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Unjustified in a sentence

1. My fears were unjustified.
2. She never complied with unjustified pleas.
3. That unjustified suspension kicked me out of a.
4. These fears are of course completely unjustified.
5. Siri’s accusation, whilst true, was hurtful and unjustified.
6. Christians think wrongly that we should love our enemy and that unjustified.
7. But their fear of starvation did not vanish even though it was completely unjustified.

8. The production of badness must be viewed over time for moral justification or it will be unjustified.
9. Unexplained or unjustified absences of more than 24 hours will be investigated by the security police.
10. In fact any investigation shows the saying to have been unjustified when coined and becoming less reliable since.
11. The Congress claimed the criticism was unjustified and Rahul was just waiting for the right moment to prove himself as a leader of substance.
12. You are not welcome here, we have declared ourselves a sovereign nation, no longer subject to Earth rule, and your continuing presence is an unjustified act of aggression.
13. Another worrying comment from the auditors is that the accounts have been prepared on a going-concern basis, which is a warning that the figures would be unjustified if the business went bust.
14. God all he wanted to do was help her, but she was attacking him with unjustified claims, which exceeded greatly in arousing his temper, because there was anything but the truth in what she said!.
15. As he told Gaither during his interview for the Tulsa Tribune: The fear among some people that chain newspapers will control the news or dictate editorial positions is completely unjustified.
16. The head shed claimed it was to protect me in case there was ever an investigation for an unjustified kill, but what I think I was really doing was covering the butts of people much further up the chain of command.
17. She had never accepted him as part of her life and now, that her world has changed so much, there was no way she was going to allow him in, especially considering the unjustified hatred Ashish had towards vampires.
18. Many lost big, and much opportunity cost was borne attempting to call the top of that market based on what one thought should occur, and that the market’s rallying tendencies were unjustified and based on irrational exuberance.
19. The head shed claimed it was to protect me in case there was ever an investigation for an unjustified kill, but what I think I was really doing was covering the butts of people much further up the chain of command.
20. One thing I can make it clear that the economic losses being suffered by these countries due to totally unjustified war imposed by Zulimistan and by us as allies should be fulfilled by giving handsome amount of financial aid on urgent basis.
21. The fears some have about us planning to produce nuclear bombs are unjustified and, if I may say so, quite hypocritical, considering that Israel already has plenty of nuclear weapons and has not signed the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty, contrary to Iran.
22. The growing amount of casualties in Korea was also inflaming popular opinion in the United States, with many calling for the government to teach a lesson to the Soviets and their Korean allies by dropping the atomic bomb on them, while others called the presence of American troops in Korea unjustified and were asking for a complete withdrawal.
23. When the ruler heard the figure (4000 executed) he was shocked and realised the magnitude of this crime because when that number is divided into daily figures (that is, about 60-70 men) it meant nothing for those leaders, but the total of these daily numbers added together over two months or more would produce a great, unjustified loss in their forces.
24. Our planet in fact is not stationary and exclusively blessed by the Divine in contrast with all other galactic spheres—much to our unjustified belittlement of them and exaltation of ourselves! In reality, the Earth spins around like one of those toy tops and travels around like one of those toy train sets, methodically and faithfully circling that hot, glowing ball in the sky that comes and goes on a daily basis, flaring up like my allergies and hemorrhoids that are just as regular and persistent as that shining, brilliant star we call the sun.

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