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Tumble in a sentence | tumble example sentences

  1. To rough and tumble with.
  2. He’ll be easy to tumble.
  3. Bang, bump, thump, and tumble.
  4. Now tumble out, and take cover.
  5. Words tumble in helpless disorder.

  6. You tumble it around in your head.
  7. Her slow tumble allowed her a birds.
  8. Her fury caused him to tumble to his.
  9. To Imbrahim, watching it tumble about.
  10. The Old Ox will be the next to tumble.
  11. I was half hoping you'd tumble the bugger.
  12. One little shakes, and they'd tumble off.
  13. They tumble onto the ground and stand up.
  14. Finally the headlong tumble came to an end.
  15. One bad report can see these shares tumble.

  16. They tumble down the steps toward the beach.
  17. Far away in the tumble of country that lay.
  18. To lose favor in his sight could tumble a crew.
  19. And you wanted to ditch them for a tumble in bed.
  20. The meat plops onto the dirt in a tumble of wet slaps.
  21. Nick had broken his arm in his tumble out of the window.
  22. Slowly, we undress each other and tumble onto the bunk.
  23. Then he began to tumble in the air and reality took over.
  24. Her brown hair was pillowed on a tumble of red-hot coals.
  25. Lil’ B laughed as he pretended to tumble out of the car.

