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Anxious in a sentence

He was anxious.
he grew anxious.
I was so anxious.
I become anxious.
He looked anxious.
Fat, anxious, and.
Nitish was anxious.

She's a bit anxious.
Anxious To Meet Her.
They are anxious to.
I became more anxious.
Her heart was anxious.
He seemed anxious.
anxious to bow to her.
but she looked anxious.
Anxious in case they.
I was anxious as well.
anxious that he yelled.
anxious at this place;.
I told the anxious.
He sat forward, anxious.
He’s anxious to know.
He was feeling anxious.
said an anxious Stu.
was nervous and anxious.
I’m a little anxious.
was worried and anxious.
and anxious to get home.
He became very anxious.
Suzy was feeling anxious.
He began to feel anxious.

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Synonyms for anxious

anxious dying nervous queasy uneasy unquiet