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Typo in a sentence | typo example sentences

  1. That's not a typo.
  2. The 111 grams of fat isn't a typo.
  3. More typo corrections, thanks to many enthusiastic and helpful readers.
  4. Home that we became the ‘Bennie’ children, apparently after a typo made by one of the.
  5. The third was considered a typo and changed to Maslova from the original sentence (Part 1, Ch.

  6. Nekhludoff was kept in the following sentence to match the original, and because it wasn't a simple printer's typo.
  7. If you collect that tax for the next five thousand years – that is not a typo it - would equal the new debt Obama racked up last year alone.
  8. April seventeenth—you deposited… is this a typo? … four hundred and sixty-two thousand? April twenty-fourth—another thirty-one thousand….

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