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Troubling en una oración (en ingles)

  1. It was a troubling sight.
  2. Yes that is troubling me.
  3. Forgive me for troubling you.
  4. What is troubling you so?
  5. Then she had a troubling thought.

  6. But something was troubling her.
  7. That, I find even more troubling.
  8. Clinton, is most troubling of all.
  9. He was in a troubling predicament.
  10. He returned with a troubling story.
  11. He keeps troubling you all the time.
  12. Then a troubling thought struck Sati.
  13. I know something is troubling you.
  14. What’s troubling you? he asked.
  15. Something that was extremely troubling.

  16. He then recalled his recent troubling.
  17. There was something else troubling him.
  18. But there was a slightly troubling matter.
  19. He couldn’t stop the troubling thoughts.
  20. However, there were other troubling signs.
  21. Tell me what's troubling you so, Mitchell.
  22. He heard something that was troubling him.
  23. Then he seemed to have a troubling thought.
  24. Something was obviously still troubling her.
  25. Troubling echoes of her dreams returned to.

  26. Stress is the product of troubling thoughts.
  27. That was the only doubt often troubling Pierre.
  28. A lot of troubling mysteries had to unfold now.
  29. It wasn’t Green Band troubling him this time.
  30. Lost One? Is there something troubling you?
  31. However, Marilyn’s reasoning was more troubling.
  32. We have heard troubling rumors, Sephtis said.
  33. There the wicked cease from troubling: and there.
  34. Already he could sense his eyes were troubling him.
  35. ADAM, James: Troubling questions in troubling times.
  36. Mary Catherine sensed that something was troubling.
  37. The most troubling aspect about this fairly new but.
  38. It was the before and after that were troubling David.
  39. So you see how troubling and frustrating this can be.
  40. After the commander left, something troubling happened.
  41. It was the thirst that was really troubling Jason Teller.
  42. What’s troubling you? The principal asked calmly.
  43. My veranda on the Nile cancelled all troubling thoughts.
  44. You might lose your faith, and that is a troubling thing.
  45. There was a naïveté about him that was troubling to me.
  46. All day they are running around, troubling their mother.
  47. But what is troubling you about this particular dog?’.
  48. He knew this placed LanCoste in a very troubling position.
  49. What's troubling you? Confound it, speak up, can't you?
  50. I have this feeling in my gut that’s been troubling me.
  51. She knew we faced troubling times some seventy-two years ago.
  52. They were enjoying the party their way without troubling him.
  53. There have been some troubling developments, he reported.
  54. The troubling story concerns my friend Kenny, who worked with.
  55. The king has a restless night, his conscience is troubling him.
  56. More troubling to me than the perceived slight was my reaction.
  57. In which case, it’s pretty troubling, in terms of signage.
  58. Because there was always something far more troubling with Paul.
  59. These failures are as troubling as his successes are inspiring.
  60. This isn't about her, or me, this is about what's troubling you.
  61. I can tell when something’s troubling you, he whispered.
  62. Something was troubling his conscience, he didn’t know what it.
  63. However, there was something quite troubling about this scenario.
  64. What's troubling you? asked Chinedu as he drove from church.
  65. I even rang her school to see if they knew what was troubling her.
  66. Why don’t you tell me what is troubling you and let me help you.
  67. No, sir, nor do they ask any favor but that you cease from troubling.
  68. It was a troubling thought, but perhaps he might not have any choice.
  69. Ronald Boggs had come to the troubling conclusion that he had somehow.
  70. Muzaffarnagar 2013, in that sense, fitted in with a troubling pattern.
  71. Trying to simply push the thoughts aThis way of coping with troubling.
  72. But I have obtained a new slave to help me through this troubling time.
  73. I can see what's troubling Fiver; though he'll get over it, I dare say.
  74. And what if he became as psychotic as Ben? Troubling thoughts all around.
  75. In point of fact, he looked for some time without troubling their surface.
  76. The child who never cries is more troubling than the one that always does.
  77. The price is too volatile and the lack of confirming signals is troubling.
  78. By the time statistics look troubling, the problem is already out of hand.
  79. Now seemed a good time to raise the question that was deeply troubling her.