  26. She walked fast, watching the eggs tumble around the tray.
  27. Every now and then kittens would tumble past play-fighting.
  28. Cockroach, Truman and she slid in a tumble towards the stern.
  29. More than once I took a tumble at the expense of my backside.
  30. The cloud in the midst of the cesspool began to tumble in it's.
  31. Memories cartwheel out of her head and tumble across the floor.
  32. I tumble head over heels further to the bottom of the staircase.
  33. He caught his foot on a rock and began to tumble to the ground.
  34. My stomach turned inside out, and my world began to tumble again.
  35. I heard words tumble from her mouth but could not understand them.
  36. He was around fifty, but he worked out and he was worth a tumble.
  37. On arrival we would tumble off the bus and get into our uniforms.
  38. That’s in the rough and tumble part of Belfast, Frazier said.
  39. The headline read: Markets Tumble As Lender Woes Keep Mounting.
  40. I drop through and tumble over and over and over through the void.
  41. My model showed that house prices in flood risk areas would tumble.
  42. The unexpected shove sent the horse into a tumble of horse and man.
  43. The baby's shrieks, mingled with Emma's roars, tumble back up to him.
  44. But it’s not the look of a guy who took a tumble on an honest bet.
  45. Janelle seized the bucket and let the contents tumble into the cage.
  46. I slid inelegantly down the side of my ride to tumble into the sand.
  47. At least it left him free to fondle servant girls and tumble tavern.
  48. Hillary and her new friend Wallace continued to tumble over and over.
  49. In one swift motion during the tumble he did his best to free himself.
  50. He took the brunt of the energy and sent his body forward in a tumble.
  51. The move I thought was hopeful, but again my emotions started to tumble.
  52. And, as she stared up at it she saw a distant airplane tumble from the sky.
  53. Your instincts tell you that you're going to tumble into a bottomless abyss.
  54. He saw his enemy tumble backward into the pool, and Kino strode to the water.
  55. They’d destroyed the rebel ship and survived the tumble through the wormhole.
  56. He shoved Conklin hard again and watched him tumble down the rest of the stairs.
  57. A gentle shudder was felt, then the rumble grew to a tearing tumble like sound.
  58. Her name filled his mouth and he couldn't help letting it tumble from his lips.
  59. Hipolyta had just glanced up the street from her numbers when she saw the tumble.
  60. Liessa reached up and removed her helmet letting the coils of red hair tumble out.
  61. I wanted to see the differences in how the different brands would tumble in the.
  62. Court deliberately didn't put in enough pressure to tumble Frederick off his chair.
  63. Or tumble, as he’d put it in the car on the long homeward loop from a downtown ER.
  64. There was very little about it of the rough and tumble of the metropolitan colleges.
  65. Kavik has its own laundrette, with tumble driers, and several types of washing powder.
  66. As if it were an absolute point of good breeding that it should tumble off again soon.
  67. Seeing her head occasionally bob, it worried him that she might tumble from the animal.
  68. He was full of her good food and wine, and any man would have loved to tumble into bed.
  69. Now in the beginning of a tumble, Moshe pushed his end of the pole up as he went down, and.
  70. Their lips were about to meet, all of a sudden they heard a tumble followed by a loud thump.
  71. That’s all you ever wanted, wasn’t it? A tumble in the hay with the farmers’ daughter.
  72. It was a good tumble, except for the fact that he rolled himself right off the top of the train.
  73. BroadSoft (BSFT) took a tumble to start March but recovered and has been consolidating between 26.
  74. I lowed the axe down to Ricks throat in one swift moment I saw Ricks head tumble across the floor.
  75. She watched her fingers tumble on the air and close on the two butterflies, tight, tighter, tightest.
  76. Nature, and listening heedlessly to the song of the birds, and to the splash and tumble of the water.
  77. Lavender thistles explode from fat prickly pods and pale pink wild roses tumble over rocky outcroppings.
  78. But you have got on bravely, and I think the burdens are in a fair way to tumble off very soon, said Mr.
  79. But I feared much more the abyss I might find, into which his senses, in one terrible roar, might tumble.
  80. The agency's thought tubes continued to tumble quietly in space, navigating their lonely satellite vistas.
  81. I tumble out of the cave just as it collapses, sealing my family in the tunnels, and me on the wrong side.
  82. The back door lock hadn’t been changed and he managed to push back the tumble drier that lived behind it.
  83. Park swallowed his complaint, but it was obvious that he had met his match in rough and tumble negotiating.
  84. Johan’s fingers clung to the edge of his cloak, his body buffeted against Simon’s in the headlong tumble.
  85. Imagining he was the headmaster, he had then simply written without thinking, letting the words tumble forth.
  86. But here is the crazy thing: during John’s tumble down the mountain, the market averaged over 8% annual growth.
  87. Afterwards all was still in the fore-part of the lighter, as though he had killed himself in his headlong tumble.
  88. A thousand sentences threatened to spill off the tip of his tongue, and tumble forth toward this young woman warmly.
  89. Aquarians are very interested in breaking barriers and making walls tumble – scientifically, socially and politically.
  90. On the other hand, buildings that tumble from terrorist acts leave the public concerned about what they’re paying for.
  91. Scara shook her hair out, letting it tumble out of its braid before she plaited it again and tossed it over her shoulder.
  92. Jack then helped her out of the car, he had sustained injuries during the tumble of the car and his head began to bleed.
  93. Others must have vanished into the great void of the valley and been smashed to smaller fragments in their headlong tumble.
  94. The only possible way to save yourself from an overnight tumble is by finding a spread firm that operates a guaranteed stop.
  95. Sara was his lover, then his wife, and later, much later, as she watched his eccentricities tumble into dementia, his nurse.
  96. Nevertheless, stockbrokers queued up throughout that inexorable tumble into insolvency to recommend the shares as a good buy.
  97. What was he to do? If he cut the string which hung him up, the wretched dwarf would tumble thump to the ground a good way below.
  98. So the carnival just shakes a great croupier's cupful of Nothing at us, and reaps us as we tumble back headover-heels in fright.
  99. My tumble to the mat knocked me out of contention completely and I could no longer follow the pattern of moves that Doug Green.
  100. Tenderly, so as not to tumble his seat, Edgar leaned slightly forward to peer through the window and study the approaching craft.
