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    1. The first outbreaks of Campion are scattering their pink flower heads like the talents of cheap tarts on a bank holiday weekend, and their first, early seed pods are breaking open, the vanguard to their annual invasion of the field edge

    2. She walked her little niece from room to room and told her grand stories of the men and women who had led the vanguard of the life she was destined to pursue as a real woman, not the grown up girl Kaitlyn had nearly resigned herself to be, that is before she met Hannah's Uncle Harry

    3. Isin smiled, “With an Enthilesté and an Elhehrim as our vanguard among the Alliance folks on the Gorim stations, a few Lascorii shouldn't even turn a head

    4. “Yes Ma'am!” came their unanimous reply, and they dashed off on a different path than the Elf and Dena continued along with their vanguard of Nephlii

    5. Song commented wistfully watching the Elf and Dena head toward the Trade Guild levels with Mim and Yula as vanguard, “It'd been more impressive if she hadn't insisted on the disguise

    6. “EMV Vanguard, the carrier, will be arriving here with a convoy of military vessels just two days from now

    7. “Replace me? As soon as the Vanguard gets here, you are in big trouble

    8. “We can deal with the Vanguard, but only if we control this station

    9. EMV Vanguard was Earth’s largest military vessel, one of only two fighter carriers

    10. She held the microphone near her mouth and pressed the button, “This is Captain Novikov of the Earth Military Vessel Vanguard

    11. Both significantly smaller than the Vanguard, but still formidable gun platforms

    12. They, and two civilian space-liners making up a fleet of five vessels, had left Earth at the same time as Vanguard but a combination of Vanguard’s greatly superior engine technology and Captain Novikov’s impatience had allowed Vanguard to arrive at their destination many hours ahead the rest of its fleet

    13. Captain Novikov was now suffering the first pangs of doubt that her decision to rush Vanguard to Callisto station had been a wise move

    14. There was a brief crackle, followed by the now familiar voice of Jim Clark, “Captain of the EMV Vanguard, you are outnumbered

    15. You played the Vanguard beautifully

    16. “Against just Vanguard, we’d have a chance, maybe, but we only have light weapons

    17. “If we managed to disable or destroy the Vanguard, those frigates will arrive with all guns blazing

    18. “Why would they attack those? Get me the captain of the Vanguard on the radio

    19. “Tomos, if we attack Vanguard, what will the response be?” asked Jim

    20. “Recall the two frigates to return to Vanguard at maximum speed

    21. The commander of each escort vessel in the attack fleet had been given strict instructions to get a missile lock on Vanguard as early as possible but not to use actually any weapons, other than in self-defence, and to come to a complete halt and hold formation at a distance of ten kilometres from Vanguard

    22. Jim turned to the bridge crew, “Let me know as soon as there is any indication that Vanguard is responding to our fleet

    23. She had not expected a fleet of armed vessels to approach Vanguard, but why they held off at a safe range, waited for a couple of hours, and then retreated back to the station, was a complete mystery to her

    24. “Because of some mix up in our orders we did not begin our advance while 11:30pm and our lot the 1st/5th Lanc’s were in the vanguard and we had advanced four hundred yards to our first objective before we came upon the Turkish outposts and trenches’

    25. You will receive new orders as soon as Vanguard has achieved Earth orbit

    26. Not certain of the strength of the force, the Spaniards fired only a few desultory volleys, but as the vanguard came unseen down the road, the captive war balloon was sent bobbing along in the very advance, just over the tree-tops

    27. But still more of them came, the nightmarish vanguard of the terror that was to be unleashed

    28. The top-of-the-line Chinese Vanguard

    29. commander, this should have prompted the FBI to suspect they might be dealing with the longer-range Chinese Vanguard or Russian 16/18 missiles

    30. He then waved the vanguard to move out, and turned to me and asked, “How did you know that their shields would not stop your attack?”

    31. They were said to be a vanguard of forces that were really

    32. These Jewish religious leaders were acting directly under orders from the Sanhedrin at Jerusalem, and they constituted the orthodox vanguard which had come to inaugurate open warfare on Jesus and his disciples

    33. Some propose that humans would become obsolete; machines would become the vanguard of evolution

    34. Accustomed to keeping secrets, the company’s network of medical sales people became the vanguard channeling abused and distressed women from the health clinics the company served into the “railroad” and to safety

    35. Make seeking His direction the first priority of your career planning as a vanguard leader

    36. Would not a vanguard seek to know where he or she is commissioned to go in order to strategically lead the way? Would not a vanguard pursue training to equip others? Invest time during your summer break to serve in missions and seek His assignments

    37. A background of rejection and poverty did not stop Jesus from arising as a vanguard pioneer

    38. Step up and lead us in fulfilling Christ’s sacred mission as our spiritual vanguard, having received the Holy Spirit’s grace to pioneer

    39. Always remember that the primary role of the spiritual vanguard is to create motion

    40. As a vanguard, you must mobilize others into battle to fulfill your own calling

    41. In the 16th Century, for example, Martin Luther arose like a potential spiritual vanguard of faith in the Protestant Reformation

    42. Many view leadership as pursuing personal ambition and acquiring titles rather than mobilizing others as Christ’s vanguard

    43. This chapter elevates the vanguard leader’s role of mobilizing missionaries through empowerment instead of hungering for status, buildings, or titles

    44. Your vanguard leadership role of mobilizing missionaries through empowerment will require a life of faith and sacrifice

    45. Yet, Jesus does not measure vanguard greatness by how highly a leader rises in office or the size of his church building

    46. A Vanguard Aims in the Right Direction

    47. In your vanguard leadership, transform traditional missions funding systems that may demobilize African Americans

    48. Also, a vanguard mobilizes those who cannot physically go overseas by enlisting them as financial and prayer partners with the missionaries who go abroad

    49. Therefore, your vanguard success becomes heightened by your need to establish financial partnerships in the States with those who give, pray, and go

    50. As a vanguard, handle these kinds of issues well for the sake of mobilizing others behind you

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    Synonyms for "vanguard"

    cutting edge forefront vanguard van avant-garde new wave outpost

    "vanguard" definitions

    the leading units moving at the head of an army

    any creative group active in the innovation and application of new concepts and techniques in a given field (especially in the arts)

    the position of greatest importance or advancement; the leading position in any movement or field