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Contract in a sentence | contract example sentences

  1. We DO have a contract.
  2. I contract with the US.
  3. This is in your contract.
  4. I have the contract ready.
  5. It has failed to contract.

  6. If a contract trades at 46.
  7. The contract of insurance is.
  8. The IV of every contract held.
  9. It might be a recent contract.
  10. My daughter has her contract.
  11. I've checked the contract, Andy.
  12. Under a contract, a surrogate.
  13. And in that contract there are.
  14. With the October contract at 63.

  16. And who took that contract?
  17. Any act done or contract entered.
  19. He probably got a contract on us.
  20. This is not love, it is a contract.
  21. That is an affair of free contract.
  22. The November contract closed at 22.
  23. He is sorry the contract does not.
  24. Soybean contract from 1988 to 1995.
  25. Each contract is a little different.

  26. They want to sign a contract? Great.
  27. Brock looked over the contract again.
  28. He knew the contract was watertight.
  29. The rest are however under contract.
  30. He has not one contract to this day.
  31. The pit contract trades from 8:20 a.
  32. Oh, tomorrow we’ll sign a contract.
  33. But contract with pity and with fear.
  34. Chofsky has a contract on his head.
  35. Rushton had the contract for the work.
  36. Danny felt himself expand and contract.
  37. The contract was to have been signed.
  38. The option contract prices in Table 13.
  39. These stars expand and contract in a.
  40. I came for the contract, nothing more.
  41. It is neither a contract nor a treaty.
  42. Copy of the contract signed yesterday.
  43. In addition, at a contract size of 33.
  44. The November future contract is at a 6.
  45. For the option contract the Delta of 0.
  46. I’m on a contract, I needed the phone.
  47. And you have a contract with that sub-.
  48. She continued looking over the contract.
  49. If the underlying contract rises to 101.
  50. We signed the contract a few days ago.
  51. He already knew what was on the contract.
  52. Then I had better read the contract.
  53. The contract has six weeks to expiration.
  54. She opened it and brought out a contract.
  55. I was a contract murderer, not a soldier.
  56. The total cost of contract is £1,200,000.
  57. Jason felt his heart contract with jeal-.
  58. I am glad thatthe contract has suited you.
  59. A May contract would have been sold at 19.
  60. CONTRACT that this training will increase.
  61. We have a copy of the contract she signed.
  62. Contract says I have to live in this house.
  63. Here are the contract specs for lean hogs:.
  64. Attached to your copy of the contract are.
  65. When he signed the contract and we came to.
  66. The volatility of the underlying contract.
  67. The restaurant is run by a contract vendor.
  69. This was a contract, and she’d fulfill it.
  70. Your contract is up at the end of next year.
  71. The contract she was working on was up for.
  72. Your nephew signed a contract with him for.
  73. Her contract ultimately brought in another.
  74. Rumor has it he has a contract out on Mitch.
  75. As appeareth by the contract made with Monsr.
  76. All in all such a contract is rather useless.
  77. Even if it were, a contract is a contract.
  78. Note that the December future contract lost 0.
  79. We're willing to offer him a new contract.
  80. I mentioned that this contract was different.
  81. Did you ask Terry about the contract?
  82. A few years ago, when I worked a contract at.
  83. It should be a pretty open and shut contract.
  84. What the contract said, they would never know.
  85. Individually the April contract was sold at 21.
  86. The current price of the underlying contract.
  87. I’d rather have a contract, Brock said.
  88. One cannot get a job or a contract without it.
  89. He sat down and broke the seal on his contract.
  90. But the contract for Extemiva is not that big.
  91. It was a type of contract that doesn't happen.
  92. Negotiate a contract with the vendor of choice.
  93. The contract was read during a profound silence.
  94. His employer decided to extend his contract.
  95. Start with 1 contract size and increase slowly.
  96. The contract open interest and volume are solid.
  97. In 2007, the contract took on its current form.
  98. But the excitement of receiving contract after.
  99. The contract that you sign means almost nothing.
  100. Sadly, the contract said nothing about getting.
  1. Newton said the lot is contracting.
  2. The Universe is contracting by 7(3Π2).
  3. I was the body expanding and contracting.
  4. But her muscles are contracting, stiffening.
  5. Hubble found the Universe is not contracting.
  6. But then the heat coming from the contracting.
  7. His vision was contracting to a small porthole.
  8. The kind of guys that did all of the contracting.
  9. The company you are contracting with short-term will.
  10. If the mass were incapable of contracting the Universe.
  11. And, you have to isolate your contracting team from all this.
  12. I believe that contracting herpes was partly about bridging.