  1. The hut is tumbling down!.
  2. The words had come tumbling out.
  3. Stuff sped by in tumbling free-fall.
  4. But Tommy sent her faint hopes tumbling.
  5. They remain scattered, tumbling through.
  6. Low and behold, the wall came tumbling down.
  7. Janet and John come tumbling down the hill.
  8. Boulders came tumbling down to the left and.
  9. She tried to hurry but the fear of tumbling.
  10. The Washington Monument tumbling to the ground.
  11. Knight and saddle both went tumbling to the dust.
  12. In a flash, the house of cards came tumbling down.
  13. Time for a mood of surprise to come tumbling forth.
  14. Boglehob’s sack head went tumbling down the ramp.
  15. One terrible, tumbling second passed, then another.
  16. Cherrie has made about the Delmons come tumbling in.
  17. Her thoughts continued to spin, words tumbling out.
  18. A soft tap brought Holly tumbling back to the present.
  19. Sunward I’ve climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth.
  20. The man sent a fourth shovelful tumbling into the grave.
  21. Two gangsters bounced off the walls, tumbling down the.
  22. I looked up and saw a rockslide tumbling directly at me.
  23. These were tumbling out already, roused by the trumpets.
  24. True to his word, there was a small creek tumbling down.
  25. Perseus was sent tumbling down the giant marbled stairs.
  26. Gabriel Gardner was again sent tumbling into the air as.
  27. Tumbling water and many boulders, cascaded down the valley.
  28. Mercantile houses are tumbling into ruins in Massachusetts.
  29. She wove for a moment, almost tumbling back down the stairs.
  30. Still, one is free to float, turning, tumbling, as in sleep.
  31. The cold hard facts came tumbling down onto Derek that this.
  32. I’ve been real sick, he said, the words tumbling out.
  33. After tumbling down a slide, the two of them stumbled into a.
  34. A posy of lilies and roses came tumbling forth from behind his.
  35. His chant came fast, the strange words tumbling out of his mouth.
  36. Such fun, such tremulous joy, such tumbling and hearty screaming.
  37. Something took my right leg out from under me and I went tumbling.
  38. He marched out to his Jeep not even realizing Shane was tumbling.
  39. I was driving, and the pictures were tumbling and the possibility.
  40. She was floating, flying, falling, spinning, tumbling, twirling….
  41. She had to quickly jump backwards to be clear of the tumbling form.
  42. She said, trying to keep the words from tumbling out at high speeds.
  43. I’m still unconvinced I’m not going to go tumbling down the hill.
  44. Dad! Dad! she called tumbling onto the hard surface of the road.
  45. I was shouting now, my words tumbling over each other, my hands waving.
  46. He stepped back cautiously, half-expecting Cherry to come tumbling out.
  47. Little by little, his speed increased and soon he was falling, tumbling.
  48. Looking down, he watched his fallen enemy tumbling downwards, downwards.
  49. She careered forward, tumbling onto a young couple immediately in front.
  50. It only swept the bear off the branch, sending it tumbling to the ground.
  51. Sidney's world on this side would come tumbling down before her very eyes.
  52. All the fears of death that I had locked away came tumbling out all at once.
  53. The men came tumbling out of the tents and stood looking at the rising fire.
  54. Expecting to see the car go tumbling end over end, they watched with growing.
  55. In his plight, he ran straight over the edge of the ditch, tumbling down the.
  56. Tumbling into the inside of the crocodile, the stranger at once dropped asleep.
  57. Pocket's children were not growing up or being brought up, but were tumbling up.
  58. Fields of high corn rustled on a warm breeze rife with tumbling dandelion seeds.
  59. He felt his body tumbling over and over as the following surge carried him along.
  60. Would his efforts have been in vain? Would it all come tumbling down around him?
  61. The colourful, tumbling, rag-doll clothing told him the doctor was not among them.
  62. Winter came, and Petra could hear each and every snowflakes tumbling to the ground.
  63. Presently the Mole came tumbling into the room, evidently very pleased with himself.
  64. They could hear a rocky creek tumbling nearby, and merrily anticipated exploring it.
  65. Rolling and tumbling, he came up in a half crouch, hoping the thing was hurt real bad.
  66. Dane froze as a wave of tumbling terror crashed into him across his bond with Athens.
  67. He knew that temperatures were tumbling and that Steve had to be found before too long.
  68. They all looked at each other trying to replay Zeke’s tumbling descent in their minds.
  69. There was a noise from behind the cellar door - somebody tumbling down the wooden stairs.
  70. You could hear the upstairs neighbor kids running around, like shoes tumbling in a dryer.
  71. Dana’s is tumbling out of its braid, and Derek’s is in desperate need of another cut.
  72. It continued tumbling down the hill, bouncing the traveler around like clothes in a dryer.
  73. In the twisting and tumbling of the woman’s body know there was purpose behind the motion.
  74. Before he realized it, she had jumped him and they went tumbling down the slope before them.
  75. It all came tumbling out—West Point, the horrors of Viet Nam, his early career in the Army.
  76. The jump was like falling into a hole in the universe; tumbling out into some place that was.
  77. The surrounding waters were tumbling with sharks, which got trapped in the lagoon at low tide.
  78. The ladies were on tumbling mats at the far end when he entered and they called him over to them.
  79. They heard the crackle of a broken stick, and then the skitter of a rock tumbling down the slope.
  80. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the tumbling chip sink back to the bottom of the bowl.
