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Misprint in a sentence | misprint example sentences

  1. This is not a misprint.
  2. We should expect italiana, in agreement withcomedia; either italiano is a misprint, or it is attracted by.
  3. Today you can use a tool, issued and backed by one of the largest banks in the world, that will give you 100% principal protection guaranteed by its balance sheet and allow you to participate in 75% to 90% of the upside of the market (the S&P 500) without being capped! That is not a misprint.
  4. There’s no misprint in the above lines of R code; what this program does is take two distinct samples each of size 10 from a normal population with mean zero and unit variance, display the values of the variables in each instance, and provide two separate confidence intervals for the sample mean, one for each sample.
  1. Hundreds of crates of misprinted dictionaries are stacked in the halls, and the girls burn them page by page in the potbelly stove.
  1. A list of these possible misprints follows:.

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