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  1. We all troop down to see them off.
  2. The County to make up a full troop.
  3. And soon the friendly troop hath fled.
  4. I sent Val back with a troop to Deva.
  5. They stopped by a big, peaked troop tent.

  6. Get with your troop Commanders and make.
  7. Each troop, in turn, followed his example.
  8. The governor asked for a troop of soldiers.
  9. One of the troop commanders stepped forward.
  10. Sonny Clemmons was following troop movements.
  11. Soon the whole troop disintegrated into fits.
  12. The well trained cavalry troop stopped as a man.
  13. Magatha smiled at the troop of fifteen year olds.
  14. A troop will press on Gad, but he will press on.
  15. The sound of the pack leader and his troop died away.

  16. And then the whole troop rode headlong into a marsh.
  17. Surrounded by a regal uniformed troop, he is a hero.
  18. The troop drew up again, and the Major addressed them.
  19. You there! Who is the commander of your troop?
  20. As the troop moved beyond it, a high-pitched keening.
  21. Just at this moment the whole troop of children saw us.
  22. It was time to stop for the sake of troop morale alone.
  23. In the afternoon Ugl®k's troop overtook the Northerners.
  24. More than two thousand soldiers had to troop through the.
  25. Troop transports rolled out the opening to the road beyond.