  81. After tumbling through the air, Crowley landed safely and was relieved to realize he wasn’t hurt.
  82. I saw my own religious conviction tumbling down like a house of cards, card by card, page by page.
  83. At that moment, from the east side of the jungle, about 10 hopping tumbling bushes rush towards them.
  84. Tumbling from side to side along the tunnel, he reaches out to Simon with the links from his mind-net.
  85. I gripped the stair rail with both hands so my unsteady legs wouldn’t send me tumbling to my death.
  86. Bella went tumbling down the hole; and out of the blue, Marcus appeared, causing Peter to lose focus.
  87. Once more Randy found himself off balance and tumbling, this time with stars flashing before his eyes.
  88. Would you trust a girl who writes in purple ink? That should get his mind tumbling and twirling.
  89. It ground at your ears from every direction equally, like tumbling around inside a giant cement mixer.
  90. Their fallen companion and the stone collided into them, creating a chain reaction of tumbling bodies.
  91. She heard a yelp, followed by a clattering and banging as the person went tumbling back down the steps.
  92. I walked on the sand along the sea with the tumbling, frothy waves which seemed to glow in the darkness.
  93. She needed a gun—fast! One more hit and the building would come tumbling down, unleashing the monster.
  94. The iridescent man was doll-sized now, a tortured shape tumbling in slow motion while hanging in mid-air.
  95. As he observed it tumbling and falling between the wood and hot coke, it occurred to him that being weak.
  96. Did you say 'F U?' A me said to another me in the hole we found ourselves tumbling through together.
  97. Then our eyes fastened on the metal spokes slowly tumbling out of their slots and spraying across the deck.
  98. The camp of the Assyrians are wiped out, Supremacy, a demon came to a tumbling halt in front of Lucifer.
  99. Julie roughing it? Not in a million years, Susan chuckled to herself, watching the river tumbling past below.
  100. She hardly knew where she was, and did not hear Izz Huett tell her from below that her hair was tumbling down.
  1. He tumbled and came up.
  2. I tumbled into the void.
  3. He tumbled end over end.
  4. And they both tumbled off.
  5. Both tumbled to the ground.
  6. As he tumbled into the gate.
  7. Brian tumbled out of his tent.
  8. They both tumbled to the floor.
  9. The words tumbled out nervously.
  10. Marie's hands tumbled on her lap.
  11. Darek tumbled off his bed, shaken.
  12. And Janelle tumbled to the puddle.
  13. The ambitions of man have tumbled.
  14. After much banging, it tumbled over.
  15. She tumbled into it, and gathering.
  16. One day he tumbled into a shell hole.
  17. They tumbled back across the planks.
  18. As Cloud tumbled to his knees, Reno.
  19. He pulled me and I tumbled after him.
  20. The train rocked hard and he tumbled.
  21. Left alone, Robert’s thoughts tumbled.
  22. She tumbled out, waving the shawl around.
  23. He tumbled a tower and built it up again.
  24. And tumbled to the ground in a bloody fit.
  25. Slowly, the words tumbled out of her mouth.
  26. Men tumbled into the boats helter-skelter.
  27. It was Old Orlick as you tumbled over on.
  28. I rang off and almost tumbled into a chair.
  29. Chaotic thoughts tumbled around in her head.
  30. As he tumbled backwards, he was forced to.
  31. His in-dial number tumbled out automatically.
  32. When they tumbled into Hamburger Mary's and.
  33. Rincewind tumbled out of the air, screaming.
  34. He tumbled to the deck and hurriedly got up.
  35. It tumbled end over end to a bare dirt floor.
  36. The bat tumbled to the floor and landed at.
  37. Hatboxes tumbled out from under the bed and.
  38. Confused, Nicholas Rosetti rolled and tumbled.