  13. Now, you can let go of your fears about contracting flu viruses.
  14. Because you are employing and/or contracting to the best in the.
  15. The uterine wall starts contracting and these contractions (labor.
  16. Not enough contracting solution will be the cause of the expanding.
  17. Jenna stopped typing and waited, her face contracting into a scowl.
  18. Is the universe expanding or contracting? That’s another question.
  19. No—it only appears that way because the non-universe is contracting.
  20. The chances of the child contracting the virus are still negligible.
  21. Either something is contracting, or expanding, it is as simple as that.
  22. At one point, she stops and begins contracting her muscles on his penis.
  23. If you follow the contracting procedure in this ebook you'll end up with.
  24. He got a job at an electrical contracting firm, and started saving up his money.
  25. A band that is contracting, or squeezing together, means that volatility is low.
  26. The world was expanding and not contracting which made the Universe quite wrong.
  27. Tell them to bring proof with evidence that the cosmos is contracting as Newton said.
  28. When Hubble proved the cosmos is not contracting, Newtonians looked where the cosmos.
  29. I charge any one to bring proof that the cosmos is contracting by the force of mass and.
  30. The picture clearly shows the 7o inclination of gravity to the value of contracting Π0Π.
  31. Unless you were gay, was the general assumption, you didn’t have to worry about contracting.
  32. As the material finished cooling and contracting the surface was broken as it was pulled apart.
  33. What such an announcement would shout out loud is that the Universe is not contracting by the.
  34. The other Administrative Contracting Officers besides Platt were John Krummel and Jim Schroeder.
  35. The want of parsimony, in time of peace, imposes the necessity of contracting debt in time of war.
  36. Surprisingly, that night I slept well, though in the morning my stomach never stopped contracting.
  37. There was no known cure, and most succumbed to the deadly virus within an hour of contracting it.
  38. Gravity is the contracting or compressing of the space surrounding the earth and this is by way of.
  39. All of this shouts one thing Newton is wrong! Newton’s lovely contracting Universe was not.
  40. With the knowledge in hand for decades why did science not move away from the contracting idea? Why.
  41. When you keep your plants off the soil, you are preventing them from contracting soil borne diseases.
  42. There is no indication of truth about a contracting solar system as Newton proposed and as Newton’s.
  43. Every one was sharing the Newtonian vision of a contracting Universe where the lot would one day again.
  44. Universe to find out when will the Universe start contracting and come to the end of its life cycle in.
  45. With everyone in science saluting Newton’s gravitational contracting there was an extended effort by.
  46. Newton being mistaken about a Universe that is contracting because according to Newton it pulls while it.
  47. Newton’s mass contracting mass is true, then on the other hand it must have resulted in an implosion as.
  48. Me too! Brian piped up, as they both laid their hands on their mother’s tightly contracting belly.
  49. When the creosote is allowed to cool they say that the contracting gases in the wood will draw the fluid in.
  50. Gravity is the contracting or compressing of the space surrounding the earth and this is by way of rotation.
  51. A sinking fund, though instituted for the payment of old, facilitates very much the contracting of new debts.
  52. Jean Valjean felt himself caught, as in a net, which was slowly contracting; he gazed heavenward in despair.
  53. If the mass were incapable of contracting the Universe then, it will forever remain contracting the Universe.
  54. If Newton’s mass contracting mass is true, then on the other hand it must have resulted in an implosion as.
  55. It looked like there were two spheres, one expanding and one contracting, and then they would switch directions.
  56. Low moans could be heard up stairs, from the wood expanding and contracting to the differing temperatures outside.
  57. But it could mean that the present Universe is merely one in an endless row of expanding and contracting universes.
  58. And even in contracting economies, the Fed tends to print more money to keep the economy afloat during a recession.
  59. The pulse was a heartbeat, and the rhythm was a lung expanding with air and contracting as the breath left the body.
  60. By 1998 it was in the process of contracting out both design and manufacturing for the same percentage of its sales.
  61. All the planets spin according to the space moving towards the sun and in relation to the sun contracting the space.
  62. The only other way of contracting this parasite is through sexual intercourse with an infected partner, Jurak said.
  63. Gradually, her body stopped contracting and he pulled out and crawled up to untie her hands, and then collapsed next to her.