  26. His was the last troop in line as they had charged up the.
  27. The troop rode into the river, and with a mighty splashing.
  28. I sat the troop down under concealment and explained my plan.
  29. Should have stayed in that inverted troop, you should have.
  30. They grabbed the luggage and hauled it into the troop carrier.
  31. Under the morning sun the prospect of seeing a whole troop of.
  32. The soldier in that troop was as much of a hero as the general.
  33. He hoped the troop detachment would return bearing good tidings.
  34. We called him "London" as he was the only Londoner in the troop.
  35. We've already lost a troop member, the heku said, laughing.
  37. Troop commanders quickly organised the massed ranks of the undead.
  38. Wreckage of troop transports littered the space around the planet.
  39. If a hyena becomes wounded or weak, the troop abandons that hyena.
  40. One of our troop addressed the rider thus: "Many up there, mate?".
  41. By all accounts there are twenty or thirty outlaws in the troop.
  42. Keep riding, he said, turning to look at the troop behind him.
  43. Once more, in the early hours of a Portuguese morning we’d troop.
  44. Tighe, now 15 years old, was the eldest of his now dead scout troop.
  45. The advisors troop into the audience hall quietly, their faces stern.
  46. Amongst the troop was Renoir—oily and thin and with a hooked nose.
  47. And I kept on riding, the rest of our troop galloping free behind me.
  48. Hudson crouched forward in the passenger seat of the lead troop truck.
  49. George momentarily wondered if the troop knew of this irony but then.
  50. The young girl's lover was in Cucumetto's troop; his name was Carlini.
  51. I will have to somewhat change my troop dispositions in light of this.
  52. She had scarce finished this, when the little troop of love girls, my.
  53. A troop carrier container sat inside the bay doors with its door open.
  54. The armored troop carrier backed up to the opening and stopped abruptly.
  55. Behind them, coming up from the path, was another troop of Frooginites.
  56. The troop moved with well-practiced precision and was amply provisioned.
  57. Nguyen and his troop of twenty soldiers had been ordered into the jungle.
  58. Live faithfully, the boys sing as they troop past the edges of the colony.
  59. The shuttle linked with the cargo ship and transferred the troop carriers.
  60. I saluted him and turned about to have our troop camped in for the night.
  61. On this day in particular, a local Cub Scout troop was visiting the Alamo.
  62. At that moment Pippin saw why some of the troop had been pointing eastward.
  63. I’ve seen successions in my kid’s Boy Scout troop go harder than that.
  64. But a troop of giants broke off boulders from Laestrygon’s mountaintops.
  65. A crowd of men followed him, and stood clustered about the big troop tent.
  66. The cowardly troop did nothing, and showed no signs of grief at his death.
  67. Rodriguez, at the head of his troop, seemed to hear the Governor’s praise.
  68. Then the girls began to troop in, one by one and occasionally two together.
  69. Troop by troop, and company by company, they wheeled and went off eastward.
  70. His was the last troop in line as they had charged up the incline to safety.
  71. A cloudless sky greeted the troop as they saw the boneyards from a distance.
  72. He said he probably knew I had it by now and had changed his troop movements.
  73. A shout of acknowledgment went up from the troop of soldiers as they broke.
  74. Present from General Dupuy's A Troop guys for the good works you done today.
  75. Sir, said Nal, my troop encountered and unanticipated kind of attack.
  76. He was in constant walkie-talkie contact with the two other troop transports.
  77. Two of the troop transports collided seconds after dropping out of hyperspace.
  78. Nothing could be more bizarre and at the same time more motley than this troop.
  79. Benjamin, who had been at the head of the lead troop, was suddenly at his side.
  80. The troop spread out looking for the inhabitants, and disarmed a few more traps.
  81. Here Arthur had the troop camp in their units, all ready to ride again at dawn.
  82. Maybe, but troop carriers don’t carry the weaponry for that kind of assault.
  83. The troop of bare feet was heard rushing along the hallway and pattering up the.
  84. For by thee I have run through a troop; and by my God have I leaped over a wall.
  85. Deng Lee leapt off the roof and herded his troop deep into the couples quarters.
  86. As the troop moved beyond it, a high-pitched keening reverberated in their ears.
  87. When David disembarked from the troop ship in New York, Kate was there to meet him.
  88. A troop of Kingdomers was being attacked by a larger contingent of foreign troops.
  89. A troop of Warriors marched by and all tilted their heads in Rebecca’s direction.
  90. Tougaloo could send out its troop of Jubilee Singers, who would win general favor.
  91. He clutched a stained rag to his nose, but was still growling orders to his troop.
  92. She hurried her troop towards the hoped-for safety of the village as best she could.
  93. He kicked his mount into a gallop that took him quickly past the last troop in the.
  94. This was no steady trot along slow moving troop formations, but a pace eating gallop.
  95. Five thousand and smaller than the one we captured, so they’re not troop carriers.
  96. The troop then turned around and began to lead her back in the direction they had come.
  97. The troop is ruled by an alpha male who brutalises all those below him into submission.
  98. He went down to Maia with a small troop, should be back soon if this weather keeps up.
  99. They cheered him daily as he clattered down the street with a troop of horse behind him.
  100. As Moshe's wildly cheering troop neared the bottom of the hill, their momentum sent them.
  1. Come trooping at the housewife's well-known call.
  2. There, warm together pressed, the trooping deer.
  3. For thee come trooping up thy waters and thy lands;.
  4. The colliers, their faces scarcely blackened, were trooping home again.
  5. New clients too were trooping in, making Raja Rao think in terms of expansion.
  6. It is becoming quite famous and people from Europe are trooping there in droves.
  7. Down all the paths, women, girls, children, and men were seen trooping to the offices.
  8. Soon he saw them trooping out of the paddock gate on the track, in single file, a brave show.
  9. His friends had been trooping along behind him in single file, some of them carrying blankets.
  10. The men came trooping up from the willows, and their eyes were full of sleep, and their faces were red and puffed with daytime sleep.
  11. Half heaven was pure and stainless: the clouds, now trooping before the wind, which had shifted to the west, were filing off eastward in long, silvered columns.
  12. The number of Peter’s visitors increased tremendously with more strange faces, mostly young men in their middle and late twenties, trooping in and out of our premises - from 7.
  13. For the next half hour, they wandered up bridle paths and overgrown roads, hurrying across broad lawns, and trooping past an abandoned gristmill and a stable the size of a cathedral, until they finally came across some greenhouses and a gardener’s cottage that appeared to be occupied.
