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Gigantic in a sentence

1. It was amazing and gigantic.
2. This tree had three gigantic.
3. They were the eyes of gigantic.
4. It was gigantic and the fish ac-.
5. There is a gigantic thought there.
6. It’s a gigantic swirling pattern.
7. This was a gigantic turn of events.
8. A towering specter of gigantic mold.
9. Robbie’s gigantic mouth hung open.
10. He who will enter the Gigantic Fire.
11. He said that the wave was so gigantic.
12. Mitch exhaled a gigantic sigh of relief.
13. One gigantic prized prick of an animal.
14. It drew my attention as it was gigantic.
15. Gigantic trees were daunting, adding to.
16. His head is gigantic, twice the size 50.
17. There were gigantic explosions in the sky.
18. The instrument was like a gigantic bronze.
19. He is clutching a gigantic book in his arms.
20. Everything around him was a gigantic illusion.
21. Beating, heavy, gigantic drops of rain, grey.
22. Then, she placed a gigantic bowl full of cat.
23. A gigantic shadow appeared above the poor diver.
24. The problem of greed during our times is gigantic.
25. One end had a gigantic hammer head and sharp claw.
26. Lydia gasped at the gigantic hills behind the city.
27. Oded cuts the two gigantic pizzas in little parts.
28. Much of the world’s water was stored in gigantic.
29. But there is one impediment to his gigantic project.
30. It stretched two of its gigantic legs toward her face.
31. The gigantic mind-fucking that has accompanied those.
32. Steel shrieked as the gigantic beast slowed to a halt.
33. He was a rascal who was planning some gigantic robbery.
34. It was a gigantic black man, naked but for a loin-cloth.
35. The buncher was so terrified he let out a gigantic fart.
36. He felt like a gigantic contraption walking to the keg.
37. He had God saying, I shall howl gigantic curses at.
38. His Orchestra was a gigantic clanking monstrosity.
39. Just off shore, there was a gigantic wreckage of a ship.
40. These were pieces of a gigantic cosmic puzzle and I had.
41. The auditorium was dimly lit, gigantic with a very high.
42. Ancient rocks lay strewn as if tossed by a gigantic hand.
43. He looked up at a William’s who was a huge gigantic man.
44. This only works with gigantic monsters unless a hero can.
45. Hooker saw maize growing on ancient and gigantic moraines.
46. As soon as I heard the words roast beef I felt a gigantic.
47. It was gigantic and fierce and came viciously towards them.
48. A gigantic steamboat sat near the docks in the river below.
49. What caught our eyes was a GIGANTIC log of shit, behind the.
50. I’ve received valuable information about a gigantic money.
51. Thankfully, it was a large tree house in a gigantic national.
52. But there is one gigantic workforce asked to do exactly that.
53. Where I am is on a gigantic and powerful ship that cannot be.
54. GIGANTIC snot on the toilet handle, the GIGANTIC log, and the.
55. This sea-monster was neither more nor less than that gigantic.
56. There appeared alongside of me in the aisle a gigantic warrior.
57. Inevitably the gigantic hornface pushed Felipe back and around.
58. The eels eat them and, thus, grow to such gigantic proportions.
59. The gigantic worm thrashed about once again, smashing its head.
60. It was indeed a gigantic thing, blocking out the suns with ease.
61. His backend was gigantic, magnified in one of the crystal-trees.
62. Now, we had at least two gigantic problems to deal with; hunger.
63. Although the trees were gigantic; some reaching the clouds, they.
64. The removal of this gigantic cross cost no little time and labour.
65. This can have a gigantic ripple effect on the rest of your finances.
66. He burdened her with his gigantic efforts to keep her from burdens.
68. Putting my hand on his gigantic forehead, I jump in a few hours ago.
69. The gigantic, blue metal slide which seemed ten thousand feet high.
70. This is definitely a gigantic deviation from his actions awhile ago.
71. One gigantic hand lay useless by his side on the couch where he sat.
72. He erupted into the gigantic cavern as a wall of sound hit him bodily.
73. As they approached the gigantic stadium they could hear the roaring.
74. It was a gigantic snake, apparently carved in some jade-like substance.
75. Blinking gigantic wings of eyelashes, she laughed with the ache of age.
76. Never had I seen a gate as gigantic, as thick, and as beautiful as this.
77. A good alter ego could be gigantic when his powers are activated or who.
78. This gigantic animal, despite its awkward build, can run at up to 30mph.
79. They filled the long days in the gigantic playground that was Tanavalla.
80. I saw an enormous valley ahead; which was still inside this gigantic cave.
81. When the second angel blows his trumpet, a gigantic hunk of burning rock.
82. It came from a gigantic red jewel high up in the vaulted arch of the dome.
83. And over all, as big as a horse in a gigantic figure of General Woundwort.
84. For instance there is a legend that says that moai — the gigantic stone.
85. Bushes looked like gigantic trees and level ground like cliffs and slopes.
86. It was indeed a gigantic one, and capable of exercising enormous pressure.
87. It was at once clear that a daring and gigantic robbery had been committed.
88. They were bearing a green jade sarcophagus along a gigantic black corridor.
89. But, we are told that great and gigantic events in Europe are to be arrested.
90. Within a few moments, the other ships went up in gigantic explosions as well.
91. The massive span of concrete reached up on thick legs to the gigantic chute.
92. Then she stuffs her nose between the pages and heaves a long, gigantic sniff.
93. Another similar gigantic sphere floated above the southern half of the city.
94. Now I the strength of Heracles behold, a towering specter of gigantic mold.
95. Halfshaft, a failed wizard, enlists the help of a gigantic cave-troll in his.
96. At the end of the great hall was a gigantic circular window of stained glass.
97. It was as if a gigantic knife had cut the Zhaibar out of walls of solid rock.
98. He saw a head and a pair of gigantic shoulders grow out of the twilight gloom.
99. The gigantic pair of white wings was, in particular, outstandingly sketched!.
100. Gigantic flames rose again from the burning vehicles, casting menacing shadows.

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