  80. There are many in this belief that will find it troubling what you’re saying.
  81. One evening they were walking down by the canal, and something was troubling him.
  82. Windless, the eeriness around the camp was troubling, but Kifter put it down to.
  83. It is especially troubling how many teachers have encouraged such hazy attitudes.
  84. Rachel was soon there with me, but I could tell that something was troubling her.
  85. Equally troubling is the Korean government‘s stance on regulating bear farming.
  86. They dared not ask what was troubling him! Ten minutes passed and nothing changed.
  87. He would pray for his brother at dawn; he hoped something lesser was troubling him.
  88. The apostles and elders stepped away from Paul and conferred about this troubling.
  89. Manifestoes are a trivial matter too, and to my thinking not worth troubling about.
  90. I wanted to find out what happened now, would he leave, and what was troubling him.
  91. I needed that respite, because Sarah had become a troubling part of my daily worries.
  92. As was the case in Vietnam, we note a troubling embracing of our nation‘s enemies.
  93. We begin to focus on spiritual qualities that we need during troubling circumstances.
  94. Holbrooke had a long history of humanitarian causes, but also two troubling episodes.
  95. There the wicked cease from troubling: and there the weary are at rest [Job 3:11-17].
  96. The fact that the Nicaraguan, Raul Herrera, was employed at the embassy was troubling.
  97. There the wicked cease from troubling: and there the weary are at rest (Job 3:11-17).
  98. Grandpa’s lumbago was troubling him greatly and the Captain wanted to discharge him.
  99. She found herself troubling getting it out with the ensuing sense of stress and panic.
  100. Miner’s explanation that he reconstructed his copious notes from memory is troubling.
  1. We are troubled by sin.
  2. No one troubled me; I.
  3. I am troubled, yet my.
  4. Stalin was a troubled man.
  5. You need not have troubled.
  6. Sorry to have troubled you.
  7. He had a troubled childhood.
  8. We live in a troubled world.
  9. I had reason to be troubled.
  10. Laura noticed I was troubled.
  11. The words troubled their gaze.
  12. See that you aren't troubled.
  13. We were never troubled again.
  14. Clearly he was very troubled.
  15. Still, his eyes were troubled.
  16. What I discovered troubled me.
  17. He was troubled about anything.
  18. They troubled the and refined.
  19. We are troubled by lost people.
  20. But it still troubled Sjadbek.
  21. And pour oil on troubled waters.
  22. But I needn’t have troubled.
  23. Beneath his troubled breath, Dr.
  24. What troubled him however was.
  25. A troubled soul without a face.
  26. We are troubled by saved people.
  27. The ideas of the Troubled Times.
  28. She saw how troubled Reuben was.
  29. Do not be troubled that you are.
  30. We are troubled by circumstances.
  31. The fish looked gravely troubled.
  32. His face was genuinely troubled.
  33. He was obviously troubled himself.
  34. You are troubled, she said.
  35. They troubled a farmer for lunch.
  36. He once was a troubled young man.
  37. Calling troubled souls to freedom.
  38. The music eased his troubled brain.
  39. O troubled reflection in the sea!.
  40. The growing suspicions troubled him.
  41. They all exchanged troubled glances.
  42. Forgive me for having troubled you.
  43. Even in such troubled times?
  44. So you work with troubled kids?
  45. That troubled and perplexed Carroll.
  46. It troubled me that the consultant.
  47. Say you are troubled over something.
  48. Troubled by her lack of passion to.
  49. The girl frowned and looked troubled.
  50. He had been troubled by dreams again.
  51. The convoy was much troubled that day.
  52. Mohammed comes in, his face troubled.
  53. The companions were deeply troubled.
  54. O Soul, Are You Weary and Troubled?
  55. The we part still troubled her.
  56. When the brain is troubled, you wil.
  57. Even in my most troubled times I was.
  58. When he finds he will become troubled.
  59. Haven't been troubled for a long time.
  62. And the people were troubled in their.
  63. They were troubled, and some spoke in.
  64. Braving the troubled states of Europe.
  66. I was troubled and prayed to Lord Shiva.
  67. Mastering his troubled breath, he said:.
  68. Amonas seemed troubled by these thoughts.
  69. Haven’t been troubled for a long time.
  70. He wrinkled his brow in a troubled frown.
  71. It was soothing for her troubled nerves.
  72. Burley said as if troubled by something.
  73. You seem troubled, she said, gently.
