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Indefensible in a sentence | indefensible example sentences

  1. Hanor’s safety first was indefensible.
  2. I cannot be bothered with defending that indefensible thing called Apartheid.
  3. He had decided that the capital was indefensible and would have to be abandoned.
  4. The commander had moved from an indefensible position into the island fort in Charleston Harbor.
  5. Within a day the Brigadier had a plan, reckoned that the base was indefensible as well as being unsustainable.

  6. In 2014, the talk was all about how the Congress spokespersons were defending the indefensible, be it 2G or inflation.
  7. You just have to dig deep Lucy replied defending Michael, although she had no idea why, when some of his moods were indefensible.
  8. Buchanan actually ordered the commander to return to the indefensible position, where his troops would almost certainly be overwhelmed.
  9. While true, the problem with this claim is it leaves the morally indefensible system of slavery still in place, where it may have continued for at least another twenty years.
  10. If the Japanese had used Hawaii as a springboard to engage the Americans on their long, virtually indefensible Pacific coastline, the consequences would indeed have been far-reaching.
  11. When a position became indefensible, those settlers who did not have shelters and were able to do so had been instructed to abandon their positions and retreat into the forest and find cover.
  12. In fact the Department of Foreign Affairs was a joke was frequently ignored by State and everyone else, including the UN where most would walk out when their members stood up to defend the indefensible.
  13. For the next ten minutes George recounted a selection of Sam’s expenses, pausing for effect when disclosing those that seemed indefensible, and looking towards Tara with a look of and you won’t believe the next one.
  14. They admit that the pecuniary expenditure and loss will exceed the pecuniary value of the commercial objects for which they contend, but they deny that a war for commercial objects is therefore unnecessary or indefensible.
  15. The later Rabbi give the same account of the Sadducean opinion; which is indeed a logical result from their general mode of regarding the Law, and a natural reaction by antipathy against the indefensible tenets of the Pharisees.

  16. That her manner was wrong, however, at times very wrong, her measures often ill-chosen and ill-timed, and her looks and language very often indefensible, Fanny could not cease to feel; but she began to hope they might be rectified.
  17. It is my opinion that the proper label for this cadre of Democrats is SOCIALIST, but certain descriptive adjectives should be added for quantitative emphasis such as: shameful, hateful, disgusting, reprehensible, disreputable, and indefensible.
  18. My one initial act of courage—or perhaps my one initial act of stupidity—was to admit to the whole thing to the police in rather startling detail, even going so far as to submit a five-page paper explaining each of my offenses with poor indefensible Arnold.
  19. Add to this that there are three passages of the New Testament,—perhaps four,—which have been regarded as categorical assertions of the doctrine of endless misery,—and we arrive at the explanation of a handling of words, at first sight so artificial and indefensible.
  20. Assuming, incorrectly, that the colonists would have built on the site of the old facility instead of creating a new settlement as they did, the Swordsman battle plan was focused on the single virtually indefensible location in the middle of a wide heavily forested valley surrounded by foothills.
  21. The indefensible method, moreover, of citing the books of the Bible as if some one had beheld an angel inditing them in succession, without consideration of their individual history, of the degree of confidence due to the fullness of each writer's information, of the positive marks of defective knowledge, or misconception in some,—will serve the cause of truth no longer.
  22. The Baptists have built up a sectm with a special name, on the basis of a sacrament; which is, I humbly think (notwithstanding their signal merits) an uncatholic procedure; and as indefensible as would be the institution of a second Sect, based on a reform of the Mass, to be called the Lords Step Denomination, with missions, newspapers, unions, and relief-funds, all for Lord’s Supperists.

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