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Unjustifiable in a sentence | unjustifiable example sentences

  1. What he did to us was unjustifiable.
  2. But made to do duty as a daub, it is unjustifiable.
  3. Rape during war is always unjustifiable, regardless of what.
  4. Hence, on either premise, a price below liquidating value is unjustifiable.
  5. This insinuation was of the grossest kind—a presumption the most rash, the most unjustifiable.

  6. I’m stunned at his attitude but relieved that I don’t have to run the gauntlet of trying to justify the unjustifiable.
  7. I see another close at hand and far more cruel, since it is both unjustifiable and irrational, and nothing good can come out of it.
  8. She included copies of Roger’s original writing To Justify an Unjustifiable Abominable Cruelty as well as Luis Lago Alba’s article.
  9. Generally, if I was asked about it, I would say that it is certainly unjustifiable, cannot be called true hunting, and that I would never do it.
  10. The facts prove incontestably, that the measures of France, however unjustifiable in themselves, were nothing more than a pretext for those of England.
  11. It would certainly be unjustifiable to sport away the public money; to exhaust the public patience in making long speeches, merely for the purpose of amusing the ear of the gallery.
  12. This justifiable Hindu resentment against the Christian zeal to convert others into its religious creed had unfortunately led to unjustifiable atrocities on the evangelists on occasion.
  13. Its continuance is the more unjustifiable, because the United States have repeatedly proposed to the British Government an arrangement which would secure to it the control of its own people.
  14. Me – the other woman? Me - involved in a sordid, hole-in-the-corner affair? But it’s not like that … For the millionth time I try to justify the unjustifiable; to make sense of the illogical; to deny the undeniable.
  15. By their unceasing demands and grovelling, by my unjustifiable capitulations and good intentions, I drove my wage costs to near suicidal levels and when the hard times appeared I was the beaten, harassed captain of a sinking ship.

  16. From where did the King James translators get this name, and why did they want to deliberately mislead all who read their translation? Changing Gehenna into Hell is not a translation; it is a complete change, an unjustifiable change.
  17. As a result of that unjustifiable attack, all the tanker traffic across the Pacific has drastically raised its transportation fees, something that has already caused an instant doubling of gas prices at the pumps in the United States.
  18. Her laugh pushed blood from his brain and quickened his heart, he knew immediately that the laugh was intimate in nature, someone else was with her, making her sound like that, and unjustifiable jealousy kicked brutally in the pit of his stomach.
  19. Carlotta's friends thought that, perhaps, the managers had wind, on their side, of the proposed disturbance and that they had determined to be in the house, so as to stop it then and there; but this was unjustifiable supposition, as the reader knows.
  20. She was sure Sir Thomas had never intended it: and she must say that, to be making such a purchase in his absence, and adding to the great expenses of his stable, at a time when a large part of his income was unsettled, seemed to her very unjustifiable.
  21. Some would have called those M20 armored cars extravagant and unjustifiable for an air wing, but for Ingrid those vehicles only compensated for what was in her mind one of the serious deficiencies in the organization of air units concerning airfield perimeter security.
  22. If we examine the reasoning on which it is founded, the right to intercept and confiscate supplies, designed for a blockaded town, it will be difficult to resist the conviction that its extension to towns, invested by sea only, is an unjustifiable encroachment on the right of neutrals.
  23. He had himself had some small share to act in the political scenes of '98-9, and he was glad to find from the gentleman's declaration that he had joined in the "clamor" of the day, to pull down the then Federal Administration for the unjustifiable war which they had gone into with France.
  24. As she narrated her story, beginning from her exploits as a former member and agent of the fraternity, her successful freedom from the grip of the fraternity; their unsuccessful devilish plans against me and now, their on-going unjustifiable revenge onslaught against me, my mother sank on one of the chairs.
  25. Those who take part in wars do not even think of asking themselves whether there is any justification for these innumerable murders, whether they are justifiable or unjustifiable, lawful or unlawful, innocent or criminal; whether they are breaking that fundamental commandment that forbids killing without lawful cause.

  26. Under the operation of these motives, I had resolved to give a silent vote, until I felt myself bound, by the defying manner of the arguments advanced in support of the renewal, to obey the paramount duties I owe my country and its constitution; to make one effort, however feeble, to avert the passage of what appears to me a most unjustifiable law.
  27. He had suffered, and he had learned to think: two advantages that he had never known before; and the self-reproach arising from the deplorable event in Wimpole Street, to which he felt himself accessory by all the dangerous intimacy of his unjustifiable theatre, made an impression on his mind which, at the age of six-and-twenty, with no want of sense or good companions, was durable in its happy effects.
  28. I have always determined to admit British vessels as far as my vote would go; and should the House determine to exclude French vessels I should still vote for the admission of English vessels, because their former exclusion has been so artfully managed by the British Government, and the doctrine has been so admitted by the presses in this country, as to give rise to the most unjustifiable conduct ever pursued by one nation towards another.
  29. The same unjustifiable mention of peace is found in the speech of the French president: "The ties of love, which unite Russia and France," he said, "and which two years ago were strengthened by touching manifestations, of which our fleet was the object at Kronstadt, become tighter and tighter with every day, and the honourable exchange of our amicable sentiments must inspire all those who take to heart the benefactions of peace, confidence, and security," and so forth.
  30. The attempt to dismember our Union, and overthrow our excellent constitution, by a secret mission, the object of which was to foment discontents and excite insurrection against the constituted authorities and laws of the nation, as lately disclosed by the agent employed in it, affords full proof that there is no bound to the hostility of the British Government towards the United States; no act, however unjustifiable, which it would not commit to accomplish their ruin.
  31. But such an attitude toward this new art is quite unjustifiable, because, in the first place, that art is spreading more and more, and has already conquered for itself a firm position in society, similar to the one occupied by the Romanticists in the third decade of this century; and, secondly and chiefly, because, if it is permissible to judge in this way of the productions of the latest form of art, called by us Decadent art, merely because we do not understand it, then remember there are an enormous number of people,—all the laborers, and many of the non-laboring folk,—who, in just the same way, do not comprehend those productions of art which we consider admirable: the verses of our favorite artists—Goethe, Schiller, and Hugo; the novels of Dickens, the music of Beethoven and Chopin, the pictures of Raphael, Michael Angelo, da Vinci, etc.

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