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Unprocessed in a sentence

1. Step 4 - Processing The Unprocessed.
2. Fresh unprocessed honey was applied to wounds in.
3. Natural unprocessed food is not perfect or perfectly safe.
4. The unprocessed roots of fo-ti possess a mild laxative effect.
5. Lean Chicken or Turkey Breast – Unprocessed organic is the best.
6. Kidney stones are formed by the body from unprocessed minerals in the renal system.
7. This produces a very robust behavioral system, cleared of traumas and unprocessed experiences.

8. So even unprocessed food becomes corrupted by the desire for profit and the selling points of exclusivity.
9. One reason why so many people need braces later on, is simply because they never ate natural unprocessed food as infants.
10. Every nutritionist will tell you that all unprocessed food has more nutrition, is healthier, and better for you than any processed food period.
11. Then you get stores selling unprocessed whole grains for thousands of times more to the consumer; than the mass producers buy it from the farmers.
12. The HCG diet consists of a mere 500 calorie per day diet containing unprocessed foods along with drops of HCG hormone given under the tongue or through an injection.
13. All motivations for punishment; loss of temper, anger, fear, rage, hate, revenge, are undigested, unprocessed experiences being reflected back as an eye for an eye.
14. By giving people a huge diversity of processed foods, by making fast food easier to prepare, easier to eat: nearly all natural unprocessed food is slowly squeezed out of our diet.
15. Even in affluent countries today with an overabundance of food: the lack of variety in diet persists and is further degraded by the prevalence and preference of processed food over unprocessed food.
16. It is our suggestion that Gordon’s fears project into his life and reality because these are unprocessed core fears that have thousands, upon thousands of overlays which are bleeding through into his reality.
17. It’s not that their intentions are bad, it’s just that everyone has been brainwashed by poor science over the years, when in fact, there really is no hard evidence that natural unprocessed fats are bad for us.
18. One by one, processing tons of events in a really short time, releasing loads of unprocessed material—what a rush! The funny feeling is that when each processed experience is archived, it loses form and shape and all the ties with it are gone.
19. If you smell the feces of a person who only eats healthy living plants and simple unprocessed foods, you will find that it has no unpleasant odor and does not rot or begin to stink… it simply decomposes itself naturally and disappears leaving no trace, no odor, no impure accumulation.

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