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Transitory in a sentence

It was a transitory thing; but for a.
They understand that life is transitory i.
It is an endless process, the transitory begetting.
After all every sort of shouting is a transitory thing.
This includes transitory contact with strange males in.
This type of sensual pleasure is occasional and transitory.
Q: I am asking about the immediate, the transitory, the appear-.

Your happiness depends on accomplishment and is inherently transitory.
Expecting his insomnia to be a transitory thing, Harry did not seek help.
Your very you-ness is an illusion, a dream, a transitory condition.
Her transitory moment of insignificance is over now but I will need to kill.
Oh, if I would only remember more my transitory, subservient condition here!.
The red creeper was quite a transitory growth, and few people have seen it growing.
In Buddhism and Hinduism, hell is considered a transitory stage in the journey of the soul.
Human beings unfailingly become discouraged when they view only the transitory transactions of time.
As explained in Chapter 2, this provides us with conditional happiness, which is inherently transitory.
Moreover these types are in any case transitory, and so a novel about them cannot have artistic finish.
Central bank credibility is essential to contain second-round effects and to keep any shocks transitory.
Your committee will not enlarge on any of the injuries, however great, which have had a transitory effect.
The transitory experience of the Master as a personality midway between the material and the spiritual has begun.
It was a transitory thing, not harmful she thought, she would be back to being a Woodlander of the forest soon enough.
But what you cannot do is to perpetuate the alarm; for all animal passions, terror among them, are of transitory operation.
In their own transitory stupefaction, newbies will understand that all errors were their own, and that it wasn’t personal.
I did not then know that it was no transitory blossom, but rather the radiant resemblance of one, cut in an indestructible gem.
Whether this was the transitory effect of capricious despotism, or the first act of predetermined hostility, is not ascertained.
My own reflections on this subject (and they have neither been light nor transitory) have neither served to alarm nor intimidate.
What was missing? I could make out that in the transitory year, the above formula will not work as the months are not compared at all!.
These feelings are transitory; each day of expectation delayed fills them with fear, and I almost dread a mutiny caused by this despair.
It would be wise for us not disregard such encounters because death is just a transitory stage and not the finality of one’s existence.
We're always asking whether there's a transitory disruption to a business or whether there's a point of discontinuity, as was the case with Eastman Kodak.
The recovery of a great foreign market will generally more than compensate the transitory inconveniency of paying dearer during a short time for some sorts of goods.
He looked upon his illness as something transitory, a trifling ailment, and did not think about it at all; he though of nothing but how they would go and sell these books.
It is only because our connection happens to be very transitory, and comes at a peculiarly mournful season, that I consent thus to render it so patient and compliant on my part.
You cannot reach any in these days, except the most ignorant and thoughtless, with the threat of endless physical misery; and if you could, the impression would be but transitory.
Company was irksome to me; when alone, I could fill my mind with the sights of heaven and earth; the voice of Henry soothed me, and I could thus cheat myself into a transitory peace.
All attempts to ignore these situations and conditions or to convince oneself that a transitory phase always leads to the return to old and consolidated habits are worth nothing.
It is important to do so in order to form a clear conception of the present position of art, and not to suppose, as many do, that Decadentism is an accidental and transitory phenomenon.
When the strength and power of a State has arisen entirely from the profits of commerce, when that commerce has taken another course, the transitory splendor it has built up has vanished.
Just as a man of the social life-conception says to a savage, Come to your senses, bethink yourself! The life of your personality cannot be the true life, because it is wretched and transitory.
Fortunately, as regarded this circumstance at least, his painful past gave to his countenance an indelible sadness, and the glimmerings of gayety seen beneath this cloud were indeed but transitory.

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ephemeral fugacious passing transient transitory

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