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Useful in a sentence

On the useful, gay 'P.
This is a very useful.
A very useful way to.
You may find it useful.
The boy will be useful.
War is a useful thing!.
But they may be useful.

To him they were useful.
So glad to prove useful.
He was useful as a heat.
They are very useful in.
This one could be useful.
This is a very useful one.
I’m more useful out here.
I knew it could be useful.
But it can be most useful.
Those three would be useful.
I hope you found it useful.
In this case it is useful.
While it is a useful tool.
That’s not a useful shape.
It was a most useful lesson.
He could be a useful source.
It is a tidy, useful piece.
It was indeed most useful.
Now, here's a useful tool—.
The car was clear of useful.
Sometimes that can be useful.
This is a useful piece of kit.
Most of them are quite useful.
Resolve this day to be useful.
She is quite useful, actually.
This is a useful habit for men.
Other tools that maybe useful:.
Well, I found them useful but.
Obrecht had indeed been useful.
The Role of Useful Information.
Repent for it is useful to you.
I thought he might be useful.
My mom’s death was not useful.

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