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    1. troubling him through all these years had he but seen it

    2. The woman's speech is mostly incoherent, but I can still get a sense of what is troubling her

    3. He must put right the one thing that had been troubling him through all these years had he but seen it

    4. Then she had a troubling thought

    5. Allcock's morning at the factory the next day was interrupted by a troubling wire from Malvern

    6. It was obvious, that Beth had no idea what was troubling Emma, for which Emma said a small prayer

    7. suggestion was troubling Jean

    8. So far it had all been polite, but she already knew a part of her hoped it wouldn't remain so and found that troubling

    9. “Something is troubling you, my good friend,” Ferguson lit his pipe and stared at Defoe

    10. troubling me lately and who better to discuss them with, than her

    11. If you are having troubling visitations by the way you could try Sage smudging your house as Shaman have long used this technique successfully to help clear the psychic atmosphere their ceremonies are conducted in

    12. Empty – as it would have been had the Imperial with the troubling smile not appeared the night before

    13. She found herself troubling getting it out with the ensuing sense of stress and panic

    14. The third scenario, even more troubling, is that there is some one or some people capable of so manipulating the minds of the Naud that they destroyed their own vessels out of blind obedience to powerful suggestion

    15. It was troubling

    16. His sense of urgency had been heightened all the more as the name of the troubling and still-yet unknown Imperial snaked into his thoughts

    17. ' In hushed tones he related his and the others' troubling inspections, “These

    18. It verified Martin’s suspicions, but something was troubling him about the meeting he had with Raoul

    19. Clearly this man had been through a traumatic experience; humans were not accustomed to time-travel, and certainly his encounter with the beings he called the Elusivers would have been troubling, even to a B’tari

    20. ” she tells him, but clearly something is troubling her

    21. Rachel was soon there with me, but I could tell that something was troubling her

    22. At least he wouldn’t be plagued by such troubling images of what amounted to a man committing suicide

    23. She was starting to remember, something he’d said to her on his first consultation that was troubling

    24. Torbin stood by the entrance for a few minutes, analysing the faint hint of doubt troubling his mind, before he put his metal finger on the comm-pad

    25. In making this demand, therefore, they consulted their own ease and comfort, without troubling themselves about the effect which it might have, in future times, upon the influence and authority of their order

    26. ‘These are troubling times,’ Parmayan said as he sat back down

    27. I needed that respite, because Sarah had become a troubling part of my daily worries

    28. There was something else troubling him

    29. story is more than a little troubling, so you may want to skip it and go on to my last example of the results of confidence

    30. The troubling story concerns my friend Kenny, who worked with

    31. ‘I can understand how troubling this must be for her,’ Gina said

    32. It was a troubling thought, but perhaps he might not have any choice

    33. Even more troubling is the growing number of people, themselves, crime victims, eager to enlist among the ranks of cop bashers

    34. Clinton, is most troubling of all

    35. I am aware of the existence of other people who have a similar likeness to me that confirms my own existence‖ (Freely adapted from Rene Descartes) The troubling assumption with most (nihilistic) existential thinkers is the idea that the universe is fundamentally evil; without purpose or meaning and that alienated Man must overcome the evil dynamics of Nature through his or her own (determined) efforts or by exercising Free Will that ironically lends force to conscious expression

    36. The unsettling (perception) of being beholden to other people oftentimes engenders troubling notions of an individual‘s private failings that seeks its own outlet by projecting that individual‘s sense of frustration (and shame) on his or her ―benefactor‖ whether it be a family member, a close friend or someone more abstract like (the) taxpayer

    37. What has become troubling in recent years, however, is the ―in your face,‖ oftentimes violent, antisocial messages cutting across all segments of the population that have become commonplace

    38. Income disparities are not troubling per se, nor should they be, provided that increases in marginal family income(s) (based on performance) are comprehensive and that every (qualified) individual enjoys fair and equal access to market opportunities as they present themselves

    39. Clinton‘s betrayal of public confidence, too enumerable to mention, is a troubling reminder of the Republic‘s moral regression and indifference to standards of decency that its citizens need only look in the mirror to understand why this man has never been brought to task!

    40. How troubling it was reading about an event that took place recently during a soccer match between Scotland and Greece

    41. The concept of Eternity from a temporal perspective is troubling to the imagination inasmuch as it oftentimes seems that we are laid to 95

    42. Whether the (Holy) Scriptures should remain subject to generational contentions or modern interpretations, much in the manner that Constitutional Law is persuaded by the (legal) authority of evolving standards of decency, such arguments that otherwise provide recourse to alternative viewpoints, must be equally troubling as arbitrary viewpoints relating to Papal Infallibility or the Divine Rights of Kings!

    43. The de-emphasizing of Christ‘s Divinity by nominal ―Christians,‖ (Protestants and sadly, Catholics alike), stressing His good works and moral teachings (only); that is to say, His ―Humanism‖ in contrast with His Divinity, is troubling to traditional believers who correctly understand that without the Resurrection, the redemption of sin occasioned by His own self-sacrifice is meaningless

    44. 6) The Church‘s position on Immigration (Reform) and its antiwar rhetoric that is especially troubling to Conservative Catholics who believe that the Church should shy away from politics and stick to preaching

    45. A troubling (social) phenomenon has been gaining momentum in recent years: an increasing Islamic presence within the African

    46. Be that what it may, one of the more troubling aspects of this ―apostatizing‖ movement is underscored by its more extreme examples (Nation of Islam) whose members have parted company with America‘s social and religious traditions adopting, in many instances, racist attitudes toward Western Culture that most feel alienated

    47. More troubling, however, has been the emergence of Fifth Columnists who are using our college campuses, correctional facilities and, sadly to say, military establishments as recruiting (indoctrination) centers for advancing racist and anti-American viewpoints

    48. Even more troubling has been the feckless compliance of our political and social leaders who have placed political correctness ahead of common sense by providing fertile training grounds for the ―enemy within

    49. This scenario should be especially troubling to (otherwise) law-abiding citizens expected to operate under the rules and guidelines that these individuals casually ignore

    50. Whatever the so-called political or social ―realities‖ that engendered this ill-fated decision by the present Administration and its congressional allies, notwithstanding the program‘s perceived failings, this bill sets a troubling precedent for other (established) laws that might otherwise be ignored in the manner of ―break it now, fix it later‖ approach to law ―enforcement

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    distressful distressing disturbing perturbing troubling worrisome worrying disquieting alarming

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    causing distress or worry or anxiety