  64. He could now see other soldiers on all the surrounding dunes, contracting on the slave-camp like dogs around a wounded bear.
  65. It is the space reclining or contracting and the space contracts albeit filled by solid material or empty of solid material.
  66. That little tree was her pride and it began dying when she did; contracting a mold that none of my medicine was able to help.
  67. Cannery Row which produces a tougher breed than the rest of the town was late in contracting it, but finally it got them too.
  68. It was not long before he felt his entire body contracting and he clenched his jaw tightly to embrace the moment of his climax.
  69. If gravity is about contracting and the expanding is about a release of heat then gravity must be a systematic reducing of heat.
  70. Here is a rhetorical question – Does the body sit upright and come alive due to the burning process, contracting the muscles….
  71. Impetus kept on splitting the two expanding and contracting 2-dimensional Rings of Linear Totalities apart an infinite number of times.
  72. In the fourth quarter of 2008, when most countries were struggling to keep their GDP from contracting, India reported an increase of 5.
  73. I felt intense activity in the middle of my brain, followed by waves of energy, causing it to feel as if it were expanding and contracting.
  74. The danger of contracting insanity during advanced meditation has been pointed out in the relevant scriptures, by yoga masters and the like.
  75. We are not claiming the Outland Separatists in these recent attacks nor are we contracting the Mayers Family as responsible for this tragedy.
  76. The bear market was breaking to new lows, and the financial services industry, particularly in the investment arena, was contracting rapidly.
  77. However, even then, it is destination-less, simply because all energy is either gravitating towards, or away, either contracting, or expanding.
  78. It sends a trickle of pleasure through his shoulders, through his spine, contracting his lungs with anticipation, warming his belly with desire.
  79. Maybe it was the way that hotel room kept coming back and back that made time seem less like a line than like a circle, dilating and contracting.
  80. The house cleaners couldn’t be interviewed for they were part of an independent contracting firm who cleaned twice weekly, but were on Jazz’s list.
  81. If free and unmortgaged, it might be sufficient, with proper management, and without contracting a shilling of new debt, to carry on the most vigorous war.
  82. Since the body of the aircraft that should expand contracts the space surrounding the aircraft also contacts in sympathy with the aircraft body contracting.
  83. Round and round, then, and ever contracting towards the button-like black bubble at the axis of that slowly wheeling circle, like another Ixion I did revolve.
  84. I will present them with a list of the skills and services I can offer, and if Mark and Talia are interested in contracting for any of them, we will negotiate.
  85. At Pascagoula, the chief civilian contracting officer, a GS-14 named John Mahaffey, had the balls to attend my very small (seven persons) going away party at Mrs.
  86. Without saying a word he handed them, along with the little gold fish, to the wise Catalonian and the latter examined them, his eyelids contracting like two clams.
  87. The good news is that whenever you are not contracting your sense of self through small truths, such as judgments, the sense of your self naturally relaxes and opens.
  88. And it’s my guess there were after— Conal felt for his pocket, his stomach contracting when he realised that it had been torn off, gone, along with the hard drive.
  89. Towards the end of my one-month gig, I was told that I was going to Amman, Jordan, to meet with the Contracting Officer who would take a military flight there from Baghdad.
  90. People were left wondering as to how the economy was still contracting and about the fact that the more people emigrated the less need there was for production or services.
  91. Every one was sharing the Newtonian vision of a contracting Universe where the lot would one day again come together and Creation will end where Creation started some time ago.
  92. By March 1st, Peg Rushing, the elderly Purchasing Agent who resisted Dino’s shift to paperless contracting, had informed him that she would no longer report directly to him.
  93. Among the barbarous nations who overran the western provinces of the Roman empire, the performance of contracts was left for many ages to the faith of the contracting parties.
  94. Daughtrey did mention to me once that he was thinking of getting out of the military and starting his own consulting group or maybe going into private contracting to the DoD.
  95. The creation process as enunciated in our religious scriptures matches to a great extent with the evolving scientific hypothesis of Big Bang and expanding and contracting universe.
  96. In the center-point between the twin, three-dimensional Universes: the Condition of the 2-dimensional Universe is still expanding and contracting at the same rate that it always has….
