, to whom a part of the surplus produce of America had been consigned, who would pay into the treasury the American revenue in money, after having themselves received the value of it in goods ; and the whole business might frequently be transacted without exporting a single ounce of gold or silver from America

    10. With Sylvia so often in the States pursuing other business interests, Caroline’s work with the horses was transacted through Mike

    11. into a highly leveraged position, it is possible that the quantity of stock to be transacted on exercise is greater than you

    12. Gonod's agents in Mesopotamia had transacted much business with this Simon; so Gonod and his son desired to pay him a visit on their way to Caesarea

    13. 9 Among the many men with whom Gonod transacted business was a certain Jewish banker, Alexander, whose brother, Philo, was a famous religious philosopher of that time

    14. was all transacted via word of mouth

    15. Now, the money has been transacted, but I don’t believe that we have received shipment

    16. But, what might happen if the government were the sole legal lender, and all lending activity was transacted through public banks, instead of private banks? Unearned wealth currently being siphoned by investors in the form of interest payments could be financing public programs, and combatting the ballooning national debt

    17. How little is this really felt! How many things are done continually, which men would never do if they thought they were seen! How many matters are transacted in the chambers of imagination, which would never bear the light of day! Yes; men entertain thoughts in private, and say words in private, and do acts in private, which they would be ashamed and blush to have exposed before the world

    18. Fortunately, he told her she was Greek and was acquainted with her through the business she transacted with Indian firms

    19. The cash accounting method, is an accounting method used whenever money is actually being transacted, like when the subject money involved in the transaction is exchanged between the buyer and the seller

    20. Lorry glanced at the distant House, and lowered his voice, "you can have no conception of the difficulty with which our business is transacted, and of the peril in which our books and papers over yonder are involved

    21. In these he himself is described as a man who wrote and transacted business, and it appears that his household then consisted of his wife, the natural daughter Isabel de Saavedra already mentioned, his sister Andrea, now a widow, her daughter Constanza, a mysterious Magdalena de Sotomayor calling herself his sister, for whom his biographers cannot account, and a servant-maid

    22. Jennings recollected that there was a lady at the other end of the street on whom she ought to call; and as she had no business at Gray's, it was resolved, that while her young friends transacted theirs, she should pay her visit and return for them

    23. other business had been transacted, the Band dispersed

    24. This business transacted, I turned my face, on my own account, to Little Britain

    25. Imagine a man who has transacted business with me for I don't know how

    26. "The late Compeyson," said Wemmick, "had by little and little got at the bottom of half of the regular business now transacted; and it was from the talk of some of his people in trouble (some of his people being always in trouble) that I heard what I did

    27. Sometimes I imagined that it must be the Turf, and sometimes the Stock Exchange, but certainly he had some very urgent business going forwards which was not transacted upon the Downs of Suffolk

    28. So it’s safe to say that most options transacted actually do close with some value, whether they get exercised or closed via trade

    29. Accounting for the fact that each share bets on –2x the move in IYF, that represents a whopping $11,085,553,420 in market value of the financials transacted

    30. But an extensive business has also been transacted by mortgage companies (e

    31. Some of these assumptions pertain to the way business is transacted in the marketplace, while others pertain to the mathematics of the model

    32. In fact, I strongly recommend you go one step further and keep a trading diary: write down everything you buy and sell, the prices transacted and the reasons for buying or selling

    33. It seems they had come in the carriage with their reverend relative, and had been conducting a rummaging scrutiny of the room upstairs, while he transacted business with the housekeeper, questioned the laundress, and lectured the superintendent

    34. Jennings recollected that there was a lady at the other end of the street on whom she ought to call; and as she had no business at Gray’s, it was resolved, that while her young friends transacted their’s, she should pay her visit and return for them

    35. As we entered this city our minds were filled with the remembrance of the events that had been transacted there more than a century and a half before

    36. Neither is it intended in this case to draw into notice any diplomatic proceedings many years heretofore transacted, by way of argument, in support of what I may say on the subject of this resolution; inasmuch as the truth and merits of it do rest and depend on the Message of the President of the United States, and the documents accompanying the same, and the other documents relative thereto, which have been received from him since the commencement of this session of Congress, together with some other documents relative to the arrangement of April last, made between the American Government and the honorable David Montague Erskine, late Ambassador Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary from His Britannic Majesty, near the United States

    37. “I am saved!” said I to myself, venturing a long breath, as I stood on the steps of Galloway’s establishment, where hourly was transacted business vitally affecting the welfare of scores of millions of human beings, with James Galloway’s personal interest as the sole guiding principle

    38. Sir, there is not a man who, in practice or by inquiry, has made himself acquainted with the manner in which this business is transacted, but knows that many foreigners who never saw this country, or sailed under its flag, have attempted, by application to our agents abroad, to shield themselves against British impressment

    39. Mourners are then called for, the doors are opened to receive members, and other necessary business transacted, after which the benediction is pronounced

    1. thousands now, but imagined that transacting in lakhs and crores wouldn't be

    2. If twenty shilling notes, for example, are the lowest paper money current in Scotland, the whole of that currency which can easily circulate there, cannot exceed the sum of gold and silver which would be necessary for transacting the annual exchanges of twenty shillings value and upwards usually transacted within that country

    3. Many people would immediately perceive that they had more of this paper than was necessary for transacting their business at home; and as they could not send it abroad, they would immediately demand payment for it from the banks

    4. A Dutch merchant may, for example, employ his capital in transacting the commerce of Poland and Portugal, by carrying part of the surplus produce of the one to the other, not in Dutch, but in British bottoms

    5. It is for transacting either domestic or foreign business, that gold or silver money is either necessary or convenient

    6. The colony governments find it for their interest to supply the people with such a quantity of paper money as is fully sufficient, and generally more than sufficient, for transacting their domestic business

    7. In transacting their domestic business, they would be obliged to employ a costly, instead of a cheap instrument of commerce; and the expense of purchasing this costly instrument might damp somewhat the vivacity and ardour of their excessive enterprise in the improvement of land

    8. Him several times transacting business with men who appeared to be

    9. It is transacting

    10. The business house and the customer, both rely on each other while transacting business

    11. But you know none are so formal as bankers in transacting business; I intended this money for the charity fund, and I seemed to be robbing them if I did not pay them with these precise bonds

    12. Low volume shows that traders have little interest in transacting at that level—a sign of weak support or resistance

    13. Rarely transacting “at the market,” preferring instead to put price limits on buy and sell orders

    14. Five members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum for transacting business

    15. Five members of the Committee constitute a quorum for transacting business

    1. Our house transacts business to the amount of a million a year, from which we derive an income of 40,000 francs

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