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Contract in a sentence

We DO have a contract.
I contract with the US.
This is in your contract.
I have the contract ready.
It has failed to contract.
If a contract trades at 46.
My daughter has her contract.

It might be a recent contract.
The IV of every contract held.
The contract of insurance is.
I've checked the contract, Andy.
Under a contract, a surrogate.
And in that contract there are.
With the October contract at 63.
Any act done or contract entered.
He probably got a contract on us.
And who took that contract?
He is sorry the contract does not.
That is an affair of free contract.
The November contract closed at 22.
This is not love, it is a contract.
Soybean contract from 1988 to 1995.
They want to sign a contract? Great.
Each contract is a little different.
He knew the contract was watertight.
Brock looked over the contract again.
The pit contract trades from 8:20 a.
He has not one contract to this day.
The rest are however under contract.
But contract with pity and with fear.
Rushton had the contract for the work.
Chofsky has a contract on his head.
Oh, tomorrow we’ll sign a contract.
I came for the contract, nothing more.
It is neither a contract nor a treaty.
The contract was to have been signed.
Copy of the contract signed yesterday.
In addition, at a contract size of 33.
Newton said the lot is contracting.
The Universe is contracting by 7(3Π2).
I was the body expanding and contracting.
But her muscles are contracting, stiffening.
Hubble found the Universe is not contracting.
His vision was contracting to a small porthole.
But then the heat coming from the contracting.
The kind of guys that did all of the contracting.
The company you are contracting with short-term will.
If the mass were incapable of contracting the Universe.
And, you have to isolate your contracting team from all this.
I believe that contracting herpes was partly about bridging.
Now, you can let go of your fears about contracting flu viruses.
Because you are employing and/or contracting to the best in the.
Not enough contracting solution will be the cause of the expanding.
The uterine wall starts contracting and these contractions (labor.
Jenna stopped typing and waited, her face contracting into a scowl.
Is the universe expanding or contracting? That’s another question.
No—it only appears that way because the non-universe is contracting.
The chances of the child contracting the virus are still negligible.
Either something is contracting, or expanding, it is as simple as that.
At one point, she stops and begins contracting her muscles on his penis.
If you follow the contracting procedure in this ebook you'll end up with.
He got a job at an electrical contracting firm, and started saving up his money.
A band that is contracting, or squeezing together, means that volatility is low.
The world was expanding and not contracting which made the Universe quite wrong.
Tell them to bring proof with evidence that the cosmos is contracting as Newton said.
When Hubble proved the cosmos is not contracting, Newtonians looked where the cosmos.
I charge any one to bring proof that the cosmos is contracting by the force of mass and.
The picture clearly shows the 7o inclination of gravity to the value of contracting Π0Π.
Unless you were gay, was the general assumption, you didn’t have to worry about contracting.
As the material finished cooling and contracting the surface was broken as it was pulled apart.
What such an announcement would shout out loud is that the Universe is not contracting by the.
The other Administrative Contracting Officers besides Platt were John Krummel and Jim Schroeder.
There was no known cure, and most succumbed to the deadly virus within an hour of contracting it.
Surprisingly, that night I slept well, though in the morning my stomach never stopped contracting.
The want of parsimony, in time of peace, imposes the necessity of contracting debt in time of war.
All of this shouts one thing Newton is wrong! Newton’s lovely contracting Universe was not.
Gravity is the contracting or compressing of the space surrounding the earth and this is by way of.
With the knowledge in hand for decades why did science not move away from the contracting idea? Why.
Whether or not I contracted.
His heart contracted within him.
Her lips contracted with pleasure.
T-Miller is contracted by the city of.
Suddenly his face contracted with wrath.
No contact victims had contracted it, yet.
He knit his brows and contracted his lips.
Of course, I knew how I had contracted it.
I first met him when I contracted ergotism.
Nine days following birth they contracted.
Should you be contracted as a teleXpertise.
That was what the firm had contracted to do.
Contracted form of the Tibetan ‘ge wai she.
His brows were somewhat contracted and frowning.
Her heart contracted, but she took her resolution.
Stand with feet together and abdominals contracted.
Work History: Contracted by the United States Army.
Stand with feet together abdominals contracted and.
His brows contracted at Katavasov’s words and he.
Her feet and hands were curled and tightly contracted.
Work History: Contracted by the United States Air Force.
The people have contracted among themselves to be ruled.
Even when you are contracted and confused, you are divine.
A man has contracted a debt, and his creditors arrest him.
No, you've contracted for the job and turned out a scamp.
His heart beat heavily, the muscles of his arms contracted.
God never contracted people to do what ayat Allah performs.
Use this as a tool to directly experience a contracted core.
How exactly would I have contracted something to give him?
My husband contracted the infection at one and never came home.
They said he contracted cholera by drinking contaminated water.
Then it contracted to about six feet and shot towards the white.
He pushed out his big gut to expand it, then contracted it again.
Always do the project on a contract basis for a contracted client.
Was that expert on staff or contracted? How much were they paid?
The air rippled as the magic shockwave contracted, transforming the.
Later, I contracted a virus that put me in the infirmary for a week.
They expanded and contracted In and Out an Infinite number of times.
Emily screamed in pain as her muscles contracted with the electricity.
The school contracts with Dr.
So apply it in your contracts.
Council and they had contracts.
The number of contracts offered.
Own futures contracts of the index.
These contracts resulted in some.
When anything contracts it is cold.
Futures Contracts: What Are They?
The big problem with VIX contracts?
Software contracts can be challenging.
Study the fine print of all contracts.
The first contracts began trading on U.
Wilson glanced over the three contracts.
And both contracts had arrived within.
The 15 contracts allowed for a short 47.
With near-month expiration contracts, 31.
In contracts, Socrates, justice is of use.
In addition to investments, contracts and.
We’ll need the appropriate contracts and.
We’d say, Here are ten contracts, now.
The contracts also revealed a major surprise.
Brasov, which have direct contracts with the.
What are the terms of retirement contracts?
Using long option contracts in place of stock.
Well, this went OK for the first few contracts.
I was dumb to buy such thinly traded contracts.
You have two copper contracts to choose from:.
I saw the four contracts that Terry proposed.
The actual number of shares or contracts traded.
Now, that the contracts value has been paid off.
The option contracts expire in the nearest month.
In this way he was able to accept contracts from.
Beware of Companies that Use Employment Contracts.
We just signed the contracts four days ago—’.
However, there are many kinds of futures contracts.
Also, watch out for fees and complicated contracts.
I'm going to buy five contracts at a cost of $2,000.
I bought 1,500 contracts in one share at around 380.
Contracts have no real protection against a subpoena.
I’ll leave you to sort out contracts and all that.

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