  97. She remembered that day how Bernadette as a child had to fight for her life in that iron lung at that Dublin hospital after contracting pneumonia and how touch and go it was at the time.
  98. Puraka is mild, slow and long and is best done by releasing the abdominal muscles, while Rechaka is forceful and quick and is done by contracting the abdominal muscle with a backward push.
  99. It’s a more subtle sense, at times even more subtle than the physical senses, although the opening or contracting can also be experienced as relaxation and contraction in the physical body.
  100. But if we fall to the other point of view and see a lost and degenerate race we shrink into the contracting mind; and our dealings with men and their affairs will be in a small and contracted way.
  1. Whether or not I contracted.
  2. His heart contracted within him.
  3. Her lips contracted with pleasure.
  4. T-Miller is contracted by the city of.
  5. Suddenly his face contracted with wrath.
  6. He knit his brows and contracted his lips.
  7. Of course, I knew how I had contracted it.
  8. No contact victims had contracted it, yet.
  9. I first met him when I contracted ergotism.
  10. Nine days following birth they contracted.
  11. Should you be contracted as a teleXpertise.
  12. That was what the firm had contracted to do.
  13. Contracted form of the Tibetan ‘ge wai she.
  14. His brows were somewhat contracted and frowning.
  15. Her heart contracted, but she took her resolution.
  16. Stand with feet together and abdominals contracted.
  17. Work History: Contracted by the United States Army.
  18. Stand with feet together abdominals contracted and.
  19. His brows contracted at Katavasov’s words and he.
  20. Her feet and hands were curled and tightly contracted.
  21. Work History: Contracted by the United States Air Force.
  22. The people have contracted among themselves to be ruled.
  23. A man has contracted a debt, and his creditors arrest him.
  24. Even when you are contracted and confused, you are divine.
  25. His heart beat heavily, the muscles of his arms contracted.
  26. God never contracted people to do what ayat Allah performs.
  27. No, you've contracted for the job and turned out a scamp.
  28. Use this as a tool to directly experience a contracted core.
  29. How exactly would I have contracted something to give him?
  30. They said he contracted cholera by drinking contaminated water.
  31. My husband contracted the infection at one and never came home.
  33. Then it contracted to about six feet and shot towards the white.
  34. Was that expert on staff or contracted? How much were they paid?
  35. He pushed out his big gut to expand it, then contracted it again.
  36. Always do the project on a contract basis for a contracted client.
  37. The air rippled as the magic shockwave contracted, transforming the.
  38. Later, I contracted a virus that put me in the infirmary for a week.
  39. They expanded and contracted In and Out an Infinite number of times.
  40. Physical forms such as stones are contracted for divine developments.
  41. It looked as if she’d contracted something horrible and contagious.
  42. Emily screamed in pain as her muscles contracted with the electricity.
  43. My hands involuntarily contracted on her thighs and I quietly groaned.
  44. Ted’s pupils became huge, then they contracted and became very small.
  45. His fingers contracted into my waist and he paused for a little while.
  46. We contracted Ken to kidnap the five men at the center of the Power Base.
  47. The red glowing field that enclosed the pack blinked twice and contracted.
  48. From the moment that she had first contracted the notes and shillings, her.
  49. They had somehow contracted the disease on the passage over the Puget Sound.
  50. Unfortunately he contracted ‘sleeping sickness’ and now is incapacitated.
  51. Whenever that sense of self is contracted and small, we take care of that me.
  52. Then Tom saw how the pupils in the eyes of his adversary suddenly contracted.
  53. I was contracted by the IRDC during June of 1999 to be the Namibian consultant.
  54. Prince Sergay contracted his brows and stole a glance at the clock on the wall.
  55. As it contracted she called out, Guardon, come forth! Lend me your aid!.
  56. Less than half a year later Harry was contracted to work as a senior irrigation.
  57. And so, giggling, they contracted, the presence of Bob the witness, smiling down.
  58. His lip contracted with a strange fold which seemed severe, and which was humble.
  59. Johnny opened his mouth and his scarecrow hairline contracted back in mock outrage.
  60. He wishes to test me! His heart contracted and the blood rushed to his face.
  61. Moreover, it is true that the Universe never contracted even for a brief instant.
  62. He looked at the contracted and quivering face of the child and began to be alarmed.
  63. Through ill health he had contracted gangrene and had to have amputation to his legs.