  74. She appeared troubled by the story, but.
  75. Bailey shut the door with a troubled face.
  76. Morse looked at his son, clearly troubled.
  77. Troubled former POWs found nowhere to turn.
  78. His thoughts were more troubled than usual.
  79. She was deeply troubled to think that he.
  80. John seems still a bit troubled from his.
  81. James was grievously troubled in his soul.
  82. A troubled look came into the guard's eyes.
  83. The guards were greatly troubled this day.
  84. I was a little troubled about the workshop.
  85. Be not agitated, or in distress (troubled).
  86. Bruce was not troubled by the sin question.
  87. But he was still troubled by one loose end.
  88. He appeared to be troubled about something.
  89. I all she had now but her troubled husband.
  90. Prince Baelor seemed troubled by that answer.
  91. It is also good for intestines troubled by.
  92. Troubled Water: Place of healing; deep grief.
  93. Shi Chen felt more troubled and solemnly said.
  94. Her eyes looked troubled, The man that….
  95. What’s he got to be troubled about?
  96. First, He was troubled when Lazarus died (Jn.
  97. He was troubled from all these points of view.
  98. He looked so broken, his face was so troubled.
  99. He was clearly still troubled by that concept.
  100. To fight? Her voice was deeply troubled.
  1. I had troubles moving on.
  2. And he had other troubles.
  3. He's over all his troubles.
  4. But enough of my troubles.
  5. He had enough troubles here.
  6. Even the money troubles me.
  7. That my troubles might cease?
  8. It may create troubles for us.
  9. Most of our troubles are but.
  10. His troubles did not end there.
  11. She hid her troubles from them.
  12. You've got enough troubles on.
  14. She had enough troubles without.
  15. These troubles seem to follow me.
  16. She had dealt with her troubles.
  17. Family troubles, for one thing.
  18. He might have his own troubles.
  19. Yeah well, enough of my troubles.
  20. It still troubles my understanding.
  21. To kiss her fears and troubles away.
  22. He gives meaning to the troubles I.
  23. Family troubles, as usual, began it.
  24. No, it more puzzles than troubles.
  25. I got ’nuf troubles ’thout that.
  26. This is a warning of troubles ahead.
  27. You will have no troubles unloading.
  28. He who troubles his own house shall.
  29. Redhorn hillock troubles her not at all.
  30. Most of it was about Adam‘s troubles.
  31. What troubles your heart and mind so?
  32. We were all busy with our own troubles.
  33. So many family troubles come from that.
  34. I'm for putting him out of his troubles.
  35. Our troubles will even bring us to the.
  36. Then his other troubles came back to him.
  37. All her troubles have been caused by it.
  38. I forgot my troubles in looking at them.
  39. But I don't have any worries or troubles.
  40. We all have troubles, but we still eat.
  41. Tell me then what it is that troubles you.
  42. But the marriage caused her many troubles.
  43. Phone home… the troubles I’ve seen….
  44. Indeed, indeed, sirs, but this troubles me.
  45. Now look, the troubles are waiting for me.
  46. Forget the cares and troubles of my fate!.
  47. You are the cause of all these troubles.
  48. He ate a mouthful of sand for his troubles.
  49. Our troubles are just gettin’ started.
  50. You see, we're not used to such troubles;.
  51. I’d probably end up shot for my troubles.
  52. He deserves that at least for his troubles.
  53. I wonder if they really know the troubles.
  54. I don’t think they’ve had many troubles.
  55. I was rather indifferent to school troubles.
  56. Nobody had ever heard of labour troubles then.
  57. Her energy was focused on today’s troubles.
  58. Yes…, you have said of your own troubles.
  59. No responsibilities, no worries, no troubles.
  60. I had my own troubles, Henry, and I was broke.
  61. I can then turn all of your troubles and the.
  62. Money troubles, bumpy marriage, pregnant wife.
  63. Her Moscow troubles had become a memory to her.
  64. It seemed that our troubles were far from over.
  65. I feel I am not the same and it troubles me.
  66. Come on, what troubles you? Is it bad news?
  67. But then the troubles of Science began mounting.
  68. Did she deserve to face all these troubles?
  69. If Claude got the job, their troubles were over.
  70. On our short trips we forgot our troubles in Swat.
  71. It troubles me deeply, and it should trouble you.
  72. Ah, mamma, we have plenty of troubles of our own.
  73. I have enough troubles with neighbours as it was.
  74. Yes, please, share some of your troubles with me.
  75. I fear that may not be the end of your troubles.