  39. His thick hair was tumbled over his forehead.
  40. It collapsed, and Stazl tumbled to the floor.
  41. Gary tumbled downhill in an avalanche of sand.
  42. As he tumbled from his chair with the force.
  43. I tried to walk but only staggered and tumbled.
  44. The words child bride tumbled through her mind.
  45. With a squeal of alarm he tumbled off the stool.
  46. Awkwardly, he tumbled down the slope of the dune.
  47. The clouds tumbled in anger, being wisped apart.
  48. Long, chestnut brown hair tumbled down her back.
  49. It tumbled several times and landed on its roof.
  50. Darek tumbled into several crates, but rebounded.
  51. Bodies and bits of bodies tumbled into the water.
  52. He tumbled to the ground, howling in pain as he.
  53. The snow tumbled off of it in a shower over the.
  54. He smiled as the hair tumbled through his fingers.
  55. Over and over he tumbled, until the air thickened.
  56. She fell to the ground and Johan tumbled with her.
  57. Everyone nearly tumbled over from the sudden stop.
  58. When stocks tumbled at the end of 2000, he got hit.
  59. Now his yes tumbled amongst the pain he was feeling.
  60. Jack struggled to stand and tumbled down next to me.
  61. Her long auburn-gold curls tumbled off her head and.
  62. Cardiff tumbled forward and knocked his brother over.
  63. The girl put away the money and tumbled onto the bed.
  64. The real reasons just tumbled out, one after another.
  65. His body tumbled into the green, leafy hedge and was.
  66. There was a squeal and a rabbit tumbled on top of him.
  67. The shower was a wall of water that tumbled over the.
  68. The big car bounced and groaned over the tumbled earth.
  69. The man bounced off the large leg and tumbled to the.
  70. I think he almost tumbled down the stairs in his hurry.
  71. Then the pod was tumbled as an energy wave and debris.
  72. The plates tumbled to the tiles and shattered with an.
  73. They hissed and tumbled out throwing up clouds of dust.
  74. It tumbled, and descended, and came down into the ditch.
  75. The rest tumbled after, and a wave swelled over my head.
  76. Elowen heard a sickening click and the Spriggan tumbled.
  77. The Saber’s eyes glazed and he tumbled off the Trican.
  78. The people watching gasped as the child tumbled forward.
  79. He tumbled back into the reality of the village dwelling.
  80. Nyla tumbled down into one of the overstuffed chairs and.
  81. Williams reached out and the shape tumbled to the ground.
  82. With a swing of his axe, the vampires arm tumbled to the.
  83. She tried to be calm with the feelings that tumbled about.
  84. Her soul, as it were, tumbled over backwards and sprawled.
  85. Annabeth and I tumbled to the ground, banged up but alive.
  86. The silver tumbled from the shards and rang on the counter.
  87. Far inward they glimpsed a tumbled mountain-mass with one.
  88. I saw, as I tumbled over the edge, that she had a leash on.
  89. Blackjack darn near tumbled out of the sky, he was so tired.
  90. They tumbled over and over on the grass, smiting and tearing.
  91. They tumbled and crashed to the ground as the bomb exploded.
  92. Cloud, and together they tumbled from the refuse onto the road.
  93. He had come in and tumbled the shelves and closets and bureaus.
  94. In shock, he tumbled over the lip and kept going, end over end.
  95. They must have been from an old bus I saw tumbled in the ditch.
  96. Belief had returned by the time the second last wicket tumbled.
  97. He dove at the creature and together they tumbled to the ground.
  98. Both Migs tumbled down to the ground, losing parts as they fell.
  99. Fronds sagged under their weight and birds tumbled to the ground.
  100. Stones broke from their mortar and tumbled out into the corridor.
  1. He tumbles aside.
  2. And tumbles off his seat.