  14. Some said that now and then, in the cave, a far-away speck of light would glimmer, and then a glorious shout would burst forth and a score of men go trooping down the echoing aisle—and then a sickening disappointment always followed; the children were not there; it was only a searcher's light.
  15. And old friends came trooping back, laughing as though they had not been dead these many years: Stuart and Brent with their long legs and their red hair and their practical jokes, Tom and Boyd as wild as young horses, Joe Fontaine with his hot black eyes, and Cade and Raiford Calvert who moved with such languid grace.
  16. That he had watched the times for a time of action, and that they had shifted and struggled until the time had gone by, and the nobility were trooping from France by every highway and byway, and their property was in course of confiscation and destruction, and their very names were blotting out, was as well known to himself as it could be to any new authority in France that might impeach him for it.
  17. Stories of a very different kind are brought by all those who come trooping to Washington for place, appointments, and emoluments; men who will say any thing to please the ear, or do any thing to please the eye of Majesty, for the sake of those fat contracts and gifts which it scatters; men whose fathers, brothers, and cousins, are provided for by the Departments; whose full-grown children are at, suck at the money-distilling breasts of the Treasury; the little men who sigh after great offices; those who have judgeships in hand or judgeships in promise; toads that live upon the vapor of the palace, that swallow great men's spittle at the levees; that stare and wonder at all the fine sights which they see there; and most of all wonder at themselves—how they got there to see them.
  18. Scared as you can imagine, But he's a trooping on,.
  19. While the winds fann'd me and the waves came trooping toward me,.
  1. They trooped down to the common area.
  2. They were trooped into a large room inside.
  3. Presently the rest of the family trooped in.
  4. Three hours later everyone trooped into the back.
  5. The policemen trooped in in force, and in a few seconds.
  6. The men trooped off, and silence returned to the basement.
  7. They all trooped up the steps and into the hot air of the.
  8. Twenty minutes later the CBC crew trooped in, surprised and.
  9. With the service over the congregation trooped outside and said.
  10. He didn’t respond but just watched, amazed, as we trooped past.
  11. Then the soldiers trooped up, jostling one another to get in first.
  12. We trooped down to the basement and into a corridor I’d never seen.
  13. The party at JFK went on for hours until we all trooped on the 727 to.
  14. Armed with pastries and caffeine, they trooped up to the empty second floor.
  15. They trooped back upstairs and the Devil brought in more clothes and poured.
  16. This was the last the others heard as they trooped in silence down the stairs.
  17. The three demons rose as one and trooped out of the suite to carry out their.
  18. They all trooped downstairs to the training rooms and found they were the only.
  19. They trooped over the hill, wading through the fresh green grass which came up.
  20. The children laid their mallets on the ground and trooped silently off the court.
  21. As the "sold" congregation trooped out they said they would almost be willing to.
  22. The poor, who had trooped to the door, and who shared their purses, blessed them.
  23. That means study! Ulbrickson was still fuming as the boys trooped out of the office.
  24. That was okay so up we trooped to the courts, a stranger little defile the world has never known.
  25. The cars and trucks began to come into the camp, and the men trooped by toward the sanitary unit.
  26. As they trooped from the Hall with the meeting over, Yaf grabbed Simla’s arm and pulled her aside.
  27. After them trooped the old men, and the women and children until, in a moment, the village was deserted.
  28. People trooped into our family compound from all directions, and there was jubilation till the next day.
  29. They trooped outside, where Rupert invited Vaughan to use his card to withdraw cash from his own account.
  30. He suffered tortures of shyness when, at half-past eight, the factory girls for upstairs trooped past him.
  31. At their flaming head he westward trooped it like that chosen star which every evening leads on the hosts of light.
  32. The army of brave thieves had trooped to the name of Morgan, thirstily confident in his promise of unlimited plunder.
