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Useful in a sentence

1. On the useful, gay 'P.
2. A very useful way to.
3. This is a very useful.
4. You may find it useful.
5. But they may be useful.
6. The boy will be useful.
7. War is a useful thing!.

8. So glad to prove useful.
9. To him they were useful.
10. They are very useful in.
11. He was useful as a heat.
12. This one could be useful.
13. But it can be most useful.
14. This is a very useful one.
15. I knew it could be useful.
16. I’m more useful out here.
17. I hope you found it useful.
18. Those three would be useful.
19. While it is a useful tool.
20. In this case it is useful.
21. It is a tidy, useful piece.
22. He could be a useful source.
23. It was indeed most useful.
24. It was a most useful lesson.
25. That’s not a useful shape.
26. Now, here's a useful tool—.
27. The car was clear of useful.
28. Sometimes that can be useful.
29. She is quite useful, actually.
30. This is a useful habit for men.
31. Most of them are quite useful.
32. This is a useful piece of kit.
33. Resolve this day to be useful.
34. Other tools that maybe useful:.
35. Repent for it is useful to you.
36. Well, I found them useful but.
37. Obrecht had indeed been useful.
38. I thought he might be useful.
39. The Role of Useful Information.
40. At least I can try to be useful.
41. But I try to live a useful life.
42. In that sense I am a useful man.
43. My mom’s death was not useful.
44. Ravens were useful to navigation.
45. A person may be useful sexually.
46. Her mother finds the roots useful.
47. Other Books That Might Be Useful.
48. These will come in real useful.
49. Vapex was useful because it was.
50. With his last seconds of useful.
51. I hope you have found this useful.
52. It proved useful helpful this time.
53. Information you might find useful.
54. That would be useful sometimes.
55. Now, he’s making himself useful.
56. Just think how useful it could be.
57. This would be useful in the future.
58. Jane Martindale would be useful.
59. Therefore, a more useful wording.
60. This is indeed useful information.
61. This is why is is useful to help.
62. It would be very useful back home.
63. Your readers will find them useful.
64. Maybe Needham could even be useful.
65. The pirates serve a useful purpose.
66. Maharaj: This is a very useful mood.
67. You have really useful information.
68. Nothing useful on the door handles.
69. That is their only useful function.
70. Did you learn anything useful?
71. And why is that useful to know?’.
72. Hmm, this might actually be useful.
73. It isn’t very useful as a javelin.
74. Traveller's checks are useful when.
75. But I didn’t find any useful stuff.
76. NAV analysis can be extremely useful.
77. Now, it was going to be useful again.
78. But now it comes in useful after all.
79. I think he may still prove useful.
80. A touch hypnotic would be useful too.
81. Norin was very useful in that regard.
82. That way they are useful, important.
83. The most useful timeline I use is a.
84. He couldn't tell me anything useful.
85. Yes, this is going to be very useful.
86. A useful coincidence, Ralph said.
87. Everyone was busy at something useful.
88. Another useful site is featured at www.
89. This did not bring any useful outcome.
90. I hated technology, but it was useful.
91. Henry Marek is gone, useful, but gone.
92. It could prove useful in the long run.
93. Such a statement may prove useful here.
94. She is useful, I’ll give her that.
95. But he will be a useful member of the.
96. The one useful thing about my old car.
97. Then they have to be made useful to us.
98. The input of a ratiobeing can be useful.
99. You want to be useful? Hold her hand.
100. Bilgewater, too, found something useful.

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