  64. Her throat suddenly contracted and shadows and the feet tramped off into the darkness.
  65. Fortunately, your Being is never diminished or contracted, only the sense of your self.
  66. The muscles are contracted in geometric shapes and the contracted muscle is stretched.
  67. The strong vapour now completely filling the contracted hole, it began to tell upon him.
  68. Scarlett said nothing but her eyes glittered and her heart contracted with a little pain.
  69. So, the management of the estate’s forests was contracted out to the Forestry Commission.
  70. Ward broke the bad news to me that at age 35, I had contracted my first prostate infection.
  71. The headcap was a thin plastic web that, when placed over her head, contracted to a snug fit.
  72. The look of power given by the vertical lines of a contracted brow is due to the same cause.
  73. He indicated that one in every three natives there contracted tuberculosis from the British.
  74. That year was no different but there was an added bonus when I contracted a staph infection.
  75. They were also the same organization that was contracted to assist in the protection of the.
  76. A number of already contracted artists moonlighted on these sessions for extra spending cash.
  77. By far the greater proportion of the debt of Europe has been contracted for munitions of war.
  78. Therese’s heart contracted a little harder as she looked at Pete, and she felt sorry for him.
  79. Tim contracted with the private sector to have his sloped floor cavern sealed and pressurized.
  80. And they have no chance; only to croak in the mine or to die of diseases they contracted there.
  81. Morrel paid the expenses of his funeral, and a few small debts the poor old man had contracted.
  82. The sense of your self gets tight, hard, contracted, and feels incomplete, bounded, and limited.
  83. What is called the unfunded debt of Great Britain, is contracted in the former of those two ways.
  84. Prisoner, what is the greatest amendment? the orb contracted into a collar around Vere's neck.
  85. The orb slowed her pulsing and contracted into a small ball, barely visible amongst the pine needles.
  86. He was afraid he was going to be paralyzed by the native anti-violence virus they had all contracted.
  87. She saw into how deep a frown his brows were contracted, and her heart seemed altogether to fail her.
  88. He had tried hundreds of times to overcome the dissolute habits which he had contracted of late years.
  89. In the perpetual struggle of selfish interests his heart grew cold, then contracted, and then dried up.
  90. Again the ball of flame rolled out but this time, as the dragon's neck muscles contracted, its colour.
  91. During a war of nearly the same continuance, a new debt of more than seventy-five millions was contracted.
  92. We think this is how Peter contracted it, and indicates the time from infection to death is within 2 days.
  93. Forrest recruited ex-service men involved in operation desert storm who had contracted Gulf War syndrome.
  94. Everyone seemed to be worried that we might have contracted whatever it was that had taken Bridget from us.
  95. Its great green eyes, the pupils contracted to vertical black slits in the sunshine, were staring into his.
  96. As each spot is performed and verified, it is recorded and billed to the client at a contracted sales price.
  97. Once people contracted the virus, the activity of the virus flares up from time to time by the mental stress.
  98. Javert's face contracted as was always the case when any one seemed to think him capable of making a concession.
  99. The forehead between the eyes consequently becomes, as could be plainly seen, temporarily contracted in breadth.
  100. His hands clenched, and then the whole contracted mass fell to the ground, convulsing like a thick, animate jelly.
  1. The school contracts with Dr.
  2. So apply it in your contracts.
  3. Council and they had contracts.
  4. The number of contracts offered.
  5. Own futures contracts of the index.
  6. Futures Contracts: What Are They?
  7. These contracts resulted in some.
  8. When anything contracts it is cold.
  9. The big problem with VIX contracts?
  10. Software contracts can be challenging.
  11. The first contracts began trading on U.
  12. Study the fine print of all contracts.
  13. And both contracts had arrived within.
  14. Wilson glanced over the three contracts.
  15. The 15 contracts allowed for a short 47.
  16. With near-month expiration contracts, 31.
  17. In contracts, Socrates, justice is of use.
  18. In addition to investments, contracts and.
  19. We’d say, Here are ten contracts, now.
  20. We’ll need the appropriate contracts and.
  21. What are the terms of retirement contracts?
  22. Using long option contracts in place of stock.
  23. Brasov, which have direct contracts with the.
  24. The contracts also revealed a major surprise.
