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Passing in a sentence

But in passing.
As in passing I.
This passing on.
Time was passing.
Passing over the.
A passing school.

As he was passing.
When a passing ship.
But passing out on.
After passing some.
Passing the hallway.
with each passing day.
Time too was passing.
We said hi in passing.
Sonya who was passing.
Most of the passing.
Passing was the main.
upon the passing hours.
Passing back student.
At a passing glance.
tion on a passing hill.
said in passing before.
diving board in passing.
passing East Rand towns.
like a train passing by.
rows passing through me.
Nor shall I be passing.
The days are passing by.
I passed out.
As I passed.
He passed by.
She passed an.
Then it passed.
They passed Mrs.
As they passed.
We passed by them.
I passed it to her.
Chinna passed out.
Samson passed out.
He had passed out.
As he passed the.
Him, He passed over.
Then, I passed out.
Two minutes passed.
This passed belief.
The time has passed.
and passed over him.
they passed over it.
passed into the next.
passed me, and that.
Shoppers passed by.
The Time Has Passed.
Only seconds passed.
Are all passed away.
Half an hour passed.
She passed away on.
It passes on.
As it passes.
A second passes.
passes by in time.
And life passes by.
It passes the time.
Not everyone passes.
A long moment passes.
Soon the storm passes.
She passes out on me.
Another hour passes by.
For everything passes.
Some more time passes.
Another month passes by.
She passes the bathroom.
Alex passes it to Billy.
She passes me the books.
slip away as time passes.
on what passes for a path.
The judge passes sentence.
Time passes in slow motion.
The time painfully passes.
A beat passes as they walk.
"This is where it passes!".
touchdown passes and scored.
Life passes in the weather.
To pass by.
Pass it to me.
It would pass.
And pass laws.
When I pass on.
I let it pass.
And pass into.
Pass the meat.
Let us pass.
pass in His time.
Would she pass.
It did not pass.
So to pass the.
Those who pass.
He let that pass.
A year’s pass.
Ten minutes pass.
about to pass out.
going to pass out.
We have to pass.
van could pass her.
Pass Bar and Grill.
Let him pass, Dan.
me to pass through.
‘’I wil pass.
pass and got stuck.
Should they pass.
They’ll pass by.
Get them and pass.

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