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Functional in a sentence

I call this the functional.
Functional some of the time.
She needed a functional bird.
It was basic, but functional.
It was a functional photograph.
It was a functional arrangement.
A number of functional changes.

Functional existence is not life.
The office was tidy and functional.
It was now a fully functional anchor.
Alfred was the only functional android.
Unit Testing and Functional Programming.
We have said that his outer functional.
The functional may assume a logical value.
We have our particular functional activity.
This was very functional in the early 1960s.
Although well appointed and functional, it.
Healthy Cooking with Functional Food Choices.
Origin: The most functional English word of all.
But, I’m sane and functional, he returned.
The value of functional Φ may be real numbers.
He is able to lead a normal and functional life.
The bathroom was also decent and fully functional.
It was not pretty but was probably very functional.
Emergency systems are now online and functional.
The functional anatomy of the running training shoe.
The stone floor was functional but made the room cold.
It helps to create a balanced and functional whole.
Analysis of functional deficits, recovery and treatments.
There are a few new nicks, but it still looks functional.
Another balance is required for functional communication:.
Now, I was almost certain that Amigo had had a functional.
Shields are fully functional, Kitara said, following.
Take a hard look at your functional habit patterns - the.
Living soil allows for a functional diversity of organisms.
The fully functional moon orbiter station circles the dark.
Nor have I heard of a functional anti-photon torpedo system.
It seemed that ZTA would never be able to become functional.
He looked around the quarters which were neat and functional.
It’s the ingredient that makes organs functional and all.

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