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    1. Bathing and dressing took a little longer than usual; the simple act of drawing a comb through her long dark hair more troublesome and the plaiting more fiddly

    2. of painful or troublesome emotions, which involves one or more

    3. something troublesome was afoot she had waited for the inevitable

    4. off the troublesome condom with the other

    5. They’re particularly troublesome because the klizhorn can’t get at them

    6. Secondly, the use of several very ingenious machines, which facilitate and abridge, in a still greater proportion, the winding of the worsted and woollen yarn, or the proper arrangement of the warp and woof before they are put into the loom ; an operation which, previous to the invention of those machines, must have been extremely tedious and troublesome

    7. The second race’s name caused the thief’s ears to perk up and over an icy tankard of mead and a plate of freshly cooked meat and baked potatoes, he casually inquired about the city’s apparent problem with troublesome Bretons and asked if he bore a particular one or two in mind

    8. It would be troublesome to have to deal with them with our left hand and Mede’s troops with our right

    9. In all of them, indeed, as in all other free countries, the descendant of an old colony family is more respected than an upstart of equal merit and fortune; but he is only more respected, and he has no privileges by which he can be troublesome to his neighbours

    10. No nation ever voluntarily gave up the dominion of any province, how troublesome soever it might be to govern it, and how small soever the revenue which it afforded might be in proportion to the expense which it occasioned

    11. But in the particular counties of Kent and Sussex, the restrictions are still more troublesome

    12. The laudable motive of all these regulations, is to extend our own manufactures, not by their own improvement, but by the depression of those of all our neighbours, and by putting an end, as much as possible, to the troublesome competition of such odious and disagreeable rivals

    13. sovereign renders unnecessary that troublesome jealousy, which, in some modern republics, seems to watch over the minutest actions, and to be at all times ready to disturb the peace of every citizen

    14. The terms of admission into the Hamburgh company are now said to be quite easy ; and the directors either have it not in their power to subject the trade to any troublesome restraint or regulations, or, at least, have not of late exercised that power

    15. It seldom happens that a man, in any part of his life, derives any conveniency or advantage from some of the most laborious and troublesome parts of his education

    16. The interested and active zeal of religious teachers can be dangerous and troublesome only where there is either but one sect tolerated in the society, or where the whole of a large society is divided into two or three great sects; the teachers of each acting by concert, and under a regular discipline and

    17. But should the sovereign attempt irregularly, and by violence, to deprive any number of clergymen of their freeholds, on account, perhaps, of their having propagated, with more than ordinary zeal, some factious or seditious doctrine, he would only render, by such persecution, both them and their doctrine ten times more popular, and therefore ten times more troublesome and dangerous, than they had been before

    18. But, as it might be troublesome for the receiver to prosecute the whole parish, he takes at his choice five or six of the richest contributors, and obliges them to make good what had been lost by the insolvency of the collector

    19. pretended, though in general, perhaps, they do their duty fully as well as those of the customs ; yet, as that duty obliges them to be frequently very troublesome to some of their neighbours, commonly contract a certain hardness of character, which the others frequently have not

    20. “The counterfeit money would have been fun to play with, but you’re too troublesome to keep around

    21. selective memory or (post) determined arrangements or conveniences designed to appease troublesome assumptions…

    22. The Preceptor had assured him that, given time, the troublesome badgers would come to Brockenhurst Sett, saving their own fighting force the trouble of a long trek out to Badachro, and he'd been right

    23. troublesome ambitions that harden the heart! To be born again without blemish, to rise above the petty quarreling that promotes so much unhappiness and sorrow, to be reunited once again with loved ones and friends who left us too soon, to make proper atonement to those we‘ve disappointed and, most importantly, to obtain spiritual redemption

    24. “Now look, Melchior, what does it take? What do I have to say? The answer, you troublesome man, Faery, whatever you are, is Yes

    25. There was no indication of a church ceremony, and Colling wondered if such an oversight might prove troublesome in the future

    26. - That is really a troublesome way to do it!

    27. It would be troublesome to have it constantly in mind

    28. Nonetheless, the last three days, before going to Hong Kong, were very troublesome and even alarming for Roger, in such a way that fear, inexorably overcame him

    29. dogs, it was agreed, were more troublesome than the guards and

    30. In time the king came to know Nehemiah as a trustworthy and reliable person, someone who was always positive and willing and even though Judah, could be, and had been a troublesome province, the king knew Nehemiah and had faith in him and that was all Nehemiah needed to complete his expensive undertaking

    31. Discuss herbal migraine treatments with your doctor, especially the more troublesome migraines

    32. Morrison said you could do your own thing working for your father, and that if your father was smart and really wanted you to prove yourself, he would put you to work in the worst, most troublesome segment of the company

    33. The job I took in outdoor was not only the most troublesome, it was the worst, and only a tiny part of the company

    34. Morrison went on, however, to point out that when he took on the most troublesome part of his father’s business, his father kept his nose out of the day-to-day operation

    35. 14 However we would not be troublesome to you nor to others of our confederates and friends in these wars: 15 For we have help from Heaven that succours us so as we are delivered from our enemies and our enemies are brought under foot

    36. The best ones are always troublesome

    37. The two spirits then when dwelling in the same habitation are at discord with each other and are troublesome to that man in whom they dwell

    38. ” The most troublesome spill scenario,

    39. Thinking this way was always troublesome to him

    40. This made sitting out for pastry and coffee somewhat more troublesome, but Maria and

    41. Charly detested becoming more and more dependent on this entertaining, helpful, charming, irritating, often troublesome man

    42. troublesome neighbours in Soledad, who’d complain about us pumping the pit, yet had never

    43. At a moments notice a troublesome incubator could be isolated or its contents closely examined by remote controlled video cameras

    44. You are as troublesome as the spring midges,” I teased as I semi-emerged from my cocoon of self-pity

    45. chapter we’ll reveal the troublesome adversary, and

    46. science has had a troublesome adversary and hard

    47. troublesome class of adversaries that troubled

    48. “In past ages our ancestors left word that they faced troublesome Entities such as the ones you speak of today

    49. In what appeared to be a determination to purge herself of troublesome thoughts, she had daubed dozens of enormous canvases with angst-ridden outpourings of gloom

    50. longer troublesome to his family and teachers

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    Synonyms for "troublesome"

    troublesome burdensome laborious disturbing arduous wearisome distressing hard bothersome harassing trying perplexing vexatious

    "troublesome" definitions

    causing difficulty or annoyance