  33. Then, since we were headed the same way, we all trooped off together along the sandy footpath that bisected the dune grass.
  34. By the time they trooped into the crossroads area the weather had closed in, eager to wring out the most from the hapless party.
  35. They all trooped back downstairs to the lounge, and while Conal sat drinking a lukewarm cup of coffee, Mrs Harrison went to phone her daughter.
  36. Two entered the camp commander’s office, the rest stood at attention facing a growing crowd of Warriors as they trooped in behind the Warrior Commander.
  37. Tanem’s Orphanage in Heathcote, twelve buttons, some assorted sweets and fifty seven ducits were collected, and all trooped out into the night air tired but elated.
  38. They trooped into Minsky’s Burlesque and came out with wide eyes and sheepish grins, though Johnny White confided his personal opinion in his journal: It was foul.
  39. They trooped out on the way to lunch next door, in the flashing train cars with The Imperial Eagle of the Czar and all the Russias painted upon its polished and waxed sides.
  40. In trooped the whole family, and everyone was hugged and kissed all over again, and after several vain attempts, the three wanderers were set down to be looked at and exulted over.
  41. After him, rapt as scratcher chicks following their mother, half a dozen young male and female acolytes trooped along an aisle with roses on one side and lilac fountains on the other.
  42. As the officers trooped out after him, one or two looked back hastily at the late Senor Hirsch, merchant from Esmeralda, left swinging rigidly at rest, alone with the two burning candles.
  43. The seven trooped off, eagerly discussing the possibilities, even as many of the Volunteers broke off what they were doing and moved to join the two elves and their charges on the highest lawn.
  44. This time, Colling was in no hurry to come back to the hotel, and it was well after 12:00 when they trooped into the dining room for a lunch consisting of another of Frau Vollmer’s fish stews.
  45. The red and white herd nearest at hand, which had been phlegmatically waiting for the call, now trooped towards the steading in the background, their great bags of milk swinging under them as they walked.
  46. He could not see his bombs falling but he saw the line of flashes as the train marched over the target, and the flashes had hardly stopped before a second line of bursts from the ship behind trooped over.
  47. He invited John-Paul and Travis to join him and together they trooped through the snow to a squat, stonebuilt house on the far side of the church where columns of heavy steam spiralled up into the cold air.
  48. She was the first to spring ashore, closely followed by Conan, and after them trooped the ebon-skinned pirates, white plumes waving in the morning wind, spears ready, eyes rolling dubiously at the surrounding jungle.
  49. The seven of us trooped giddily up a hill to the state park campground, where we crammed our tents close together in a circle in the designated free campsite and spent the evening around the picnic table, laughing and telling story after story as the light faded from the sky.
  50. On the day that Tarzan won his emancipation from the persecution that had followed him remorselessly for twelve of his thirteen years of life, the tribe, now a full hundred strong, trooped silently through the lower terrace of the jungle trees and dropped noiselessly upon the floor of the amphitheater.
  51. It was so unlike the pleasure streets of our town dotted with decent joints that I frequented; the crowded lanes of that red-light district, lined with girls in garish make-up and the dungeon of a brothel that I landed in were clear put-offs; so when the madam wanted to know about my kind of maal, I was all set to take to my heels, but as the girls trooped into the parade hall, as if on cue, I was tempted to opt for one.
