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Transitory in a sentence

The rest is transitory.
ence to the unreal and transitory.
transitory nature is the beauty and.
It was a transitory thing; but for a.
the transitory nature of life and says,.
They understand that life is transitory i.
which transcends the transitory life of nature.

is transitory, including the pleasure of revenge.
event that was transitory in nature, and the event.
It is an endless process, the transitory begetting.
After all every sort of shouting is a transitory thing.
This includes transitory contact with strange males in.
they are… transitory happenings that do not change the.
transitory to distract you from the greater truth that all.
This type of sensual pleasure is occasional and transitory.
transitory; hence one should devote oneself to contemplation.
real? It is but a collection of states, each of them transitory.
Q: I am asking about the immediate, the transitory, the appear-.
of the transitory nature of our life, and of the few thin strings.
for the things and persons of the world as they are but transitory.
Your happiness depends on accomplishment and is inherently transitory.
their objects are a cause of grief and are transitory, O son of Kunti,.
Expecting his insomnia to be a transitory thing, Harry did not seek help.
Your very you-ness is an illusion, a dream, a transitory condition.
bodies of beings are transitory, but the same being is imperishable in the.
Her transitory moment of insignificance is over now but I will need to kill.
the objective and transitory world, in its relation with, and to, the invisible.
unconditionally positive, since even the positive is both transient and transitory with.
In Buddhism and Hinduism, hell is considered a transitory stage in the journey of the soul.

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Synonyms for transitory

ephemeral fugacious passing transient transitory

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