  25. Well, this went OK for the first few contracts.
  26. You have two copper contracts to choose from:.
  27. I saw the four contracts that Terry proposed.
  28. The actual number of shares or contracts traded.
  29. I was dumb to buy such thinly traded contracts.
  30. Now, that the contracts value has been paid off.
  31. The option contracts expire in the nearest month.
  32. We just signed the contracts four days ago—’.
  33. Beware of Companies that Use Employment Contracts.
  34. In this way he was able to accept contracts from.
  35. Also, watch out for fees and complicated contracts.
  36. However, there are many kinds of futures contracts.
  37. I'm going to buy five contracts at a cost of $2,000.
  38. Contracts have no real protection against a subpoena.
  39. I bought 1,500 contracts in one share at around 380.
  40. I’ll leave you to sort out contracts and all that.
  41. The T-Tauri star contracts for about 10 million years.
  42. As a result, the simplex contracts in this direction.
  43. There were three major types of training contracts:.
  44. He has been doing UN rotating contracts – which, I.
  45. Those kinds of things weren’t in teaching contracts.
  46. There are contracts for each month for many years out.
  47. October & January) for contracts of more than one year.
  48. If we total all the contracts, what are we left with?
  49. Blacks had to sign work contracts they could not quit.
  50. That is, you can borrow funds to buy futures contracts.
  51. This is like trading a little over 6 YM or ES contracts.
  52. Something in his chest contracts harshly at this thought.
  53. Among the contracts are many between Greeks and natives.
  54. I’ve been on quarterly contracts for a couple of years.
  55. Finally, the prices of these two contracts will be needed.
  56. He gave Quinn + Scott billions in government contracts.
  57. This is a common method for identifying futures contracts.
  58. Consequently, there are two types of volatility contracts.
  59. SupShip Contracts also was angered by losing one of their.
  60. As a contracts attorney, I received very little work to do.
  61. You’ve made inquiries concerning certain of our contracts.
  62. I hear you boys down here been trading in rum and contracts.
  63. Consider the contract specs for these two sugar contracts:.
  64. You didn’t have a problem when you signed the contracts.
  65. Envirocon had contracts to rectify both of these situations.
  66. The contracts share the same expiration date and underlying.
  67. Every CEO had a poison-pill buyout clause in their contracts.
  68. The same applies to CFD (Contracts for Difference) platforms.
  69. There were also contracts being signed at different levels.
  70. Note that the slope steepens as contracts approach expiration.
  71. This is the same as being long an extra six futures contracts.
  72. She asked him to explain the details of negotiating contracts.
  73. Therefore, the law provides that all the contracts made by a.
  74. Tracks the performance of gold futures contracts on the COMEX.
  75. The futures contracts will be valued at $1,000 times the index.
  76. Using Chicago time, VIX futures contracts are open from 7:20 A.
  77. How would they know who our contracts were, though? Judge asked.
  78. Pricing for the index and futures contracts appears in Table 13.
  79. This ignores several options contracts further out of the money.
  80. There aren't any clauses in their contracts for a zombie plague.
  81. This is based on when the November VIX futures contracts expire.
  82. One of the contracts for which I interviewed gave me just that.
  83. And cumulative open interest got up to nearly 250,000 contracts.
  84. The result is a great number of contracts at lower strike price.
  85. There was one occasion when I went six months between contracts.
  86. Her second was that it was a no-go on getting the contracts back.
  87. Sample/template type contracts are called "Boilerplate" contracts.
  88. We can return to delta neutral by selling 4 underlying contracts.
  89. In mid-March, Ed Nees, top manager in Contracts, and I went to St.
  90. Option prices cannot lock limit up or down like futures contracts.
  91. Seven pulled contracts out of the box he had put on the table and.
  92. Soon we’d have ten contracts in hand, covering a fairly compact.
  93. That means that every week is expiration week for these contracts.
  94. When all the helium in the core has fused, the core contracts and.
  95. Contracts Committee drove a stake in the ground and said I was his.
  96. Seawolf and NSSN contracts are cost plus incentive fee rather than.
  97. In this case, clients are able to purchase contracts at face value.
  98. So what's the key to using the Web to multiply sales or contracts?
  99. This is not true and such contracts are unenforceable under UK law.
  100. Contracts are quoted a year into the future with monthly expiration.

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