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Uneasy in a sentence

I was uneasy.
He felt uneasy.
Gimli was uneasy.
Making her uneasy.
They seemed uneasy.
They became uneasy.
He was very uneasy.

uneasy about it all.
He looked uneasy.
still uneasy with it.
uneasy about this case.
This made Jeff uneasy.
You need not be uneasy.
I feel suddenly uneasy.
Joshua was very uneasy.
Eugenie became uneasy.
Don't be uneasy, mother.
I had an uneasy feeling.
Once, Muriel felt uneasy.
He began to feel uneasy.
She began to feel uneasy.
Stirling was very uneasy.
uneasy feeling about this.
I started to feel uneasy.
Katie gave an uneasy laugh.

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Synonyms for uneasy

uneasy awkward restless anxious nervous queasy unquiet