  76. Poor kids! Only troubles wildfire and nettlerash.
  77. Trevor handed him a stiff brandy for his troubles.
  78. With Sandini dead all your money troubles are over.
  79. He had brought home a colleague with car troubles.
  80. It was shady there but his troubles weren’t over.
  81. That they had their troubles and disputes as we do.
  82. I am come to a strange pass: I have heavy troubles.
  83. Crash and flee with all nights to serious troubles.
  84. This troll, though, was having troubles of its own.
  85. All my physical troubles seemed a million miles away.
  86. My system works well and I forget my troubles easily.
  87. Bernie continued to have his troubles with government.
  88. Happily, some of them kept records of their troubles.
  89. Died of jungle fever and business troubles combined.
  90. Holder, that you are nearing the end of your troubles.
  91. When troubles come, they feel let down and go out in.
  92. The night fell and with it, all my troubles were gone.
  93. The poor woman had troubles of her own to think about.
  94. She looked like she was, before all her troubles began.
  95. Beyond the catharsis of getting my troubles out of my.
  96. Clara went on to go about her womens troubles without.
  97. Do you think you need to tell GOD about your troubles?
  98. Everything couldn’t be better and they had no troubles.
  99. Thomas was brooding over his troubles alone at Bethpage.
  100. I then said, There’s something else that troubles.

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1. I was in big trouble.
2. I will be in trouble.
3. May I trouble you to.
4. I had no trouble with.
5. Trouble is all over you.
6. He was in deep trouble.
7. The time of trouble Psa.
8. No trouble at all mum.
9. But there was no trouble.
10. It was too much trouble.
11. Eldar in times of trouble.
12. He hated women in trouble.
13. Don't go to any trouble.
15. He was in serious trouble.
16. I'll save you the trouble.
17. I see trouble on the way.
18. They were in big trouble.
19. Luckily he had no trouble.
20. I'm sorry to trouble you.
21. I was in deep trouble now.
22. He had sensed trouble as.
23. Ariel ran into any trouble.
24. Only trouble is, when an.
25. The only trouble is that.
26. They were in deep trouble.
27. But why trouble my sister.
28. But trouble had just begun.
29. The trouble with being a 2.
30. They were in big trouble!.
31. They do not trouble us so.
32. Trouble Valley was in ruins.
33. You are in serious trouble.
34. That can only mean trouble.
35. Trouble was, he did mean it.
36. I don’t want any trouble.
37. This can only mean trouble.
38. Sally was still in trouble.
39. I want not cause trouble.
40. I could remove all trouble.
41. He could be in trouble here.
42. M: Fear is the only trouble.
43. He got in trouble for that.
44. She knew she was in trouble.
45. Sorry to trouble you again.
46. He also had trouble reading.
47. Then, Id be in big trouble.
48. There never was any trouble.
49. He's going to cause trouble.
50. She knew that meant trouble.
51. I knew what was the trouble.
52. They would have no trouble.
53. The trouble is: you can’t.
54. I just had trouble sleeping.
55. Sarah saved her the trouble.
56. M: Without it all is trouble.
57. Well… stay out of trouble.
58. That’s a lot of trouble.
59. Lost people cause us trouble.
60. She was in big trouble now!.
61. Trouble is they know we know.
62. He said he was in trouble.
63. There was no hint of trouble.
64. He told me he was in trouble.
65. Keep everyone out of trouble.
66. I’m in d-e-e-p trouble now.
67. Less trouble than the reality.
68. That is asking for trouble!.
69. Andrew knew he was in trouble.
70. You’re in a lot of trouble.
71. He caused us a lot of trouble.
72. He in trouble and need money.
73. I hope I’m not in trouble.
74. She always got me in trouble.
75. Her youth will not trouble me.
76. She had trouble falling asleep.
77. He was giving me trouble!.
78. Never had any trouble up here.
79. Jim was in trouble, and they.
80. She had trouble focusing on me.
81. I will be with them in trouble.
82. But suppose she was in trouble.
83. They suspect trouble, I think.
84. Rainer was in serious trouble.
85. Trouble, that’s what he was.
86. They might be having trouble.
87. It would cause untold trouble.
88. Saved people cause us trouble.
89. When the world was in trouble.
90. Trouble had not been expected.
91. That's what got me in trouble.
92. I hope he’s been no trouble.
93. My pappy don’t want trouble.
94. I had no trouble leaving the.
95. Now Miller was in real trouble.
96. You are seriously in trouble.
97. We’re the ones in trouble.
98. He’s in some kind of trouble.
99. The Doctor had trouble replying.
100. Are they all in trouble?