  1. When those 100,000 + troops.
  2. We have a rat in our troops.
  3. She began to rally the troops.
  4. The Valle had limited troops.
  5. He provided the Union troops.
  6. The troops rushed around a corner.
  7. The foreign Equites troops were.
  8. And the troops? Athash asked.
  9. Go now, go and warn the troops.
  10. The troops at Borodino At Borodino.
  11. It’s time to send in the troops.
  12. Ultimately the troops marched off.
  13. Alric called for his troops to run.
  14. Dreadnought troops, feed the moose.
  15. Ships, as the troops of the knights.
  16. The troops were chosen by Admiral.
  17. And Our troops will be the victors.
  18. The troops are in complete disorder.
  19. More troops appeared in Mingora too.
  20. Get the troops out first, of course.
  21. Dreadnought Troops (Feed the Moose).
  22. What about the support troops?
  23. I should have ridden with the troops.
  24. The troops will be deployed tomorrow.
  25. Moorish troops took the fascist side.
  26. Get ready, Walt told our troops.
  27. There were troops of boys everywhere.
  28. Also, the troops were poorly trained.
  29. We think of the allied troops in the.
  30. They’d fly in Canadian combat troops.
  31. We’ve got no machine guns and troops.
  32. Out came some troops like what we had.
  33. We would have lost a thousand troops.
  34. My first pass over her troops scared me.
  35. Where are the rest of the troops.
  36. The movement of troops began in earnest.
  37. Out of the vans came rushing the troops.
  38. Look! The assault troops are landing.
  39. The troops snapped to attention and, on.
  40. Troops went door-to-door looking for Bob.
  41. Do we have the troops to do that?
  42. He needed ten thousand more fresh troops.
  43. Suggest that you push your troops harder.
  44. Soon the defending troops were scattered.
  45. He had tried to bring order to the troops.
  46. Refugees and British troops all around us.
  47. The troops comb the city but found nothing.
  48. We knew we had government troops after us.
  49. Mortality of the Troops at Terre aux Bœuf.
  50. Her troops gladly complied with the order.
  51. With Americas troops spread too thin the.
  52. He was like a general watching his troops.
  53. They unfortunately had too few troops 247.
  54. Police troops were deployed to the village.
  55. The troops were coming and Roman’s once.
  56. The troops seemed to sense this, and their.
  57. Kyle smiled, Ok, I'll call off the troops.
  58. Arming the mini gun was one of their troops.
  59. Emily joined Kyle as he talked to his troops.
  60. Nah, it was better I went with the troops.
  61. Luckily I took twice as many troops with me.
  62. My troops will be ready at the appointed time.
  63. What about the British troops? he asked.
  64. Most US troops were militias, not regular army.
  65. The troops that obey him are many, and mighty.
  66. Troops were still crowding at the Yauza bridge.
  67. How many troops did your gunship spot?’’.
  68. They were said to be embedded with the troops.
  69. I’ve ordered a legion of troops around the.
  70. Sending help soon came to mean sending troops.
  71. You really do need to station more troops here.
  72. Long lines of troops dressed in armour, their.
  73. He called his troops to attention and they left.
  74. Pharaoh, Hamaan, and their troops were sinners.
  75. Troops were still crowding at the Yaúza bridge.
  76. It was reoccupied by French troops yesterday.
  77. Johnny had really rallied the troops this time.
  78. He must be lying about the number of troops.
  79. The white troops formed up on the square at 7 a.
  80. They have troops on the ground, Brock said.
  81. They swayed and crashed over some of the troops.
  82. After Johnny’s troops awoke from the initial.
  83. Any captain worth his salt keeps his troops at.
  84. More troops were quickly sent over from England.
  85. Saw'st it; was it of their free-will our troops.
  86. Can’t keep the cloak and dagger troops waiting.
  88. There were thousands, tens of thousands of troops.
  89. They only filled a total of two; the few troops.
  90. He was sent with troops from the Bayeux garrison.
  91. Along all the roads troops were moving; for the.
  92. He returned his attention to the advancing troops.
  93. They’re the damn enemy! Not the damn troops!.
  94. Elliot returned to Chicago and gathered his troops.
  95. Under the barrage of waves of Chinese troops the U.
  96. But I want to wait until the backup troops arrive.
  97. The troops could be reanimated at location or as.
  98. So the British and French pulled their troops out.
  99. Hold your fire, Stenworth ordered his troops.
  100. US nuclear testing had done this to troops before.

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