  3. And then – the market tumbles.
  4. It tumbles down for at least 60ft.
  5. His body tumbles down to the canyon floor and.
  6. Prudence screams again and tumbles to the floor.
  7. A waterfall tumbles down off the cliff near Baneas.
  8. He tumbles and flips in the dirt before stopping near a fence.
  9. Half a minute later, she all but tumbles into Guntram’s office.
  10. The rest of the debris falls on the ground and tumbles towards Paul.
  11. Jaden tumbles forward about twenty feet into the forest while sliding on the snow.
  12. Loki’s heart nearly stops as the book tumbles through the air and opens like a bird.
  13. Methinks the One dost well with the Other, whilst the Other tumbles so, in wild free fall.
  14. A few crates topple and John and Khalid end up on the floor, Russ tumbles behind some boxes.
  15. As in my thoughts, I step away from the rebuilding of my mind, the net Iffenia has left tumbles in.
  16. Her hair tumbles over her cloak’s torn fabric and she brushes it back at once with a click of the tongue.
  17. He flings the cloak across its jaws and the beast howls, a muffled sound through the cloak’s fabric, and tumbles to the ground.
  18. Then, in a flash and without any warning, the slug slips off the Administrator's nape, tumbles to the ground, and bursts into dust on impact.
  19. A junk fund could be appropriate if you are retired, are looking for extra monthly income to supplement your pension, and can tolerate temporary tumbles in value.
  20. As he tumbles from side to side in the circle, the mind-executioner sees first Simon, then the cane, the white wings of the snow-raven, and always the mountain hounds.
  21. It takes a while for his hands to follow his bidding, but at last the book tumbles to the stone floor and he is scrabbling inside the alcove for the only treasures he has.
  22. He was not disappointed when Nancy returned a few minutes later, executing a number of tumbles and flips before landing in front of the fireplace and of the row of sofas.
  23. To achieve 568 consecutive infinity tumbles in a paraglider is testament not only to the refinement of paraglider design but also to true mastery of the parachute-like wing.
  24. The greyeyed goddess who bends over the boy Adonis, stooping to conquer, as prologue to the swelling act, is a boldfaced Stratford wench who tumbles in a cornfield a lover younger than herself.
  25. Standing on that shore could actually be somewhat dangerous as people have been swept away by huge waves generated when a big chunk of ice from the glacier tumbles down in the river on the opposite side.
  26. Boggs throws up both of his hands and says, "O Lord, don't shoot!" Bang! goes the first shot, and he staggers back, clawing at the air—bang! goes the second one, and he tumbles backwards on to the ground, heavy and solid, with his arms spread out.
  27. It falls by no rule at all; sometimes it leaps, sometimes it tumbles; there it skips; here it shoots; in one place 'tis white as snow, and in another 'tis green as grass; hereabouts, it pitches into deep hollows, that rumble and crush the 'arth; and thereaways, it ripples and sings like a brook, fashioning whirlpools and gullies in the old stone, as if 'twas no harder than trodden clay.
  28. The play-writers give us an architect who, for some reason, has not fulfilled his former high intentions, and who consequently climbs on to the roof of a house he has erected, and tumbles down head foremost; or an incomprehensible old woman (who exterminates rats), and who, for an unintelligible reason, takes a poetic child to the sea, and there drowns him; or some blind men who, sitting on the seashore, for some reason always repeat one and the same thing; or a bell of some kind, which flies into a lake, and there rings.

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